Blue & White Bedroom Paint Color Inspiration

In early December, I was invited to take a real-life tour of the HGTV Dream Home. I wrote about the experience in this post.


The room I liked the best was the bedroom on the main floor that has a water view.  I liked the casual mix of furnishings and the soft blue on the wall. I took note and thought about using the color (Glidden Bastille Blue 90BG 64/101) in the master bedroom in my new house.


When we bought our house on the lake, I knew one of the initial projects on my to-do list was going to be to paint the yellow master bedroom. Earlier this week I went to Walmart to buy the paint so I could get the room painted by the weekend.

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room?

When I decide to paint a room, I give myself at least two days if I am painting only the walls. If painting the entire room – walls, ceiling and trim, then it may take 3 – 4 days depending on the size of the room and how much time each day you devote to painting.


I had already bought the Bastille Blue in eggshell for the walls, but needed to get semi-gloss white for the trim and crown molding that was never painted, only primed.

I bought Grab N’ Go paint that comes premixed in a variety of colors. I chose the color White 98YY 82/022 in semi-gloss that was also used in the HGTV Dream Home.


The color is called Swan White if you get it custom mixed in other formulas of Glidden paint.  These are all the colors used in the HGTV Dream Home. Bastille Blue is the top chip.


The yellow room made me feel uneasy. I am a blue lover and knew the only way

I was going to make the master feel right to me was to paint it blue. I believe in color therapy and think it can make or break how you feel in a space.

We all have our favorite colors, the ones we gravitate to. I know blues are mine.  It may have something to do with my water loving nature, but I do know for a fact that color affects me big time!


Before and After Bedroom painted walls

I am now doing a happy dance that the yellow is history… the room feels so much better to me now.

It still needs lots of updating… new flooring, white ceiling fan, drapes, and many other details…

Paint color inspiration

…but I feel like I am home now when I enter the room that is right off the main entrance of the house.

BEDROOM UPDATE:  This blue and white bedroom has gotten a makeover since I wrote this post, you can see what I have done in this both: Master Bedroom Makeover


It is a long room, with lots of light in the half closest to the sliding doors that looks out to the lake.


We are turning this part of the room into Ed’s office. It was once a porch that was then walled-in to make the bedroom larger.


It needs a fresh coat of paint, but I like the bead board ceiling in this area. I wish it was on all the ceilings instead of popcorn.

BEDROOM UPDATE: See how the brick walls look painted.

Glidden paint on walls

Remember this mantel that used to be in the dining room of my previous house? We love it, but since we don’t have a dining room in this house, we had to find a place for it. It has now become a place for a TV in our bedroom. 

Do you have a room in your home that you have been wanting to refresh with paint?  Well, I can help one of you get it done.

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  1. capri spine says:

    It’s so beautiful color combination. Thankyou for sharing these post.

  2. Amy Glynde says:

    Diane, I really like your unique style!

  3. Fabric Heart says:

    great ideas, I am sure The Fabric Exchange has so many choices of fabric for this kind of project.

  4. Amanda cerny says:

    Great bedroom color combination idea.

  5. Charlotte Lindsay says:

    I too am an individual who believes in color therapy. Personally my happy color is dove gray, I find it to be extremely calming and it’s an easy color to work with. The blue made a huge improvement to that room, I hope you can now fully relax and enjoy your master suit!

  6. I love that mantel too!

  7. Manisha Sharma says:

    My room is a yellowish, tannish beige that I would love to change to blue. I adore the Bastille Blue! Cheerful New Year in your new “Dream Home”!

  8. Love the white color of the bedroom, thanks for sharing. This is really my dream home

  9. Bedroom Furniture says:

    The combination of color is really eye catching. There are lots of apps that allow to create interior design with the combination of color. You can create a design first then color your bedroom exactly the same design created by your app.
    Thanks for sharing those awesome design!

  10. I think the fabric you’re auditioning for the headboard looks smashing – it looks great with the paint and ties in the rug for the time being.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Cussot – I bought a few yards of the fabric about 15 years ago and only made the wall hanging with it. Even with all the de-cluttering I kept it knowing someday I would want to use it again :-)

  11. I love blue more than any other color. The blue on the walls is lovely but what I really like is the headboard you want a new one of.
    The new house is so beautiful. I am so happy you found what you really wanted. Not too many people do. I just bought mine but find mself still looking. My son said stop it because he knows I am not quite happy in this house. But paint,material and thankfullness will help me make it the house of my dreams.

  12. my bedroom is white but i’d love for it to be blue

  13. My bedroom is white (just bought the house). The house is old (1870s?) and some of the paint is glossy, but there are also some flat patches. Nothing in the room is straight, nor level, nor the same size. I love old houses!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. alexis kent says:

    Bedroom is Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore (beige/grey) very neutral. Love your photos of the new house.

  15. Linda Wheeler says:

    my room is an off white with a yellow undertone….wanted more of a tan…..oh well. I want to paint the upstairs bathroom soon! A soft gray is what I have been dreaming about! Love you blog!

  16. Sharon Hines says:

    My bedroom is off white. So ready to add some color. Enjoying your new home. Can’t wait to see you work your magic.

  17. Oh, looks so good :)) I like the colors you’ve chosen:)

  18. Erin Andrews says:

    Love the color you chose and the view! Can’t wait to see how your room evolves.

    My bedroom is wallpapered in India Scroll (I forget who made it): yellow and red. Ugh. It was originally used as our dining room and looked great in that setting. We moved into the room when I was 8 months pregnant with my son. I was out of steam and figured we’d get around to removing it soon enough. Here we are almost 8 years later and it’s time!

  19. My master bedroom is cream. It’s a nice color. We painted it over 20 years ago now, so I forget the real name of the color. Maybe it’s time to repaint?

  20. Geri Jansen says:

    Our bedroom is white, yellow and hunter green…each wall different. What was I thinking..
    it looked so good on the design shows! Lesson learned for next time (:
    (Your room looks extremely serene, love it)

  21. Sherri S.. says:

    My room is light grey. Your bedroom looks so pretty!!


  22. Heather S says:

    What a lovely giveaway <3 my room is a champagne color that has a small amount of painter glitter mixed in :)

  23. Our bedroom is the color of a Latte. It has a cathedral ceiling and is quite large and felt cold and sterile in the pale color it was when we bought it. Since it is a North room with lots of cool light, the warm brown makes it feel cozy and warm.

