Spray Painted Stacking Table Makeover

How to spray paint stacking metal tables to a color that coordinates with your rooms decor and color scheme.

Back in the fall I showed you this set of nesting tables that I wanted to get for the living room in my new house. I like the double duty that they provide, the modern vibe, and the textural mix they will add to my room since they are metal, not wood, but wasn’t sure I wanted to pay $249 for them.

Double duty furniture nesting tables

Elana Nesting Tables from Pier 1 

With all that I have been doing the last few months since moving and making our new house, our own, I forgot all about them. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I went shopping with a friend at a very cool store in Columbia, SC called Southeastern Salvage.

double duty furniture Metal nesting tables

I found these tables there for $39.  They did not come with glass tops though, hence the inexpensive price, but…

… my friend, Margaret, who also bought the tables started searching through the store and found two hammered silver trays that fit perfectly on top.

I knew when I bought them that I would be spray painting them to fit my decorating style and to resemble the set from Pier 1.

Before and after nesting table makeover with gloss paint

Now they are serving up double duty in my own style.

What Is Double Duty Furniture?

decorating-with-double duty furniture ottomans-and-nesting-tables

I am a fan of double duty furniture. Nesting tables, as well as ottomans fit into the category since they can be easily moved around a room for different needs.


I find they are invaluable pieces, especially when entertaining.  When Ed and I bought our first house and began to entertain, I saw the need for moveable furniture.

Not everyone could fit on our 3-seat sofa and nearby side chair, but everyone wanted to feel part of the group sitting on the sofa and not feel left out.  Since the only other chair(s) were across the room and could not be moved. Our guests would end up standing so they could be part of the conversation.

If you are wondering, the vertical black stripe in the photo is one of the temporary jacks supporting the ceiling where we removed the wall between the kitchen and living room. It has to stay in place until we can finish installing support beams in the ceiling. More on this soon.

Having nesting tables and two ottomans in a living or family room where groups of people tend to gather is a good thing.


A nesting table doesn’t take up much room, but presto change-o – move it from its nest and it becomes the perfect table to place between two ottomans that have been moved from their respective chairs and placed in a conversational grouping around a sofa. Now your guests have a place to sit and their very own table to place a drink.


When your guests have gone, the table goes back out of the way to its nest and the ottomans back to their side chairs so you can put your feet up to relax and enjoy everyday kind of living.


How To Spray Paint Metal For a Smooth Glossy Finish

supplies needed:

  1. Rub 100 grit sandpaper over the surface of the metal to rough it up a bit to provide some “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. A 5-minute going over will be enough.
  2. Clean the surface well with dish detergent and water to make sure all dirt and sanding grit is removed. Let dry.

If you have ever used gold spray paint then you know every brand produces a slightly different shade of gold. Some are more bronze, others more orange or rose. I used Krylon Special Purpose Metallic since it has more of a champagne gold tint to it. It is whiter and less brown. It was the shade I wanted for the tables.

Learn the spray painting tips that will give you a smooth finish every time. | In My Own Style

3. It was a nice day so I set the tables on opened boxes as my drop cloths and started spraying.  I did not use primer since the paint has it already in it. The paint went on like a dream. I sprayed a few light coats about 3 minutes apart. If you are new to spray painting, check out my post on how to spray paint like a pro for more tips.

The best white gloss spray paint hands down. It performs every time you want to makeover furniture. | In My Own Style

4. Sometimes achieving a nice, even gloss finish can be tricky on large flat surfaces.  This Rustoluem Universal in Gloss White paint nailed it. The key is spraying light, even coats about 8-inches from the surface. Use long sweeping motions. I resprayed every 3-5 minutes until I saw full coverage.

5. I sprayed the pieces outdoors, but didn’t let them sit outside to dry. I moved them into the garage so there would be less opportunity for bugs to land on the wet paint and also so the paint would not dry too fast under the full sun.


Ooooooh…la….la…! I love the way the hammered texture on the metal trays looks painted gloss white.


For everyday use, I pull the smaller table out from under the top one so I have two surfaces.

Learn how to spray paint furniture like a pro to get a smooth glossy finish. See the before and after furniture makeover and full step-by-step tutorial that will show you how you can achieve the same results. | In My Own Style

This allows the decorative objects to stay in place while the bottom one offers an empty surface on which to place a book, drink, or whatever you need when you are sitting in the chair. Double duty furniture at its best.

Do you have double duty furniture in your home?

