DIY Bathroom Update–Mirrors

How to frame plain wall mirrors with molding.

Plain mirrors hanging on the wall with clips – functional, but not very pretty.  I removed the clips and remounted the mirrors with Mirror Mastic. It is like Liquid Nails, but is made especially for mirrors as the adhesive will not bleed through the finish of your mirror and ruin it.


With the help of of a 10-Inch Miter Saw along with repeated viewings of a This Old House video on how to cut the corners of crown molding, I had success.


The easy part was framing the mirrors with Mdf boards that I got at Lowes.  Each mirror required 4 boards.  Top, bottom, left side, right side.  I cut 2 –5 1/2” wide Mdf boards(Top and Bottom – Horizontal) to the width I needed and 2 – 3 1/2” wide boards to the height ( left and right sides) I needed.

These were all just straight cuts.  I then painted the back edges of each of the cut boards the same color that the front will be – white – so that when they are mounted around the mirror the mirror doesn’t reflect unfinished wood.   Sand the edges and attach around the mirror with Liquid Nails.  Use a bubble level to make sure all the boards are straight and level.

I chose to place the boards right on the mirror to hide a chip in one of them.  This raises the frame away from the wall a bit.  You also could just butt the boards right around the mirrors’ edges.


paint-the-back-of-wood-that - Copy

Now here is the part that I always have to think through – lots of left brain/right brain thinking necessary to cut the corners of crown molding. I am using Bed Molding – just a tad bit smaller than crown.

It was all I needed to set me on the right course.  I am such a visual learner and this made it so clear to me.  There are also written directions for those of you who prefer reading directions.


I used Liquid Nails to attach it to the top of the mirror frame.


I first positioned the front piece and taped it securely in place until dry. I used a bubble level to make sure it was level.

How to add molding to a wall mirror

Then I added the side pieces in the same way. Lots of tape to hold it up while it dries.


Once the glue is dry I will paint the frames in a semi gloss white and caulk to hide all the imperfections. Caulk is a DIY’ers best friend when they are installing crown molding and want it to look good.  Once that is done the mirror frames will be done.

How to add molding to a wall mirror

You can see the AFTER makeover of the mirrors and the bathroom in this post:

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  1. I love the sprinkles idea. Now I know what to do with the old sprinkles I have in the kitchen. I hated to just throw them out since they are so pretty

  2. Bathroom is coming along great. Door knobs…perfect.
    Have been going to do something to the mirrors in my Sons bathroom.
    Was thinking of a more rustic wood since it’s a Guy’s bath.
    Or maybe he will move out and I can do as I wish.

  3. Elizabeth Verderosa says:

    I just received my first issue of This Old House magazine and was thrilled to see your article on the bathroom redo. Congratulations!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Elizabeth – I love This Old House Magazine. I have not gotten my copy yet. No mail service here today, because of Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully it will come tomorrow.

  4. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Every project of yours I look at is so awesome. I love the color in that bathroom. So clean and cheery. I like and need alot of light also. Think my brain is hardwired somewhat like yours. Isn’t it fun to look at something and be able to see it in a different better way? I love that, so fun and satisfying.
    You are a pretty handy gal. Good for you.

  5. lucille hughes says:

    I love all these ideas!!!!

  6. Katharine says:

    The mirrors are looking great. Now I know what everyone means by liquid nails. lol
    I love the sprinkles idea. Now I know what to do with the old sprinkles I have in the kitchen. I hated to just throw them out since they are so pretty. I know I know! Get rid of extra junk. Well now I know what I’ll do with this junk. :)

  7. your mirrors are looking great.

  8. Hey Diane!

    Thanks for linking to me and great work on that mirror! It really gives it a French country feel and looks like a great update to your home!

    P.S – Happy July 4th!


    Suzy Q

  9. Beautiful job, Diane! Wow!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the vote! ;)
    Love the sprinkles in hurricanes too!

    Have a happy 4th!

  10. funky junk interiors says:

    Wow, I’m really loving what you’re creating here! Love the tops! Really old world yet new at the same time. Beautiful work, Diane!


  11. Suzy @ Worthing Court says:

    Great job! This is exactly what I hope to do to my bathroom mirrors.

  12. Erin @ Out on A Limb... says:

    Quite a transformation. Really impressive. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Have a great Fourth!

  13. Linh @ La-La Linh says:

    Great job on the DIY project! It’s amazing what small details can do for a room. I also love how changing out a mirror or adding a little something transforms a bathroom.

  14. Great update Diane – the mirrors have such a clean look to them now. And can you reveal your favorite fabric spot to me? I’d love to find a great spot – especially if they have a good selection – and by that great find it seems like they do. I LOVE that fabric! The green in the fabric reminds me of the color of my daughter’s room. Happy 4th!

    1. HI Holly –
      I got the fabric at JoMAr in Norristown. It is right across the street from the Impact store in the 1700 block of Markley Street. It was towards the back of the store in the piled up rolls. There was quite a bit on the roll last Wednesday.

  15. Marty@A Stroll thru Life says:

    The frames look fabulous. I so need to do something with ours. This is a wonderful answer. Hugs, marty

  16. Love the way the mirrors are turning out! They look great! And what a score with the fabric!