Reading: Stack of Decorating Books

Today I have something every decorating enthusiast enjoys…. decorating books.

Stack of interior decorating books. Text says 10 Decorating Books not to miss.

This time of year is also when new decorating books get published.

Both of these books just came out this week.

Newly Released Decorating Books

Home Made LovelyCreating the Home You Always Wanted – By Shannon Acheson.

You may be familiar with her blog of the same name. Home Made Lovely is a mind-set: decorating should be about those who live there, rather than making your home into a magazine-worthy spread. Lots of photos and many do-able ideas.

Welcome Home – Drawing from the cozy-minimalist principles in Cozy Minimalist Home, Myquillyn Smith known as The Nester will help you create a home that’s fresh, meaningful, beautiful, and always ready to host. With engaging how-tos and inspiring photos, she guides you step by step through purposeful design decisions to cultivate a space where loved ones gather, meaningful connections are celebrated, and lasting memories are made.

Decorating Books in the Stack

Love the House You’re In 40 Ways to Improve Your Home and Change Your Life – By Paige Rein

When you start decorating your home with you as the starting point, you can create a highly personalized space that reflects your past, your future, and how you want to live today. In the process, you’ll gain the confidence and inspi­ration to come up with a functional and fabulous living space that’s just right for you and your life.

The Art of Flaneuring – By Erika Owen

This isn’t really a decorating book, more like a fun and practical guide to cultivating a more mindful and fulfilling everyday life by tapping into your inner flaneur—perfect for fans of Marie Kondo and The Little Book of Hygge.

Happy Starts at Home Change your space, transform your life – By Rebecca West

This book was published in 2020.

What does it take to be happy at home? It’s not about buying or not buying a new couch. It’s about whether your home is working for you in the best way. Your home can directly improve your well-being and contentment with better health, sleep, and relationships, and ultimately decrease your stress levels to increase your all-round happiness. Design expert Rebecca West helps you to learn how to achieve a geographical cure without actually relocating and how to redecorate so you can feel best in your space.

Restoration House Restoration House: Creating a Space That Gives Life and Connection to All Who Enter – By Kennesha Buycks 

You don’t have to live in your dream house to make your living spaces feel more like home. Home is meant to be a place to belong. A place to gather and connect. A place of beauty. A place to restore your soul. In Restoration House, designer Kennesha Buycks will encourage you to embrace your home and your story so you can create mindful spaces that give life to you, your loved ones, and all who enter.

Elements of Style – By Erin Gates.

Erin combines honest design advice and gorgeous professional photographs and illustrations with personal essays about the lessons she has learned while designing her own home and her own life—the first being: none of our homes or lives is perfect.

Organized by rooms in the house, Elements of Style invites readers into Erin’s own home as well as homes she has designed for clients.

Funny thing this book has been out for a number of years now. Yesterday Erin posted on her blog of the same name as the book that the book has had a resurgence in sales and sold much better than her second book.

The DIY Style Finder – Discover Your Unique Style and Decorate It Yourself – By KariAnne Wood

Decorating is about the colors, textures, and patterns that make your heart sing. It’s about the creative ideas you can’t wait to try in your own home. It’s about finding your one-of-a-kind style and then just going for it. And KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms is here to help you.
Featuring her home and those of four of her blogger friends, KariAnne takes you on a tour representing five major design styles—Farmhouse, Traditional, Coastal, Transitional, and Contemporary.

Country Living American Style Decorate * Create * Celebrate

Country Living celebrates all-American design from sea to shining sea: quaint New England towns, dusty Texas ranches, woodsy log cabins, and Main Street, Anywhere, USA. Here are our country’s most beloved styles on vivid display—its architecture, ornaments, textiles, and other more humble items—along with secrets for recreating this inviting look at home and mixing up the old and the new.

Keep It SimpleA Guide to a Happy, Relaxed Home – By Atlanta Bartlett

In Keep It Simple, Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote present a practical and inspirational guide to create a happy and relaxed home that works perfectly for everyone who lives in it. They start at the beginning, explaining the key elements at the heart of their unique decorating philosophy, The Simple Mindset, which appreciates good, honest design, values quality not quantity, and advocates rediscovering the simple pleasures in life.

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  1. Hi Diane,

    This may not be the place to connect with you but I couldn’t find another way to leave a message. I was looking at some ideas on Pinterest and stumbled across something from your blog. I recognized your face immediately and then your name registered. I’m pretty sure you and Ed know David “Swoop” Brown (and Jaye)? He’s my brother!! Small world!

    Love “In My Style!”

    Carol (nee Brown) Hoffman
    Montrose, CO

    1. Hi Carol – YES of course I remember you. :-) Small world for sure! You have a good memory seeing my photo even with my grey hair now and still were able to recognize me. I always ask them how you are doing when we see them. We had a good time hanging out all those years ago. Dave and Jaye came for a few days last year and we keep in contact via Facebook.

      Hope all is well for you. Thanks for taking the time to say Hi!

  2. My house is small. I’m talking 912 sq . ft. small. I like decorating my living room. I want it to say “ come in and get comfortable “ with a little bit of “WOW! You did an excellent job “. We have no foyer so the living room is the first impression our guest will see. Almost every item in our small house has to have double duty. A decorative basket that holds our readers.
    I just fount your website today Lucky me!

  3. My favorite room to decorate is my entry way. I like that the little space can make a big impact. :)

  4. My favorite room is our entry. I put a battery operated candle with a timer on each stair on the staircase. When the time changes and it’s dark at 6pm, the candles come on and make the place feel cozy. They stay on until I go up for the evening. I used to hate it being dark so early, now I like the cozy feel.

  5. Our home is a work in progress but my favorite room to decorate is the living room. The room has 2 huge windows. One is 6ft across the other 8ft. We live in the country and have awesome views. We have deer and wild turkeys parading
    around the property. Which is great to watch but not great for having plants. I enjoy going through decorating books and magazines for hints to use around the house. I have enjoyed reading your blog from the tour of your house to your Viking trip. You inspire me to try new ideas. I would really enjoy going thru your 10 books for ideas. Thank you . Keep up the great work.

  6. My favorite place to decorate is our entertainment center in our living room. The entertainment center is new to us. It will be fun to see what I can come up with.

  7. My favorite room to decorate is my home office/craft room. I love the office supplies and enjoy finding creative ways to keep things organized and still accessible.

  8. Family /great room. Its a combo.leads into din rm & kitchen. Open concept. We moved into 55 + in 2015. Love it & always busy.

  9. My bedroom is my favorite room to decorate. It is a work in progress, as I like to change things, trying to get the right feeling of comfort.

  10. I like decorating my porch… is that a room??? it is right there on the street and I think livens up the place.

  11. My favorite room is more like a tiny house. My husband and myself have small two bedroom cottage on the the Eagle River chain of lakes. The house has been in the family for seventy years and has gone thru several decor styles. Most of them I disliked. It was now my turn so modern farmhouse decor is now in place. Finally rid of carpet that was impossible to maintain when on a lake. Many updates. I’m in my happy place.