Learn how to spray paint furniture like a pro to get a smooth glossy finish. See the before and after furniture makeover and a full step by step photo tutorial that will show you how you can achieve the same results.| In My Own Style

Follow this link for more tips on spray painting:  How to Spray Paint Like a Pro

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  1. Diane, since earlier this month (March) when you spray painted the nesting tables I have been searching for the exact gold Krylon paint you used. So far I have not been able to find the EXACT Krylon Metallic Special Purpose Bright Gold. I want the same champagne gold on your tables. I printed out a picture of the spray can you used to show so they wouldn’t think I dreamed it. lol I’ve even tried google and amazon.com and no exact match came up.
    Thanks for any other ideas for my search.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lois –

      Sorry that you are having trouble finding the paint. Some of the photos on the Amazon products are generic so they don’t always go with the actual product. I bought the paint at Ace Hardware in February. Do you have one of the stores near you? I checked on their site, but they don’t sell it on the web.

      Another place to check would be Michael’s Craft store and Walmart.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Sarah – It was fun transforming to tables to fit my style.

    2. Michele Shriver says:

      Diane, Absolutely fantastic deal. Searching bargains is so much fun. I am sure you were patient. And, it paid off. Love it ! Michele

  2. Diane, I love those nesting tables, and what a find….if only I had someplace like that around here. Enjoy:)

  3. Barbara Jaeger says:

    Wow! I love the look and practicality of the two tiers. After reading your post I remembered that I have a set of nesting tables in my basement and had to run down and look at them. They are ordinary wooden ones, but still offer some fun possibilities for enhancement and tablescaping. Your arrangement is charming. What is the story behind the interesting cone-shaped items you’ve displayed?

  4. You just reminded me of a great set of nesting tables I have in the basement. I haven’t used them in years, but you’ve inspired me to get them out and use them. They belonged to my great aunt, so they are quite old and so well made. They are beautiful wrought iron, which I spray painted black years ago. They may need a touch up, now, though. And I need a quick little project!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sarah – So happy that I inspired you. Shopping the house and finding stored away decorative items to use is the best kind of decorating.

  5. Awesome! You got lucky, I never find “copy-cat” items like that. Great job, as usual.

  6. Diane you are so smart!!! I love these nesting tables!! Love seeing how your Lakehouse is evolving!!

  7. You did a fantastic job on those tables…they look fabulous! I love double duty furniture…I use ottomans, either as tables, or extra seating…they always come in handy! ;)

  8. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    How wonderful that you found such a deal. And I really prefer yours over the new, more expensive ones. I love the white trays for sure.

  9. lois black says:

    BRILLIANT SOLUTION and look at the money you saved!!!!

  10. Romeogirl says:

    Beautiful. I have been spraying so much stuff gold I don’t know if I would have considered painting the trays white but they are beautiful!

  11. Diane, those tables are just fantastic and aren’t you glad that you waited and found these, which are so much cheaper! The trays just fit perfectly and is a much better choice then glass .

    I’m enjoying all your blogs about your new wonderful house.


  12. Love double duty pieces. This nest of tables came out great. They look so pretty. How is the foyer project coming along? Vikki in VA

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Vikki – I am still working on the stairs. They and the white drapes I am making for all the sliding doors are going to take some time. Since they are production-line kind of projects I get bored and move to other projects. Currently I am working on 6 projects. If I took too much time to work on the larger projects I would not be able to a post up a few times a week. :-)

  13. Linda Weeks says:

    you couldn’t have found a better match for what you wanted! and they look every bit as good as the new ones would! a great job, again!
    I did suddenly think why didn’t she decorate the support beam that is shown? Maybe a pastel shade?? “-)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Linda – I will be happy to see the support jacks gone. We are waiting to install two ceiling beams and then the temporary jacks will be history and I can move rearrange the furniture. I am looking forward to that and painting the room, too.

  14. Love double duty furniture. You hit the mark about guest wanting to be part of the group, and the best way to achieve this is to have furniture that is movable and pull double duty. Love the metal trays vs. glass (shows less dust if I don’t get to it in a timely manner!).

  15. JOAN JONES says:

    Your paint reno looks PERFECT!

  16. Love love love!!!! Very nice look.

  17. kirby carespodi says:

    I am a fan of double-duty furniture, as well…and with a little house, it’s a necessity! These look great, and I used that Krylon spray yesterday. Great minds think alike!

  18. Deb Brennan says:

    Wow…love these Diane!! They look spectacular!! Now I am going to try and find these in Canada somewhere. Can pretty much guarantee that I won’t find at the same price!! Thanks as always for the inspiration!