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Dollar store crafts and decor

BEFORE: Dollar Store Frames

I just love the Dollar store. Don’t you?   You never know what you are going to find.  It is a hit or miss, but when you do come across something nice or that has great potential – all you can say is Wow!

It’s only a $1.00 and you instantly think you should buy more than one because it is such a good deal.  I had one of those moments last week when I found two black frames that had two pieces of glass with fruit prints sandwiched between them.

You can see right through the glass as the art is only in the center.  The see-through section acts like a border.  The print isn’t my style and I knew I was going to take the glass out and re-place it with something more to my liking.  The frames reminded of a project I made a few years ago.

See through picture frame tutorial

This frame was made by sandwiching a starched and pressed vintage hankie between two pieces of glass.

I had the picture framing glass cut at the local glass shop.  I used  a lot of Windex with a lint free towel to make sure it was super clean before I put the hankie on the glass and then covered it with the second piece.

I  hot glued along the line where the rim met the glass to hold the glass in the frame.  I made three of these, each with a different hankie,  they go up the stairs in my foyer.

how to hang art

Even more surprising, the frames came with saw tooth hangers in place.

The glass was held in with hot glue.

Dollar store craft ideas

I used a stitch ripper, it was handy and it worked like a charm to remove the hot glue.  I just dug the one end under the glue and pulled up.

Be gentle though, because you are working with glass.  Best to put on some safety glasses and gloves.

printable quotes

I created what I wanted to replace the fruit print in Microsoft Word.

transparency paper

I bought transparency sheets at Staples for $1.00 a sheet.  I put a sheet of it into my printer and pressed print.

Alexandra Stoddard quote

Let the transparency dry for a while before handling it.  Use a lint free cloth to hold edges of sheet so you don’t leave any finger prints on it.

Framed Alexandra Stoddard quote

The fun thing about using a transparency sheet is that what ever color the wall is, that will be what color shows through the frame.


I put hot glue back into the corners to hold the 2 pieces of glass in the frame.

The Finished Frame

I distressed the edges of the frame with sandpaper to give it more character.  Total cost: $2.00

Before and After Transformation of a dollar store frame

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  1. Jodie Cain Smith says:

    I love this idea! I am definitely going to try this with some old frames I have. Thank you for all of your great ideas!

    Jodie Cain Smith

  2. Glue the glass back in!?!?!

    If I wasn’t sitting on it, I’d have to kick my backside!

    I love, love, love see through glass with vinyl lettering. Picture frames are the only thing big enough. I have drug my feet and drug my feet to adhere a few of these because I couldn’t figure out how to keep the glass in the frame.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Lindsey Weber says:

    Thank you so much for showing this…so many DIY websites talk about vinyl or buying pre-made stuff that is sooo expensive… this is such a great idea that I can’t wait to use

  4. Vanessa @ The 31 Lady says:

    Really clever! I’m going to have to take a closer look at my dollar store!

  5. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that saying! Never heard it before, but definitely needed to hear it today! What an awesome sign!

  6. The Answer Is Chocolate says:

    I saw your project at the CSI $1 store challenge. Great idea and I really, really, like the quote you used.

    1. This is a quote I live by. I have met Alexandra Stoddard a few times and toured her home. She is so genuine and is a great role model on living authentically. Her book, Living a Beautiful Life is still in print after 23 plus years. It’s a classic.

  7. Sydney @sewineededapaycheck says:

    so smart to use a transparency sheet. hadn’t thought of that!

    1. Ilove and use these sheets for so many projects – label protection to making my own customized templates for see thru measuring and cutting. They are a staple in my studioffice.

  8. Oh I love this!! I hope that my dollar store has them!

    1. My dollar store is called Dollar Tree. I am not sure if they are a national chain or not. I hope yoo can find them.

  9. Absolutely love the idea! I didn’t know you could print on transparency from home office printer. Just using an inkjet printer? any special transparency paper used? Thanks for this wonderful idea! Great ideas!

  10. Gayle From Southern Thresholds says:

    Very Clever and would make really economical gifts…

  11. Diane at InMyOwnStyle says:

    Hi Jo-
    Thanks for the tip. I used to have a heat gun, but I think someone borrowed it a long time ago and never returned it. I forgot all about until now.

  12. That is brilliant! I love the idea of using a transparency!

  13. That looks great! I do love the dollar store but I never have the vision when I see stuff like this. Err!

  14. Another way to loosen hot glue off of the original picture is to use a heat gun – it will soften the glue to allow you to take the glass off. I love the transparency idea!

  15. What a fun project! I love that yo used transparency sheets. What a great idea!

    Looks great!


  16. I don’t love the dollar store until I see the amazing things that people make from the stuff they buy there!

  17. I love it!!!

    Now I want to run to the dollar store and look for frames.

  18. Carmie of The Single Nester says:

    Love it! I would have passed this up but I really need to get more inspired when I walk through that store!

  19. Love it! See those all the time and never had the vision you do.


  20. Hi Diane, Yes, I did do a post on the door bookcases, but not really a “tutorial” post. Look in the label section of my blog under “kids rooms” , sorry i don’t have the link copied here for you (tryin’ to get the kids out the door in their snow suits). They are pretty simple. you could even buy bracketts and have the wood cut to size for the shelf. The post shows more detailed pics. You seem like a pro with power tools by the look of your kitchen banquette. good luck, if you make them, please send me a pic! glad I found your blog.

  21. Wow, love that. Must go to $ store soon!