  12. I would love to win! I always enjoy decorating my kitchen and living room . Sometimes when I am not overwhelmed with life I will move on to other rooms of the house.

  13. My favorite room to decorate is the living room! I love getting to make it feel fresh with every new reason to decorate!

  14. First, thank you that you are doing this for one of your readers. I can’t tell you which room would be a favorite fixer upper. I have been going through 1 and 1/2 years of chemo and have been sick every day. My house was not part of my thought process… was. After a few years I looked around and saw how my home had been neglected. I want so badly to start beautiful projects in every room. I need a smile on my face and in my heart again. Now with covid I don’t get out and seeing beautiful ideas will help me decide what to do. I want my home to be a happy place again and fill it with new memories. I want my family to come when they can and see smiles again. I don’t want to look around and see despair but a home filled with love and hope that we can make it as a family. This year we had lightning to strike our home and we lost so much and after I finished my chemo my husband had a heart attack. I enjoy your articles and they put a smile in my heart. I need that every day. Just to feel safe and happy and hopeful. Thank you for reading my comments.

  15. Hi, my favorite room to decorate…boy, that’s a tough question to answer. If I had to pick just one room, I would say my family room. None of my rooms are overly large, particularly my living room which is small. It has a big cozy chair and a large square ottoman along with a piano, a bookcase and a couple of plants. But with my family room, I have a little more flexibility and I am able to move things around fairly easily when entertaining. I can bring the square ottoman from the living room into the family room, pull out some extra cushions to toss around the good-sized glass coffee table, and now I’m ready to entertain a nice size group in a cozy, comfortable space.
    I have some good pieces to work with, but would love more ideas on how I can do even more with the space.
    Thank you for listening!

  16. My favorite room to decorate is USUALLY my living room. We recently downsized into a small town home with vaulted ceilings, a few weird angles and a corner fireplace. Add in our L shaped sofa and I haven’t a clue where to begin, so maybe a few decorating books could help.

  17. Honestly, My entire house needs help. My college age daughter just moved back home, after having her own house for the last two years, to do her college online from home. I had made her bedroom into my craft room so we now are just dealing with a disaster area! I am sure the books would help us both!

  18. Hi!! I’m forever trying to make my kitchen pretty yet functional! That’s my challenge….the kitchen.

  19. I love to decorate the kitchen, keeping it organized, interesting and filled with plants in pretty pots. Thanks!

  20. We downsized to a small townhouse a few years ago. I love living here but I have very few horizontal surfaces to decorate. I enjoy decorating my living-dining room. I love reading decorating books.

  21. We recently downsized to a villa, and had to part with many of my decorating items. There simply isn’t enough room for all of them, and that has been hard for me. But is has sharpened my focus, so I really do appreciate what I have on display.

    I most enjoy decorating my craft room, which I painted a bright color . It overlooks our patio , so I can always see whats blooming in the garden.

  22. My porch overlooking the river is my favorite space to decorate. I like the interior to reflect the seasons outside the windows.

  23. My kiddo’s room (turning 1 tomorrow!) but realistically next is the living room, because it’s always in flux to our needs and the time of year.

  24. Hi, that’s a hard question, as I enjoy all rooms in my house and strive for a welcoming peaceful home. Biggest compliment was when my bil didn’t want to leave one evening, he just kept repeating “wow this room feels so comfortable. I just feel so at peace and at home here. I don’t want to leave” lol. That’s what I’m trying for in every room of my home.

  25. My favorite room to decorate is our open concept kitchen/living/dining room. I have boxes of stuff I rotate depending on the season. It is a big job carrying boxes down from the attic, unpacking them and repacking with decor I’m putting away. But I don’t get tired of my things this way! And sometimes when unpacking, I find things I’d forgotten I had!

  26. I like to decorate my kitchen. It’s small and I included a couple of nooks and shelves just for decorating.

  27. I’d be thrilled to own those wonderful decorating books, many of which would be helpful as I tackle making my parent’s old house my own. I’m currently working on my family room, which has dark half-wall paneling and woodwork. It’s the room most used, aside from the kitchen, And my vision for a warm, but light, space is fast becoming my favorite room in the house! I’m now on a break from painting an end table in Dixie Belle Tea Rose (just an accent color). It’s exciting to see the room transform from manly, library-ish feel to a bright, more feminine room.

  28. My favorite room to decorate is the family room. It is where we spend the majority of our time. Making it warm, cozy, and inviting is my priority. I love color, and I have brought shades of teal, cream, dark red, and yellow-gold into it.
    I bring out the teal and cream during spring and summer, the yellow-gold in the Fall, and the red in winter. The family room has a large stone fireplace and tall ceilings that I love. The walls are a gray-beige, so the colors I mentioned above stand out nicely.
    I am always looking for new ideas and things to change (like you), so having new decorating books to read and pass along would be great.

  29. Since the bedroom is where most people spend the most time, it’s always fun to decorate!

  30. I love to decorate our family room where we spend most of our time. So nice to have a cozy place to go this time of year ?.

  31. We downsized years ago, however, I love to read and look at decorating pictures to get practical help with creating style and a warm and inviting room. I really love my dining area as this is where hospitality lives(b4 Covid)….?I love your style and your tips and photos have helped me to create! Thank you!

  32. My living room…… OK maybe my kitchen……. or is it my bedroom? OK, maybe every room in the house.

    That might also depend on if we are talking “Everyday” decorating or “Holiday” decorating. “Everyday” would currently be my bathroom, since we just remodeled and enlarged my closet and now have a walk in shower. “Holiday” would be my Living room and Kitchen.

  33. You don’t think you will have a problem answering a question like this until you sit down to begin typing. I love decorating our home as a whole. It was until I thought about which room was my favorite that I found the answer… oddly the kitchen/dining area. It is where we spend the most time!

  34. Hello Diane,
    My Amazon cart is always full of decorating books, same with Barnes & Noble.
    I seem to never be able to budget for any of them, so I would be really happy to
    take any decorating books off your hands. :) What a treat to be able to enjoy a
    book on decorating you have read, it has to be an excellent book, and thank you
    for a chance to win a new decorating books. What fun to get ideas to decorate my favorite rooms, the living room and the dining room before Thanksgiving this year.
    Looking forward to seeing your fall decorating projects, you have me sitting on
    pins and needles for next week now! Many Autumn blessings to you and Ed.

  35. My favourite room to decorate is definitely the family room. It needs to be cosy in winter and light and breezy in summer. It is our room to come together and laugh.

  36. Hi Diane, It’s hard to pick a favorite! I love decorating my bedroom so I’ll go with that. Thank you for your generosity!

  37. I finally have an empty nest so my bonus room(youngest bedroom) will become my room. I was inspired by your crafting/work space. So I am hoping this will be my favorite room with color and function!

  38. Right now, my favorite room to decorate is my new work room. Finally, a room of my own to put all my supplies! I do a lot of needlework and other crafts and most of my “stuff” was spread out all over the house. I really didn’t realize how much I had ’til I started gathering it together to put in one room! I also enjoy decorating my front porch and living room. I love your blog. I wish I knew where you get all those fabulous ideas!

