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How To Make Wipe-Off Labels for Organizing Your Stuff

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Free Printable labels that you can wipe off and reuse

When paging through the Ballard Designs catalog a few years ago I came across little enameled re-writable name plaques.  They were white and outlined in black.   They were Oh, so French, and Oh, so expensive! I thought of so many uses for them, but knew I couldn’t afford them.  Not wanting to feel deprived of adding this stylish detail to my things, I created a less expensive, practically free alternative using paper and self-laminating sheets. These wipe-off labels will make it easy to find everything.  The hardest part will be gathering all of your “stuff ” to put into your new labeled boxes.

If you want to be able to wipe the writing off the label, use dry erase markers, otherwise use permanent markers.  I have included a pdf. document of my designs for you to print out.  You can easily resize them by taking them to a copy machine that enlarges and/or reduces.

supplies needed:

  • Label Pattern (download link below)
  • Card stock
  • Laminating Sheets- any kind with or without a laminator
  • Brass Fasteners
  • Dry Erase Marker or Permanent Marker

1.  Print pattern on card stock on your  printer.

2.  Cut each label out.

3.  Following manufacturers directions, laminate each label.

4.  Trim excess, but leave a small border of lamination.

5.  Punch 2 holes on either side of label, then attach with brass fasteners. You can find brass fasteners at your local office supply store.   You first have to make two holes in the item that will line up with the two holes in the label.  This is where the brass fasteners will go through.  You secure it by spreading the two ends of the brass fastener to either side on the back of the item.

6.  Write on label.

Free printable wipe-off labels to download
You can print out onto clear acetate sheets, paper, or card stock. You can re-size on a copy machine, if necessary.

Click the links below to download the pdf. files. You need Adobe reader to download these.

Free printable labels for organizing your stuff
Attach to presentation folders or whatever else you like.

Gift tag ideas

You can also use a cookie cutter to cut out a flower pattern to use as a gift tag. Here are some more ideas for gift tags.

Now you have your labels, what else can you put them on? Look through my Organizing Gallery for some great options.

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  1. Thanks for the love on my site, you now have a new stalker. I have been loving your site for a bit now, the kitchen remodel was amazing, How did you do the painting on the floor? Can’t wait to see what you wow me with in the future.
    Cha Cha

  2. Well knock my socks off, I love this idea. It is so simple and out of things, I already have. You my dear have made my day. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.
    Cha Cha