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Blue & White Bedroom Paint Color Inspiration

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In early December, I was invited to take a real-life tour of the HGTV Dream Home. I wrote about the experience in this post.


The room I liked the best was the bedroom on the main floor that has a water view.  I liked the casual mix of furnishings and the soft blue on the wall. I took note and thought about using the color (Glidden Bastille Blue 90BG 64/101) in the master bedroom in my new house.


When we bought our house on the lake, I knew one of the initial projects on my to-do list was going to be to paint the yellow master bedroom. Earlier this week I went to Walmart to buy the paint so I could get the room painted by the weekend.

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room?

When I decide to paint a room, I give myself at least two days if I am painting only the walls. If painting the entire room – walls, ceiling and trim, then it may take 3 – 4 days depending on the size of the room and how much time each day you devote to painting.


I had already bought the Bastille Blue in eggshell for the walls, but needed to get semi-gloss white for the trim and crown molding that was never painted, only primed.

I bought Grab N’ Go paint that comes premixed in a variety of colors. I chose the color White 98YY 82/022 in semi-gloss that was also used in the HGTV Dream Home.


The color is called Swan White if you get it custom mixed in other formulas of Glidden paint.  These are all the colors used in the HGTV Dream Home. Bastille Blue is the top chip.


The yellow room made me feel uneasy. I am a blue lover and knew the only way

I was going to make the master feel right to me was to paint it blue. I believe in color therapy and think it can make or break how you feel in a space.

We all have our favorite colors, the ones we gravitate to. I know blues are mine.  It may have something to do with my water loving nature, but I do know for a fact that color affects me big time!


Before and After Bedroom painted walls

I am now doing a happy dance that the yellow is history… the room feels so much better to me now.

It still needs lots of updating… new flooring, white ceiling fan, drapes, and many other details…

Paint color inspiration

…but I feel like I am home now when I enter the room that is right off the main entrance of the house.

BEDROOM UPDATE:  This blue and white bedroom has gotten a makeover since I wrote this post, you can see what I have done in this both: Master Bedroom Makeover


It is a long room, with lots of light in the half closest to the sliding doors that looks out to the lake.


We are turning this part of the room into Ed’s office. It was once a porch that was then walled-in to make the bedroom larger.


It needs a fresh coat of paint, but I like the bead board ceiling in this area. I wish it was on all the ceilings instead of popcorn.

BEDROOM UPDATE: See how the brick walls look painted.

Glidden paint on walls

Remember this mantel that used to be in the dining room of my previous house? We love it, but since we don’t have a dining room in this house, we had to find a place for it. It has now become a place for a TV in our bedroom. 

Do you have a room in your home that you have been wanting to refresh with paint?  Well, I can help one of you get it done.

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  1. My bedroom is a very light turquoise patterned wallpaper. A remodel in here would be welcomed! Your new color in the bedroom looks amazing! I look forward to all the inspiration from your blog!

  2. My bedroom walls are white…well, a dingy white because they haven’t been painted in almost 10 years!!! I love the blue on your walls – it looks wonderful with all the light in there!

  3. Three of my bedroom walls are the same warm latte color as the rest of my house,which I like. But there is an accent wall in green, from the previous owners. I don’t like most greens and this one is wimpy! I just want all my walls the same color. The rest of the decor is an ice-blue/beige/brown combo. The green needs to go!

  4. My bedroom is a medium tan color which I’d love to change to a cream or even a light grey. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the HGTV Dream home–I enter to win everyday.