Decorating Tip When Using Large Baskets

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If you like the look of large baskets in your decor, but are not sure how to make items look full inside, then I have a quick tip for you. One that will make your decorating efforts using large baskets look decorating magazine worthy.

A few weeks ago, after I posted how I used a large basket in my kitchen, I received an email from a reader. She wrote to tell me she loves the basket aisle at HomeGoods and always wants to buy a large one, but never knows what to put in these baskets. Could I give her a few ideas?

Well, I am going to show you what I do with large baskets that only takes 20 minutes or less and won’t cost you a dime.

White and natural large basket from Target in empty fireplace

The best place to find large baskets on a budget to use in your decor is at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Last week I got out and about which felt great to do after staying close to home the last few months. I went to Target and did a quick browse through the store.

I had no intention of buying anything, but then I saw this large Threshold brand basket. I loved it and there was only one, so I bought it knowing I would use it in a few different ways all throughout the seasons of the year.

I searched the Target website to find a link for it to share with you, but the basket is not on the site. It may be something that is only sold in the store or more likely, it’s from a past season and was a return that I was lucky to come upon.

Most baskets we use around the house are small and we use them to store and organize stuff on shelves in drawers and more.

Big baskets are not really for organizing, but more for decoration or in some cases to store something visually that is not hidden behind a door.

Decorating Tip When Using Large Baskets

Foam pieces and plastic bags on floor that will be used to fill a large basket before faux flower stems are placed in.

When decorating with large baskets, I first fill them with pieces of foam I save from packaging and balled up plastic bags.

It is like putting foam or plastic in the bottom of a big flower planter so you don’t need as much dirt which and also makes the planter lighter.

Stuffing a large basket with balled up plastic bags to fill it before placing faux flowers in.

In the case of filling a large basket with faux flowers –

  • The foam fills the bottom so the stems don’t sink down into the basket.
  • The plastic bags are balled up and placed between layers or rows of flowers to separate them.
Faux pink peonies in a large basket that is placed in an empty fireplace for summer decorating.

Once you have one row or layer of flowers placed in the basket, ball up a few plastic bags and lay them right below the flower heads. Doing this helps keep the flower heads from looking smushed.

Large basket getting filled with faux pink peonies using plastic bags as filler to make the basket look filled.

I keep layering flower stems, followed by balled up bags until I like what I see or use up all my faux stems. I use white or tan bags to keep them hidden and blended in.

Faux peony stems can be found at most craft stores. I bought mine from Crate & Barrel over 5 years ago. They are a classic.

When using faux flowers, always gently bend the stems, especially with heavy flowers like peonies that will naturally fall over the edge of a vase or basket.

A large white and natural color basket in empty fireplace filled with pink peonies. Decorating Ideas using large baskets.

My fireplace is oversized, so an arrangement of this size is needed to keep the display in visual scale.

Other Large Basket Fillers

Side by side images showing how to fill a large basket bunched up plastic bags and moss before placing fake plant in.

On the other side of my living room I have used another basket from time to time to hold a faux fern.

  • The fern isn’t huge, so I fill the bottom of the basket with the foam pieces, then a layer of plastic bags and then a dark greenish black lawn and leaf bag. On top of this, I add a final layer of craft store moss filler.
Large white washed basket with a faux fern in it in a living room.

When I place the fern on top, it sits on top of the basket and moss covered layers of plastic bags nicely and never falls in.

I found this medium sized basket at HomeGoods. It is perfect for rolled bathroom towels when I stuff the bottom with a towel or two first.

Faux-shiplap-walls painted white with white and tan wicker baskets filled with towels in front of the wall.

When I do this, the rolled towels stick out of the top more and don’t sink to the bottom of the basket over time.

Large floor basket in living room with two throw blankets hanging over the side.

No stuffing in the bottom of a large basket needed when you use it to hold blanket throws. I have a basket out all year long next to my sofa. It comes in handy even in the summer months when the AC is on and I want a little cozy.

I change this basket out by the seasons. Large baskets are also easy to decorate with embellishments from pom-poms to ribbons.

What To Put in Large Decorative Baskets?

If you find yourself in the aisles of your favorite home store and like a large basket. Don’t pass it up. It can be used in so many ways in your home. Here are a few ideas:

  • In the bathroom – an ample supply of toilet paper. :-)
  • In bedroom – a place to put throw pillows instead of the floor when you remove them to sleep.
  • In the closet – a pretty clothes hamper.
  • In the kitchen – a collection of cutting boards – like Ina Garten does.
  • In the playroom – toys, toys and more toys.
  • In the fitness room – weights, yoga mats and other workout stuff.
  • In the living room – flowers, plants and/or throw blankets.
  • In the foyer – umbrellas or flowers.
  • During the holidays – place a Christmas tree in or a pile of wrapped gifts.

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4 images that show large baskets being filled with plastic bags before faux flowers are placed in. Text overlay says Don't Forget to do this when decorating with large baskets.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your creative and practical ideas. You are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Diane,
    I always look forward to your tips and ideas. You are such a talented lady. Plus I love how you create on a budget.

    Thank you so much for not blogging about the current protests and the demands being made. I’m getting irritated with most bloggers feeling the need to go on and on about it. Ive actually unsubscribed to 5 blogs because it’s too much.
    Keep up your excellent blog and sharing your wonderful decorating ideas and how it’s done.

    1. Hi Calie – Thank-you :-) I try to keep things on my blog only on blog topics and categories. That is what readers come for. Thanks for the nice comment and reading my blog. XO

  4. I keep a large straw basket on top of my fridge for bagged snacks. I got tired of them falling out my kitchen cupboard or off the pantry shelf. The basket is large enough not to be able to see the snacks unless I’ve just filled it. And it’s very light & easy to bring down when I need to get into it.

    1. hi Jenny – I like that idea. Seeing a large basket on top of the fridge where clutter can gather turns it into a decorative space. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hi Kim – Thank you. That is so nice to hear. I always think that most readers know what I know since they are interested in decorating, but my friends always tell me to share my process. That is what they always want to know when they come to my house and look around. :-)