Bedroom Makeover Update: Wallpapered Accent Wall

I am almost finished the makeover of my bedroom. Today I am sharing the wallpaper accent wall that I think has made all the changes I have made so far in the room come together, plus my tips on the best way to cut wallpaper.

I like grasscloth wallpaper, but not the price tag. It is classic and the pattern subtle, not trendy or overwhelming.

When we moved to the lake house I hung textured Anaglypta wallpaper to cover up a damaged wall in the dining area of the  kitchen. I have even painted faux grasscloth in the hallway of darkness.


This is how I left you in my last post about my bedroom makeover.  See the long wall with windows that border the bed?  It has now become an accent wall that I created using fake grasscloth wallpaper.

See end of post for the resources for the items I used in this bedroom.

Before and After accent wall in bedroom

I normally like white walls, but the room has a dark corner no matter how much the sun shines in so I envisioned a classic grasscloth wallpaper on the walls in a blue color. After hanging the first piece, I knew I was going to like it.

photo showing entering a Blue and white bedroom

With each added section of wallpaper, I kept stepping back to view how it looked. This is the view I was most smitten with since it is the part of the room that can be seen from the foyer of my house.

Decorating a room with an accent wall in a room

The wall paint color is Bastille Blue from Glidden. You can read my post about it here: Bedroom Color Inspiration.

When I hung the last piece of wallpaper and stepped back I knew my decision to add the accent wall was right. The room actually looks bigger and brighter now!

Blue grasscloth wallpaper on wall

I could not be happier with this vinyl version of fake grasscloth. Doesn’t it look like it has texture?  It doesn’t, it’s smooth. See where to get this wallpaper at the end of the post.

Blue grasscloth on accent wall in master bedroom

It was not hard or time consuming to hang wallpaper on the wall to accent it since it was only one wall. Pre-pasted wallpaper with no pattern to line up made the process go quickly. :-)

The day before, I did roll on wall primer/sizing and let it dry before hanging the wallpaper. This step helps with adhesion and when it is time to remove, will allow the paper to come off much easier.

Here is a shot showing the partial wall that divides the bed area with the painted brick walled area that was once a porch.

Now with the painted brick and new flooring, the two areas blend together which was one of the reasons I started the makeover in the first place.

Blue grasscloth accent wall in bedroom

It took me 3 hours to hang the wallpaper. Perfect job for a weekend. I set up a folding table in my foyer as a surface to cut and wet the paper to prepare it for hanging.

Hanging wallpaper isn’t hard. I am not sharing a full tutorial on how to hang it since there are literally hundreds online that are much better than I could ever produce,  but I do have two wallpaper hanging tips that will help you achieve pro results.

How To Create an Accent Wall in a Room With Wallpaper

Figure out what wall in the room is the most prominent. In my case it was the bed wall.  The wall you choose could also be a niche in a wall or a wall that has an architectural feature on it.

If you are unsure, you can try painting it first to see how using a different color only on one wall makes the room look. If you don’t like it you can simply repaint it.

What is the Best Tool To Cut Excess Wallpaper Once It is Hung

There are all sorts of wallpaper cutting tools available to use. I like to keep it simple with a straight-edge and use this Multi-Purpose Straight Edge Tool Paint Guide . It is my go-to along with a snap-off blade utility knife.


How to Trim Excess Wallpaper Using the Straight Edge Tool and Knife

How-to-cut-and-trim-wallpaper to get a crisp smooth cut
  • Never use a dull or old blade to cut wallpaper: You need to cut the paper with a very sharp blade so having the ease of snapping the used blades off makes the process easier. I snap a blade off after a few cuts, the sharper the blade the smoother the cut.  You can buy these snap-off utility knives at the dollar store, so if you use every blade in the knife there is no big expense involved.
  • After placing the straight edge against the molding, ceiling or corner, always run the knife on the outside edge of the straight edge. This way the knife is not right up against the wall where you could mess up the wallpaper as you cut.
how to cut wallpaper straight
  • Cut the wallpaper like this photo shows:  On the outside edge of the straight edge.
Wallpaper DON'ts listed
  • Never use a knife alone to cut excess wallpaper. Always use a straight edge of some sort. It could be a thin ruler or yardstick, anything that has a long straight edge.
best way to trim wallpaper around molding
  • Every time I make a cut, I have to remind myself….cut on outside edge of straight-edge. Cutting on the inside like this photo shows will ding the wallpaper that you took time and effort to hang.

