Finding Potential in Your Closet

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I love it when I am Out & About and see an unknown woman who looks so put together that it makes me say to myself, She’s Got Style

When I see a stylish woman shopping at the supermarket in my small town I am more inspired by her then of any celebrity on the best dressed list that is largely made up from women from L.A. or New York.

Celebrities usually look great because they often have personal stylists pick out their clothes – they also borrow or have clothes handed over gratis to them from designers when ever they need them.

I like the discovery of spotting some unknown gal dropping off her books at the local library who looks so put together that it makes me take notice of her personal style.

I loved the Chic Simple series of books by Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, where garments of clothing were photographed separately laying flat against a white background as you would wear them, accessories and all.

These books were such an inspiration to me that I started sketching outfits I saw on real woman so I could use them for reference when I had those “I have nothing to wear” moments while standing in front of my closet.

Recently, after seeing the outfit above on a woman standing in line at the store where I work, I put this outfit together for myself and wore it last weekend.  Imagine how great I felt when my husband commented “you look so cute, your outfit and all”.  I was all smiles.

His comment just reinforced my habit of taking note of all the mix master chic I see on stylish women and transforming that into my own personal style.

I like to draw, so sketching the outfits makes sense for me.  You can also just write it down when you see a paring you like – Men’s Black Tuxedo Vest with Denim Skirt, and keep the list on a bulletin board in your closet.

Taking pictures works well too if you always have your camera with you.  If you have time on your hands you can try your mix master chic on sites like Polyvore and ShopStyle.

These sites let you play with thousands of images of garments and accessories.  You can save the “looks” you create and e-mail them to yourself or to your friends to see what they think.

By keeping a visual reference of outfit ideas near or in your closet is like having your own personal stylist at your beck and call. When you find you have nothing to wear this will inspire and show you the potential hanging right in front of you. 

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