DIY Kitchen Makeover: Progress Update

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It is coming along…. my kitchen is starting to take on a new look. I always enjoy seeing how paint can change the way a space looks. What I love the most though, is that the dark corners of the room are disappearing. :-)  I still have a lot more to do, but as I mentioned last week, instead of showing you one big DIY kitchen makeover reveal, I am going to show you my progress along the way.

I think showing you as I make progress, keeps it real… as it surely does not happen overnight like a big reveal sometimes can make it seem.  It takes time and focus to DIY and I am on a mission to get this completed by Thanksgiving.

White DIY kitchen makeover in progress

I hit one snag last week. The cabinet hinges I ordered were the type and size I needed, but I found out that I needed to get a certain brand, as each brand, even in the same style/size hinge can differ. I hope they come this afternoon so I can get all the doors I painted back on the cabinets in this section of the kitchen and then move to the next section.

Once I have more pictures of everything I have done to complete the kitchen makeover, I will write about each in full detail.  All the how-tos for painting the cabinets, oven, the marble countertop paint, subway tiles, cabinet hardware and…

1970's kitchen before DIY kitchen makeover

…even how I switched out the Avocado Green glass in-counter trivet/cutting board to butcher block.

DIY Kitchen makeover ideas for countertops

Since most of you probably don’t have something like this, but may have something unique to your kitchen that you would like to change.  I will show you now how after an extensive search, I found a piece of butcher block at TJ Maxx large enough to fit into the frame that was around the avocado green glass.  My neighbor, John has a wood shop and cut it down to size for me.

DIY Kitchen countertop makeover idea

It fits very snugly into the frame and I added a few screws around it just to make sure it stays in place. I looked into getting another piece of textured glass cut to replace the green, but it would have cost $178. Wood was the budget way to go.

kitchen counter makeover idea using Giani countertop paint

The Carrara marble countertop paint I used came out way better than I expected. It truly looks like marble and it is not until you touch it and feel it is not cold to the touch that you know it is not real.

Kitchen makeover ideas for painting cabinets

The other side of the DIY kitchen makeover is not as far along, but I do have the open cabinet and window trim painted and the backsplash tiles in place. I am waiting for a friend with a wet tile saw to cut 4 tiles for me that will go around the outlets. Once I get these in place, I will grout and the backsplashes will be completed.

Next I will need Ed’s help to remove the valance above the sink, add a new sink, faucet and light fixture while I then get the rest of the cabinets and countertops painted.

I will keep you updated…. now I am back to prepping cabinet doors and drawers for paint.

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  1. Oooooh….so happy to see another kitchen update post! I was just thinking about your kitchen and the email appeared :-)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you transform with paint. My kind of transformation too :-)

    I have seen many of those glass insert cutting boards. Why they thought green or any color was a good idea is beyond me. LOL! The wood looks great!

    Can’t wait to see more of your kitchen as you continue your work.

  2. How smart is that cutting board! Perseverance pays when searching. I love the white! What a transformation!

  3. I am really enjoying this! We did an interim makeover of our 1970s kitchen (we did an IKEA redo a couple years ago, after living with the interim spruce-up for a decade), and I painted our cabinets white, too. I know how big a job it is. I like your fix for the glass, too. That’s very real and I appreciate that you aren’t using freebies to just make everything brand new.

  4. Looking good so far! Thanks for sharing the progress photos, you are getting there bit by bit!!