Gift Tags Made the Easy Way

Today I want to share how to make your own creative, colorful and pretty gift tags. The second biggest gift giving season of the year is approaching and I want to be ready.

Late spring into summer there are many occasions where you will be giving gifts to moms, dads, teachers, graduates, and newlyweds. Lots of items to wrap, why not plan ahead and do it with style and ease.

Recently Fiskars asked me if I would like to try out a few of their products. I had seen this handy little tag making tool at the craft store and was happy to take it for a spin.

It can make gift tags and more out of card stock complete with a eyelet in a minute.  I got it a few weeks ago and have been having fun seeing how many creative and colorful tags I could make using it.

How to make a gift tag in different shapes and sizes the easy way

I also like to make gift tags using this template. I have had it for 20 years. I tried to find it online so I could share a link with you, but it seems that it is one of those items that is no longer made. :-(

I like this template because you can make many different shapes/sizes of gift tags. Having both the template and tag maker is now giving me lots of options.


I have been experimenting with the decorative papers I store in my Studioffice. Card stock to doilies. They all work, but card stock works the best.

I was having so much fun using the tag maker that I even made a super short video showing just how easy it is to make a gift tag.

YouTube video

1…2…3… easy. The tags can be tied onto a gift the traditional way with ribbon, but I looked through my stash of little bits & junk I keep in my crafts closet to see how I could embellish the tags in different ways.

Creative gift tag ideas

Remember these old style key chains? I have a few in my stash. They work perfectly to hold the tag onto a gift bag.

Gift tag used as place card when entertaining

The tags can be used for more than placing on gifts. They make great place cards for your next dinner party. Simply tie them around a napkin with a pretty ribbon.


Tie a tag on with colorful yarn.


Or use a pierced earring that lost its mate.  Simple punch the shaft on the back of the earring through a paper gift bag and put the earring-back on to secure.

No scrapbook or decorative paper on hand?

Look around your house to find paper and items to repurpose to use. The tag maker works best with card stock weight paper, but don’t let that stop you from using maps, gift wrap, or any paper with a print or pattern. All will work.


Beaded chain bought at the hardware store holds a tag that was punched using sheet music. I also added a crystal from an old chandelier.


Scan a vintage hankie on your printer to make a Mother’s Day gift tag.  To create a longer tag, glue a second coordinating tag under the first one so that 1/2″ shows. This will be enough to write a name on.


Use the front of a notecard or piece of stationery. Large rings to attach the tag to the handle of a gift bag or a ribbon can be found in the jewelry making aisle at the craft store.


Paper doily with a chalkboard sticker cut to fit on top. Thin paper like doilies will cut in the tag maker, but may need to be trimmed with scissors. I used a beaded bracelet instead of ribbon. It makes the tag easy to hang from the neck of a bottle of wine.

Alphabet gift tag

Paint chips make great gift tags.  Choose colors that go with the wrapping paper or even the recipient’s favorite colors. Layer with a punch-out cardboard letter that are sold at the craft store.

Creative gift tag idea for all types of gifts.

Layer one or more tags to complete a saying such as Happy Birthday ______.

I used 2 layers for this tag. I used vellum over houndstooth paper, added a black eyelet and hung a bead from the eyelet. I created the recipients name with a label maker.

Gift tags made using a map

A map of your favorite city makes a very hip tag. A red eyelet pops against the graphic black and white map.

If you don’t like your handwriting, don’t miss reading this post where I share How to Make Your Handwriting Look Better.

How to Make Gift Tags Using a Fiskars Label Maker

Label Making tutorial using a Fiskars label maker
  1. Place card stock into slot in the front of the tag maker.
  2. Press the lever to punch the tag shape into the paper.

The tag will look like this.


3. To punch a hole in the tag, place the circular end of the tag into the smaller upper slot on the tag maker and punch.

How to set a grommet inot a label

To add the eyelet to the gift tag:

4. Turn tag maker around so that you can place the tag hole over the small metal stump.

5. Place an eyelet into the hole in the card card stock and press the lever to attach the eyelet.

Fiskars gift tag making tutorial

All done.

Blogger of DIY Decorating blog Diane Henkler of In My Own Style

Creative Tip:

If you are using patterned paper, turn the tag maker upside down so you can line up the paper to center the pattern or image.  You may need to trim the paper before placing it in so you get the exact pattern area you want.

When wrapping a gift, striving for perfection is not what you are after. Don’t worry if your handwriting is not that of a calligrapher.

What is important is that you took the time to make what you are giving special. You want to hear as the recipient is wide-eyed and exclaiming with surprise...”Oooooh… For me!”  :-)

Gift tags made easy with a Fiskars Tag maker

If you enjoy wrapping gifts and making gift tags, you will find more gift wrapping projects and ideas over in my:  Gift Giving & Wrapping Project Gallery

Learn how to make stylish gift tags using decorative papers and odds and ends. They are perfect for embellishing teacher and hostess gifts. | In My Own Style

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  1. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my what some adorably cute tags Thank you for sharing

  2. I got one of these tag makers a year ago and use it all the time! I love being able to recycle pretty cards and it adds so much to the beauty of the gift. For anyone wanting to snag one, JoAnn’s Fabric stores usually carry them and they accept competitor’s coupons even if you don’t have one from the store!

  3. I need one of these in my life. *heads to Google* :-)

  4. Joanne B. says:

    What a clever unit Fishers came up with ! To have all the functions for making a tag in that one unit was a great idea! I used to enjoy paper crafting years ago and while I have no real need (and less interest now) I appreciated your beautiful ideas and the samples you made! I think I might actually consider getting one of these units to have around when the need for a little gift pops up! Loved your encouragement to make a personalized tag and adding some ribbon for a bow to a plain little shopping bag! This a great way to make even the smallest gift so much more special! You are just full of great ideas and one of the many reasons I love following your blog! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  5. I just love all of these ideas, Diane. Great way to use all the scraps of card stock I have and to recycle greeting cards.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Toni – :-) Thanks. I can never throw away pretty paper scraps. I have a huge stash of it leftover from previous projects. I love coming up with new ways to use them.

  6. Lauren @ Mom Home Guide says:

    Very cute! I love the idea of making DIY gift tags! Very pretty!

  7. Lori Southard says:

    Since your template is not available, would you be willing to provide it in a printable attachment, so your followers can print the template and use a sharp craft knife (fiskars of course) to cut a plastic template of their own. You can get the clear plastic at most craft and fabric stores, as it is used to make patterns to be used over again.