Embracing My Home’s Exterior Color


Back in October when we bought our house, we were not sure we liked the exterior color and planned on painting it.

exterior color scheme for a house

Now that we have lived in the house for 5 months, we have come to embrace the exterior color. We have found that the teal green adds to the relaxing casual vibe of a lake house. It also camouflages a lot of the ickies…like mildew. :-)  When I look around at the other lighter and more neutral color homes around the lake, I can see signs of mildew on them.  With the teal, it is hidden, it is there…you just don’t see it. That is one big reason we decided to keep the color, less power washing, more time spent relaxing and having fun.

You know that I love the color turquoise, well, I have found that it goes very nicely with the teal green. I am now enjoying finding items to decorate the deck that will accent the teal exterior.


The previous owner of the house left us deck furniture. Two sets of tables, lounge chairs and…

Outdoor flower planter ideas to coordinate with the exterior color of a house

…planters that line the deck filled with pansies that have survived all winter long.

I like all of it, but what I needed to get and get them pronto… was doormats.  4 of them, one in front of each of the sliding glass doors where we enter from the lake side of the house. With our yard being framed on two sides with pine trees, a lot of dirt, leaves and pine straw comes in with us on our shoes or our bare feet. Not to mention, pollen. That was crazy awful for about 2 weeks. It left a thick yellow layer on everything and even after washing it off, it was back within hours.

Good doormats to wipe the soles of our shoes to lessen what we bring into the house were needed. I wanted nice doormats that were not $80 a piece, but that were stylish not just utilitarian, so I would not have to be sweeping the floors twice a day.

Exterior color scheme for entry doors

When I was at Pier 1 a few weeks ago, I found this Medallion Doormat. It goes perfectly with the teal exterior and my need to add pops of color all around my house. (That’s Trax right inside the door. He is my daughter’s cat who is staying with us for a few weeks. You can always find him in a sunny spot.)

The doormats have become my inspiration for my outdoor decorating color scheme.

Outdoor flower pot in the shape of boots

I don’t have Hunter boots that you see used on lots of blogs to stage a mudroom photo, but I now have this ceramic turquoise Rain Boot Planter right outside my studioffice door where I can see it all the time. Isn’t it cute? I planted white Diamond Delight (euphorbia graminea) in it. It likes full to partial sun.

Outdoor mosaic table set

I also added this set of easy-to-move-around side tables right outside my studioffice door. We have lots of outdoor seating, but were lacking in small tables on which to rest a drink or book. I planted Verbena in the Farmhouse Vase and Osteospermums in the ceramic planters that I already had.  The tables have a label on them that says “inside/outside”. I placed them under the eave to protect them a bit when it rains.  I plan to move them around as needed when we are entertaining or even set one by a chair on another part of the deck.

Another thing the deck was lacking was an exterior light by the door into my studioffice. Although it is beautiful on a starry night, it can also get rather dark at night and I don’t want big lights that will attract bugs.

Exterior house colors

I found the next best thing…A flat backed metal wall lantern and an LED Glass Flame Garden stake light that is powered by the sun. I put it in a planter.

LED candles with timer

….I filled the wall lantern with LED Candles that you can set on a timer or use a remote to turn them on and off.

LED Candle remote

I like the remote. I keep it on my desk so all I have to do is pick it up as I head outside.

Outdoor hanging lantern
Colorful outdoor tables

A simple press of the ON button and the candles go on. Press OFF and like magic, they go off again. I don’t have to open the lantern door or even touch the candles to turn them on. You can also set them on timer mode. Ingenious!!!  It even comes with a battery. :-) The light is very soft, but enough so I can see where I am going while not attracting bugs. 

I have the flowers on the tables for now,

Drought resistant flowers

but I know I will be moving things around more as I see how we use the deck now that the warm weather is here.

Lake Murray

Off the deck and out in the yard I have continued adding pops of color, not in decor, but with turquoise kayaks. I like everything to be color coordinated. :-)

What accent colors do you use around the exterior of your house? If you would like to add some, I have a $100 Pier 1 gift card to give away to one lucky reader.

Giveaway is Over.


I will be emailing you. :-)

Outdoor decorating ideas
Looking for affordable outdoor decorating ideas even where to find color scheme inspiration | In My Own Style

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  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    Diane – I wanted the same rain boot planter you have on your deck. I kept waiting for them to go on sale at Pier1, but failed to check weekly. Now I am bummed that I just didn’t purchase it because it looks so great on your deck. I was also thinking of using it as an umbrella stand.
    Love your decorating style.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa – I love that rain boot planter and so did my daughter. When she was home two weeks ago to load up all the hand-me-down furniture we had since she bought her first house. When she saw that I had not placed a new plant in it yet for summer, she asked if she could have it for her new house. I happily gave it to her and told her exactly what you said…in the winter she could make it into an umbrella stand. Have you done a search on Google to see if someone is selling one or maybe one like it? I bet you can find something similar. Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Patricia Wilson says:

    Diane, I think embracing your lake home’s color is exactly right. Love the addition of turquoise and the tables.
    I especially love your LED lighting solutions. The carriage light, in particular, is so handsome. I love following along as you and Ed make your new home your own. Love everything you’ve done thus far. I voted for your fireplace makeover because it is truly striking and bears no resemblance at all to your starting point.

  3. It took a little while for me to get used to the color scheme on the outside of our home, too. Painted nearly ten years ago, in shades of taupe, with accents of black & a swipe of mustard, my first impulse was, “Oh no, this has got to go.” But then there was a roof to repair & a toilet to replace & window coverings throughout that, well, let’s just say the word “nasty” wouldn’t cover it. Then winter set in & I decided we just HAD to have fireplace. Now it’s spring & the mocha-colored awnings are unfurled & our dusty-green Martha Stewart patio collection is artfully arranged under the lilacs. Not too far away in the distance is a magnificent backdrop of snowcapped violet peaks & rolling meadows of brilliant green, dotted with brilliant wild flower blossoms of periwinkle, magenta & gold. Suddenly, my somewhat lackluster exterior has become the perfect neutral foil to balance the riotous display surrounding it. And then there’s the fact that our little home is on wheels & next month our backdrop will change to the myriad shades of teal & aqua & silvery blue along the driftwood-strewn beaches of the northern Pacific & I’m thinking I’m going to be OK with our dully but timeless motorhome paint scheme.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kathleen – I love that your house is on wheels. :-) I would love to live on the road for a few years or more and travel all through the US and Canada. What an wonderful adventure. I hope your next stop…on the beaches of the NW Pacific is wonderful. Keep an eye out for glass fishing floats. I hear that is the best place to find them.