  24. Cindy Richardson says:

    we have a mid-gray on 2 walls and 1 wall is a bright turquoise :), i LOVE it! it makes such an impact when you walk into the room. Then add pops of red in the pillows and it’s perfect :)

  25. Kera Barenaba says:

    It is a light tan/taupe-ish color called “Haze”, my husband loves it and I can’t stand it. I like the color at night, it warms and deepens the tone. I would love to paint it a warm mid tone blue, but the Hubs isn’t ready to give up the brown yet!

  26. It’s blue! A very light blue and, after ten years, I want to paint it a different color but the Hubs loves it and is grumbling about it. He loves the blue! His office is the same color.

  27. Sandra Padham says:

    My room is a auqa tint of green called “Contemplation”…… is nice and relaxing in a large space with white sloped ceilings.

  28. My room color is called “bubble” – it is a very light aqua color that is very refreshing.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  29. Love your pale blue walls … stunning! Our bedroom wall color is to hideous to put into writing : ) Let’s just say, a painting party is in my future. Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  30. Maxine Couch says:

    My bedroom is a pinky tan color and is in desperate need of paint. I’ve been in the house for awhile now, but just couldn’t make up my mind about a color. I have decided I would like to try a very soft gray with white trim. I think that would be nice and I could put any color I choose with it. I tend to change my mind quite a bit when it comes to pillow, bedspread and curtain colors, but a soft gray with white trim would always look good with any color combination.

  31. Lori Coke says:

    Our bedroom is boring white. It was my husband’s house when we married, so I acquired it. :)

    But I’m thinking it’s time for a change, I love the blue you painted your room or either a soft gray. Yep….you’ve inspired me to want to make a change. After 7+ years, I think it’s time.

  32. My bedroom is white with one very pale grey accent wall. For the past week I have been wanting to paint it a pale grey/lilac color. I too firmly believe in color therapy….especially in rooms of sanctuary such as a bedroom. Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  33. My bedroom is the color of coffee with cream!! Definitely needs and update!!!

  34. cathy murphy says:

    our master is peachy brown-horrible. Not a comforting room! not sure what color to paint.

  35. My bedroom is a light yellow.

  36. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Second try to comment. Right now my bedroom is primed white, but soon to be very light blue.

  37. My bedroom is an off white…same color we painted when we built out house 22 years ago. I am in desperate need of hiring a good painter to paint several rooms. The $100 for paint would be awesome. Thanks.

  38. Melissa S says:

    I love the soft blue you’ve chosen- so serene and lovely. We painted our master last year BM edgecomb gray and I love it. I know it’s not very original but it is soft and fresh and such an improvement over the dark gold (yuck) that was there before. Can’t wait to follow along on all the new house projects!

  39. ET Pruitt says:

    My bedroom is soft white.

  40. E.Lorraine Thomas says:

    I love your new home & congrats! My bedroom is an off white. I’m looking to paint it white since my bathroom is blue. Nice blue btw!

  41. Joyce A Ward says:

    My bedroom is painted a soft white and I would luv to paint another light color. Your blue is quite pretty!
    Thank you.

  42. Diva Kreszl says:

    My bedroom walls are a neutral linen with a gray stone accent wall, the bedding and drapes are accents of turquoise!

  43. Our bedroom is also yellow viewing our swimming pool.

  44. Our bedroom is also yellow, but I would love to repaint with a soft teal. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  45. Lore Meltzer says:

    Our bedroom is Benjamin Moore clay beige in different tones, with all wood including shutters painted white linen. We’ve been refurbishing our home since we purchased it in 2012 and hope to be finished by the end of this year. Always painting something, whether walls or furniture!

  46. Andrea M. says:

    Our bedroom is brown and desperately needs a makeover!

  47. My bedroom was once white but is now yellowed. Yucky

  48. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and we are going to repaint every room in the house and the bathroom and kitchen cabinets so this gift card would be awesome! The first room we paint will be the master. Currently the room is a dark, dusty rose color with a floral wallpaper headboard…definitely not our ideal. We haven’t decided on a color yet but we probably leaning toward a bluish color with white trim as well.

  49. Heather Armbruster says:

    I am currently changing the colour of my bedroom to purple/grey with cream accents. Really enjoying following your home reno, thanks for sharing your experiences with the good the bad and the ugly.

  50. My bedroom is terra cotta. It definitely needs to be changed! We just moved in our home this past summer and almost every room needs freshening up with paint.

  51. My bedroom is a soft pink and has been that shade for far too many years. It’s past time that I change it.

  52. Diane, I just love the color of your bedroom and the blue bedroom was my favorite in the HGTV dream home as well (even more so than the master!). Our master bedroom was a 80’s minty green when we moved in. It just wasn’t my taste and I quickly chose a tan/beige and painted, but did a horrible job. I even have 2 or 3 spots where I got the color on the ceiling….so it all needs re-painted. I have a navy blue tufted headboard that I love and I am struggling to find a color for that room….maybe a pretty creamy white? I need to head to walmart and check out their colors. I am usually a Benjamin Moore paint lover…..but I might try Glidden! I can’t wait to see more of your home’s transformation!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  53. Linnea Rodman says:

    Our bedroom is beige, and due for a spring refreshing color. We have not yet painted in this house, but it would be fun to have a new look.

    I look forward to seeing you customize your new house to become your new home. (And of course get lots of ideas!)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linnea – I am looking forward to making our lake house a home and will be blogging about all of it. :-) I was thinking of you when I was watching the news this past week. I hope the storms have not effected you too much.

  54. Mine is an off white that now just looks dingy. I’ve repainted all the other rooms, my bedroom is the last and this is the year.

    BTW, I love that office area and view of the lake you have.

  55. Jo @ Let's Face the Music says:

    My bedroom is periwinkle. I love the intense color. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  56. Susan Christy says:

    Right now it’s white. Hope that changes this year, as I’m hoping to paint all of the rooms in my house.

  57. Scribbling Sarah says:

    Mine is the kind of boring beige/brown…never painted it after we moved.

  58. My bedroom right now is a brown/grey called “Portland Stone” by Valspar. It needs to be repainted though, I don’t have anymore paint and we just had to patch the drywall where I built a new closet. I’m leaning towards a light grey that has a little bit of a blue undertone.

  59. Mariam T. says:

    I would love to win this gift card to make my room over. It is a pale yellow, it has got to go! lol

  60. Thanks for the giveaway. We are planning on painting our boys’ room into a light blue.

  61. I would love to repaint our bedroom wall. We moved in not long ago and it is dark green. Thank you!

  62. My bedroom is currently a light blue, but I’d love to switch it up!

  63. Terri/Houston lady says:

    Our bedroom is relaxing light Grey

  64. Kim Henrichs says:

    My bedroom has three white walls and one textured deep sea blue wall!

