Fabric Wrapped Frame = Wall Accent

I have had this inspiration photo in my files forever – it is of a fabric wrapped frame hung on a wall that accents a cabinet, lamp, and art.   I think it creates the perfect vignette for the furnishings.


I knew exactly where I wanted to do it in my house, but was waiting to find fabric.  I finally found fabric that I liked.   Sorry that my photo is a teeny tiny thumbnail, but you can get the general idea.


I made one for my 2nd floor hallway a bit differently – easier as I just wrapped my fabric around a wood frame. The one in the photo has a piece of framed artwork. I added a mirror to mine.

Hallway BEFORE

Fabric Wall ARt Tutorial

Hallway AFTER

fabric-art for walls

I made a wood frame and stretched the fabric over the frame, then placed an oval mirror on it.

How to Make a Large Fabric Covered Frame

I measured the area I wanted to cover and cut 4 pieces of molding to size. I used a staple gun to create a big frame with the pieces.  You can use any wood  to create the frame – I had the molding in my wood pile in my basement. It was leftover from a previous project.


This is what the frame looked like before the fabric was stapled on. I placed two nails on the wall and then placed the frame right over the nails to hang. ( Optional:   If you have something very heavy to hang – you can add two more horizontal bars of wood to the frame. Place them where the top and bottom of the mirror will land. This will allow you to place the nail into the horizontal bar and not the wall to hang the mirror. It also will keep the heavy mirror from sinking into the frame.)
How to make a wood frame

Since the silk fabric I used was sheer – I lined it with white cotton so you would not be able to see through to the wall when it was hung.  I lined up the fabric so the pattern would be straight and then used a staple gun to attach it to the frame.  I made sure the fabric was taut as I stapled.

Cover a wood frame with fabric

At each corner, I folded the excess fabric over on an angle and stapled, then brought the other section of fabric over it and stapled that to create neat corners. It is just like wrapping a gift.


To hang the mirror, I used a very long nail and hammered it through the fabric on the frame and into the wall. The long nail helps keep the mirror from sinking into the fabric.

Staple fabric to wood frame

My mirror is very heavy. I picked it up in curbside trash over 20 years ago.  Never did a thing to it. I found it exactly as you see it in this photo. I am a white loving person – so it was perfect.

I need to add the two optional horizontal bars to this frame as I mentioned above or nail a block of wood on the wall behind the frame where the top and the bottom of the mirror lands to keep it from sinking into the frame.  If you hang something lightweight – you will not need to do this.

Fabric wrapped frame that you can easily make to decorate your home

I chose the fabric as it was not too bland, yet not too overpowering so it would not compete too much with the colors in each bedroom.


It also coordinates with my foyer chandelier.  I painted it all white. The blue inside the shades complements the art on the left and now the fabric frame on the right.


A new $19 lamp from Ross helps make the space look modern and fresh.  After I was done, my hubby went upstairs and immediately called down to me that he really liked what I did in the hallway.

When he notices things like this  – it makes me smile as he usually doesn’t notice the decorative things I do around the house right away. It usually takes him a week or two until I hear him say – “Is that new?”

Fabric-on-wood-frame-wall hanging

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  1. Hi, I’m Lithuanian girl, and I’m jealous for your ideas to make a lot of cute things! How you get inspiration for these things??

    1. Hi Gintare –

      I think it is the way my brain is wired and guess what – I am 50% Lithuanian. My mothers family is all Lithuanian. My mom was extremely creative and had a great eye for things. Growing up with her influence definitely helped me.

  2. JaneEllen Jones says:

    I am loving your frame covered with fabric. Isn’t it great what we can come up with when money is very short to nil? lol
    I miss all the 2nd. hand places I used to go to in Bowling Green, KY. Such treasures I’d find. Still have some of them.
    I’ve had 4 canvases but didn’t know if Iwanted to paint them. So covered them with some material I found in my stash while looking for other material. I had printed out some of Graphic Fairy’s awesome French ads and wanted to hang them. So I dbl sided taped the ads to the covered frames so I can hang them. I also have an old window in my l/r with four panes covered with chicken wire that gets changed quite often. If the canvases fit they’ll be hanging in the spaces for the panes. We dragged that window frame from MT to KY to CO. My husband put shutters on each side and angled them slightly out and put a shelf on bottom to coincide with the angled shutters. I have done so much with that window. When we left KY I had to leave a few old wooden windows and it killed me. Keep thinking of all the projects could do with them.
    The weather was hard on me in KY but I sure could find the awesome deals to fixup. I got all the old wooden windows at a window place across from the clinic I went to in Bowling Green, for free. Wish I had a digital camera so I could show you the window and art.