  4. Ooops! Posted too soon! I wanted to mention how excited I was to see the battery candles used outdoors! What an awesome idea, and perfect for my back patio AND front porch (I already have five lanterns!) THANKS!

  5. Our home is a multi-colored “old-look” brick: grey, white, black, “very pale/muted terra cotta” … Recently we had the small areas of wood trim and garage door painted a color I thought I had matched to the mortar ~ supposedly a grey concrete color, but it turned out too green for my husband’s taste! I was out of town when it was done, he called with worry, and I suggested he stop them, but he didn’t want to do that!
    So, we are stuck with it for now: it is too expensive to repaint this quickly! I would love to have actual, corrected GREY wood/trim, and black on the four entry doors!
    Love the inspiration you share!

  6. Heather S says:

    My house exterior is a pretty yellow called Beacon Hill Damask :)

  7. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Our home is a cream color with reddish shutters. We haven’t changed anything about it since moving in. I’d love a darker color!

  8. All white. Country farmhouse.

  9. Well, sadly I live in an apartment right now :) But if I had my choice, I’d love to have a variety of pops of cooler like maybe robin egg blue with some red. But that might be too ambitious!

  10. Linnea Rodman says:

    Our house is a muted yellow that had weathered blue green shutters and a white door. The shutter colors made the house look greenish – yuck! So recently we had the house power washed, we painted the shutters black and the front door red and added a black metal wall mounted star on a blank wall along the front entry. What a difference and in our budget. Thanks for the inspiration to start making our home and re decorating “our own style”. Love following your blog.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linnea –

      I love hearing about your house. It sounds like you are truly making it your own. It has been so long since I last saw you. Life goes on…keeping in contact with you online is the next best thing. XO

  11. Our house has natural redwood shingles with terracotta trim. Thank you for offering the Pier 1 gift card.

  12. Our home is a boring tan with chocolate shutters that have been fading and now look like poop, plus they are bleeding down our house now. Powerwashing will be taking place SOON, plus we are going to paint our shutters navy blue. Would love some gorgeous planter boots at my back door! :) Love your blog, Diane!

  13. my house is brick with a stone front, so adding color softens all the hard edges. I love Pier1’s style and would like to incorporate into my back patio

  14. Our house has tan colored siding. Would love to buy some accessories to jazz it up a bit!

  15. Brenda Kula-Pruitt says:

    I live in a patio apartment (one level). The exterior is a tannish color. I love your three grouped tables. Your outdoors is just gorgeous!

  16. Robin McKiben says:

    Our house is a dark taupe with oxford brown trim, enhanced by river rock and cedar shingles!

  17. Our new to us house is a brownish/beige brick. I am trying to decide what colors to use on the outside near the screened porch and am hoping to use a bright yellow and sage green. We shall see how that looks.

  18. My house is red brick with black shutters, white trim and green doors. Love your lake home.

  19. Shirley Arocho says:

    Gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant! The tables are a beautiful backdrop for your pink potted plants! Those boots are adorable! Pier 1 has gorgeous colors and you’ve done an amazing job putting it all together! What a view! I have to do something with my back yard as it backs up into the woods, so I need color! Everything is green!

    1. Shirley Arocho says:

      The color of my house is beige with white trim and black accents, its surrounded by lush green trees and a cedar sunrise warm toned fence. I need color! You did an amazing job with all the colors and things you got from Pier 1, just beautiful! ?

  20. Cynthia Sue says:

    I love your turquoise accents and the info about the LED candles because I have a project in mind that they would be perfect for. My house is currently a pinkish tan with a burgundy front door and accents. However, I want to repaint soon (maybe in the fall) and want to paint the house taupe with the front door and accents in some sort of blue/green like aqua or turquoise. That door mat would be perfect except coir isn’t bare-foot friendly (but maybe just have to make sure to wear flip flops when stepping outside). Thanks for the opportunity to go shopping at Pier 1.

  21. Cheryl Palmer says:

    my house is red brick, white trim, dark blue shutters & door
    I love the LED lights – never thought of using them outside – duh! Thanks!

  22. I live in a 1940 stone home with black shutters. Last year I painted my front door bright Spanish Olive after having it red for many years. I also use a lot of bright olive green for accents in my home.

  23. Jo @ Let's Face the Music says:

    The shingles on my house are grey with navy blue doors and storm blue shutters. I could certainly use some new door mats. I have ochre yellow accessories on the porches to give pops of color. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  24. Your outdoor living is beautiful. My color of my home is white. It could use some pop of color for sure.

  25. Our home is white. We are planning on painting our drab shutters this summer. I LOVE your teal
    color that is on your house. What is the color name of it?

  26. Our lake house is brick with brown stained trim and decks. Our pop of colors are orange, yellow & lime green

  27. Your pretty touches on your deck are perfect–I LOVE those tables! My outdoor decor colors are aquas, turquoise & chartreuse green. Pier-1 is a great source for those colors.

  28. Hey Diane…my home is light grey with black shutters and barn red doors. I love all flowers and try to grow as many as I can. I also do several arrangements in pots every spring and summer. I am a big fan of Pier 1 and would love to win this prize. Vikki in VA

  29. Hello! My house has light taupe siding. I decorate my deck and front porch with red, turquoise, and lime green. I fill them with plants and flowers. Love your new tables. Pier One is one of my favorite stores. Thanks for sponsoring this.

  30. My house is grayish blue with white trim and navy blue shutters. My yard has a lot of rose bushes in various colors for my pops of color.

  31. Our exterior is a neutral color, so we accent with annual and perennial flowers. Our back porch accent colors are turquoise and light brown.

  32. My house is light grey with white shutters and a fuchsia front door. I also bring in lime green and turquoise as the other accent colors here and there. Love those tables from Pier 1.