  65. My bedroom is Sherwin Williams “Mocha” SW 6067. LOVE IT! We have it with red, gold & chocolate..

  66. elishia bakle says:

    I would love anything but white! lol something soft like a warm sun.

  67. my bedroom is a dirty white. it is on my to do list for February.

  68. I love your new bedroom! Mine is a very unsaturated turquoise, cream and black accents.

  69. My bedroom is Sherwin Williams “Silvermist” and I adore it. It’s such a calming blue color.


  70. I just finished my bedroom in whites and creams with, you guessed it, accents of blue and I LOVE it! BUT, ugh, my kitchen and adjoining family room are yellow and that has got to go! I used your chalk paint recipe and made over my niece’s kitchen cabinets in a rich espresso, now it’s time for my kitchen. ?

  71. Have I taken the tour of the HGTV Dream House..let’s just say I already claim the house to be mine an ever time they show it say “that’s my house”!!! HGTV has been motivating me in so many ways on renovating and decorating ideas that I want to blast down walls and go on a painting spree to rid out my dull yellowish beige.

  72. My bedroom is a boring off-white right now. I’m fellow lover of blue, and your gorgeous, luminous bedroom is really inspiring me to paint! You’re lucky too, with all that wonderful natural light :)

  73. All rooms in the house except one small accept wall is construction white.

  74. Danyelle H says:

    Looks great! Our bedroom is a light green right now, though I’d like to change it. When we first moved in last year we scraped popcorn off the ceilings and just kind of chose colors quickly to get something on the walls, now living there awhile I’m not loving what we chose so it’s time for some painting projects :)

  75. Marissa C. says:

    Our bedroom is a fecal brown. I’ve been wanting to paint it since we moved in 2 years ago. But ain’t nobody got time for that! =)

  76. Becky Jean says:

    light tan with pale pink accents

  77. My bedroom is the same icky tan as the rest of the house. I would love to change it to a light, muted teal blue.

  78. JOAN Skatz says:

    My bedroom is currently a soft baby yellow. I have blue accents all over,but like you said it’s just not a feeling that hugs you with comfort. So I’m trying to inhale feelings of color that will give me the medative feeling as soon as I walk into my last room of the day. I need it to surround me with the feeling of peace.

  79. Paint!! It makes such a big difference!! And I’m with you about the blues. It looks so lovely!! Of course my bedroom is blue as well:)

  80. My bedroom is a blue green, medium tone, which I would love to change to light blue-gray. I painted swatches on the wall years ago and haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Embarrassing!

  81. Anne Hicks says:

    I live in a new construction spec house. The master bedroom is painted noncommittal builders beige. My furniture is black, bedding is white. My pop of color accent is red which carries through in varying degrees to each room of my home.

    I really enjoy your blog as it is so relatable and contains practical and doable ideas/projects. Can’t wait to see future projects in your lovely new home . Congrats on your find!

  82. Robin Gallagher says:

    My room has been a light blue for the last 14 years and although I still like the color, think it may be time for a change.

  83. Therese Wescott says:

    Our bedroom is a darker gray with a touch of green. Doesn’t sound that great but it works! The comforter is watery color shades of blue and green so the room doesn’t seem all that dark.

  84. Heather Anne says:

    I love the new color in your room – so restful! I’m not a fan of yellow walls either – so glad you could paint it something that you love! Our bedroom is dark olive green – and I am SO READY for a change! My hubby likes dark colors in the bedroom, but I am craving something more neutral. I’m thinking we are going to have to compromise! Are there any ‘dark’ neutrals that make your heart go pit-a-pat?

  85. Carolyn Clark says:

    My bedroom is sage green. Time for a change!

  86. Kathryn Rhyne says:

    Our bedroom is bubble gum pink….blech. There was an elderly woman who owned this house before us, and apparently decorated in the 80s style.

  87. lorrie ann says:

    my bedroom is a strange color, forgot name, its a soft plum in the light, and at night looks like a taupe gray.

  88. Vicki Baumer says:

    My bedroom is a dark tan and ready to paint it a lighter color. We just moved into a fixer upper and it needs lots of fixing! :)

  89. My bedroom is a light taupe with English linen crown molding.

  90. Sandi Warthen says:

    My bedroom is SW6219 RAIN. A beautiful blue with a touch of gray. We get a lot of morning light coming in through a double wide window…And are lucky enough to have this room overlooking the water. You are going to love your home. It is like living in a nature preserve.

  91. My bedroom is currently a light taupe with a darker trim. Horrible! I hope to change it to a light gray with white trim. I have already painted some of the house in that combination and love it. It also needs new flooring. Hardwood is so expensive and I don’t like carpeting. This is going to be a harder decision. Love how your house is shaping up!!!

  92. Our bedroom is Arizona White, as is our whole house. Would love to change it! Excited to watch you transform your new home, Diane.

  93. My bedroom is golden tan .

  94. iamalighthouse says:

    Our bedroom is just a plain white…but I’d love to give it some color! Love the blue you chose!!

  95. Babette Thurston says:

    My bedroom is Wheat Bread with an accent wall that is December Eve. It is a very deep navy blue that accents my neutral walls. I absolutely love it!

  96. Barbara Fox says:

    I painted my bedroom “Sharkey’s Grey” two years ago. It was a color from the Martha Stewart line. Lovely, slightly warm grey. I love your Bastille blue!

  97. My bedroom, in fact, my entire house is painted a yellowish taupe. I dislike both the color, and the fact that every room in the house is painted this color! I bought the house new three years ago, and can’t wait to get the walls repainted!

  98. Christine says:

    My bedroom is cream colored.

  99. Hi Diane, I’m glad you are getting settled in. It is so fun when you can make little changes that make you happy!

    My bedroom is ‘Blush”. Just a hint of pink with all white trim. I love it.

  100. Sally Christiansen says:

    Our bedroom is painted a pale creamy yellow, sorry I know yellow isn’t your color but it is very soothing to me. I would like to paint the family room as it is wallpapered in beige sponged stuff. It desperately needs some color.

  101. Trixie M. says:

    The room I would like to paint is the master bedroom. It was painted a sort of gray lavender with the accent wall a pure white. I would like to use a blue similar to the one you used and pure white for the ceiling and trim. As I am a very senior citizen it will take me a while to do it , but I love to paint. Your room looks so fresh and I am looking forward to getting mine finished.

  102. My sons room is navy blue. We painted it as soon as we moved in so that he would feel special (and not so upset about having to move). We didn’t realize that only having one window would make such a difference. I would LOVE to repainted it a very pale gray like the 4th cooler card!