  39. I love decorating our living room. Whether its something new for the hearth or mantle, new throw pillows, or new display items, there is always something fun to try out. Plus, we spend the most time there as a family.

  40. I love to decorate my daughter’s room because she’s always changing her mood and she wants her room to reflect that. She’s 13 so she keeps me busy!

  41. Decorating the bedroom is by far my favorite! Its fun to put a lot of thought into creating a cozy, comfortable environment.

  42. I love to decorate my living room most because I spend the most time there but my bedroom is in desperate need of a change!

  43. My living room is my favorite room to decorate simply because it’s where we spend the most time.

  44. My favorite room to decorate is my livingroom. The livingroom is the first space guests enter in our home.

  45. I just moved to South Carolina 2 months ago and I still have boxes to unpack and no place to put things. This house is smaller than my previous home and has very little storage space. Until we get a garage built I have to have my things in a storage building. I guess I would like to get the living room and dining area decorated but I don’t want to hang things on the wall until we are able to get the rooms painted. I feel like I am in limbo. I really would like to have Home Made Lovely book by Shannon Acheson. I read her blog and like her advice. Thank you for a chance to win one of these books.

  46. The family room has the most options when decorating , making it my favorite. Fill it with interchangeable pillows and your favorite things.

  47. My favorite room to decorate is my kitchen. We spend so much time there so I want it to be functional and Lovely.

  48. Hi Diane! My favorite room to decorate, is not a room. It’s the foyer. I love to change up the decor depending upon the season. I think it sets a nice welcoming vibe for guests and it’s the first thing I see when I come in the front door. P.S. I just repurposed a baker’s rack into a console table for the foyer, and stained it with Minwax black satin Polyshade, inspired by one of your posts. It came out even better that anticipated! And now on to my next DIY…..

  49. My favorite room to decorate is my front/piano room. That is the room that we spend the most time in apart from the kitchen. It is my favorite because it has a very large picture window that lets in all the natural light and has the best view of the valley where we live.

  50. Oh, Diane! I would LOVELOVELOVE to cozy up with a stack of wonderful decorating books. My favorite room to decorate is my bedroom. I want ti to feel welcoming calm and inviting. I want it to e my sanctuary .

    Thank you for all your wisdom through the years.

  51. So excited about the idea of decorating books! We have just moved to a house we have renovated for a year from a house we lived in for over 20 years. My favorite room to decorate is the kitchen. The kitchen always ends up as craft/correspondence/love and laughter central as well as the occasional meal.

    Thanks for sharing your treasure!

  52. My backdoor, in years past it was the front of the house. I decided, I wanted my family to enjoy the decorations and it s to welcome everyone home.

  53. What a lovely giveaway. Perfect for the long winter coming. My favorite room to decorate is the one I’m working on. Currently it’s my office/hobby/visiting granddaughters room.

  54. Since we just recently moved into a smaller home in a new state (downsized!) I have not made up my mind which room will be my favorite. Right now I love all the rooms in our home. It’s like with children … each one of them is my favorite!
    These books sure would help me with lots of tips on how to decorate. Thanks for this fabulous and generous giveaway,

  55. I can’t say I have a favorite room to decorate. One leads into another to another, so they just kind of all flow together. I like being able to cohesively decorate them all, different colors and yet the same.

  56. My favorite room to decorate honestly is a tie between my living room and porch. My family and I spend much time together in both.

  57. I spend the majority of my time in my living room and of course when I have guests/family over we fill it up with overflow into the dining room. I have a large table and chairs (6) which comes in handy. I would love to find a way to display family photographs and make the living room feel comfy and cohesive. My dining room wall is totally empty because of the table and chairs so I can’t put any other furniture in. I’d love to do a high farmhouse style shelf. I know you said one space so I guess I’d have to chose the living room. My most difficult challenge is wall/wall art and I don’t have alot to decorate with except for family photos. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway. I love your blog and have followed you from your old house to the lake house.

  58. What a lovely thing to do, 2020 needed a kind boost. I’m in full out panic about decorating my entire home we are building, as decorating does not come easy to me.

  59. Hi Diane- I love your ideas, thanks for the inspiration. Lately my favorite room to decorate is my dining room. It opens into the foyer, so anyone coming very far into the house will see it. I work from home, and have clients in&out, so that room is seen more than any other in the house. I have taken to keeping a tablescape with plates & glassware and centerpiece on the dining table, so it looks as if I’m ready for guests. It’s become fun for me to change it out, and it’s an easy and attractive way to update with the seasons/holidays.

  60. I am constantly decorating the dining room, which has become the living room, and my computer room-office.
    I like to decorate it because it is where I spend all my home time, except when I am sleeping. But because I don’t sit down like a decorator and map it all out, it just evolves. This dining room decor started with an old bird cage (a clean one), I could see the birds, and a big snail, cavorting in it, and I just kept adding, until I needed another bird cage, and I found curtains to go with, then a table cloth to go with the curtains, and on and on. So it is never complete, but it is enjoyable. I am to surround myself with vignettes, or scenes, in bird cages, until I feel like I am in a tropical forest. Since the birds are glass, or an old Avon bottle bird, I can always leave the door to the cage open so that they can fly around.

  61. My favorite room to decorate is my living room since this is where I spend the most time.. I love decorating my mantel for the seasons. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway. I miss being able to go to the library to check out books. I’ve managed to score a few pieces on craigslist and some curbside finds to add to my mantel decor.

  62. My favorite room to decorate is my great room. It’s where it all happens in my home. Your ideas for thrifting and repurposing are right up my alley! It’s what I have been doing for years. My home is a mix of old, new, family hand-me-downs and thrifted items.

  63. My favorite room to decorate is whatever one I happen to be sitting in at the time!
    No matter what room I am in, I am always looking around and dreaming up plans for how to change things up with decor switch-outs or by pushing the furniture around to new positions!
    I’m a big fan of CHANGES! so my mind is always “on the hunt” for new ideas… and the books you are giving away would come in so handy in fueling my creative fires!
    Thanks for your Always Helpful blog!!! I look forward to each and every post. You are amazing!

  64. My favorite room to decorate is my family room. It’s where we spend a lot of time, especially now. I change things up seasonally, and fall is my favorite time of the year!

  65. I love decorating our dining room, it is the first room you see when entering our house and always gets special treatment.

  66. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Diane! My favorite room to decorate is my family room. My home is small and after moving in within a year, I was diagnosed with cancer and my boyfriend/life partner had a “widow maker” heart attack; after his heart stopped 3 times, he survived. I still work, he cannot, and he spends lots of time in the family room while I’m in my home office, at least until June 2021. My old and blind rescue dog has to stay on the sectional, as he has it mapped out and doesn’t fall off, and he is quite content. He now has pneumonia and cancer and I cannot change up the living area until he’s gone. ? But one thing I’d like to do is change the look of the fireplace, on a very low budget! We need to breathe some fresh air into our home this fall and your wonderful design books would certainly help provide ideas and cheer things up! Thank you for all your great posts!! Stay well. ?