  33. Our house is a tiny, tan and dark brown ranch built in 1978. We love it, and love fixing it up on a small budget!

  34. Our “new to us” home is all done with tan brick, and taupe aluminum window frames (obviously, we need some color accents). Rather bland right now, but with some pops of color it will be beautiful (and very low maintenance….NO painting, a wonderful thing as we get older!).

  35. The front of my house is terra cotta colored brick with dark brown shutters.

  36. Our house is red brick, and our door and shutters are a soft grayish-green. We like it because it’s muted and looks “nature-y.” I love the side tables you chose!

  37. My house is light gray and I use turquoise as an accent color. It looks beautiful against all the green of the trees and lawn. I just bought 2 huge planters in turquoise to flank my front porch steps and can’t wait to put flowers In them but I have to wait for warmer weather.

  38. Our house is a soft brown.

  39. Shaylin S. says:

    The exterior is a khaki color!

  40. Our home is taupe with cream accents. A blank state actually. At the moment l use a lot of green accents on planters and such. My annuals are always a riot of every color( there are just so many to choose from!) thanks for the chance to win.

  41. All brick home here, but trim is chocolate brown

  42. Janice R. says:

    White with black shudders

  43. Where did you get the mirrored lantern box hanging outside from? Your led candles are inside it. I’m searching and can’t find it.

  44. Lynette Mitchell says:

    The exterior of my house is mainly sage green vinyl siding with a few red bricks on lower half in front. I truly adore your home.

  45. My house is green with cream trim. Right now my accent color is in spring and summer flowers. I have deep pink rhododendron, sweet william, and hanging baskets of new guinea impatiens. I love Pier One!!!

  46. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Our home has gray, black and tan brick with tan trim (eaves) and siding, with black shutters. Not my favs but we’ve only been in the house 8 months and lots to do besides change outside colors. BUT a gift card would help! Thanks

  47. Ours is currently a brown and tan color

  48. Our home is a medium gray tone with white trim. I love to add pops of red – geraniums, roses, and bright pillows on my white bench – even our front door is painted bright red! Thank you for all the ways your blog inspires me to be more creative in my home!

  49. Cream stucco with sage trim and a white door. I love the remote for the candles!

  50. My house is pale yellow with a stone front.

  51. Susan Nohner says:

    Our exterior is light gray with bright teal or what you call Turqoise trim. We use the bright teal and some orange to accent with. Love those table!

  52. Julie bryant says:

    Pale pink! It’s fun and playful here in sunny Florida!

  53. My house is tan with black shutters and a bright red door! And I use every color to accent and LOVE it that way… I just love color! But your view of the lake… swoon!

  54. My house is tan with dark brown shutters & white trim. Love following your lake house journey :-)

  55. Savannah wicker siding with black shutters and door.

  56. Brown and gray brick with cream trim and copper accents.

  57. Rainey Underwood says:

    Our house is a neutral beige with multicolor brick which means I have lots of color choices to use as accents on shutters and doors. As a native Columbian I’m so glad you chose the beautiful state of SC for your new home!

  58. our house is cream w/a brown barrel tile roof that has streaks of black thru it and white windows frames. The patios and driveway are natural colored stone-look in creams and Browns. Our lagoon style swimming pool is black marcite and our waterway has deep water that appears black. I use white wicker furniture w/big blue mounted sailfish on the walls and pops of chartreuse green and cobalt blue.

  59. Nancy Carr says:

    My home is cream colored with terracotta trim. I love your lake house and the colors, too. Blessings

  60. Rose Boccella says:

    Love the lake home..so tranquil. The color of my home is creamy white white pure white shutters and a deep green door…..it’s very pretty and I love it!

  61. Our house is brick with tan siding and green shutters.

  62. Natasha S. says:

    My home is brown outside.

  63. Pam Clark says:

    Getting ready to re-do….painting it dark grey with white trim, black shutters, and a teal front door/

  64. Our house is part red brick and part tan colored siding.

  65. My house is pale yellow with a green roof, white trim around windows and doors, I decorate my deck with greens and pale blues and a lot of pink and yellow and blue flowers.

  66. My home is tan with white trim. For the pop of color, I usually stick with red.

  67. The exterior color of my home is taupe and brown – not the colors I would have preferred, but I bought the house new and it wasn’t in my budget to change them! I accent with flower colors of blue, orange, and red.

  68. Diane, we have a very neutral creamy tan exterior. I need to use planters and such to add pops of color!

  69. Vicki Ramsey says:

    Our lake house is tan with dark red trim. I love your deck and the wall lantern!

  70. Julie buchanan says:

    My house is new and has light brown siding that has still not been painted:( Hoping to get it painted this summer. We are thinking about a hunter green color.

  71. The base color on my house is called “Lost Summit”. It is a dark taupe. The trim is off an off white called “Sandstone”. My accent color is red because I have beautiful red Knockout Roses growing in my flower beds.

  72. We’re buying our first home after renting for the 19 years we’ve been married. The house is dark gray with white trim and a charcoal front door. I’m planning on painting the door red and adding some red and blue pots to the porch.

  73. Our home is taupe with teal shutters. I love your color, I bet it stands out in a good way! Love the flat back lantern and candles, so clever!

  74. Babette Thurston says:

    I just repainted my exterior and the base color is Coral Gables Biltmore which is a nice latte color. I love it!! The trim is Dark Walnut. Another beautiful color! Love the teal green!

  75. My home is a 1925 Craftsman with newly painted dark gray wooden siding, trimmed in bright white with black screens and black doors. I am leaning towards aqua/teal/lilac accessories. Still deciding so that might change!

  76. My home is brick with green shutters and beige siding. We replaced our green storm door with a black one and now I want to make more color changes. One thing leads to another…. We always seem to do everything piece meal mostly due to budget, but it drives me crazy sometimes trying to fit it all together! I am ready for some color changes on the exterior for sure.

  77. Joanne B. says:

    I’m in South Florida and this year orange is my color to POP! I just got some new cushions for our patio furniture in a great tropical floral print and I think adding orange to the lanai will be just what we need this summer to keep cool! Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!