  103. Diane
    I was so disappointed that you did not buy a house along the NC coast. We have so many beautiful sounds with slow moving water and gorgeous homes. But I see that you have found your dream home and from your pictures it is perfect for you. We were looking for a home about the same time as you and found our dream home in Carteret County NC very close to the sound where the White Oak River meets the ocean. It was remodeled and has light cream walls and dark floors and lots of room. I lean toward blue colors myself and cannot wait to change the rooms to my own color palette, blues and greens. Love your web site !

  104. My bedroom is SW Rainwashed which is a nice calming spa like color. I’m loving your new home and I’m looking forward to seeing how you transform it!

  105. Our master is painted Palladian blue by Ben Moore and I still like it after 6 years. However my dining room is still the builders paint and we’ve lived here for 14 years. Every year we say we are going to paint it but other projects get in the way. 2016 is the year!!!

  106. My bedroom wall is chocolate

  107. My bedroom was the first room I wanted/needed to paint when we first moved in to our new home15 years ago. It’s a very light rose color with a a scalloped wallpaper border….ugh. My tastes have definitely changed since then and it needs to be repainted. I’m liking grey now.

  108. lenora steinly says:

    So sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left for paradise! You will never believe it
    but our bedroom is yellow and I HATE IT!!! Please help. Wishing you and Ed all the best
    in this new chapter.

  109. My all white bedroom needs to become the very color you painted your own. I knew it when I saw your photos!

  110. Michele Hao says:

    Hi Diane! I love what you’ve done with your new home so far. Your husband’s office view is beautiful.

    My bedroom is bleah…..rental white. I gave up my beautiful home to move into my parent’s house in 2014 to take care of my ailing mother. She has since passed and I now take care of my Dad. Unfortunately their decorating style is so different than mine. It is hard to feel comfortable in somebody else’s home. I need some personal space that reflects my tastes. I would love to turn my bedroom into a sanctuary. I am thinking a cool blue or a soothing green. What do you think?

  111. alicia szemon says:

    my bedroom is a neutral light brown color. very nice!

  112. Heather C says:

    It is Beige with a Heavy Cream stripe behind bed. I’m wanting to paint the rest of my home Heavy Cream.

  113. Our bedroom is currently wallpapered in a heavy blue taffeta type paper. It was quality at the time it was put up but, like everything in our 70’s house, it needs updating. We are in the process of taking down the wallpaper exposing an off white paint. My goal is to paint it a silvery, blue. Glidden would have that color, right!

  114. R Trittel says:

    Our master bedroom is a color called “Old Gold” from the Martha Stewart line. I liked it 8 years ago when we painted the room last (!) but it has gotten, well, old! It is time for a change. I am so inspired by your light and bright palette and hope to paint the room in the next few months in a cheery pale blue-green color. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  115. Stacey Neble says:

    My bedroom is a very greenish yellow. At times it looks very green and at others, more yellow. The coordinating fabrics are a red, green, cream plaid and a floral. I think my bedroom is stuck in the red, yellow, green colors that are so out now.

  116. Delanie Collings says:

    My master bedroom is Morning Fog by Benjamin Moore. It is a beautiful blue-grey that changes color with the light. The bedroom that needs painting is the downstairs bedroom/bath combo. My darling 96 year old mother will soon be moving in with us and the bedroom needs refreshing. It is now white and the adjoining bathroom is *gasp* cheetah print wallpaper! Not my style or my mama’s….it was that way when we bought the house and we have been updating other rooms, so this one was down on the priority list. Well, it has moved to the top! My lovely mama deserves a freshly painted room and bath when she moves in with us later this month. Love her! I will paint the bedroom taupe and the bath blue.

  117. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Our bedroom is a dark purple, I think the color was Voodoo. I love it but will be repainting a similar color soon since some furniture chipped the wall a bit.

  118. My bedroom is a nice blue, but it is darker than I thought it would look.

  119. Bedroom is a brownish/orangish/gold. Yuk!! And the entry hall is almost that same yellow….makes me cringe!! I could definitely use some new paint :-)

  120. Mary Milnarich says:

    my bedrooms paint color is Mesa Tan. originally found at Sherwin Williams but can get it mixed anywhere. It is a lovely deep tan and blends well with my dark brown and rusty orange bedspread.

  121. Lauretta Perry says:

    My master bedroom is Pink Ice, I loved it a long time ago but my tastes have changed. I am remodeling my master bath and when it is done I am painting my bedroom a medium/dark blue with white crown, doors and baseboards. I like dark colors and I love it dark when I sleep!

  122. Jennifer S says:

    My bedroom is a custom blue color that is similar to SW Foggy Day.

  123. I would love to paint our bedroom. It is green and yellow because it was a child’s room before we bought the house. Four years later, it is still not painted.

  124. Candice Hofmann says:

    My bedroom is a medium gray color. It has blue under tones so it is a soothing color. The previous owners painted the ceiling in our master bedroom greenish teal to match the flowered border that was on the wall. It was awful waking up to that every day! Green is defnintely not one of my colors! I am still working on changing several other rooms (one of them being yellow) and will be trying the Glidden paint.

  125. My bedroom is white, but I want to change the wall behind my bed to either a dark purple or a dark grey. Because I’m basic like that

  126. Rosemary Gregoy says:

    Yellow! I’ve disliked it since the day the painter finished. I’m no longer just toying with the idea of going with pale blue walls and white trim. Now that I’ve seen what you have done, I’m off to Walmart. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. Watching you renovate your new lake home over the next months is going to be so much fun!

  127. My bedroom is brown. It is a large room with three windows so I thought the darker color would make it feel more cozy. But my heart loves light and bright, but once I’ve spent the time and money, it is hard to redo it. I actually love a mellow yellow in the main part of the home, but not my bedroom. :)

  128. Jo Ellen Clifton says:

    My bedroom is a taupe color and I have a dark furniture. I want to redo it with lighter colors. The blue you have used would be great and with new fabric for drapes and spread it would make a huge difference. I would like to paint my dark furniture white or creamy white but the hubs doesn’t want me to. I am ready to lighten up my entire house with new calming colors.

  129. My bedroom is teal but I am so over it now.

  130. Two adjoining walls are paper bag brown, and the other two are a slightly lighter version of the same color, a painting trick the sellers used to make the room feel bigger. I actually like the trick, but detest the brown. I haven’t decided yet what color to repaint, though.

  131. Fritzy Dean says:

    My bedroom is a soft blue green. I believe it was called ” Ocean.” I have had it a few years and am still really happy with my choice. Love you new color, too!