    1. Hi Jane Ellen –

      Thanks for all the nice comments you left me. I love finding new ways to reuse items and saving money. You are so sweet and a kindred spirit. It is nice to connect with like minded readers and I appreciate the time you took to connect with me :)

  3. Cris Ramos says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, I even signed up to get it in my e-mail.
    I really love your ideas and some of them are on my “one of these days list”. I’ve been doing some remodeling on my bathroom too and now that the construction work is done, it’s time for me to start decorating! guess where I’m going for inspiration? That’s right!
    You are an inspiration and sometimes it shows in unexpected ways… That’s what happened with this post!
    One of your photos inspired me on my jewelry creations. It’s just a sketch for now, but I’ll blog about it as soon as I have a finished piece. for now I can tell you that the picture that inspired me is the second from the end. ;)

    Thanks for being such an inpiration and a great blogger!

    Cris, from DeCris Creations – Blog
    DeCris Creations on Artfire

  4. This is so gorgeous Diane! I love your inspiration pic and what you used for your own project. The lamp and shade are awesome! I hope your thrifting party went well and was fun! Thanks for linking up to Transformations and Treasures!

  5. Carol-Anne (Use The Good Dishes!) says:

    You always have such good ideas! That looks just great and yet is so simple!

  6. June Scott says:

    This looks lovely, Diane! I like the way it ties in the surrounding areas, everything just really “works”! Great job! I also admire the fact that you were patient and waited to find the “perfect” fabric!

  7. Coastal Femme says:

    This turned out so lovely and is such a good idea. What a great way to create interest, color and texture to your space. This would be a wonderful idea for apartment dwellers, who want to ad some pizazz ( for lack of a better word) to their space and are prohibited from wallpapering or painting. As usual your blog never ceases to inspire me.

  8. Michael at Blue Velvet Chair says:

    Diane – what a difference something like this makes – very effective. Already trying to figure out what wall I have that needs an extra ‘punch’.

  9. Love it! It really looks great in your hallway!

  10. Laurel@chippingwithcharm says:

    Looks great! Isn’t fun when you can turn one of those “inspiration photos” into reality??? Chat soon, Laurel

  11. What a wonderful idea. It looks just stunning, and so unusual (in a good way)!!

    1. Thanks Haven- I understand what you mean by unusual. :)

  12. This is so pretty and fresh! I think the chandy would look adorable with this fabric wrapped around the shades.

    Wish I lived in Philly so I could go thrifting with you but I’m in So Cal. Maybe that’s a good thing since we would both grab for the same stuff anyway!

    1. H Denise-

      Funny you should mention the fabric and the thrifting event in your comment. One of the items I bought was a set of white chandy shades. I want to cover them in some way – not sure how, but come Autumn I will probably add some fabric to them. I do have some of the silk leftover and it would look nice. You may just see that posted one of these days. Thanks so much for the idea.

  13. great idea. I really like what it adds to that space.

  14. I’ll have to add this one to my files to try someday – great idea. And I love that your hubby commented on the great new addition all on his own – I love when they do that! Nice Job Diane!

  15. Elizabeth@themustardceiling says:

    I am stopping by from HOH. Loving your fabric accent on the wall. It really creates a stunning focal point in your hallway…the whole vignette is beautiful.

  16. The enchanted home says:

    That looks fabulous…love the colors, it adds such interest to an otherwise plain white wall. Great job!

  17. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Love it, Diane! It really gives some substance to the wall behind the mirror. Your way is more budget friendly. I think using another frame around the outside might start to get expensive and it looks just fine without one.

  18. I love that! Yours turned out very pretty!

  19. Wow! What a great addition to your hall. It looks fabulous!

  20. Wow! That’s a neat idea. Looks perfect with the mirror!