  78. Kathi Jordan says:

    My house is gray stucco with a medium blue door

  79. My house is brick with dark green accents. I love to decorate with bright pinks!

  80. Brick colonial with a black door and black shutters. Love your homes!

  81. Sue Bauman says:

    My home is beige with white trim and my favorite popping color is red. I love what you have done with your lakeside home and was just telling my husband about your move, your new mantel and your uplifting blog! Have you seen the pedal boats that look a lot like your kayak? Does anyone on your lake have that type of boat – that you’ve seen? I can hardly believe you are in your home 5 months already!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sue – Yes, I have seen the pedal kayaks and paddle boards. I want the pedal paddle board. It is made by Hobie. I have not seen either on the lake yet, but it is still early in the season. I am saving up for the pedal paddle board. What a great way to get leg exercise right on the water. It is a little pricey, $2,500+ Maybe by the time I save up, a less expensive version will be made.

  82. Linda Strup says:

    My home is SW French Gray but I have a bright yellow door!

  83. My stucco home is white with brown trim. I use terra cotta pottery as an accent color throughout the property. There are over 30 pots with roses, dalihas, and succulents adding to the color scheme. Love your lantern and candle idea for a porch light when needed.

  84. We just painted ours a beautiful sage green! Added all new white windows and trim with a pumpkin colored door. Absolutely love it even though people still look at us funny when we tell them we painted the brick green! Love your house and all the updates you’re doing and boy what a view!!

  85. I like to use pops of yellow and white in the back deck and garden. It really brightens up all that expanse of green!

  86. My house is a light brick with cream siding, a mint green door and matching shutters.

  87. The exterior of my house is natural white with rust colored stone.

  88. HI,
    I have been reading your mail for some time now.We are thinking of buying a house soon.People like you are really encouraging people like me out here. Thanks for keep coming with nice and practical ideas.

  89. Our house is tan and black. It really needs pops of accent color like red or something.

  90. August fowler says:

    Our house is all brick on the outside. I hope to do a white wash in the future, but for now I’m doing lots of greens and blues to offset all that red.

  91. Diane, I LOVE your home!! The landscaping is beautiful! I love the picture with the pink flowers and the lake. I love that you have embraced your exterior color. My Lakehouse has a cedar cinnamon color which I also had to embrace. I use a lot of planters with Ferns which I am obsessed! No fuss no muss! Also I use planters on my railings! It is truly my happy place 2 1/2 weeks I will be heading North to Maine! Yippee!

  92. I’m in the process of painting the red bricks. So far I have some of the primer down and it’s pistachio ice cream green (hoping my neighbors don’t freak out), but the final color will be a dark, almost grey, green with black doors and shutters. If it would ever stop raining we could finish.

  93. Terry Moore says:

    We have a two story home with red brick on the lower and the upper is painted Ramie by Sherwin Williams. It’s a tan color. I would love to jazz it up more with pops of color when the flowers are not in bloom.

  94. Our home has beautiful brick in soft shades of red/pink. Doesn’t sound pretty but it is! The back of the house is white siding that plays well with the pool water which is turquoise. I use light teal and green pillows and cushions to accent patio furniture.

  95. Our home is white. Blah. But we had painted our front door a vibrant blue this fall and it really pops!

  96. catpainter says:

    Love your turquoise! I have it in my rear porch with a a touch of royal blue and lime. Looks cool and and refreshing, goes with my unifying blue throughout the interior, and allowed me to use all of my blue pots from our previous home.

    We have a red brick and soft gold siding Craftsman-style home with a nice front porch and a rich red front door (I painted it with a $4 sample can of exterior satin enamel from Home Depot!) – accessories to tie it all together. Lots of hand-me-down succulents in repurposed and repainted pots on the front porch. Ragged or painted them all with dark red-brownish paint (another sample) and used a copper metallic rub-on wax from the art store to make them look uniform though different sizes and shapes.

  97. We have a California Bungalow built in 1918. It is painted in a very soft, light yellow. Windows have white trim with doors and screens in red. I love it! I use lots of red in outdoor furniture and flowers.

  98. My house is light brown.

  99. We have tan siding, white trim…and our brick has mixed colors of clay, off white, gray and black. I need a front door color too..lol…can you suggest one? ;)

  100. My home is orange, brown, red brick with light tan siding. I accent with dark bronze and pops of yellow.
    Love your new home Diane and love reading your posts!

  101. jennifer farnes says:

    we live in a small cottage on an island, after leaving our old home of 26-years . the cottage is blue…the color of water and sky…with white trim. blue is about my least favorite color, but living here for the past five years, and now faced with the rather bleak prospects of having to find another rental…i must say that blue cottages with white trim are my favorite. i only hope we will be as lucky with the next house we rent…when we find it. i have loved my life in this little blue cottage and find myself already homesick for it. thank you for this generous giveaway.

  102. I have a waterview of the Chesapeake Bay in MD, so I mostly decorate with seaglass colors. With my home’s gray exterior, I use aqua, cobalt and lime green the most. The view from your new home is lovely!

  103. We have a waterview of the Chesapeake Bay in MD, so I decorate with all different blues and seaglass colors outside. With my home’s gray exterior, I mostly use aqua, cobalt and lime green. You have a lovely view at your new home!!

  104. The exterior of our Florida home is tan with cream trim. Sounds a little mild but with palm trees & tropical landscaping, we love it. Love your colors & how cheerful they are!

  105. Our home is gray brick with gray/moss trim. The front door is sanded and ready to be painted a dark aqua. Your lake house is so inviting. You will love it this summer!

  106. Our home is taupe with dark green shutters and white trim.. I love having a pop of summer blue throughout the yard and in my flowers

  107. My house is cream and the trim is a pinkish brown. I’m not very excited about it, but we won’t be spending the money to change it because it is “okay”. Would love to win the lottery and make many landscaping changes outside. Meanwhile I concentrate of prettying up the patio area. = )

  108. My home is taupe with deep blue doors and shutters. My pop of color is yellow.

  109. Our townhouse is red brick with a chocolate brown door. I am looking for a way to add color to my front stoop. My favorite colors to decorate with are orange and teal.

  110. Brittany L says:

    It is red brick with tan siding.

  111. Our home is khaki tan with cream trim and a black door and roof. I use red as my pop of color.

  112. My home has beige siding with light brown shingles and white trim around doors and windows. My front door and garden shed doors are painted a lovely raspberry red.
    I really like the flat back lantern. A few of those would be perfect on my pergola.
    I like my home. I find it very restful. The only thing that would make it better is a water view …or a meadow…..or woods…….ha! ha! I live in a subdivision, so the neighbors are close but they are quiet, friendly people.