  132. Swati Aggrawal says:

    My bedroom is a muddy beige color. It looked good when it was first painted. But now, it looks dull and boring, and makes me feel depressed. I’m so ready for a new color.

  133. Brenda Stafford says:

    My bedroom is “butter.” It’s a very warm sandy yellow that is very neutral. Love your new views!

  134. My bedroom is this wonderful muted green color. It’s nice, calming, and relaxing.

  135. My bedroom is white! The ceiling has a recesed area that adds a lot of interest to the room. The room would look so much better with the walls painted a beautiful light sage green. I love seeing all your projects. Thanks.

  136. Wendy Hancock says:

    My bedroom is a very restful blue-green color called Spa. It is one of my favorite colors :) I also like the Glidden High Endurance paint from Wal-Mart! I just used it to paint my living and dining rooms.

  137. Right now my bedroom is an awful terracotta color, but like you I gravitate to blues. I want to paint it a peaceful, relaxing blue.

  138. My bedroom is, regrettably, antique white. The former home owners painted the entire house matte, antique (yellow) white and I HATE it. Hate the color. Hate the matte. Hate that my dog had a cut on her ear, shook her head and now all this unloved paint ALSO has blood splatter on it. All. Over. The. HOUSE. And no amount of magic eraser magic has worked to get it off… I need this paint girl… :)

  139. I just moved into a home where the master bedroom walls are all painted sunny yellow! Not only is this my least favourite colour, but it’s not restful at all! I can’t wait t to choose a new, restful tone to go with my new hardwood floors!

  140. Just love the view you have…would love to win the gift card as my husband and I are in the process of redoing our bedroom…after ten years of living in a room that still has the original paint on it from 1987!!!

  141. Beth Fagundes says:

    We painted our room recently, Treasure Map by Olympic, but it is far more subtle than I feel 99.9% of the time and would like to repaint a richer color. Treasure Map is great in the late afternoon/evening when the sun is not shining in the window, but when the sun is shining it just looks white. I wanted to repaint it as soon as we were done but my husband was OVER it. I hope enough time is passed that we could revisit painting!

  142. My bedroom is sage green. Blue is also my favorite, but I think I overdid the colonial blue theme years ago and switched to other colors. I am now finding myself going back to the blues, lighter this time. And my laundry room, now yellow, is heading back to blue. So I will soon be headed to buy lots of blue paint!

  143. Melanie C. says:

    My bedroom is a robins egg blue with a brown and cream ragged over it. I was going for a gilded European feel at the time. My daughters room is bright pea green and (thankfully) she is ready for a change. So, a few gallons of white would cover her walls like a boss.

  144. My bedroom is blue hubbard. Your room looks great!

  145. Karen Jerread says:

    My bedroom is a gray but not the right shade with the lighting. I am crushing on your new blue and think it would be perfect. Very soothing.

  146. My bedroom is an awful beige which has pink tones..looks like calamine lotion….unfortunely my entire townhome is this color..recently moved in so need to start changing it one room at a time!!

  147. Our bedroom is this a plain white. I dont even think its paint – its more like a rough primer…
    It definitely needs color! Would love to win the gift card for paint!

  148. my bedroom walls are brown, bedding & curtains have lavenders. Love your blues!

  149. Kristen Dodt says:

    My bedroom is yellow and yucky wallpaper!!! I would love to win so that could be a thing of the past!

  150. Diane, Your bedroom looks great in the new blue color. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next. I must tell you that I never thought of painting my fan blades the same color as the ceiling to make them a bit more inconspicuous. I have ceiling fans in most of my rooms and we use them a lot. I will be giving each a paint job soon. As for my master bedroom…I have wallpaper…3 walls in a very subtle blue & white plaid and the statement wall is in blue & white toile. This is the only room in the house that will not get the wall paper removed…I love it. I have several other rooms that need a paint job so I would put the gift card to good use. Love the mantle in your bedroom. Let me guess, did you create that amazing faux brick work? Vikki in VA

  151. Judi Fields says:

    My bedroom was initially painted a pale green, but looks more bluish now that it has aged and is in dire need painting. Winning this paint would be of tremendous help so that I could try out the Glidden High Endurance Paint and freshen my bedroom.

  152. Our master bedroom is Clear Pond, which is a pale aqua blue; I like that it’s a serene color.

  153. El;aine Williams says:

    My bedroom (the entire house – we’ve been there less than a year) is all the same color! A contractor’s grade of creamy beige. Bleh!

  154. My bedroom is currently Behr smoky white.

  155. Rickee Dozier says:

    Hi Diane, I love my buttery yellow master but I also love the blue you chose for your new bedroom. I love most shades of blue b/c it is so restful and peaceful. My accent color in our bedroom is a fairly intense ‘French’ blue and a bright Mediterranean yellow in lamps and lighter shades in the floral toile comforter. I love what you’ve done to your new home!

  156. My bedroom is light blue but I’ve never loved the shade so I’d love to refresh it soon.

  157. My bedroom is currently Sandyhook Grey by Benjamin Moore. I have loved what you do with white and it’s inspired me to lighten up my bedroom. And thank you so much for your chalk paint recipes! They have helped transform many a project over the last few years!

  158. Veronica S. says:

    Just used Glidden for the first time in our bedroom…a very dark charcoal gray. Which I looooove! That $100 would go a long way towards getting the living room done next!

  159. Bedroom color is Sharkskin, a grey/beige. It blends with old and new color accessories.

  160. Your bedroom looks so much prettier now. I am not a yellow person, either, so I agree with you on the blue. My bedroom is currently a silvery gray/pewter color. It has been many colors over the years, and I love changing things up! I love the new house!

  161. Shelley Moore says:

    Our bedroom is a taupe color. But what I would love to paint in our house is the laundry room. It’s green and I don’t like it. That’s my project this year! Thanks for a great website.

  162. my bedroom is a cool, light gray. I love it!

  163. My bedroom is actually pine barn boards, but it has an accent wall that is a rich blue.

  164. Our bedroom is a tan color, many of our rooms need updating. We moved in last year, the house is 20 years old – we have bathrooms that need wallpaper removed and to be painted, new carpeting in all the bedrooms and new paint throughout. I am looking forward to seeing how your new home progresses – so love that you are where you want to be!

  165. Tracy Estes says:

    My bedroom is Greige

  166. Becky in 'Bama says:

    My husband and I downsized this past year, and he painted our bedroom a pale version of robin’s egg blue – first time we have EVER had a blue bedroom, but I’m loving it. (After many years of Restrained Gold from Sherwin Wms) – using taupe drapes and taupe bed sheets (trying to coordinate with the carpet that was in the house; something we did not change)

  167. steve weber says:

    My bedroom is a shade of taupe.