Should Wallpaper Be Wet or Dry When Trimming Around Moldings, Corners or Ceilings

Don’t cut wet wallpaper – wait until it dries a little or you risk creating a ragged edge.  To create a smooth straight cut, let the paper dry, but not all the way or it will begin to stick. I wait about 15 minutes and then cut with the metal paint edging tool and  snap-off blade utility knife.

Collage of decorative accessories for Blue and White Bedroom

Now I have all the decorative elements in the room added, even my husband’s desk in the room that painted used the Liberty Blue Fusion Mineral Paint.


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  1. I love this look!! I am thinking about adding a grass cloth accent wall in my bedroom, behind my bed. The rest of the bedroom walls are sage green, and the curtains are a pale gold/cool white pattern. What color grass cloth would you recommend for the accent wall? Our bedspread is also a charcoal gray. Should I also do sage green for the wall paper, or so,w thing with more contrast? Thanks so much for your opinion!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kate – I would go with a sage green wallpaper, perhaps one that is even a few shades darker than than the wall color or that has a pattern that has all the colors in your bedroom in it. It will add a bit of contrast as well as pick up the darker tones in your bedspread. I hope this helps. Happy decorating.

  2. Betsy Eades says:

    Diane, I love your comforter! I looked at the online link, but it looks like a bedspread size in the link, hanging to the floor. Did you get a smaller size than your bed size? Would a king size hand only halfway to the floor(my bed is high)? That is what I want it to do. Also, is it easily washable?

    Thank you,

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Betsy – The comforter on the Overstock must be a larger size than the bed it is on. I have a king size bed and bought the king comforter. It falls about half way down on each side and a little longer at the end of the bed. It does cover the mattress and meets the where the box spring starts. In general – I do wish they would make comforters a tad bit longer.

      It is easy to wash. I do it on cold and use the air fluff cycle on my dryer as I don’t want it to shrink. I have had the comforter for a few years now and it has held up very well.

  3. Hi Diane,
    I am looking to make a change to my guest bedroom and I think an accent wall with grasscloth wallpaper is the best way to bring it alive. I’m thinking similar color schemes (maybe a little more navy blue to keep with my coastal home look) but was wondering if you’d mind sharing what color your other walls are? Are they just white and if so, do you remember what shade or store you went to? I was at Sherwin Williams and they recommended extra white but I don’t want it to clash with the baseboards.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Casey – The painted walls in my bedroom are a light grey-blue. It is a Glidden color called: Bastille Blue. Here is the link to the post I wrote about it:

  4. Clean Home says:

    That wall looks very nice! You added another dimension into your house and I could see a great effect it brought where it adds a great beauty on your wall. You’ve done such a pretty well job.

  5. Hey where am I able to find this wallpaper?
    Thank you

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lucy – There is a link to the wallpaper in the post. I will have to make it stand out more. :-) Here is the link:

  6. I’ve been debating on hanging grass cloth in our foyer. Your faux paper is the perfect solution, or so I’ll tell the husband. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your ideas are always inspirational and attainable.

  7. Really like the “faux grass cloth”! It makes the perfect accent wall. Always enjoy your blog and your “how to” articles.

  8. Sue Bauman says:

    Wow, that grasscloth is perfect for your room! It relieves all the white and actually makes the white look even better! The headboard benefits from the blue background, too! I know you love white, but the blue is exponentially better!