  113. My house is grey with red brick Thinking of painting the brick. I love following your blog. Your house is my dream. A lake house. Love what you are doing. I look forward to your updates

  114. Kathy Barte says:

    The house we will be moving into is tree bark brown with lots of peeling going on. We will repaint it to be a charcoal color with a cherry red door.

  115. My house is tan with green shutters. I really like to add reds and yellows for a pop of color!

  116. My home is buff yellow with buff brick. I also have used various shades of turquoise as an accent, but it could use some more details. Love the mosaic tables and plants.

  117. I have a white stucco house with teal trim – and turquoise and lime are my patio accent colors!

  118. Tyla Beach says:

    My house is more of the rustic colors of brown, terra cotta and tan. However, I am working on brightening up and wanting to use some beach colors such as blues, teals and whites. I am starting on the inside and will be working my way to the outside of the house….LOL….living in Oklahoma, turning my house into the “beach” may be as close as I get to it….LOL.

  119. Laura mueller says:

    My house is barn red!

  120. My house is cedar lap siding and it needed to be painted badly! We use a solid stain from Home Depot. We were going to change the color but chickened out. Then when we got to Home Depot, our color was discontinued. We went with Adobe Brown, a little darker than the original Chamois. Because we waited so long to paint, it took a lot more of the solid stain than the last time. Lesson learned, don’t wait so long! Love the new color!

  121. My house is white with black and burgundy trim.

  122. I would love to be your neighbor! How relaxing it looks to live where you live! Our home is red brick and some white stone accents and white painted trim. Love the spring things at pier one!

  123. My home has natural cedar siding with soft gray trim and a teal blue front door. I love to use purple, hot pink, teal blue, and chartreuse flowers to accent the outdoor space.

  124. Rebecca Musser says:

    The exterior of my townhouse is brick with a black front door and ivory trim. Since I rent I don’t have too much say in the matter, but at least the colors are fairly neutral and any color flowers of my choice work well.

  125. Our home is medium brown (matches and brings out the mortar in the brick accents) with white trim and black door/shutters. Previously, it was pale gray/beige with medium blue accents. The brown really made it come to life and I’ve been so glad I chose it. I’m not very outdoorsy, so my outside decor is usually limited to seasonal decorations, but IF I plant anything, I like red and/or yellow. I think your exterior color is beautiful, especially in that setting. It reminds me of Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. You’ll have to visit there now that you live closer ;) Thanks for a chance to win. I love Pier 1.

  126. Vel Smith says:

    Our home is a light grey with white trim. We have an Iris Blue/purple front door. I use blues, violets, and white flowers in our (old) pots.

  127. Jeane Gallo says:

    Our house is pale green, with black shutters and a purple front door. This year I’m painting the front door Sherwin Williams Mariner (medium turquoise). I bought a few turquoise pots and have planted some colorful flowers. I need to pull everything together with pillows for the front porch rockers and a new door mat.

  128. pat DonBrosky says:

    My house is pale, pale gray with dark greige shutters, and turquoise/teal front door. I’m heading to Pier 1 to look for mats … l’ve been looking for ones with the colors you found, without luck. Thank you!

  129. My little house is tan w/ white trim and black shutters, but next paint job will be gray/white like inside my house. I LOVE turquoise and have pops of it here and there. Love your deck :)

  130. I also love Turquoise for a pop of color – probably because it’s my birthstone since I’m born in December :)

  131. JudyCinNC says:

    I think the siding is called Stonehedge – I have wicker on the front porch with turquoise cushions and white lanterns. Thanks for partnering with Pier 1 and a wonderful giveaway. You are the best. JC

  132. Michelle Holland says:

    Hello! My house is white with black shutters. Exterior decking is stained weathered grey and I accent with cobalt blue!

  133. Shawna Agajanian says:

    Our house is tan with white trim and I love turquoise as well! I also use navy blue and lime green.

  134. Laura Bauman says:

    My house is painted a greenish gray.

  135. Our house is a khaki color, with a red door and shutters. I like to accessorize outside with pops of yellow, it looks cheerful to me!

  136. Margot C. says:

    Love what you are doing with your new house, Diane, and your blog is my favorite! Our house is a farmhouse cape with yellow siding, black shutters and a barn red door. We have a big front porch which I love.

  137. The exterior of my house is tan with pops of green, turquoise and red.

  138. Our house is an 1885 craftsman that we had painted blue with white trim last summer. I painted a jute rug white with red stripes and plan to use red, white and blue this summer on the deck and porch. Your place looks lovely and relaxing!

  139. The exterior of my house is a soft green/gray. It’s a Miller paint color called “Silverado Ranch”. The trim used to be cream but when we repainted we went a little too yellow so I need to repaint all the trim back to cream. I love accenting with any bright color, especially reds or orangey reds.

  140. Bonnie Green says:

    The exterior of my home (I actually think of it as being my little cottage since it only has about 1,100 square feet) is white aluminum siding with dark brown shutters. I recently had my door painted country blue. I just love it!!

  141. Faye Scharber says:

    My used brick home has white trim and black shutters. Accents come from shrubs and flowers.

  142. Faye Scharber says:

    My used brick exterior has white trim and black shutters. Accent colors come from shrubs and flowers!

  143. Gloria gawa says:

    Our home is the basic New England house, wood siding painted yellow, trim in white with black shutters and door. You are definitely living my dream. Hopefully in a few more years we will be doing the same thing.

  144. Crystal Contreras says:

    My house is tan and toupe. We are painting the front door red and accenting with teal planters and a teal door mat. I plan to put red flowers in the painter since we already have lots of red flowers in front of the house… I like your blog and enjoy reading! :)

  145. I love oranges, reds and pinks. And I love your new home!!

  146. RobinLynnD says:

    My home is a neutral tan and acts as a perfect backdrop for my colorful planters!

  147. Jan Haptonstall says:

    My home is tan with a red/orange brick facade. We have a nice sized front porch that would look great with some of your Pier One suggestions.