  168. Michelle B says:

    My bedroom is currently just white primer! Been looking at paint chips for a while and I just can’t decide. :)

  169. Love your inspiration filled blog!
    Our bedroom is currently a pretty, cool blue but I’m hoping to paint it a creamy white….just started my dreaming, so it could change.

  170. Linda@Coastal Charm says:

    Your new color looks so much better and I LOVE that view. Have you thought about planking your bedroom ceiling, so it would flow with the other ceiling? We did ours in the foyer and it was a super easy project. My bedroom is beige, but I want to paint it white asap, so this $100 would come in handy.


  171. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    My master bedroom is Seashell Gray by Valspar. It’s the most beautiful palest of grays with a hint of blue undertone. That room is a color we chose/painted over the rather” in your face” green from the previous owners.

    If I win I’d LOVE to paint out the yellow of our family room!

    Diane, I love the start to your master bedroom. The blue is you and it looks fabulous with your lake views! :-D

  172. My bedroom is light blue. We just painted our guest room yellow. Two more bedrooms to paint!

  173. My master bedroom is crying out for a makeover. Right now, the walls are linen white that look very yellow. Love the color you have chosen and also love your new home. Looking forward to following your along as you make it your style :-)

  174. My bedroom is a beige. It needs to be repainted a fresh color.

  175. my bedroom is a creamy white

  176. Jen @ RamblingRenovators says:

    I love it! The blue is so calming and the office space is so charming. What a spectacular view out those sliding doors.

  177. My bedroom is BLUE! So calming…….yours look great!

  178. Linda Stegall says:

    Our bedroom is an off-white with an accent wall of a grayish blue. We just painted that last spring. The rooms I’d like to paint now are the dining and family rooms, but I’m undecided on colors.

  179. My master bedroom is a boring beige. I am having trouble sleeping these days and maybe a bedroom redo is what we need. Can not wait to see the changes to your beautiful lake house.

  180. I live in a 50’s ranch style home and prefer deeper colors – My bedroom does need painting and thinking I will go a little lighter. I always look to your blog first when I need ideas -thanks

  181. Bedroom is white… painted about 40 years ago, so you know the kind of white I’m talking about.

  182. My master bedroom is blue. I love the soothing blue color. Here in Phoenix the summers can get up to 118 degrees, and the blue bedroom just makes it feel cooler to me. We plan to move back to my home state of SC in late spring. You can bet I will be painting our master bedroom blue!

  183. Tonya Day says:

    The master bedroom is medium beige – a little too dark for me. Would love to lighten it up!

  184. My bedroom walls are currently a very light gray color with a white ceiling.

  185. Our bedroom is a light blue with a chocolate brown feature wall

  186. Our bedroom is a warm white that I really enjoy. Our guest room is a blue…left over from when one of my sons lived there…and it’s too bright for a guest room. So I need to repaint! I love the color of your room….very serene! ;)

  187. Master bedroom is on the redo list. Looking for something in the light grey palette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  188. jane rubino says:

    LOL…. My bedroom is a creamy, buttery yellow! Your fave, right? I have a paint sample on my fridge waiting to turn my idea into a new reality. It’s a lovely hydrangea blue. Fresh white curtains & new white comforter, a few pillows and it will be gorgeous. I’m looking forward to all your updates!

  189. Yes! My master bedroom needs repainted. I painted it a sage green when I moved in 5 years ago (actually, my niece picked out the color and I just went with it) and its nice but it is soooo not my color. I am really wanting to do more of a pale blue-gray, kind of like the 2nd or 3rd paint swatch card behind your Bastille Blue (which is also lovely!). I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet, just one of those projects that get pushed to the side. I have been entering the HGTV dream home giveaway contest! Thanks!!

  190. My bedroom is a “custom” blue. I bought a color called Harbor Teal, which translated on the walls into “labor and delivery room”, so I added a cup of Kensington Blue from my son’s bedroom furniture. The color is a lovely serene blue. Anything can be made right with a bit of creativity and elbow grease! Look forward to following your progress.

  191. Your bedroom is beautiful and the perfect color for a lake house! Our home is Victorian and my bedroom is a tan/gold – it is much more lovely of a color then it sounds. I am an oops paint painter and so mixed it which is why it doesn’t have a lovely name I can share!

    I gave up my blog over 2 years ago but still come by when the time allows to see your lovely work on your home!

    bee blessed

  192. Debra Wostmann says:

    I stripped wallpaper and painted my room a Divine paint in a Moss Green. That was 11 years ago and as my tastes have changed it’s definitely time for a repaint.

  193. Jen Miller says:

    We just moved and our master bedroom has the ugliest wallpaper you can imagine (along with custom drapes). I cannot wait to remove the wallpaper and PAINT!

  194. I wish you had bought your lake home years ago…we have been in our home 17 years and have wanted to change some of the colors but could never decide what I wanted. Could have used your help! We are now to the stage in our lives that we are ready to move closer into town and downsize so I probably will save my energy for our next home. I know you are having a great time making your new home your style and I look forward to seeing the transformation.

  195. My bedroom is rhinestone, an off white, a little greyish tint.

  196. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    My bedroom is a light gray color and I’ve been really pleased with it. My bedroom isn’t as beautiful as this. I love your bedroom.

  197. My room is painted ‘Kestral White’ We live on a lake also and Its have always wanted to paint the ceiling a light blue. Winning would be great because my husband does not want me spending any money. Go figure.

  198. Olivia Juenke says:

    Our bedroom is currently a bluish green, but if I win I think I’ll choose your color. It’s soothing and perfect for a bedroom. And just so you know you’re not alone… color totally make or breaks my mood too. I love your new lake house and so glad we get to follow along for all your wonderful upgrades.

    Thanks for the chance… and for your wonderful blog!

  199. Nancy Drew says:

    Hi Diane, love your new bedroom color! Our bedroom is blue as well (SW-Rain). I have lots of painting projects planned during the winter months. Love to paint!!

  200. Dawn Whatley says:

    My bedroom is painted in Restoration Hardware “Seaform”. It is a beautiful and restful color.

  201. Melissa Leach says:

    My bedroom is a boring rental beige. I accent with black and white to make it my own. Thanks for the giveaway.

  202. Debbie Fitch says:

    My bedroom is a tan color which I find is too dark. I would love to paint it a soothing greige color! Love your new home. It makes me want to live on the water! Love your blog!

  203. Hi Diane,
    Your new place is going to be fantastic. That view? Yabba!

    I’ve toured the hgtv house and entered 2x daily. I love that fact that this wasn’t a new build. Also like the designer , he is a hoot.

