Valspar Bistro White Paint: View Real Room Photos

Bistro White by Valspar (7006-4) is one of the best white paint colors to consider when decorating a home.

It is one of my favorite white paint colors for interior walls and trim in almost every room of my house.

Valspar-Bistro-White paint color
Valspar Bistro White: RGB, LRV and Undertone

The reasons I like Bistro White over other popular decorator shades of white paint is the paint color, Bistro White has a warm quality to it, but has no yellow undertone.

It is truly white and has a nice light reflectance value. It lacks blue undertones which can make a room feel cooler.

Many warm whites – can look too beige. Ultra whites can look grey, especially in a north facing room. Bistro white falls right in between.

Finding The Right Shade of White Paint

I like white walls in my home and have used many shades of it – even white paint right off a store shelf labeled “White”. I don’t recommend using this though.

At first glance – white paint can look all the same, but when you hold up what you may think is a white paint chip against a white piece of paper you can see a strong undertone that makes the paint look more beige or blue.

For most paint brands ready-made off the shelf white paint that is simply labeled – white – almost always has a blue tinge to it.

For a true white paint, it is best to get it mixed at the paint counter using a color from all the white paint chips on display in the store. Look for paint colors with names like Pure White and True White.

Valspar Bistro White in Entry

Valspar Bistro White is one of these true whites. It looks good in natural light during the day.

Wide angle shot at night of living room that looks like there are 4 Christmas trees in reflections.

And just as nice in the evening. The shade will change a bit depending on the warm/cool factor of the lightbulbs used in the room. The far wall and trim are Bistro White.

Examples of Valspar Bistro White Paint in Real Rooms

In the following photos you can see how I used this perfect white color in many rooms in both my previous and current home.

Bathroom Board and Batten & Trim


I first used Bistro White in the hall bath in my previous home. It is on the board and batten, doors and trim in the perfect sheen – semi-gloss.

Fitness Room

When I was turning a bedroom that was no longer being used in my previous home into a fitness room. The previous color was lime green so a primer was needed for coverage so no green undertone would show through.

I rolled on the walls in an eggshell finish and brushed it in semi-gloss on the doors and trim for durability.

The color gave the room cheery energy – just what was needed for workout motivation.

Dining Room Walls


After trying many moody dark colors in my dining room, it was not until I painted the walls in Bistro White that the room finally came together in a way I loved.

The color transformed a dark dining room into a bright and pretty one where I used pops of fresh and vibrant color accents.

Living Room and Kitchen Walls

valspar bistro white paint in open concept kitchen and living room.

When we moved to live on Lake Murray in SC, I made the mistake of having the paint color mixed at a local paint dealership that did not sell Valspar.

Valspar is a Lowe’s Home Improvement specific paint brand and is available at all their stores nationwide, but I didn’t live close to the store anymore.

I was told at the local paint store, that their computer could match any formula of Valspar paint colors, so they could make the color for me.

I was happy with this until I got home and started rolling the paint on the walls and realized it was not Bistro White – it had too much beige in it.

Lesson learned. I wasted money not buying the Valspar brand with their exact tint formula.

The next day, I set out for a 45 minute trip to Lowes to get true Bistro White made up in Valspar’s Signature line of paint. It is an acrylic latex, interior paint designed for “ultimate hiding.”

Airstone fireplace in living room with glossy white trim and vertical panels to accent on either side painted in Valspar Bistro White.

I also used Bistro White on the vertical planking surrounding my living room fireplace.

Craft Room Walls

How to decorate and organize a craft room.

Bistro White in eggshell on walls. Sherwin Williams Pure White in semi-gloss on Trim.

Entry Walls

Christmas decorating ideas for foyers and entryways. Valspar Bistro White paint on walls.

Freshly painted Bistro White in a satin finish on the walls in a foyer. Semi-gloss on trim.

  • GATHER PAINT CHIPS – Every computer monitor will read white paint colors viewed online in images differently. It is always best to bring a variety of white paint chips home that vary in hue from warm to cool.
  • TAPE TO WALL – Tape the paint chips to all four walls in the room, not just on one, as each wall gets different light. Group the warm white colors together and the cooler ones separate. Make sure you like how the white looks on all the walls during all times of the day – morning, noon, and night.
  • PURCHASE – When you have edited the colors and decided on the right white color, buy a sample jar or a few paint samples of the paint in the sheen you want so you can paint it on the wall or a poster board to make sure it will look good in the room.  Once you see the actual paint on the wall and like it – then that is when you should buy it and start to create decorating magic with a roller or brush.

My Other Go-To White Paint Color

When I can’t get to Lowes to buy Valspar paint, my other go-to white paint is Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

kitchen cabinet makeover and cabinet hardware

You can see it here on my kitchen cabinets: Pure White (7005) Sherwin Williams. It is a pristine white.


I also used SW Pure White on my staircase makeover and hallway.

Another reason why I like Valspar is as a manufacturer of paint – their paints are more affordable.