  67. all rooms are my favorite to decorate but currently I am having a hard time decorating my spare bedroom/office

  68. (ooops my comment disappeared so please excuse if you have a unfinished one from me). What a treat it would be to be gifted with these books…and I would re-gift and pass along the blessing as i finish them. California is still “closed” for the most part so these would definitely be a blessing. My favorite room/area to decorate is my breakfast area. While our 40 year old kitchen needs remodel, I love to change out my table settings… fresh flowers /plants/ something from yard, change the place-mats and napkins, and keep the glass table top sparkly clean. I also display art, pottery and plants on the etagere . I’m always changing it up enjoy being creative in even small ways like these. THANK YOU !!!!!

  69. What a generous giveaway! My favorite room to decorate would be the family room, it’s open to the kitchen, and it’s where we spend all our time. It gets fresh flowers often and small seasonal change ups.

  70. My favorite is the living/entryway… I hope to catch and give a glimpse of my style and flare ?

  71. I love decorating my living, dining and kitchen great room. After losing my husband to cancer, retirement and my grandchildren growing up and moving on with their lives, I needed to downsize. I rented a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in the Northeast Georgia mountains. I love having my great room and as it is all open I had to get it coordinated so it would flow. I change with the seasons so kept large pieces neutral, sofa cream Jacquard (mom’s French), 2 charcoal recliners, cream channel-back chair and wooden side chair I purchased years ago that looks like a tiger. I have an antique French bow front chest in burled maple with mom’s large gold leaf mirror standing vertically over chest. My kitchen has natural birch cabinets stainless appliances and I purchased an old worktable, stained top to match open shelving and used 4 French style chairs with cane seats (stained to match table and shelves). Breakfast area has large picture window and I match the window dressings in both areas. As Fall is coming soon, I am in process of redoing room. I have peacock drapes for both areas, cream and blue chevron canvas rug to add under my table and new blue patterned rum for living area. I will be switching out all my (very limited don’t like clutter) decor. It is a good sized area and I love it. I love interior design (and exterior too!) and can always find fun things to do inside or outside. I have thought about blogging but decided against it because I am getting up there in years but still have that love of design in my heart.
    I love your blog and only recently discovered it and am enjoying it immensely. Keep the wonderful ideas coming.

  72. My favorite room to decorate is our half bath. It’s small, contained and doesn’t take much to make a change! Plus it serves as a launching pad for other rooms and other ideas.

    1. This answer is close to my heart. My bathroom is always small, my shower smaller and claustrophobic. But the bathroom is the only room I ever get FINISHED decorating! It is small enough that I can envision the entire decor, whereas with larger rooms, I just envision one small table at a time.

  73. Kind of strange, but our half bath was so much fun to decorate. It’s such a small space, but our redo made such a huge impact. I love it!

  74. Thank you for this giveaway! So excited for the opportunity to win! I love decorating the living room.. it is out main living area with an awkward layout, so I love browsing idea books to get new options! Fireplace with floor to ceiling brick and a high mantel on one end, bank of windows on the other, tv on a stand against one wall (We have wooden walls and I hate to put big holes in it!) and a double entryway and short wall on the other side! Love seeing creative ways to decorate the space available! Thanks again!

  75. My favorite room to decorate is my living room – especially styling my mantel for the seasons. Thanks for offering the books to us!

  76. I love love love coffee table decoration books which are not only good looking for display but lovely to read as well. I am so hoping to win this set.Fingers crossed

  77. Our guest room (aka prayer room, snoring room [my go-to room when husband is snoring], afternoon tea room). It is a small, cozy, made for me to relax in room that makes me smile and breathe, deeply content as I sit in the corner chair and look around at the soothing colors and textures blended together. Grateful for this space.

  78. Diane,
    Thank you for this wonderful give-away! Your library suddenly is going to be much smaller, for sure!

    My favorite “room” to decorate is….our open concept living area, kitchen, and dining area. I have shelving, flat surfaces, and the fireplace mantel that need seasonal changes. I have tubs of decorating materials from which to choose. I keep materials and not necessarily decorated items. That way things change from year to year so one may never see the same vignette they saw last year. When the tubs come out, my husband will ask, “Are you having fun?” And of course, my answer is always the same, “YES!”

    Thank you again for your generous offering…

  79. My favorite room to decorate is my family room. It has a floor to ceiling stone fireplace with built ins on each side. I change them for the seasons. Thank you for sponsoring a give away. I enjoy your blog.

  80. My favorite room to decorate is my dining room. My favorite time to decorate is in the fall when the colors are so warm and inviting.

  81. Those books look wonderful! I’d have to say my favorite room to decorate is the bedroom since I feel I can try out some new ideas to see if I like them without having to hear too many comments about it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. My favorite room is the living room. This is where we all congregate at the end of the day! We are country folks but I enjoy all styles of decorating. Currently, I am decorating our small bedroom and returning to our younger days by going bohemian and making it complete with a large macrame wall hanging.

  83. The space that I love to decorate the most would be my living room. It’s the first room you see when you come into my home. I especially like to decorate for Christmas!!

  84. My favorite room to decorate is my morning room. It has 6 windows that bring in unobstructed light and which I use to decorate the sills with seasonal themes.

  85. My favorite space to seasonally decorate is the living room fireplace mantel and hall tree.

  86. My favorite room to decorate is my little reading room. It is very feminine and is across the hall from the more public living room.

    It is filled with books, and the chintz armchairs I inherited from my grandmother. It’s small, but by far the most favorite room I have ever had.

    It could use a refresh, though, so fingers crossed that I might win.
    Thank you!

  87. My favorite room to decorate is my kitchen. As it is all white, I change out the accent colors four times a year: red at Christmas, blue next, then yellow (with lemons) and lastly white and orange for fall.

  88. Downstairs (a typical mid-1950s basement/rec room) transitioned to a welcome space to hang out, with updated flooring, ceiling, lighting, and paint! The decor is a fun mix of antiques and rusty junk. Thanks for offering these books Diane, and I would share these with friends.

  89. Hi Diane!
    I love to decorate my entry way! I’m blessed to have a generous area there to keep a rotating seasonal display. I have a small bench, a gallery wall, room for umbrellas and shoes and and metal media cabinet with display lighting. These fundamentals give me plenty of options for playing around with what I display there.

  90. I love to decorate my table. It is actually part of the kitchen. So I would say the dining room kitchen as a combo. I usually concentrate on the table centerpiece.

  91. I enjoy decorating the living room . It makes a first impression on everyone who visits and I want them to feel
    relaxed and welcome to my home .

  92. Such a wide variety of book, Diane. I enjoy decorating our combination living and dining rooms. Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  93. I love decorating my dining room as this is the room you have to walk through to get to anywhere in the house.

  94. Hi Diane, I love your blog. My favorite room to decorate is our living room. With the change of season, I enjoy changing out the pillows, throws and items on the mantle.

  95. My favorite room to decorate is our family/living room. We have a HUGE fireplace/mantel so it’s always fun to hang a banner & decorate the mantel as it’s definitely the focal point of the room. I put up Fall decor last week even thought it’s still in the 80’s here in TX ( a gal can dream)!!

