What Would You Do… With This?

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I am turning the tables on you in my post today… instead of me posting an idea for you, I need a little creative help from you.


Do you remember the hutch that used to be in the dining room of my previous house?

See it on the back wall with the white pitchers on it?  It was a hand-me-down that I painted and lined with book pages. I posted about that, here.  It was made of knotty pine. It was not really my style, but I made it work and liked the way it filled the wall space in the room. My favorite part of it was the large crown molding top.

Use what you have decorating by repurposing furniture and using it for purposes other than it was intended for.

Well, in my new house there is no dining room and no space for a large hutch.  In my efforts to streamline, declutter, and use what I have before buying something new, I found a use for the bottom section. It makes a nice dresser in one of the bedrooms and for guests to put their stuff.

furniture repurposing idea for a dining room hutch

We put the hutch top in the garage to see if we could donate it, but no one wanted it. :-(    I told Ed he could take it apart so we could throw it out, but to save the beautiful crown molding section on the top.  It was just too nice to break apart and perhaps I could find a use for it. It was simply screwed onto the the body of the hutch and came off in one piece.

furniture repurposing idea

This is where it has been hanging out for the past two weeks. I thought about using it to make a mantel for the fireplace. It would fit across nicely, but only as a shelf style mantel. It is too short to top the mantel I wrote about in this post. 

I also thought it would be a nice topper for a double window or that it could be included in the banquette we plan to build in the kitchen.

I haven’t decided where to hang my clock yet either.  I bought it here.

Furniture repurposing idea

As you can see it has nice detailing and is well made.

Furniture repurposing idea

What would you do with this?  Do you have any ideas?

XO Hope you have a sweet Valentine’s Day weekend. XO

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  1. How about making it into a beautiful shadowbox ( to hang vertically perhaps) or horizontally to display treasures that need a lot of depth…ie large shells, even unique and special small china pieces..a collection of something…it would take some custom trimming,glass insert or door. If you wanted the beautiful moulding to go all the way around…then getting that milled and added I guess would be costly. But I see it ” housing” something special…

  2. Have Ed put a bottom on it and use it as a shelf? I have also taken apart my 2 pc hutch. We just don’t have the space in our apartment like we did in our house. We are currently using our hutch base as the television stand and storage in our living room.

    1. Hi Melissa – You don’t realize just how big a 2-pc hutch can be until you don’t have a place for it. :-) Smart repurposing idea to use the bottom of yours as a TV stand.

    1. Hi Mary – A fireplace mantel is my #1 idea so far, I would just need to alter my plans for a full mantle. I like your idea about enclosing the top and bottom to create a shelf. It would look nice with all my white pitchers. :-)

  3. Wish I lived closer! I would have taken that piece in a heartbeat and made it into a small bookshelf! The only thing I see at a glance is a wall mounted shelf for the remaining piece. It would also make a nice plant stand (mount the top on a simple bookcase type bottom and fill with artificial greenery. The top is recessed perfectly for foam blocks for the greenery.

    1. Hi LaFawne – I wish you lived closer too as I would have loved to give it to someone who would have did something useful with it. :-) Would have never thought about the plant stand – very clever!

  4. I’d say to wait awhile until you see more of the rooms come together. Then you’ll find a perfect use/spot for it.

    We had a salvaged piano part (the front part called the music panel) for many months. I knew I wanted to do something with it but just had no idea. Until we did a little mini-redo in our guest room. Then I found a purpose– a wall hanging for towels, coats, etc.

    The point is, wait for your inspiration….You always get them Diane, and then the ‘redo’ is perfect! :-)

    Well, here’s one idea— Put a bottom on it, mount it as a floating shelf in some area where you want to display things…. such as a wall mounted planter (yes, faux foliage would probably have to be used). But you could also put a shelf on the top part to decorate it with other things seasonally too. Maybe the top shelf could be removable for more options :-)

    1. Hi Connie – Very good advise. I remember my mom always telling my siblings and I just that…to just wait for inspiration, it will come. :-) Thanks for the ideas. I knew my readers would have many good ones to share.