Both of these white paints are not too yellow and not too blue and go with any color which makes them the perfect white paint to use when decorating your home.

What are your go-to white paint colors for your home?

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing your choice of white paint! I have always felt relaxed in my all white home for the past 25 yrs.. Everything is washable and it encourages guests to feel relaxed as well! Please continue with your wonderful suggestions and simple advice for us all!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Pat – :-) I agree white is relaxing. It also goes with everything so no matter what you add to the room, it usually goes.

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  3. Hi Diane,
    Your post featuring Valspar Bistro White couldn’t be more timely! I’m ready to paint one of my guest bedrooms and I can’t decide between Bistro White and Valspar Snowcap White. I’ve painted 3’x5′ squares of both colors in the room, viewed them at morning, noon and night and still cannot decide. I’ve never painted a room white…crazy, I know. Which one of these whites would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Judy – Not sure if you made a decision about the Valspar paint color for your guest bedroom yet. Snowcap White looks a bit whiter than Bistro White, which is a softer white. I think they are very similar and you may not notice much difference – do not worth stressing over too much. If you want the room to look white, but not too cool looking – go with Bistro White. If you want pure white color that looks a bit brighter, then go with Snowcap. I hope this helps.

  4. We just painted most of our home SW Alabaster. It does have a very creamy warm tone, like vanilla ice cream. My home is small and I wanted something that felt white but not cool or blueish. Alabaster is light but still cozy. Like you recommended I bought large samples and put them up before deciding which one to choose. At first I thought the original color was a midtone gray, but it was dark enough that it required two coats of primer and two coats paint to cover…over the whole house.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thank you! I need to re-paint my kitchen cabinets & this color white is PERFECT!!!

  6. Hi Diane, Actually, Valspar is carried by Ace Hardware as well, including many other different paint finishes. They call their top interior one Optimus and it is highly rated and leaves no brush marks. The Signature line carried by Lowes is especially known for being high hiding coverage. Valspar used to be the signature line for Ace until they moved to Clark Kensington Paints (made by BM), which continually rates very high. Ace Hardware still carries quite a bit of varied Valspar paints. The entire paint issue is challenging; insome brands the flat and matt is great, but semi or gloss is not so much. I agree, Bistro White is a wonderful white though.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Charisse – This is good to know about Ace – thanks for taking the time to tell me. I agree about the paint challenge – best to always sample and test before using on a big project. The sheen names of each company are different too – can be confusing.

  7. Last fall I painted my trim with Sherwin Williams/HGTV Home Showcase semigloss in Ultra White. I purchased it from Lowe’s for around $40-45. I first went to the Sherwin Williams store for paint but just could not bring myself to buy the paint for $70-75! Not sure what the differences were between the two but price won out and I’m very pleased with the results.

    The Ultra White is a true white with no yellow or blue undertones.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patti – I have a hard time paying $70 and up for a gallon of paint also. :-). Less expensive brands that work just as well are out there. I will check out Ultra White.

  8. Oh, Diane, you left me sitting on the very edge of my seat! For the last month, I’ve been running in circles trying to find the best shade of white paint for my guest room. I never dreamed finding the right white would be such a task. The bedroom furniture, a platform bed and nightstands are black (stained oak) and the wood crafter’s signature style…”simple minimal” is the best way to describe it. The floor is light oak. I know I want white walls, but which white?
    The rest of the room, bedding, rug, lighting, decor accents ared yet to be decided. Thanks, Diane!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Judy – Your guest room sounds dreamy – minimal and serene. Perfect for rest and relaxing for your guests. I am happy my post helped you figure out what white to pick out.

  9. We’re currently in the process of painting our living room walls and trim Bistro White so SO glad you like it <3 What color did you paint/keep the ceiling? I'm afraid Ultra White (Valspar) will make Bistro look dingy and I love how yours looks! Thank you!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kelly – I did keep the original paint color on the ceiling. It was Antique White from Sherwin Williams. Why not use the Bistro White on it in a flat finish?

      1. Oh, great idea! Thank ya, ma’am! Love your blog <3

  10. I love the hall bath! What is the other color you used?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      hi Jen – I mixed two colors of paint together to get the color. I wanted it to match the tub surround. I matched it to: Benjamin Moore Palace White #OC-100

  11. Petra Bryner says:

    My favourite white is the one you can usually see in those perfect minimalist Scandinavian homes, combined with wooden details and unique prints on the walls. On the other hand I’m also a fan of a kind of modern minimalism which is sometimes considered as cold and impersonal (something like these interiors) so white (or grey) is perfect for that as well. And what am I going to paint white? We are currently searching for a new flat so that’s a surprise even for us… :)

  12. Serena @ Thrift Diving says:

    I really am learning to love white paint. It’s such a blank slate that you can match it with anything. Plus, it’s bright. My home is like a CAVE in the spring and summer due to trees, and I can’t paint with darker colors, even if I wanted to (I totally don’t). Good luck with your makeover! I just did my laundry room and I can’t wait for the next room to makeover! So much fun!!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  13. We used Sherwin Williams Snowbound for all the trim and most of the cabinetry in our new custom built home. It looks great with walls that are painted Sherwin Williams Dovetail in the main part of the house, and with Sherwin Williams Silvermist accented with Riverway in the masterbathroom, and the wide horizontal stripes in the office painted alternately Dovetail and Black Fox.