    Don’t look now but our bedroom is yellow , we have a lot of color in the room. Aqua ,orange and even some red.
    Our house is 34 years old. We’ve been here 21 years so many things need painted NOW.

  204. DonnaMarie says:

    Our master bedroom is builder beige and it’s been that way for 23 years!
    Definitely time for a change.

  205. Sue Scanlon says:

    Our bedroom is white with a feature wallpapered wall as well as a border. I’d like to paint it a soothing gray.

  206. Linda Schombert says:

    Navaho white with wallpaper! Need a change…thx for the opportunity…

  207. Sage green. Sigh. The entire house is this color
    I have done 5 rooms other colors (and many more white ceilings)- it is so hard to work up the enthusiasm to paint again. Maybe winning the prize would ramp up my enthusiasm.

  208. Sheila Fitzgerald says:

    We painted our bedroom taupe when we moved in 15 years ago. Time for a change. Love your new house and can’t wait to see more changes.

  209. I would paint my guest room a light blue. Thanks for the give away!

  210. My bedroom is Antique White. Your projects are always an inspiration to me. Can’t wait to see your next home renovation project!

  211. A very soft green that needs updating. While I don’t dislike the color it’s simply time to freshen up the room.

  212. Helena Dias says:

    My current bedroom is painted cream. It was painted when we moved in 12 years ago. High time time for a change. Your home is turning out beautiful.

  213. patty reed-pederson says:

    The same color since my husband moved in 10 years ago and I hate it. Kind of a deep sage green. I have pleaded with him to make this the next paint refresh in the house. Love your new bedroom color. I want to brighten it up, we also have a fabulous view, of the beautiful St Croix River (currently frozen).

  214. Our bedroom is painted white. I am glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your new home.

  215. Love the color of the bedroom. You have inspired me to paint my own as it is now the same pale yellow it was painted when we moved in years ago. My problem has been the overwhelming project of painting the entire house as it is all painted this same shade of yellow. It has lost it’s appeal to me. Because of it’s open concept, I am unsure as to whether I can paint the rooms in different colors of pale grey, pale blue and pale green I guess I need to consult a professional about this. Don’t want to make a mistake as this is a huge project. I am definetlly using the blue you painted your bedroom in my Master Bedroom and attached bath. Thanks for the inspiration.

  216. Off white… Like off-off, hasn’t been painted in years, off white. Ew; I know…
    Not the best backdrop for our happy/colorful taste in bedding/accesories!

  217. Our bedroom is what I would call Renter’s Ugly Flat White. :(

  218. Martha N. says:

    My bedroom is a dingy white. Time for an update. Also, my living room is yellow. I liked it for about two years, but now it’s time for a change!

  219. My bedroom is almond and a feature wall in blue, but it’s a somber blue (not good). I am ready for a change but haven’t decided on a color yet. The $100 would be a great boost!

  220. My bedroom is a light tan. I love blue also.

  221. I recently moved also. My husband of 43 years passed away & I moved to the coastal area in south Alabama. I have a bedroom painted blah green with little sunlight coming in and the adjoining master bath is just a shade lighter of same blah green. I have not changed color since moving in but I am now ready after 1 1/2 yr. I have wanted blue & your color looks the perfect shade. Thanks so much. Envious of that view from your room.

  222. Linda Southworth says:

    I love the water too so I have Cliveden Sandstone by Valspar on the walls and added teal/turquoise/white accents. Its basically a good neutral. I haven’t painted with Glidden in a while. It could become my new friend!

  223. Sherryl McMeeken says:

    My bedroom is a med/dark green and sand. I love the sand color, think I’m getting tired of the green…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  224. Gail Slagle says:

    My bedroom is a blah beige and needs updating!!! I just haven’t figured out the best color to ger. This WIN might prompt me :-)

  225. My bedroom is what I call a khaki color.

  226. My bedroom is a sad mix of blue and beige. I’m still in the process of redecorating my new home, I would love a plank wall and a soothing light blue of grey on my walls!

  227. Lisa Cooper says:

    My bedroom is Sw Network Grey.

  228. My bedroom is cream. Although, depending on the time of day it looks yellow as well. It was two different colors when we moved into this home year and a half ago. To save time I just painted the top to freshen and match the bottom. Would love a new color.

  229. My bedroom also yellow. Love your color and always looking at your ideas. Thank you for the inspiration.

  230. Donna Golden says:

    Beige. Just… beige.

  231. Yep, my bedroom is yellow. I have been looking for color ideas.mthank you for the ideas. I love to see them.

  232. My bedroom is the same yellow as yours. I am ready for a change but haven’t decided on a color yet. The $100 would be a great boost!

  233. Look at the beautiful view!! How wonderful. I know it was your dream to be on the water and with that to look at, I bet you are smiling. The room all painted looks beautiful already. Our whole house needs to be painted. The builder chose a milky coffee color that is much too dark for my liking.

  234. My bedroom is a lovely color and I find it soothing and comfortable. Some days I wish I could relax there more often. I know it is a Benjamin Moore color. However my back den is green, and I’m so sick of it. I’m not too sure what mood I was in when I painted it. I would love some new paint to redo that room:). Good luck to you in your new home. It’s lovely!

  235. Anne Marie says:

    Love your bedroom. My walls are a medium tan color – very boring and ready for new paint!!

  236. Christina in FL says:

    Oh Diane, your bedroom looks… dreamy! :) My bedroom is… you got it, yellow! I’d like to paint it a very soft sage green, almost white, and the ceiling (still popcorned) a very light sky blue. :)

  237. Hi Diane, I fell in love with Benjamin Moore’s Guilford green, so asked a friend in Columbus to send my a chip which I had matched here in Australia.The ceiling and trim are white and the wardrobe doors all in this green not without a fer hiccups as the semi gloss for the doors came out a very yellow green but I was blessed with a great painter who has a good eye for colour matching. I think by pure chance or good fortune all my be linen in each room blends with this colour whih his so adaptable and serene like so many blues. I am making one bedroom into a library/computer room so i get my living area for living and not locked into too many hours online. My rooms are not big but this colour really is serene and rich. Still curtains ,blinds and furniture painting to go. :) I love this home of yours and you really do deserve such a blissful place after all your hard work.

  238. My bedroom is white. But I’m thinking of painting it the same color I used in my living room …a light grey, depending on how the light shines on it sometimes it looks almost blue, I really like it.

