Flow of Home Tour: Second Floor

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Time to pick up where I left off after posting the video tour of the first floor of my house last week.

I tried to get this second part of the video tour completed and posted earlier this week. I doubt I have to make any excuses on why that didn’t happen, after living through the most earth shattering week I have ever experienced in my 60 years. Hoping it does not get any worse.

A tour of the second floor of In My Own Style's house.

After making sure Ed and I were set for spending a few weeks at home, I focused on getting the video made.

Sooooo… as promised, here is Part 2 of the video tour, where I take you to see the second floor of my home.

It is a long video that I was going to edit down to make shorter. Then I remembered how much so many of you liked the first one and wanted me to show more.

I also figured that the length may be a good thing as it may be a welcomed diversion right around now. :-)

Below the video are links to the posts I wrote about each room if you would like to see how they looked before and the details and/or tutorials of what I did to each room.

If you have any questions about anything, just leave them for me in the comment section of the post.

Home Flow Tour: Second Floor

If you missed the first video of the first floor of my house, you can find the post here:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section of this post.

Hoping you have a happy, safe, and healthy weekend. Sending positive vibes your way. XO

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  1. Loved seeing all of the upstairs Diane, and it wasn’t too long at all!
    Thank you for all you do and share. Hope everything has calmed down a bit and your not so stressed now.

  2. Hi. Could you tell me where you got the hardware for the louvered doors upstairs? You said the name but I had a hard time understanding. Thanks.

  3. You are so inspiring, Diane. I love your style. We too are redoing a home on a wooded lot. I have slowly been replacing wood trim with white and have brown wood doors. You home is proof that wood-tone and white can work together and look great!

    1. Hi Stacy – When we first moved into the house I was planning to paint all the doors. My previous house had all white doors and trim and it was just what I was used to. After a while though I changed my tune as the wood just looked better and gave the house more character and better fit in with the setting. That decision sure saved me a lot of time and paint too. :-)

      1. The wood doors look awesome! I know now that when I paint out the dark trim downstairs, I’ll be leaving my beautiful wood doors unpainted! Thank you, as the idea of covering mine up is the main reason I’ve not moved forward with my trim painting project!

  4. Stunning. Thank you for sharing. I love all the stories behind your pieces, really makes a house a home❤️ We are looking at your flooring in the bathroom for ours. What color is yours?

  5. What a fun tour….thank you for inviting us into your lovely home.
    My question is about the stencil you used in the guest bath. Do you have a posting on it?
    Again, thanks for sharing all you’ve done. You are so very creative. If you ever return to Greenville to check out more furniture, you and Ed are welcome to stay over with us. It’s the least we can do after you inspired us to take the wonderful river cruise.
    Be well, Erin