A Note to You and From You

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I, like most of you, have been a little shell-shocked by what is going on not only in our towns, states and country, but across the whole world.

Instead of fearing the negative effects the next few weeks may bring, I am trying to stay positive and put my newfound time to good use, instead of letting it slip by.

When this is all over, I don’t want to say to myself, “Wow, I missed the opportunity to do 1… 2… 3.”

So instead of being glued to the news, and binging on Netflix all day (which I will do a little because it is relaxing and fun), I am committed to not vegging out on the sofa all day.

Free printable note card of a colorful quilt block design of grandmother's garden

Yesterday, I wrote myself a note to hold myself accountable for what I can accomplish the next few weeks. Everything on my list are things I have been wanting to do, but kept putting on the back-burner. I now have the gift of time and am not going to let it slip by.

My Gift of Time List:

  • Draw more. I started this already – proof below. :-)
  • Walk or ride my bike every day for an hour.
  • Continue to lose weight and eat healthier foods.
  • Clean the files on my computer so it keeps humming along without any problems.
  • Clean out my studioffice.
  • Create as many posts as possible so I can keep to a regular posting schedule on my blog.
  • Watch my favorite old movies.
  • Make a few of the recipes I have downloaded from the internet to try for dinner.

You get the idea. If you want to hold yourself accountable, write a note to yourself listing the things you would like to accomplish.

When the weeks of being confined at home are over, just think how nice it will feel that you got things done, but still made time to relax.

Free printable note card of a colorful quilt block design of grandmother's garden.

You can write your list on a note card and seal it. After life gets back to normal, open it up to see if you accomplished what you intended.

Take Your List a Step Further

Send your list to a best buddy and have them do the same with you. This way you are working as a team, but on your own lists.

  • If you don’t have any note cards, I made one for myself. I like to draw and never made the time for it before. It was the number one item on my “gift of time list”.
how to cut a free printable note card using a desk top Fiskars paper cutter.

I drew an old-fashioned quilt pattern called Grandma’s Garden and made it into a free printable folded note card that you can download and print.

I thought it an appropriate design as it has many colors and patterns that all work together to create a happy patchwork design. Just like we are, each and every one of us, unique in our own way, but living within a strong community that will get us through these unprecedented times.

Download the free printable Grandma’s Garden note card:

a pack of multi-colored a2 size envelopes

If you need some colorful envelopes, you can find them here: Colorful A2 Size Envelopes

Do you have any plans for the nest few weeks. If so, what is going to be on your Gift of Time list?

Free printable note card of a colorful quilt block design of grandmother's garden.

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  1. We are busy on a project in our breezeway. We are painting all the ugly orangey cover trim to make the walls. A muted grey. We have seven doors in this one room. Painting the two paneled doors, white and the rest black. I so wanted to paint them all black but one of them leads to a very tiny, windowless, bathroom and it would be too dark.

    We, too, are missing out on seeing grandkids and kids, too. I, too, am drawing and painting more and not out running around to HL buying more things I don’t need.

    Hang in there and God bless you and yours. Stay healthy.

  2. I’ve been doing a lot of face timing with my grand daughter too. She likes to pick up things in the room and show them to her Nana (me) over the phone or jump up & down on the bed or climb all over her mama like a little monkey! If my daughter just puts me on speaker phone, she says I’m “hiding” because she can’t see me. Lol

    Sorry to hear about your trip cancellations. My daughter & family made it to Europe for a trip in February, but it wasn’t an easy trip with a toddler and then they all got sick the last few days. I’m so thankful they are not abroad right now. We have a coworker stuck in Mexico at the moment.

    Stay safe XO

  3. Greatbpost!!!
    What weight paper would you use for card?
    What are you using for color on cad? Pen, colored pencils?
    Could you now take this to a UPS store and have it printed in color and reproduced in duplicates?
    Like the card!!

    Thing scarf is very helpful to.


    1. Hi Nan – I printed my card out on white cardstock that I bought in a pack at Walmart. It is sold right next to regular weight computer printer paper. To make the drawing I did the color blocks of the quilt by hand using Prismacolor magic markers. I then uploaded into Photoshop and added the stitches.

      Yes, I believe that if you take the .pdf file to the UPS store they could print it.

      Happy to hear you found the scarf post helpful. Take Care

  4. Thanks for the positive perspective and the note card download. Stay safe and take time to listen to the birds and enjoy your lake view, too.

  5. Glad you could at least Skype with your granddaughter! What a challenging time. I also had a big trip to the UK and IReland planned for the end of May to June and have been busily cancelling. I made me sad when I pull out my spreadsheet and remember the HOURS I spent choosing each place and debating back and forth was this one with the view better, or this one where we could walk to town. We will be going later since our airline tickets only allow us to rebook, so you better believe I’m going to go if at all possible. I’m a tax preparer and I’m having all my clients drop off or mail in so I’m still busy. But come April 15 if we’re still quarantined I’m taking your advice and going to make a list (I love a good list!!) and make it fruitful. Bless you and stay healthy and safe!!