  96. Decorating has been a challenge for me as we downsized into our current home on a small lake in central Massachusetts. I love books and reading and find a great deal of good ideas in decorating books. I’m also a great believer in trying to find used copies in good condition. Your books would have a great home with me.
    I enjoy watching what you do inside your lake house!

    1. Oops! I forgot to say that I enjoy decorating our living area which is kitchen, dining and family room all together. I wasn’t kidding when I said we downsized!

  97. I love to decorate my foyerand living room as it is the first area people see when they come in the front door.

  98. My favorite spot to decorate is the dining/living area, with a close second being the foyer. Love your blog.

  99. I love decorating the family room. It is the room we spend the most time in so I get to enjoy it the most and I have a fireplace in that room.

  100. My favorite room to decorate is my family room. It is where my husband and I spend so much of our time together and where family gravitates to when visiting. It is a room that I want to feel like our sanctuary – where I can decorate with things that bring back memories, things that make me smile and give me a sense of peace, and pieces that celebrate the seasons. It is a place where both me and my husband can express our creativity.

  101. Thank you for the book giveaway! My favorite room to decorate is our living room where we spend most of our time. It’s easy to change our mantle with the different seasons and have soft lights around everything making it cozy at night.

  102. My favorite room to decorate is whatever room I happen to be working on at the moment! Currently that is my Master Bedroom which is long overdo for a face lift! I’m transforming it from a dark depressing (at least to me) area into a light airy oasis. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  103. Definitely the living room. The fireplace is the focal point of the room and I really enjoy decorating the mantle seasonally.

  104. I have two six foot long shelves above the buffet in my dining room that I LOVE to change up with the seasons, and Fall is one of my favorites. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your decorating books!

  105. My favorite room to decorate is our living room. I love the fireplace and mantle the best! I know sometimes I put way too much stuff on the mantle as it is a bit small. I need to hone that skill a bit! Thank you for sharing your books with your adoring fans!! :)

  106. My favorite room to decorate is my front porch. Front porch has become my happy place to get away from all the troubles on TV and the Newspapers. The children on bikes and friends walking by give me a feeling of being normal.

  107. I think it is my dining room kitchen area that I decorate and redecorate the most. Family or friends always are congregating in that large room. It sees the most use in our home. Right now though I really need to concentrate on the living room, it needs a refresh.

  108. I guess the living room which is open and leads right into a kitchen dining area.
    BTW: I truly relate to so many things you create. Moved from a 105 yr. old brownstone in Brooklyn NY to a sweet town in Southport, NC 4 1/2 yrs. ago-
    LOVING it!

  109. My living room has always been my favorite room to decorate. But I am what I call a chronic decorator; moving furniture around, switching pieces up between different rooms. I feel like these small changes inject a room with new energy, new site lines, etc. I could never live in a room that stayed the same for decades! My living room opens to my kitchen and dining so they all relate to the other, but I have to say I have enjoyed decorating our foyer too. It sets the tone for what is to come. It’s just fun to decorate!

  110. Ooooo, Diane, what a great giveaway! And, oh! What a difficult choice, lol. My favorite room to decorate, I suppose, would be either my master bedroom or my kitchen/breakfast room. I just love to change things up for the different seasons or to try out different diys I read about in blog posts like yours. I would absolutely change out my bedding each month, if I could. The same is true of Tablescapes in my breakfast nook. I adore dishes and, well, stuff. What I need is a little more focus and direction. Also, just a bit of assistance in editing my stuff. So, here’s keeping fingers crossed about your great giveaway….

  111. My living room is my favorite room as it is what you see when you enter my home. I make it inviting and cozy and hopefully makes my guests want to snuggle up and visit!

  112. We have a sunroom in our new condo that is fun to decorate but I could sure use some inspiration!

  113. Diane—I must say since it is the room you see into from my foyer, my family room is my favorite space to decorate!
    It’s our entertaining spot so it’s important to be comfortable and inviting!!

  114. I would have to say my living room is my favorite room to decorate. I love changing out accessories seasonally. Thank you for the opportunity to win these wonderful decorating books!

  115. My favorite room to decorate is the living room. It’s where we spend the most time gathering as a family.

  116. I don’t know that I have a favorite room to decorate as it depends somewhat on the season and what’s going in that particular room, but in general probably my kitchen.

  117. Love your blog!!!! So many great ideas!!!
    My favorite room to decorate is my living room with the mantle being my favorite display area.

  118. Moving into a new house next month that has all of the spaces that I have dreamed about in a house! There are so many new areas to decorate but I’m guessing that decorating the great room or the entry hall will be my favorite for years to come.

  119. I love doing my Den/Living Room. Love changing it out for each season. Get to rotate all my goodies I have collected over time. It so much fun to change things out. I get tired of the way the room looks and love changing the look.

  120. I really enjoy decorating my dining room because it’s so fun to let my imagination run wild on the table top.

  121. So nice of you–thank you! My favorite room to decorate is our family room/kitchen (it’s open plan so practically a single room). It’s where we spend the most time (I even do most of my work on the couch–where I am right now!). I’ve put comfortable furniture in here plus lots of things I love. My favorite pillows, art, and rug are all in here, and I DIY’d a simple shade for my kitchen window (I’m looking at it now, from the couch…) that is so cheery and always makes me happy.

  122. Favorite room to decorate: Living Room. Have a large bow window with bench so room to show things…would love the books. So generous of you.

  123. My favorite room to decorate is my screened in porch. We moved to North Carolina from Michigan and oh how I love to decorate it shabby-coastal!

  124. My favorite room to decorate is my screened porch. I spent yesterday giving it a deep clean & I’ll be decorating it for fall this week….then comes Christmas. I love decorating it for Christmas.

  125. My favorite room to decorate is my family room. I love changing it for the seasons and especially love doing different things with the fireplace mantle.

  126. My favorite room to decorate is the living room. I do change up accessories for the seasons so it feels like a new room. We also spend the most amount of time in our living room and we do not have a tv in this room.

  127. It’s a toss up between my living room & dining room. Those are the two areas that I change seasonally & for the holidays. The living room has the fireplace mantle and hearth as well as a large square coffee table just begging for some celebration. The dining room table is the perfect place for a seasonal vignette or just a bowl of apples. It’s all decorating!

  128. I don’t have a favorite room to decorate. In January, we had our kitchen redone. I enjoyed decorating it afterwards. That’s been my most recent decorating project.

  129. My favorite room to decorate is our family room. I decorate for all holidays and seasons. It brings a sense of warmth and togetherness. Even though our kids are 18 and almost 21 they both still live at home while going to college although 1 is in the dorms she still comes home each weekend!! We still enjoy hanging out watching movies or playing games , wrestling or just being goody? and the family room room is the best place to do these things together! We cherish these moments as we know they may be ending as the kids will love out 1 day.
    Thank you for your blogs I have been following you for a few years now and you always have wonderful posts!! Thank you for your inspiration!!