  148. Cindy Richardson says:

    My home is a light blue/gray with gray shutters and door, I have just started working on the exterior of our town-home and would love to add pops of yellow and turquoise. We have bushes to rip out and mulch to put down but hopefully it will become a relaxing place.

  149. Jaclyn Lauer says:

    Our house is has a rocky brick along the bottom half so we painted our house a dark gray. We then opted to paint the garage white to give break up the look and added a white bench swing to the porch with turquoise accent pillows. As the seasons and holidays change I like to switch out the pillows to give it a fresh look.

  150. My house is mauvey tan Hardy Plank with white trimed glass doors. I’ve been moving to turquoise accents and outdoor furniture.

  151. Sandy/beige
    The outdoor objects fade in the full on sun.
    So we focus the pops of color to come from the flowers around the house.
    Your place looks great!!

  152. Marianne A. says:

    We just had our house painted his past fall – Benjamin Moore Pebble Beach. It’s a light gray. The door color is Gunmetal. It’s a darker gray, from the same color strip.

  153. My house is red brick but I’d love to add some decor so give it some bright colors!

  154. Terri/Houston Lady says:

    Hi Diane!

    Our house color is gray with white trim : )

    Have a great day!!

  155. Laurie Howell says:

    We are in the middle of moving. Our new house is a cape cod cottage. It is white brick with black shutters. The shutters are too small for the windows. We want to add flower boxes, new shutters and clean up the small entry porch. Lots of ideas but need to execute it as we can afford to. I am painting a kelly green bench to add some color.

  156. Jennifer Bloomfield says:

    The exterior color of the house is an Olympic Acrylic Laytex pain stain, color Cedar. We live at 6000 feet in high desert mountains with very hot sun and wind. Our views are what we love.

  157. Our home is a very light beige with brown shutters right now, soon to be a tropical blue along with the front door. TFS and the chance to win…

  158. My house is greige green with black shutters and white trim.

  159. Lauren @ Mom Home Guide says:

    Congrats on your new home! It is beautiful! I added some new accents just last summer to my home’s paver patio in turquoise and yellow.

  160. Our home is pale green with cream trim and purple-red door.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  161. Jenna Deason says:

    Our home is tan with lighter trim so it blends in with the mountains and trees that surround our property. I really like the color of your house so I’m glad it has grown on you, and I agree more time for relaxing and less for cleaning is always a good thing. :) Thanks for a great giveaway. I hope I win!

  162. My house is tan with green shutters.

  163. Chris Conner says:

    Front door is flanked by two windows that have a pale sage tint, so I painted the door a pale sage to make the whole door-window area pop, look larger and more inviting. Siding is warm beige-gray with white trim. I always accent with pots of purple, pink white and red flowers beside the door.

  164. Paige Coggin says:

    Looks great, Diane. I use hot pink and yellow. I never get tired of the combo and lime and orange always add just the right spice. Thanks!

  165. Hi Diane,
    My home is a pink-y brick and white trim; I love it! It is beautiful with any greens, pinks and whites…sorry, no yellow or red here! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  166. My home is brick with white trim and black shutters. We need pops of color. In the spring and summer I plant lots of colorful flowers, but I would love some color year round. :)

  167. Carol Elkins says:

    My house is white with black shutters and a black front door. I would love to add some blue accents.

  168. I had my house re-painted early last summer and changed from a medium gray to a light grayish green (SW 6199)l. Trim is cream, shutters are a deep forest grayish-green, and I put a deep red on the door called Crabby Apple (SW 7592). I think it is my favorite color scheme in the 26 years we’ve been in this house. I’ve also been “meaning” to get to Pier One. Maybe I’ll actually get there now.

  169. I love my house exterior – painted gray brick with a touch of the base brick color – coral – showing through. The door is a shrimpy color. The trim is cream. The green of the yard makes it pop. We are not ‘yard’ people – so we have low maintenance stuff, but we do have azaleas to bring color, and forsythia for a week or so. I would add blue hydrangeas. My favorite colors are any blue greens, so I love your teal and turquoise. I would add that to the outside b/c it is beautiful with gray brick. I love your boot planter! I think we have actual old boots that my hubs could plant some great plants in. Thank you for the great ideas and photos of your new home renovations.

  170. Our home exterior is a pinkish brown and grey brick with grey trim and dark blue shutters. It sounds weird, but it is fairly neutral. I try to add pops of color with flowers, but could always use more. Thanks for the great tips!

  171. Diane, Our house is a soft yellow , with soft green shutters. Red front door , soon to be turquoise.
    You are living my dream and doing it well!

  172. Rebecca b says:

    Our house is the same yucky brown with black trim that it was when we moved in. My husband is a self-employed house painter, so my house may never be painted! (Even though it seems like it should be first on the list)

  173. Jackie Pilo says:

    Our lake house is cream color with brown trim. Out back we used cream, white and teal. Looks perfect relaxing by the pool. I still pinch myself that it’s ours.

  174. Hi Diane, You have done a really fine job of making your new home feel relaxing and warm. Love the colors and Pier 1 has helped you so much. I feel fortunate to have a Pier 1 close by our home too. The work both you and your husband have put into your new home is amazing. Just love it. I hope you manage to get in some down time and enjoy the water this coming summer. Thanks for your blog as you and your ideas are so appealing. I covered all my patio/deck furniture with pale blue denim last year and your idea of turquoise is just what I need at my home too. Thanks so much.

  175. Our home is khaki with ivory trim and turquoise doors. With more pops of turquoise in the planters, cushions, accent pillows, area rugs …. It’s my favorite color in case you can’t tell! ;)

  176. Connie Hill says:

    My front porch colors tourquiose and yellow. The house is grey and white. My back yard is the problem a mixture of colors. I like your idea of keeping everything uniformed in color. My need to highlight the tourquiose and get rid of the red,blue-keep the bulk. And beige strip cousins and go with tourquiose and yellow pillows and assesories. Need new door mats love the one you got.

  177. Beth Fagundes says:

    Our house is cream colored base with dark green trim. I wasn’t home when the trim was painted and when I ran in to our neighbor he said “I love the turquoise trim”. I freaked out and called my husband because in my mind the color was dark green and turquoise was a more blue color. He assured me that the terminology our neighbor used was not accurate and the color was exactly as I had picked out. Dark Green. Whew!! Although, now that I have lived with dark green for 20 years, turquoise doesn’t sound bad at all!

