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Bedroom Blog Tour

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I have a fun post for you today; it’s all about beds and is a blog hop. Remember them?

When I first started blogging, blog hops were very popular. They were a weekly occurrence where bloggers would share a room in their home, their favorite thing, holiday decor, and more.  But as with everything, even in the blog world, things change.

Camila from Effortless Style decided to change that and asked me and a group of other home and DIY bloggers along with the bedding company, Crane & Canopy to be part of a fun bedroom blog hop tour.  Instead of just showing you photos of our beds, though. Camila asked us to answer a few questions about them.

Here are my answers…

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I have updated this bedroom and bed.  Check out this post to see the before and after makeover: Master Bedroom Makeover

1. Tell us a little bit about your bed?

Decorating ideas for a bedroom in a bedroom blog tour

My bed is a King size bed that is covered with white sheets, quilts and a fluffy fleece bedspread. As the weather gets warmer, I will remove the fluffy fleece spread. Right now it is under the white quilt since it is an off-white color and not the true white I like to see on my bed.  I like using the color blue in the room. It feels serene and tranquil. Since my day is filled with color and images, my bedroom is a nice place to retreat where I can clear my mind.

I like to layer quilts on the bed.  I like their versatility and ease to wash and dry. I try to keep two on my bed, one to use as a blanket, and the other as a throw so….

Bedroom blog tour showing bed with pretty quilts

…when I want to take a late afternoon nap before heading to the kitchen to start making dinner, I can get all comfy on my bed, not to sleep but to read a little. Having the second quilt to use as a throw allows me to get snuggled under the quilt while I get through a few chapters. When I get up, I just fold the quilt back down to the bottom of the bed, no rumpled bed. I save sleeping on the sheets for bedtime.

2. Ok, so tell us the truth how many throw pillows are actually on your bed? 1? 5? more? 

blue-and-white-bedroom in bedroom blog tour

Answer: None. I have one throw pillow on the small slipcovered rocker by the side of the bed, but no throw pillows on bed.

The reason? One morning about 2 years ago,  Ed got up after I did and like the helpful hubby he is, he made the bed. Instead of placing the 7 throw pillows I had for the bed at the time, back in the way I arranged them on the bed, he created a pillow tower. One pillow stacked on top of each other in the middle of the bed. Later in the morning when I went back to the room, that is how I found the pillows, stacked in the center. It was his way of saying….”these throw pillows…. are really silly”. He, like many men, have no respect for them.  Since he really doesn’t mind how I decorate, I decided if he really didn’t like them, I could live without them and make him happy.  I have to admit, I do not miss them one bit.

3. What’s your favorite show or book to read before you go to bed?

Night table in bedroom decor

Answer:  I like to read before going to sleep. I have a tablet fully stocked with a line-up of books in my Kindle app.  I keep it on my bedside night stand.

Good bedtime books

Currently I am reading, The Art Forger by Barbara A. Shapiro

4. For a cozy bed, proper bedding is a must. What is your favorite bedding? Why? 

Crane and Canopy Note and
Love the personal touch. The sweet note and lavender sachet that came in the box with my quilt. It smells so good.

There is nothing more comfy in life than a luxurious cozy bed.

I love my bed and will never take it for granted.  When Ed and I were on our house hunting trips last year staying in hotels and in friends’ homes for weeks, we missed that familiar kind of comfy sleeping in our own bed. The minute we got home I was soooo excited to get all comfy-cozy under the covers of my very own bed again. I missed the familiar comfort of my bed made up just the way I like it…mattress firmness, quality of sheets, and pillow height.

I have a foam egg crate topper on the bed that is covered with soft, just washed white sheets which to me are one of life’s true pleasures.  I have never ironed my sheets, but do wash them often to get that just-washed freshness. Quilts are my go-to for bedding for every season. I have them on every bed in my house. The newest one is a light blue one from Crane & Canopy new quilt collection. It is the softest silkiest one I have ever owned.

how to make a bed

It is called The Chevron in the color Light Blue. It comes with two matching pillow shams. I also like that you can buy sheets separately at Crane & Canopy. No need to buy a set if you only need a fitted or flat sheet.

5. What is your wake up call in the morning? An old school alarm clock? Your cell phone? Your kids? Your pet?

Bedside Table clock

Answer:  I have an old-school pocket watch alarm clock on my bedside table. I have it set for 7:00 AM, but my body clock usually has me awake before the alarm goes off.  I made the clock tray; you can find out more about it in this post: DIY Tray Makeover

6. Favorite breakfast in bed meal?

Stone walking mat next to my bed

I don’t like to have breakfast in bed after I once accidentally spilled my entire cup of hot tea all over the sheets and mattress. What a mess.

Instead of enjoying that ritual, I like to get up and walk on my stone mat. I keep it right by the side of my bed. It is the best way I know to get my body in motion as I stretch and massage my feet at the same time.  After I do this, my favorite right out of bed ritual is to…

Morning view at my lake house

…look out the sliding glass doors in my bedroom and out at the lake. The view is what I love most about our house, but seeing it every morning is the best inspiration I know after a good night’s sleep to get up and make the most of the day ahead.

