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How to Make Lids For Storage Baskets

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How to make lids for square or rectangular baskets using fabric, decorative paper and cardboard. Once these pretty lids are placed on a basket, you can stack baskets for better storage and organization.

Like many of you…  I like my house to be pretty and organized.   One way I try to tame clutter around my house is to place stuff into decorative baskets.


I use them in my pantry, as well as my linen closet, studioffice, and mud room. One of my favorite  ways to use baskets is to make lids for them. When they have lids, you can stack them to create decorative storage.

Square woven basket with colorful DIY lid.

By making basket lids out of cardboard and fabric, I created a way to stack basket on basket that maintains order and beauty, not only on my shelves, but as you can see from the photo above you can also make a unique nightstand or side table with stacked baskets.

How to make a lid for a basket

Lidded baskets also look pretty and add color and interest to a bookshelf, while hiding the contents. On many of the baskets I use to organize items, I also add labels. I make these and have free printable templates that you can download and use in your home.

close up photo of a finished lid on a storage basket.

To learn how to make the labels – click over to my post entitled:


How to Make a Fabric Covered Cardboard Lid For a Basket 

supplies needed:

  • A square or rectangular basket
  • 1 piece of cardboard, large enough to cover the top of basket, plus 2 inches on all sides
  • Decorative paper or fabric, cut to the same size as cardboard, plus 1-inch on each side
  • Optional:  Iron-on flexible vinyl (if you want to be able to wipe it clean)
  • Glue Gun and glue stick
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Heat N’Bond Iron-On Vinyl TIPS:

  • You can fuse iron-on laminating vinyl to the fabric so it can be easily cleaned and dusted. This can be purchased where ever fabric is sold. 
  • When using decorative paper instead of fabric with the iron-on vinyl, it will adhere without the need of an iron.
Illustration of a square basket
 1.  Place basket upside down on cardboard and trace around perimeter with pencil. 
Illustrated tutorial showing how to make lids for baskets.
 2. Add 2″ to each side and draw lines to show this measurement on the cardboard.  Using a ruler as a straight edge, cut cardboard on the outer lines.
Illustrated tutorial showing how to make lids for baskets.

3.  Line up a straight edge along one basket perimeter line and with an open tip of a pair of scissors; score the line all the way to the edge of the cardboard.  This will become a fold.  Repeat for the other 3 drawn lines.

Storage baskets with lids DIY tutorial

4.  Laminating the fabric or paper is optional.  Following manufacturer’s instructions, laminate fabric or paper.  Lay fabric on a table right side down.  Spray wrong side with adhesive.  Then center top-side of cardboard onto sprayed fabric.  Use your hands to carefully remove creases and air bubbles.  Once fabric is adhered all around, turn excess fabric over edges onto other side of cardboard making sure it is sticks.

Illustrated diagram of how to make a lids for storage baskets.

5.  Make a cut on score lines as shown.  This will create corner tabs for gluing the box together.

How to make a lid for a storage basket using cardboard.

 6.  Fold box top at score lines and carefully run a thin line of hot glue along the inside corner tab and attach to adjacent side to make corners of box.  When glue has cooled, place on top of basket.


Voila, you have a great stackable basket lids in your own  style.

Square basket with DIY lid on top

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