  178. My house is the classic red brick, white shutters, white trim and white window boxes with a red front door. I love to decorate my large front porch with pops of red and turquoise!

  179. Cream with Green shutters and a red door.

  180. Michelle J. says:

    Red and tan. I love it.

  181. Mary Kerstein says:

    My house is light gray with a blue undertone. I LOVE and really like the pier 1 items you used.

  182. Ruth Mulhall says:

    Our new home is dark grey with white trim. I have used teal cushion on our outdoor porch.

  183. My home’s exterior is terra cotta brick with beige siding. I accent it with pops of red and olive green via flowers, planters and garden flags.

  184. My home is a driftwood gray color with a off white trim. I was going for a beach look even though we are located in Michigan :)

  185. Christy H says:

    We have a brick home with beige trim. I use mostly green accents but after seeing how great your turquoise items look, I definitely need to add way more pops of color on my back patio!

  186. JILL Nelson says:

    Sadly we live in a gray vinyl siding (not so bad) and orange brick (really bad!) house…

  187. My home exterior is brick (formerly painted white). It is now a greenish grey with dark green (nearly black) shutters and doors. All of this highlights our Vermont slate roof so much better than the white. And like you, I find it helps to hide the mildew and pollen accumulation . I love it! Pier One is my ‘go to’ for home accents.

  188. We have a tan house with cream brick. Love Pier 1 and love that lantern!

  189. My house is light gray with charcoal trim. My front door is “cyber green”–I’m hooked on all things cyber green!

  190. I too live on a lake. My house is tan with rust shutters and an aqua front door. I have a large covered deck with white railings. Don’t you just love the lake. I have lived on the lake for over 40 years in 4 different houses.

  191. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    My concrete, block home is a pale yellow and needs repainting. I chose the brick red, metal roof to go with the real, brick trim that comprises the window sills and below each window. I also have white fascia and soffits and black, double paned windows. And to top all of that, my wood trim is painted Deepest Woodland Green (closest match found in 13 years.

    I love your new house and especially all you both are doing to make it yours.

  192. Mary Heicher says:

    The main color is white,. We’ve just bought some really nice dark blue for all the shutters. We’re waiting for nicer weather to paint those.

  193. Linda Weeks says:

    We thought and thought and thought, back when we were picking out colors, and I haven’t regretted our choices for a moment! The siding is a ‘clay’ color, sort of khaki or tan, with black shutters, and white trim. I love it. We are surrounded by woods, and this color looks right at home with all the plantings and trees, all times of the year. I am however, considering trying a wow color on the front door, which could be almost anything! I love your colors, always, and the house has a good color; it’s distinctive and modern. I knew you could do something with it!

  194. My house is beige and white. Teal is my favorite for accents inside and out.

  195. Our home is alabaster with stacked stone, red door and taupe trim. I’m thinking turquoise accent pieces wiould be a nice compliment to the red door. Your home is beautiful.

  196. My house is a light tan with white trim. Light teal is my favorite accent color to use outside and in.

  197. Our 2 story, Florida Cracker style home is light tan siding up top and coffee brown on the stucco at the bottom.

    I love the teal accents you are using:) Thanks for your website

  198. The color of my home is a light canary yellow with white shudders and door.

  199. Lisa Holmes says:

    everyday I embrace the color of my MN Cape Cod. The House is the original forest green color. I have painted the front door a beautiful sky blue – to make me happy every time I walk through it!!!
    Love your blog…

  200. My house is grey with black shutters. Turquoise is my favorite go to color for every thing. Thanks for a chance to win.

  201. Gray with white trim and I too accent with turquoise, so complamentary, thanks Diane!

  202. Our home is a red brick dutch colonial with cream trim, green door and shutters. We live in the Midwest so the only color to our exterior now, is the AMERICAN FLAG!!! Our deck needs to be refinished, window boxes planted and new pillows. Love your chose of colors. Any blue is my favorite. LOVE, LOVE! The lantern with remote control candles. What a fantastic idea! Enjoy reading your blog!

  203. My home is a traditional Colonial style and is painted brown with beige shutters. I am trying to choose an accent color that would update the look of the house.

  204. My house is a red brick colonial with black shutters and white trim. Our front door is green. The front of the house could use some decorating.

  205. We have a New Orleans cottage that is purple with lime green trim. After all, it’s New Orleans!

  206. Beverly W says:

    My house is mostly red brick with the wooden parts painted tan. Love the giveaway!

  207. I have a traditional Colonial painted dark brown with white trim and black shutters. Last year I decided it needed something dramatic, so I painted the door pink! It looks crazy good and when giving directions, I just have to tell them to look for the pink door! I’m planting urns of pink geraniums with lavender colored filler and yellow spiller!

  208. Saba khan says:

    I am in love with the lantern, I have the same issue with lighting in the night. hopefully I will win the card to buy the lantern.

  209. Our home is taupe with stacked stone accents. Our screened porch furniture is black wicker with black, khaki and red cushions and the porch swing is red. We’d love some of the wonderful side tables from Pier 1.

  210. Emily @ Go Haus Go says:

    My brick home is a light green gray and I want to paint it dark every day! It was freshly painted two years, before we owned it, so it just doesn’t make sense to repaint it just yet. I hope for that paint to peel a lot. ;)

  211. Our home is red brick with white trim and shutters. My hope is to paint the brick one day for more of a cottage look. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!!

  212. Deb Wostmann says:

    Our home is a medium gray with black trim, gutters and shutters. In Oregon we get a lot of mold as well and the darker colors help to hide the uglies. My patio accent colors are yellow and orange with a little blue thrown in here and there.

  213. Martha N. says:

    My house is Carolina Blue with black shutters and a brick red door. I love your turquoise accents. I am thinking navy and red for this summer!

  214. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    My house’s exterior is a soft pale green with white trim. The front entryway door is a custom color that resembles the cedar colored steps and pergola we built. With the color of the steps/pergola/door and the pale green siding, our house now blends in better with the other houses in the neighborhood, most of which are brick (ours is vinyl siding).

    I like to use pinks and purple accents in flowers. They look very nice against the green siding.

