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Tips on how to make decorating a master bedroom easier.

I was going to title this post – How to Make Your Husband Happy in the Bedroom and then I thought twice about it – I didn’t want Google and the Internet search engines getting the wrong impression about my blog, but this post truly is about how I made Ed super happy in the bedroom – especially in the morning.

See the bed?


Ignore the brand new Jonathan Adler Chloe  quilt I picked up at JC Penney on sale the week after Christmas. That makes me happy, it was a gift from me to me.  To Ed, it is just a purple quilt.


Do you see anything else?  Any guesses on why this bed is making my hubby happy? It is not the little bedside table that I picked up on the curb last week and will be transforming soon.

Maybe I should be asking you – “what don’t you see?”


The answer –  Throw pillows!

My New “No Throw Pillow Policy” on My Bed

Ed has no respect for throw pillows. I think 95% of men lean this way when it comes to bedroom decorating ideas.  It took me 30 years of marriage to finally agree and give in to a “No throw pillow policy” on the bed.

I have been thinking about removing the throw pillows for awhile now – the new quilt just made my decision easier.  So why have I kept them on the bed all these years?

One reason, they add visual eye candy to a large expanse, but in reality, they made me feel like the room was decorated – it made the bed look complete – like it came from the pages of a decorating magazine.

But life is too short to have to strive for perfection. I also don’t want to be the caretaker of the wrong details. Throw pillows lead a double life that require too much work.

Think about it, you need to take them off at night and they live on the floor. Then in the morning, you have to pick them all up again and place them stylishly back on the bed.  A twice a day cycle that has no real purpose.  I feel a bit liberated that I broke the cycle.

Ed is now a happy camper when he makes the bed in the morning – no more trying to get the proper placement of each pillow that I use to strive for.  I will however miss when he would purposely make the pillows all askew or stack them on top of each other in a tall pile just to be cute.

To add a little contrast, color, and pattern to the bed now, I am using shams on large bed pillows. These fill the space against the headboard.

They are functional – they can be used to prop up against when reading, are the perfect size to wedge under your legs when your back is sore, or to use to hug when you are feeling sick.

It has only been 2 weeks, but I am enjoying the ease of getting in and out of bed now.

Life is good – simple, uncluttered, yet stylish living is what I am striving  for. I think I am off to a good start; I know Ed definitely thinks so.

How many throw pillows do you have on your bed?

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Purple quilt on master bedroom bed. Text overlay says Master Bedroom decorating liberation for wives!

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  1. This is so true!! My husband has an intense dislike for all those pillows on the bed. He also hates the dining table set up when no one is eating at it. So I try to appease him except when we are entertaining.. I confess I am less stressed not having extra stuff to do everyday.

  2. Your post hit home. My husband was very happy when we got a king-size bed sans throw pillows. Love the color in your room. It is so nice to see warmth in a room. I also have been known to find discarded treasure on the side of the road. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Looks gorgeous. Lovely quilt. Congratulations on not slavishly following trends. I have always used four standard pillows and one and only one throw pillow. Very satisfied with that look and also my husband is not confused by pillow arrangement when he makes the bed.

  4. I am totally with you on throw pillows on the bed. I love the eye candy but despise moving them on and off. So pointless. Celebrate your freedom, girl.

  5. Beautiful! I love your bedroom and LOVE the “purple quilt”. On the rare days my husband makes our bed, I always find the throw pillows in a pile on the floor…do you think it’s a “guy thing”? Enjoy your lovely room!