  130. My favorite room to decorate is definitely the living room. I like to change it up for different seasons, changing pillow covers, adding different color throw blankets and flowers and if holiday is coming I add a few decorations here and there. Sometimes rearranging things around keeps it fresh and always inviting!

  131. I love to decorate the common rooms in the house (the main living areas). Its fun to add in seasonal decor and get it all smelling great with scented candles and wax tarts. I’m already looking forward to Christmas and making it all cozy and happy!

  132. Hi Diane… favorite room to decorate is our family room as that’s where we spend most of our time together.

  133. I have several favorites, but there is one room that I’m most looking forward to decorating, and that’s my kitchen! It needs a lot of work, so that’s why it’s my favorite – I can see all of the potential it has. I want to paint the walls red (there are very few wall areas) with white cabinets and a dark grey/black floor and countertops. There is already white trim around the doorways and window. I’m very excited about the project, just have to finish a few other projects that I’ve already started before getting into another one. 10 books might be a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure I could find some great ideas!
    Thanks, Diane!

  134. I love to decorate my sewing/craft room because it’s the only space in my house that I can decorate soley to my taste.

  135. Hi Diane,
    It’s tough to say which place is the most enjoyable. I don’t have a mantle in my home so I really envy the stylings I see
    posted everywhere. But I have a cozy
    front porch with 4 chairs, a small table and a large vintage enamel table that I change out for the seasons. I don’t get to see it all the time like my family room
    But I like knowing it shows an
    attractive face to the world?.

  136. My favorite room to decorate is the main living space. We are in house #7 in 12 years and sometimes we have a living room and family room, once a basement family room, once a loft family room, a couple times one big open space only… Making the space welcoming and comfortable and feeling like HOME is always interesting and challenging!

  137. Whoops, forgot to name my favorite room to decorate, that would be the kitchen. My kitchen is where my family and friends head when they walk in the door. The best decorating complement I’ve gotten was “it’s so cozy in here”.
    Carol H.

  138. I love reading your blog Diane and it is so kind of you to offer this give away. I think my favorite room to decorate is a toss up between my living room and dining room, since both get used daily and are a place for family to gather and enjoy each other’s company. I believe it is more important than ever to create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere in your home each season during these crazy times.

  139. First day of fall next week? Who stole my summer! Some great books there, will have to check them out. Can’t wait to see your newest project!

  140. My TV room is my fav to decorate! It’s our gathering place for friends and family. It should speak about who we are and the comfort and joy we want people to find in our home. I work the room by moving things, adding to it, comfortable seating, and even a table to eat at or play games. We love hard in this room as it’s our go to place.

  141. I love to decorate my living room, specifically the mantle and hearth. It is the focal point of the room and the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.

  142. My favorite room to decorate & to just be in is our dining room/kitchen. We took down the wall between the two rooms and it feels even roomier than I expected. It’s a great gathering spot when all the family is home.

  143. Thank you for this opportunity, Diane. Decorating is an elusive thing for me since it seems most rooms in my house are in some stage of renewal. I would say the dining room would be my first choice since it’s the first room seen when entering my home. And, is the room that is most likely to get “rearranged” by the flow of life. :)

  144. My fav room to decorate has been our living room. Comfy pillows with different textures has been fun ❤

  145. I love decorating our living room and changing it up for the seasons. We can enjoy the decor in there from the entire downstairs.
    Great blog, and always great ideas here!

  146. Hi Diane
    I so enjoy your blog!
    My favorite room to decorate is my family room
    I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from you. Thank you

  147. Hey Diane, I’ve been following you for years. Thank you for all the inspiration. My favorite room to decorate is not a room, but my front door and surrounding entrance as that makes a welcoming statement.

  148. MY favorite room to decorate is the living room. It can be seen by the whole downstairs and makes me happy!

  149. Thanks for the give a way. My favorite room to decorate is our kitchen because it’s brand new. We started our construction project in February. With a Covid stop and now the trades are slammed with work, we are still working on it. Hopefully it will be done in a month. Next will be our old kitchen that we are turning into a den.

  150. I think my favorite room to decorate is the living room because that is where we hang out as a family, but it is also where our guests are made to feel like family.

  151. Good morning! I love waking up and drinking my coffee to decorating blogs. My favorite room to decorate is my living room. Its the room I relax in every evening. I have neutral sofa and chair colors so I switch pillows and pictures
    for each season. I never get bored with the room! I have spring, summer, fall, Xmas and winter. That is a lot of pillows! I love your blog! Have a great day!

  152. I love to decorate my whole house but my favorite room to decorate is the guest bedroom. I want my guests to feel comfortable and relaxed and pampered!

  153. I just moved into a new house. We downsized and it has been wonderful decorating the whole house and using what I have. It always looks different when used in a different room. I would love to get the books to get some fresh ideas.

    Jenny Patterson

  154. My favorite room to decorate is my dining room! China, linens, upholstery, wood, art and more! The best part….it’s mostly always clean!

  155. I love your mindset; these books have served their purpose so pass them along. My house was built in 1909 and we have enjoyed making it our home. I think I like redecorating bedrooms the most. There is such emphasis on tranquillity and comfort. I love textiles as well, so linens are a favorite.
    Thank you for your generous offer and constant inspiration.

  156. I love decorating my kitchen! It’s where I spend most of my time now, baking and cooking and it’s easy to change things up. Displaying a beautiful seasonal floral arrangement or a beautiful green plant or simple seasonal decorations. Also mixing up containers that hold oils, etc. If I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I want it to feel “pretty”?

  157. My favorite room to decorate at the moment is my office. I spend a lot of time in there. I’m so glad I came across your post, it’s been a long time since I “felt” like doing anything…even longer with doing something creative. Somehow, your words, your honesty and your post about the sounds of football jarred me back to life too! Thank you for your creativity and continuing to post during these times. I truly appreciate you and your many gifts that you share with all of us!

  158. My sunroom is massive with soaring ceilings! I love to decorate in here because I can create so many spaces and it really is where we live.

  159. My favorite room to decorate is my living room and dining room. Most of our time is spent there with family. What a great giveaway!

  160. The living room is my favorite mainly because that is where we spend the most time. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  161. My favorite room to decorate is my living room. It is the first room you see when you enter the house. It is where all family and friends and pets hang out. I love to sit in there and look around at all the things!

  162. My favorite room to decorate is my dining room because I have an open concept house with kitchen and dining in one room. I love decorating the dining room table to make a big impact when you walk in the house and it looks pretty when I’m in the kitchen cooking!!

  163. How sad, you are giving away a canadian authors book, but Canadians can’t win. I am very disappointed. I love your blog, but can never enter your contests because I am Canadian. I am moving soon to a new house and need to decorate everything from the studs out. These would have been so helpful in my journey.

    1. Hi Trish – I wish I could include Canada and all countries in the giveaways I hold on the blog, but the shipping costs out of the continental US are too high. :-( When I do have a giveaway that is something like a gift card then I can include all. Hope you understand.