  9. Love it!! Just completes the room. You have inspired me to paint the white wall over our bed to blue. (At my age I can’t do wallpapering)…. ☺

  10. I was waiting for you bedroom makeover and it’s beyond imaginations. You have nailed it. Looks so beautiful. I love the wallpaper it just brought so much value to the room and made a huge impact on the place. I love the way everything came together. You have given me some inspiration here as our new home I am working on is a beautiful craftsman with a huge bedroom. I love your new graphics as well. It looks so nice and very techy. Which program do you use for your graphics as I use Canva?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Bushra – I use Photoshop Elements to create the blog graphics. I have never used Canva, but want to try it. I know it is one great site for designing.

      1. Thank you so much for, I sill try photoshop, My husband is a computer engineer but he never is free that I could learn from him. In these days I am spending more time learning before I go for self-hosting. I only purchased a domain which I am still hosting with wordpress for free. You really should give it a try to Canva, I use the free version so far the only dollar I spent on it when I made your interview graphics. I am getting a hang of it and becoming better every day. Love your bedroom and going to use blue in mine as well. I am loving blogging but very difficult to manage with my full-time job and three kids. Not giving up yet though. Stay blessed and stay connected!

  11. Oh, forgot to add… Decades ago, my aunt and uncle had a paint & wallpaper store and the guys who put up papers for them always signed and dated their work…like artists who are proud of work well done! Then, years later, when someone follows to redecorate to their taste, they’ll see a bit of history. By the way, always sign using a pencil, since some inks could bleed through…

  12. Gorgeous…just GORGEOUS! Just the right touch to pull everything together. Highlights your headboard, too! I put up string cloth in a bargello in my powder room – nigh 30 yrs ago. (Got it at a wallpaper outlet. Texture and multi-color statement to boot!) And, despite varying decoratoring color trend changes over the years, I have remained as enamored with it as when it was applied in December, 1988. Think you’re gonna love this for a verrrrryyyyy long time! Textures are so cool! Goes to show that we all need to believe in our mind’s visions! Don’t understand why grass cloth has gone out of the mainstream, unless cost is the only driving factor. So, to think this paper’s fake…and less costly… maybe we can look forward to a grass cloth comeback.

  13. patty reed-pederson says:

    Absolutely love it!! completes the room.

  14. The whole room looks fantastic. I love the wallpaper!

  15. WOW! You never cease to amaze & impress me. Your blog is the only one I follow. You are blessed with a discerning eye that “sees” exactly what is needed in every instance. Enjoy your picture perfect world.

    1. CORA MCMICHAEL says:

      Me too! Only blog (I guess I get one cooking blog) I get in my inbox. I always save a new post to read until I have time to savor it. Such a treat!

  16. Kari Rogers-Miller says:

    Diane I love your bedroom colors. Your room looks amazing and I love the choice for your wall paper. I have already shared with you that I want your flooring as it is just what I have been wanting. Great job my friend.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Kari – It feels good to have the room done… now we can enjoy it!

  17. What a beautiful room. Everything looks well balanced and inviting. Love the blue wall!

  18. Wow, gorgeous. Compliments (and envy!) to you. Your photo looking through the door caught my eye immediately – very cleverly draws the eye in to see more.

  19. Love love love the room! The blues are fantastic. I went back to your referenced post about the grass cloth in the kitchen in your previous house and read about the CocaCola bottle opener. Did that come to the lake house with you? Loved that little touch.

  20. OH, Diane!
    That is beyond gorgeous. That first little snip of a view into your room had me hooked and I could NOT wait to see the rest. I’m gonna be looking for places to update!
    Thanks so much for sharing, and I look forward to seeing the fusion….

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sharon – That view into the room is one of the reasons why I wanted to add the wallpaper. You can see this area from the foyer so I wanted it to look nice. I will post about the painted desk in a few days.