  239. Jennifer C. says:

    My bedroom is a medium apricot color that has a warm, cozy glow at night. I’ve enjoyed it for 10 years, but the plan is to refresh the room with a new color to coordinate with the beautiful quilt my mom made me for Christmas. Thank you for your “real life” website and the give-away.

  240. Jennifer Lee says:

    The color in my bedroom is “Face Foundation from Jersey”. I made that up but imagine a face full of bronzer and you will know what my walls are like. They were yellow so at first the “tan/beige” was nice, because it was different. Now….ummm…..well….

  241. I had a custom color made to blend/match fabric I wanted to use for the windows. I ended up with an army green which wasn’t really what I was looking for as the silk has a blue tint… so I have tested a blue color wash applied and then textured with a wisk broom to give it a linen effect to one of the smaller walls and it looks much better… now to get up the courage to tackle the larger walls :)
    Your ideas are so creative and I look forward to seeing what you are going to do to transform your new home. I am a Carolina’s Coast girl so I know all about that magnetic draw of the water…

  242. Sue@CountryDesignHome says:

    What a beautiful bedroom! Especially loving the buffalo plaid headboard and the bedding. Such a soothing and restful color palette. Our bedroom is Iced Green by Ben Moore, but it has been that way for ten years and have been thinking about a change. Bastille Blue might be just the color…

  243. Catherine D says:

    My master is a boring beige. Personal space always seems to be the last place to update for me it seems, as no one really sees it….. except my husband and I….. sigh…
    The soft blue that you put on your walls has such a feeling of serenity with a calming coolness.
    Gorgeous. The views of your new home are stunning.
    Thank you for sharing home and ideas!

  244. Robin Stephens says:

    Wonderful post! Our bedroom is from Home Depot’s tri-fold “whites” brochure and is called nutty beige. It’s “tan” enough to feel like a taupe, but creamy enough to emit an ever so slight bit of pink in certain light. We have it in several rooms. It’s been on the walls for 8 years….well before gray was in vogue….but, we still love it.

  245. Pam Clark says:

    In the renovation process right now…since it’s a loft room after we knocked down some walls, we’re going with graphite.

  246. Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters says:

    I love the changes you have made to the master bedroom so far. The color is calm and relaxing and I’ll bet the view of the water from the office section of the room is incredible. Our master bedroom is also blue, but it has been many years since it was painted and could use a fresh coat. I might go with a lighter shade of blue this time as your room inspired me.

  247. My walls are a light yellow.The master bedroom always seems to be the last room in the house to get and update.

  248. Becky Sutton says:

    My bedroom is currently a cream color with winter white baseboards and trim.

  249. My bedroom walls are a sponge-painted gray. Yes, it’s been many years since it’s been painted! I think it’s time!

  250. Wow! Once again the power of paint!! The blue looks so much better and “feels” relaxing. You have gotten so much done in such a short time,. I am enjoying watching you make the house your home. We had our master painted SW Silverplate a few months ago. I love how it immediately felt so much lighter and airy.

  251. Lou Clifton says:

    Wow, what a difference you have made in such a short time. I Cann t imagine getting so much done so quick with the Christmas season, having shingles, and moving to a new state. My bed room was wallpapered since 1980.I had wanted to remove the wallpaper for years , but I knew it was going to be such a undertaking. I think that took almost 6 months with unexpected 10 day stay in the hospital. After that I got the rest of wallpaper removed and painted it a Tan with white trim..I have had a hard time finding colors to be a place I want to be. I find tan is not right for me in this room just a place I want to drop things and leave.

  252. JoeyfromSC says:

    Wow, it looks fantastic!! I LOVE your mantle lol

    Well ,unfortunately, my bedroom is a plain, boring white! I definitely need a color makeover! Thank you for this opportunity to win!
    Joey J.

  253. Linda O'Neill says:

    I think it’s really interesting how a certain color affects us. Blue is a color that works so well for you. But I’ve always had yellowish/gold in my homes and I get the same feeling you get from blue. It’d be interesting to know why blue works well for you but not for me (and yellow same thing). What’s in our mental/physical makeup that makes us predisposed to a certain color. By the way, I love the blue in your bedroom. Can hardy wait to see what you’ll do for your headboard and curtains. Those things always perplex me.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – I am a big believer in color therapy. It can make a huge change in mood, energy, and more. I think we live happier and more productive lives when we know what colors make us feel good and then use them in our homes, in our cars and even what we wear. I have known since I was a child that I gravitate to blue, turquoise, and purple. I grew up in a house with white walls with lots of color pops all around. I know that is why I like to use white the most, but I find blue in the bedroom so soothing and relaxing. To find out more about color therapy there are books on the subject and if you search Google using the term “color therapy” you will see a lot of sites that cover the topic show up.

  254. Beth Garland says:

    My bedroom is a yellowish, tannish beige that I would love to change to blue. I love the Bastille Blue! Happy New Year in your new “Dream Home”!

  255. chris aka monkey says:

    mine is freshly painted grey, but the living room is salmon and boy oh boy i would love to see that gone thanks xx

  256. My bedroom walls are Kilim Beige. I am so ready for a fresh new color this year. Thank you for the giveaway.

  257. Hope Williams says:

    Wow what a great opportunity to tour the Dream Home! The blue you choose is so soft and calming. Just what a master should be!
    My room is yet to get painted. But the color is a white that has turned yellowish over the years and flat. The trim and wood work is done is a cream-ish laquer. When we moved in almost two years ago now, all I did was wash every wall. I’m doing them as money permits and so far, money has not permitted for the master. But my color will be the softest hint of yellow with the trim getting a fresh Bistro White.
    Your new home is turning out fabulous! Keep up the great designing!

  258. My bedroom is white but i’m ready for a change. The blue you used is lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new home.

  259. My bedroom is a custom light taupe that is neutral based.

  260. My bedroom is a very light turquoise patterned wallpaper. A remodel in here would be welcomed! Your new color in the bedroom looks amazing! I look forward to all the inspiration from your blog!

  261. Chrystal Younger says:

    I hate to say but my bedroom walls are a deep golden color, more buttery warm then the bright yellow on your old walls.

  262. My bedroom walls are white…well, a dingy white because they haven’t been painted in almost 10 years!!! I love the blue on your walls – it looks wonderful with all the light in there!

  263. Marilyn Dillon says:

    Three of my bedroom walls are the same warm latte color as the rest of my house,which I like. But there is an accent wall in green, from the previous owners. I don’t like most greens and this one is wimpy! I just want all my walls the same color. The rest of the decor is an ice-blue/beige/brown combo. The green needs to go!

  264. My bedroom is a medium tan color which I’d love to change to a cream or even a light grey. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the HGTV Dream home–I enter to win everyday.