  164. My favorite room to decorate is the entry and family room. The entry welcomes both family and friends and flows into the family room. This area sets the tone for enjoying our time together.
    Thank you for the opportunity to read these books. I will then pass them along to our daughters.

  165. My favorite room to decorate is our family room which is the main living area in our home. Like you, I want it to look coordinated but remain cozy and livable. The books could give me some ideas but honestly, Diane, I have gotten many great ideas from your blog and style. Thanks for inspiring me.

  166. My favorite room to decorate is the kitchen. Why? It is the easiest to move items off the counters and kitchen table and bring in seasonal ones. But I also freshen up the other rooms a little also. Trying to keep it not such a large task, because Christmas is around the corner, and that is BIG!
    Best, Dotti

  167. My favorite room to decorate is the dining room. It’s so easy to be creative in that space and transform the entire room to suit the season, or the holiday.

  168. My favorite room to decorate is the den. Pillows, rugs, lamps, fireplaces, and art are all ways to share your personality. Thanks for the fun giveaway contest.

  169. Hands down my favorite room to decorate is my family room. This is the room where we spend most of our time in and to see it decorated for each season makes my heart happy.

  170. I love to constantly update the living / dining open rooms of our old bungalow. Because it is open with lots of windows, scale is very important. It’s challenging and FUN. Maureen

  171. I always enjoy reading you posts. My favorite room to decorate is our den. It’s where my husband and I relax in the evenings, spend time with
    our “girls” (2 dogs), the grands, and where family gathers during the holidays. It definitely gets cluttered at times. It’s hard for me to let go of some of my sentimental favorites. But I too need to purge. We are just starting to build our dream lake house that has an open floor plan and lots of light. This is the first time we have built a house and didn’t realize all the little style decisions that have to be made. I need all the help I can get! All these books sound like wonderful resources. Thanks.

  172. I love your new mission! To find a way to reuse beautiful books. Our smaller retirement homes do not take well to book collections. Good for you.
    I also appreciate all of your clever ideas to keep your home fresh and open, clutter free.
    Keep up the good work!

  173. Wow…those books look dreamy! My favorite room of the house to decorate/organize is our family room. This is where we spend the most time (and where things accumulate and need sorting). It would be great to get some new ideas about how to use space wisely. Thank you for this offer and for all the creative ideas on your blog!

  174. I love to decorate the table in the main hallway entry to the house as it is the first thing people see when entering the house and of course I can enjoy from my kitchen. Thank you for the giveaway and your blog. I have enjoyed it for years!

  175. My favorite room to decorate is kitchen/dining room. It seems I spend the most time there when I am home, so why not!! Thanks for having the book give away, so nice of you to share the books you have already read!

  176. Thank you, Diane for this giveaway!!my favorite room to decorate is my dining room because I love to do tablescapes.
    Happy fall!!!

  177. My favorite room to decorate is my living room, it is the first place I walk into when I come home and it makes me happy to see my favorite things. I also love to decorate the back porch—love a kick your feet up and enjoy nature space! Thank you for sharing your books!

  178. My favorite room to decorate is the family room. Living in the Northeast, we spend many months cooped up inside, so I like to make it cozy and inviting!

  179. I love to decorate my living room for all the different seasons.
    I really enjoy your blog DIane.

  180. I’m ready to do a refresh of my living room. I live in a small house (897 sq ft) and like to keep it open & airy do am looking for inspiration!

  181. My favorite room to decorate is the dining room! I like creating a formal area with beautiful mirrors, candles, and gorgeous curtains!

  182. It’s difficult to get rid of books………they all seem to be friends, and they all have certain parts that “speak”. However, there does come a time when major culling is necessary. As for me, downsizing arrived and off went many, many well-loved books….off to a library Friends shop where other could enjoy them. I did not have “Love the House You are In”…it seems that it would contain excellent advice for this situation where less space requires much thought. Needless to say, I always enjoy your posts. Thank you.

  183. I love to decorate my bedroom, and I always have… There’s just something about making it cozy that I love. Also love your blog!!

  184. What a fabulous giveaway! My favorite room to decorate has always been our family room. I’ve recently started sprucing up our guest rooms. Looking forward to a time when people will travel again and we willing have guests!

  185. Thanks so much for a chance at this giveaway!! May favorite room to decorate would be our family room(den)/kitchen. I guess because it’s the room where we spend the most time! Thanks again!

  186. Diane! This is such an exciting giveaway and I don’t own a single title on the list! We’ve owned 6 homes throughout our 41 years of marriage, by far, my favorite room to decorate and redecorate has been our family room/den/gathering room. Seems like every realtor has a different name for this particular room. Thanks for the chance of winning such a unique giveaway!

  187. My favorite room to decorate is the family room. Our family room is adjacent to the kitchen area, and that is where I spend most of my time. I want to feel relaxed and happy in this part of my house, to be able to look around and smile at what I see. Not always possible, if I let it get too cluttered! So I like to frequently potter around and decorate to make it feel right to me.

  188. I like to decorate my family room to make a cozy space, but my current obsession is my backyard space?

  189. We’re slowly working on renovating our own little fixer upper but, right now, my favorite room to decorate is my dining room. I’m in the middle of building a huge china cabinet and my husband and I are debating what to do for wall and window treatments in the rest of the room. Right now we’re leaning towards a navy wall with some white wainscoting.
    I can’t wait until it’s finished!!

    Another “room” I’m excited to decorate is my backyard. Being able to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a nice glass of iced tea in the afternoon sounds like heaven.

  190. My bedroom is my favorite space to decorate…With all of the other spaces in my home, I decorate with others in mind. I want my guests to feel welcome and to be comfortable. But my bedroom is my sanctuary, and I decorate it with just me in mind! (Thanks for having the giveaway-it’s a wonderful and thoughtful idea!)

  191. Hello Diane!

    I can’t wait to see what your big “ah-ha!” moment is, you always have such great ideas! I just purchased my very first home and while I am stressed dealing with repairs and renovations, I also realize how lucky and blessed I am and how much fun I’m going to have transforming my new house into my very own home.

    Although I enjoy decorating each room I would have to say that my favorite must be the kitchen! I love to cook and bake and making my space fun and cheerful to work is a must. I especially like decorating my kitchen with my favorite cookbooks. Take care!

    Anne-Marie H.

  192. My favorite room to decorate is my bedroom. It’s always been where I like to hang out with my cats and read or just get away from the to-do’s. It’s where I can go, by myself, and get comfortable with minimal furniture, nice soft , good cotton bedding, and interesting wall hangings and a bench and a chair or chaise and some good art to take me away from life’s cares. It was always that way for me as a child and when my girls were children, climbing into the big bed with animals and books and parents and feeling safe.
    My husband just passed so, at 73, it’s become even more important as my place to get calm, to remember our best years, and contemplate where my life will take me next.
    My favorite decorating book has always been A Good House is Never Done and maybe its time for another favorite for the next stage of my life.

  193. I love clean and simple decor in all my home. My husband and I spend most of our leisure time in our den and dining area. I enjoy decorating those areas most. I also love to decorate my outside living areas.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. I always love what you do in your home.

