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Fabric Wrapped Frame = Wall Accent

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I have had this inspiration photo in my files forever – it is of a fabric wrapped frame hung on a wall that accents a cabinet, lamp, and art.   I think it creates the perfect vignette for the furnishings.  I knew exactly where I wanted to do it in my house, but was waiting to find fabric.  I finally found fabric that I liked.   Sorry that my photo is a teeny tiny thumbnail, but you can get the general idea.


I made one for my 2nd floor hallway a bit differently – easier as I just wrapped my fabric around a wood frame. The one in the photo has a second frame. I could add this eventually, but am not sure it is even needed.  I think if I did this in a room and not a hallway I would prefer the second frame. The wood on the frame and the chair look perfect together.

I found my fabric last week at my fav $1 a yard place. Actually the fabric I found- a light blue and tan check was $2.99 a yard – splurge!!!  It really adds the look I was after – a pop of color without adding too much visual clutter to the hallway.

You can also see this wall from my foyer and I wanted to create something that would coordinate with my chandelier and purple hydrangeas.

This hallway has iffy light and it was hard to get good photographs.  It can be dark at times. I  like using the mirror as it helps reflect sunlight coming from the bedroom windows that are across from it.


Fabric Wall ARt Tutorial


fabric-art for walls

I made a wood frame and stretched the fabric over the frame.  This photo makes the fabric look light purple, but it is a very subtle light blue check.


I measured the area I wanted to cover and cut 4 pieces of molding to size. I used a staple gun to create a big frame with the pieces.  You can use any wood  to create the frame – I had the molding in my wood pile in my basement. It was leftover from a previous project.


This is what the frame looked like before the fabric was stapled on. I placed two nails on the wall and then placed the frame right over the nails to hang. ( Optional:   If you have something very heavy to hang – you can add two more horizontal bars of wood to the frame. Place them where the top and bottom of the mirror will land. This will allow you to place the nail into the horizontal bar and not the wall to hang the mirror. It also will keep the heavy mirror from sinking into the frame.)

How to make a wood frame

Since the silk fabric I used was sheer – I lined it with white cotton so you would not be able to see through to the wall when it was hung.  I lined up the fabric so the pattern would be straight and then used a staple gun to attach it to the frame.  I made sure the fabric was taut as I stapled.

Cover a wood frame with fabric

At each corner, I folded the excess fabric over on an angle and stapled, then brought the other section of fabric over it and stapled that to create neat corners. It is just like wrapping a gift.


To hang the mirror, I used a very long nail and hammered it through the fabric on the frame and into the wall. The long nail helps keep the mirror from sinking into the fabric.

Staple fabric to wood framenail-on-fabric

My mirror is very heavy. I picked it up in curbside trash over 20 years ago.  Never did a thing to it. I found it exactly as you see it in this photo. I am a white loving person – so it was perfect.   I need to add the two optional horizontal bars to this frame as I mentioned above or nail a block of wood on the wall behind the frame where the top and the bottom of the mirror lands to keep it from sinking into the frame.  If you hang something lightweight – you will not need to do this.

Fabric wrapped frame that you can easily make to decorate your home

I chose the fabric as it was not too bland, yet not too overpowering so it would not compete too much with the colors in each bedroom.


It also coordinates with my foyer chandelier.  I painted it all white. The blue inside the shades complements the art on the left and now the fabric frame on the right.


A new $19 lamp from Ross helps make the space look modern and fresh.  After I was done, my hubby went upstairs and immediately called down to me that he really liked what I did in the hallway. When he notices things like this  – it makes me smile as he usually doesn’t notice the decorative things I do around the house right away. It usually takes him a week or two until I hear him say – “Is that new?”  xo

Fabric-on-wood-frame-wall hanging


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