  14. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    There are SO many wonderful whites! I love white walls and a lot of people think as a decorator I’d be against them. I’m not….actually I LOVE them and they’re ALL fantastic in your home. The trouble with the white I see a lot of around here is it’s an “out of the can” white with medium/honey oak trim. That is a combo I’d love to see gone forever. Hahah! So excited to see what you do with this room…and very happy that green is gone ;-)

  15. First I want to tell you that I have been a huge fan of yours since ” Instant Decorating.” I borrowed many of your ideas from the book and continue to do so shamelessly! We copied your board and batten tutorial and also added a framed wall mirror in our new washroom per your instructions. I actually chose the Valspar Bistro White in gloss finish without realizing this was the color you used in your bathroom makeover. Anyway, our new washroom really is stunning! Thank you for always inspiring me to make my house homier!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patty – Thanks for taking the time to say hi. It makes me so happy to hear that you read my book and did the board and batten in your washroom. XO I have not yet used Bistro White in gloss, but I bet it looks terrific. When I look at the color in my bath, I always love how fresh and clean the color looks without feeling cool. Love the name too – sounds so ooooh… French.

  16. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Sheeh, did that white paint add a ton of elegance to your room….. it is already gorgeous and what a perfect painting job you put forth.

    Me, when I paint, I have paint in my hair, my face all over me and my clothes and usually smeared on the floor as well. Even been known to splatter some in my eyes and mouth….. I am a messy painter I guess.

    And isn’t the truth about no spills when it doesn’t matter? I was supposed to finish painting the outside of my front door and the trim too, but sort of did not…… I will have to prime it again at this rate of progress!

    Thanks for all the white paint colors.

  17. Thanks so much for the article on how to make no sew curtains and blinds… and i this article about paint colour not my first but its beautiful anyway.


  18. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Great post! I love white but there are so so many and look different in different rooms and lighting! Great tips on colors! Thanks!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Yvonne – You are so right – one white can look different even in the same house if the light is coming from the west or east and the time of day. I have the same white in my kitchen as I do in my basement. In the basement it looks taupe. Nobody believes me when I tell them it came from the same 5 gallon bucket of paint.

  19. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    I too am a fan of white walls. Both in homes AND on tires. :) Thank you for a brilliant introduction to a few new shades.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Laura – I had to add that memory about the tires :-) You rarely see them nowadays, but they did look pretty sharp on certain models of cars.

  20. Love these pictures of your home – it looks so cheerful and inviting. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the bedroom. I love white too. Last year we had every stitch of oak wood in our home, and there was a LOT of it – painted Benjamin Moore Linen White. That includes all kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Our walls were done in various shades of taupes and greys. We are at a standstill as my decorator friend’s husband passed away and my husband went through another RIF – 2nd in seven months. I know you understand!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lore – I would have painted all the oak white, too! I bet it looks fabulous with the taupes and greys. Sadly yes, I do understand living at a standstill. It is not fun, it has become a way of life for Ed and I. I have to challenge myself every morning to make sure I try to make each day the best I can. If I don’t – I get too depressed with the situation. Ed has had a few consulting jobs, but all were only on a temp basis. He now mentors students at the U of Pennsylvania and coaches others who have lost their jobs or that feel stuck in current positions and want to change jobs. He is so driven and is constantly out networking and making connections. We will continue to hope something comes up for him. Best of luck to your husband. Try to stay as positive as you can. :-)

  21. I love SW pure white, but I also love a gray white from Behr. It will not yellow and always looks clean.

    What primer did you use on your walls?, I too need to prime over green.

    I just love your home…..

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Dee –

      I used Easy Care Primer Sealer in Block-Out White. I bought it at my local True Value Hardware store.

  22. Christy Keyton says:

    We just repainted our entire house. I wanted all the walls white so I could use anything I wanted in decorating the room with colors on the furniture, rugs, and accessories. It took me FOREVER to decide on the whites, as there are truly a ridiculous amount of choices. I finally chose Dover White by Sherwin Williams for the playroom. It turned out to be more yellow than I thought, so it is fine for the playroom, but I used Greek Villa in my main living room, foyer, and hall upstairs. All my trim and the kitchen cabinets are Sherwin Williams pure white. I love it, because the walls are not the focal point – they are clean and lovely, but my furniture rugs, and accessories shine!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Christy – It is the truth about there being so many whites. It is not a simple choice. I know Dover White and agree it does have a more yellow undertone to it. I will have to check out Greek Villa – love the name.