  194. My favorite room to decorate is my bedroom. I’ve chosen to made it calm and cozy. Thank you for the giveaway!

  195. My living space is open concept so the kitchen, dining and living are all related. What happens in one place effects the others. I love tinkering in the kitchen and cozying up the living room while still keeping an uncluttered space. All on a budget of course!

  196. I keep procrastinating doing something about my living room/dining room/kitchen which is an open plan BUT very small. I guess I’m just not sure where to start and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe the books will be the inspiration AND nudge I need to get started. Thanks for offering these books to us. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the 19th.

  197. I love, love, love your blog and your home!

    My favorite room to decorate is my living room. It’s the room we spend the most time in and it has our favorite things in it.

  198. I love decorating the family room. It is where we spend the most time cuddling on the sectional with grand babies, fur babies and a good book with cozy blankets and throws.

  199. Dianne….my favorite room to decorate is the kitchen. The kitchen with all the cabinets and appliances can be rather utilitarian. I always pay close attention to lighting, color and layers. Layers such as real art and real rugs….make such difference ….the room has character. I love to include texture and something old …like grandmas crock or old wooden bowl full of fruit or produce. I have a round table for dining in the kitchen. I love to cover with a tablecloth to the floor…with a seasonal candle to make every meal special. I have several tablecloths and it is easy to launder. I also use cloth napkins….good for the environment and the budget….another way to elevate every meal. The kitchen can feel as warm and cozy as your family room or bed room…..just may take a little more creativity. Love, the blog…thank you for all your sharing!

  200. My favorite rooms to decorate are my grandchildren’s bedrooms!! Loved doing the nurseries and then redoing as they’ve gotten older! Would love to win these books!!

  201. I love to decorate our living room/ dining room combo. I never wanted a formal dining room so we made that end of the combo room into a sitting area. We use our living room often as it is big and bright. It’s a room we pass through everyday whether coming in the front door or heading to the stairs that lead to our bedrooms. I enjoy switching out original artwork (that I have found at resale shops) according to the seasons.

  202. I love to decorate the room we spend the most time in when we are awake… our Family room! It has a corner stone fireplace that I find so tricky to stage and balance….I need so much help!?!
    I would love to devour these books!?

  203. My favorite room to decorate is my great room. Because we have an open floor plan It is the most visible room in our house and where we spend the most time. I especially like decorating the fireplace mantel for each season..

  204. My favorite room to decorate is a second bedroom , seen by one and all as you walk down the hall of our ranch to the bathroom. It is painted fresh light yellow- green with a slightly darker accent wall. Has a dbl window with white plantation shutters. The bedspread is a colorful floral quilt for the summer, slightly contemporary. I have made it the focus for accents ( pictures). I like walking in that room every day. It looks like the outside has been brought in.

  205. Hi Diane…my favorite place to decorate is my family room. It’s where we spend most of our time with family & friends. I love decorating for the different seasons, making it cozy and inviting! Thanks for this fun opportunity!!

  206. My favorite room to decorate is the kitchen. Since I am a gadget person, I am constantly changing things around as I love to cook and am a push over for new kitchen products. I also like to decorate seasonally too. I enjoy baking Christmas cookies and other goodies with Christmas curtains and my chubby Mrs. Claus helping with the baking.

  207. Dianne, I recently (just before the COVID shutdown) moved to a new-build house and downsized. Much of the furniture and decor from my previous house would not work in the new smaller house. So, I have been decorating a LOT. It may seem weird, but I have enjoyed decorating my second/guest bathroom, I think because it was the easiest during these strange last few months. And it’s a bright sunny room. I love that about it. I enjoy your blog and get lots of great inspiration from your DIYs.

  208. Oh, the living room for sure, though it’s, shall we say, a work in progress. Would love to win these books, thanks for the opportunity!

  209. I am really excited and looking forward to decorating the basement in our new home. Coming from California I have never had a basement and we did some changes (put in a fireplace, took down a wall to make a great room, added a kitchenette) and now I get to decorate!! So excited but nervous too. We plan on using this room as a fun place for having our kids and their families over to watch movies/tv, play games, eat, and have a great time. Your blog has always been full of great ideas and a new decorating book would definitely help me too. Thanks so much!!

  210. My favorite room to decorate is the Bathroom. It’s not a large room so it isn’t too onerous to decorate. I like to have a lovely room to enjoy showering in and putting on makeup and doing hair. Adding pops of colour such as plants are a joy, and it is easy to place a few nice treasures around the room

  211. My favorite room to decorate is a bathroom. I’m particular about incorporating comfort, pretty storage and yet, keep it streamlined and functional… it’s the most utilized room with the least amount of decorating options and requires me to be resourceful, clever and creative without over doing it or getting too cutesy. I enjoy the challenge.

  212. We will be building a new house starting next month. I designed the plan with an Art Studio. It connects to the house but will have its own outside entry. I cant wait to decorate
    this space. I want it functional but also very welcoming. Iplan to teach creativity workshops to women who think they ” cant”. Will send you pictures in about 9 months! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!. You too
    help women how to find their creative spark. Thank you, Fran P.

  213. My favorite room to decorate is my own craft lair. It is the deliciousness of the indulgence of having it be a playroom, artist’s atelier, treehouse-on-the-ground, all rolled into one, with all my vintage, bohemian, crafty stuff around me & on the walls to inspire me. Thanks, Diane, in advance, for the WONDERFUL & generous book giveaway! What a treasure trove. Grace & peace for the journey! :-)

  214. My front french doors open to my dining room. It is quite large and there is room for a large antique dining room table.
    I also have a refinished buffet and curios. Since I have folks in that area frequently, I enjoy making it look nice with the change of seasons.

  215. Hi, Diane. Thanks for the chance to win these books…..I love books…and these sound awesome! I guess my favorite room to decorate would be the kitchen because I spend a lot of time in there and I enjoy changing and refreshing everything with the changing seasons. This winter I’m planning to update my half bath that’s just off the kitchen and laundry room. Looking forward to starting on that, once I decide on just which way I want to go!

  216. My favorite room is my office. It is my “happy place” in our home and where I spend time everyday.

  217. How very generous of you! My favorite room to decorate is a tie between my living room and my bedroom. The living room gets updated a lot more with the various seasons. I just want my bedroom calm and cozy!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  218. My favorite room to decorate is the livingroom because it is the space where me and my family enjoy together most of the time.
    Thank you for the chance to participate.

  219. My favorite room is the dining room. Mostly because I don’t have a lot of confidence and it seems simpler since the elements are are set: table, chairs, buffet. I can pick a theme- time of year, occasion and I’m set.

  220. My favorite room to decorate would be my living room. This is the room most seen by visitors and I love to change the pillows, throws and decorative things with the seasons. I want it to be pretty, but comfortable and welcoming.
    Thank you for this wonderful and thoughtful give-away!

  221. I love changing up my family room and kitchen especially for the seasons. Always looking for ideas to trade things out. Thanks for your wonderful ideas. ~April

  222. My favorite room to decorate is the living room since that is the room we spend the most (awake) time in. :-)