  215. We have a greenish/gray exterior with white washed brick. Its a 1960s ranch home with a concrete porch that currently has ZERO decorations. Definitely need to add some front porch charm!

  216. Our home is beige brick with black shutters. Need a pop of color for the summer. Pier One would be a great place to find that!

  217. My house is Colonial Cream with a green front door. I accent our outside deck with teal and lime.

  218. Our home is warm red brick with charcoal trim and charcoal shingles.

  219. patty reed-pederson says:

    The exterior color of our house in a non-descript grey/green, but, the roof is a fantastic bright red metal roof. We have added red patio furniture and some flower pots, but I sure think brining in one more pop of other color would be good. Just no idea which color?

  220. My house is cream/brown brick trimmed in green. Our door is painted a terra cotta color. Love your home.

  221. Nancy Bohle says:

    We have a brick house and will not change that. My husband would die! I did paint the front door yellow. On our patio the cushions are shades of blue with green. There is a little side table that is blue and some tables with mosaic tops in shades of blue.

  222. doris wilcox says:

    My roof is burgundy/brown, shutters burgundy, trim almond!! Needing to decorate my front porch for the spring/summer!!! love pier one!!

  223. Melissa Leach says:

    Stucco beige is the exterior color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  224. Our home’s exterior is light blue with white accents and cream colored brick. You are doing such a great job renovating your new home. I love decorating with turquoise. It makes me happy. I would love to win this and update with some new things.

  225. Michelle B says:

    Currently my house is yellow but I’m planning on switching some things up. It’s a Craftsman bungalow so I’m looking at all the earthy colors. Now I just need to decide….which is the most difficult part!

  226. My house colors are brick ,white and black shutters.Traditional front but my deck has pops of blue and yellow ,playful. Thanks for the chance to win a pier one gift card

  227. Your deck is looking so pretty… Aww that view! ❤️ I use the “classics” black and white with a few pops of red. It looks great with the woods behind us.
    Living in the South my whole life, I have a love/hate relationship with pollen. It is a sure sign warm weather is close, but what a mess it makes! One thing you might not know is pollen is food for mold/mildew. Yes, so true. To make getting the deck ready each spring is gearing up in face mask, work shoes and work clothes to sweep the pollen off EVERYDAY. Then straight to the shower. It’s my morning chore. Not fun, but makes pressure washing the deck so much easier after pollen season.

  228. Getting geared up to paint WHITE with WHITE TRIM and either grey or navy shutters. (I know it sounds boring – but I love a neutral pallet so I can add color pops!)

  229. I use black, tan, and burgundy …. Love how you can do some with them!

  230. My house is light tan with pale gray trim, but we’re getting ready to paint it – Dark gray with crisp white trim. Exciting!! Just LOVE your new house!!

  231. Linda Pawlak says:

    Our house is gray with white trim (actually being resided starting tomorrow!). We currently have burgundy shutters, although we MAY be considering replacing them with navy. My vote is for keeping the burgundy, but I will consider hubby’s idea too once we see the siding hanging on the house. We have navy seat cushions and a navy wind chime. I have not been to Pier 1 in YEARS, but seeing the fabulous items you buy there…I am going to need to make a trip!

  232. Anne Hicks says:

    Home sweet home is brownish/beige brick with black running through. Trim is clay beige. Outside accents are a sea of flowers in bright yellow and hot pink geraniums. Yummy!

    Love your blog and your lake view is a million $$$$

  233. The exterior of my lake house is a light tan color. I love your door mat…….those are my colors at the lake too! The colors mimic the water, sky, grass and leaves. Really needing to update my deck so keeping my fingers crossed I win the giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  234. My house is a taupe color with white accents. I use white and red as accent colors. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Pier 1 git card!

  235. Ours is wine colored brick and I too use the teals and greens.

  236. Sheila Fitzgerald says:

    Our home is brick with almond trim. The back patio needs help and I am thinking turquoise may just be the answer!!!

  237. I live in a condo. Everything is white and red brick. I am always looking for fun, colorful things to make my little deck area pop. Otherwise, it’s just too boring. BTW, I absolutely love the teal of your home.

  238. We finally changed our paint color after 9 years, now a silvery grey with brick accents. I use turquoise and red to pop things up!

  239. Love your turquoise accents!
    Our exterior is brick with greige trim and Charleston green door. I use either coral or plum accents that work great with color tones in brick. Coral azaleas make springtime my favorite season for exterior pics.

  240. My exterior is a cream color with red brick and red shutters


  241. My home’s exterior is tan with blue/green shutters.

  242. Olive green siding with tan trim. A craftsman vibe. I love everything you’ve done with your lake house!

  243. Tan with black shutters. My outdoor go to colors are blues and turquoise.

  244. Lisa Brown says:

    our exterior is shades of beige.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  245. Amanda Smith says:

    My house is gray and I love to use lime green and white as accents.

  246. Our home’s main exterior paint color is called “Baked Potato” with “Milk Mustache” as the trim! I love it!

  247. Carla Jordan says:

    My house has a light gray siding with a charcoal roof, white trim (that desperately needs repainted) and a field stone facade around the garage.

  248. My home exterior is in transition. Several shades of gray as we renovate with stone and new siding. Need some color pop!

  249. My home is brick with cream and black trim. This year though I am adding turquoise to the deck with a new patio umbrella and cushions. I can hardly wait.

  250. Pale almond yellow with sage green trim and roof. Love my color and have re-painted twice with the same combo because…..it works!!

  251. My house is brick with black shutters and white Windows. It needs a zap of color!? Thanks, Diane.

  252. My home could use some jazzing up! It’s red brick with light tan sliding/accents. It has a small front porch that is screaming for some help.

  253. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    My home is a light gray-blue color with white trim and brick red accents (the metal roof inspired the red accents!).

  254. We’ve got brick with a bit of sage siding. Your place at the lake looks so serene. Good for you!

  255. Beth Hillis says:

    Our house is a light gray with white trim.

  256. My home is beige with brown trim. I love turquoise as an accent color, it’s so calming and peaceful.

  257. Anne Marie says:

    My home is brick exterior with cream colored paint accents. It is pretty basic and not too exciting! I need some Pier One updates!!

  258. My home is khaki with white shutters and my accent colors are a beautiful Greek blue and yellow.