That’s it for Camila questions, but I do have a little sneak peek for you on an upcoming project that involves my bed.

Pillows and headboard

I am not quite finished, but can you see it in the photo above?  I will post more about it soon.

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Thanks to Crane & Canopy for sponsoring this bedroom blog tour. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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  1. Hi Diane, I think you have your own warm little nest, this beautiful bedroom, overlooking a quiet space of the lake, perhaps will be very comfortable soul.

  2. such a clean and simple design, its beautiful. if you need to design entire rooms like this bedroom, also check out furnishr.com

  3. I am the owner and creator of the https://sofa.gr. Many years now i create furniture for bedrooms and i like to search for decorations ideas and inspiration. When i read your article i loved the ideas and the feeling of warmth while i was seeing those photos. Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    I like your bedroom and your color selection is great.
    You used stone for mat, its very interesting.
    Which type of stone you used for mat?

  5. Love your stunning bedroom! The soft blue and white color palette seems very elegant. Thanks Diane for sharing this inspirational post.

  6. Oh Diane, you’ve got your own little paradise there. To rise in that beautiful bedroom each morning and then walk out to that tranquil view of the lake is nothing short of delicious food for the soul! Do you just want to pinch yourself?? YOur bedroom is so serene and beautiful, I love that gorgeous blue quilt! It is the perfect shade of bliss. We must be kindred spirits about our bedrooms, I have all white sheets on all of my beds and al of them have a quilt on them year round; it makes for the coziest bed ever. Your nightstand and bed are terrific pieces of furniture and that tray on your nightstand is the best. It has the “Diane” touch!

    1. Hi Judy – We have been in the lake house for 3 1/2 months so far and I still can’t believe we made it happen. I do pinch myself as it sometimes still does feel like a dream. I have always loved shades of blue, they are so soothing. Both the nightstand and headboard are hand me downs from my husband Ed’s grandparents. I found the tray at a thrift store and transformed it with paint and the clock images. I was happy to find that it fit perfectly on top of the nightstand.

  7. loving the bedside drawer night stand. any chance I can still get it somewhere? thanks.

    1. Hi Vincent – My bedside nightstand is very old. It came from my husband’s grandparents. We inherited quite a few unique pieces of furniture from them that I have updated in some way or another to suit my style.

  8. I may have to rethink my pillows too and see if I miss them. I like the soft blue color on your bedroom walls. What is the color?

    1. Hi Deb – Having no throw pillows sure does make making the bed much easier. :-) The paint color on the wall is Glidden Bastille Blue 90BG 64/101)

  9. Love this post.. I am passionate about my bed. Must have white 100% cotton sheets , very minimum 800 count. I would wash/change daily, but the thread count is HEAVY!
    Never eat in bed… That’s what the kitchen is all about.
    Now, curious about your “rock rug”. I will have to look into it for the Mister.
    Last thing…. Your lake view… AWESOME!

  10. Diane, I’m so happy for you and your new adventure of a new home to you. It was a long time coming but you so deserve it and we are all blessed to share in your adventures that await you. Can’t wait for the next ‘installment’.

  11. Really love the quilts! They look so clean and comfy, and the blue and white is so pretty! Your bedroom is a good advertisement for the Crane & Canopy store! the more of your home we see the more we envy you and Ed!

  12. Swoon. What a view! Looks amazing. Love how the quilt worked in your space. I have never used quilts before, but you are making me want to try it out.

    Thanks so much for being part of the blog hop!

  13. Love your bed! Where is the white quilt from? I really like the idea of double quilts. Sometimes the heavy down quilts can be too much.

  14. I enjoyed reading your blog. It inspired me and educate me as well. The view at your place is amazing. I enjoy nature and love it.

    1. Thanks Cristy – I am a lover of nature, too. My decorating plan for my new house is to accent the view as best I can. I love being able to open the windows and here the sounds of the water lapping against the shore, birds chirping and even the sound of a passing boat. It makes me feel my best.

    1. Diane it was me and my big fingers using this tiny Amazon Kindle Fire. And certainly not complaining about my Fire either. It is just me. I am frustrated with myself. Broken collar bone is getting on my last nerve. I apologize for sounding so awful.

  15. It must be a man thing! My Dear Hubby hates throw pillows, too! I keep them on a padded cedar chest in the corner of our room. They look pretty, but he doesn’t have to deal with them, ;)

  16. Hey Diane,
    Your view just reminded me that Dear Hubby asked me to ask YOU a question! Our dream retirement is in SC. I have always wanted beach front, he has always wanted “water, non beach” front. How do you find a realtor who is able to guide you to the types of houses you want…from all the way up here in PA? Did you do most of your searching online? Did you have a preferred area? Dear Hubby’s retirement is about 5 years away, but we would like to start thinking about it. I’m lying…we’ve been thinking about it for YEARS! Thanks! Oh, and your bedroom is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am in the process of decluttering our home, hoping to eventually reach the tranquil calmness you have designed in your bedroom. Someday…

  17. What is that stone mat? Very interesting looking, and I’d love to know more about it…

  18. I love the bedding that you picked! What a pretty color. And too funny about your husband building a throw pillow tower! Sounds like something my husband would do.