  21. The wallpaper is amazing!! I never would’ve guessed that it is vinyl grass cloth. Your room really shines!

  22. Just beautiful! It really completes the room and adds just the right pop of color. You are very talented, wish you did house calls! I have an off topic question, we are purchasing a new home with high ceilings, has medium wood floors, what type of ceiling fans do you prefer, wood ones or white ones? I am having a heck of a time deciding. Have you done a post on ceiling fans before? Sorry I am off topic, but you do beautiful work and would value your opinion.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sheri –

      I think you have to decide if you want the fan to become part of the room’s decor. I prefer white ceiling fans since they disappear into the ceiling more than wood-tone fans, especially if you have 8 ft. ceilings. When they are white you don’t have to decorate around them. With wood tone, you should coordinate all the wood tones in the room.

      In my house, I have 9 ceiling fans. All of them were wood tone, and I have replaced or painted the existing with white except one.

      I have two guests rooms in the house – one I decorated more feminine, the other masculine. In the masculine room, I added an industrial wood fan in a fun design. It is not a standard looking fan as it only has 3 blades. This works in the room where I have all white furnishings. If I were to add a wood tone piece of furniture to the room, it would look best to match the wood on the fan. If you like wood, then I would suggest using a wood toned fan in a few rooms for interest if you don’t want the same look in every room. I hope this helps you figure out what color to get.

      You can see the new fans in these posts:

      White fan:

      Wood Tone:
      With old fan:
      With new fan:

  23. Linda L Weeks says:

    Boy that is one convincing blog. the before and after is amazing, it’s well worth doing! Even what kind of wall paper

  24. Just lovely, Diane–as usual!! Kudos!!!

  25. I am a ‘blue’ person, so I just love this room. Beautiful and very calming.

  26. Theresa Stewart says:

    OMG I’m in love! Diane you never cease to amaze me. Fantastic job and gorgeous room.

  27. That looks so great! I’d be so happy if my master bedroom looked like yours!

  28. Bev James says:

    Makes for a gorgeous room.. Love all the shades of blue! You are so talented in many areas and I enjoy your blog.

  29. Romeogirl says:

    Fantastic-will be using the same in our new house!

  30. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love the wallpaper. The room is gorgeous : )

  31. Such a great addition! You are so ambitious!

  32. I’m normally a white wall kinda gal, especially in the bedroom, but this just blew me away! It totally makes the room. I like it so much I’m thinking of using the beige colorway somewhere in my home.

  33. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how it turned out!!

  34. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    It looks like it was meant to be!! Love the look, the color, and the change it’s made in your beautiful bedroom!!

  35. Very much like the ‘after’ with the wallpaper! It gives the room a much more finished look.

  36. Well Diane you did it again. Beautiful room, the wallpaper was the finishing touch. I’d love to be in your foyer “peaking” in your lovely bedroom. We live in a lake home in Wisconsin, and just finished taking the boat out of the water and taking the pier and boat lift out. We have to do that here up north as the ice would damage everything if left in. Enjoy fall!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Joan – I enjoy lake living even with the added chores of having to take care of a boat and dock. We can keep the boat in the water, but we do get it winterized since it can get cold, but not like in Wisconsin. Brrrrr…. :-) I didn’t realize you had to take the lift out too! Ed just finished putting new wood on our dock. Now it’s my turn to get it all stained. :-)

  37. I didn’t think it was possible for your bedroom to become even more beautiful, but I was wrong! This is simply stunning. And its true how the headboard really stands out now. You’re so talented.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Holly – Once we added the headboard I realized more color was needed. I am happy that I took my time to figure out exactly what to use. The subtleness of the wallpaper adds just the right punch of color that I was looking for.

  38. laura janning says:

    looks great diane!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Laura – Thanks – Slowly adding layer by layer.

  39. The accent wall absolutely makes the room. And finally, we get to appreciate the headboard. It disappeared into the wall previously, but now stands out as it should. Great job, as usual. You inspire me to keep going in my builder grade home that is currently in dire need of cosmetic updating since I’ve already painted my kitchen cabinets, replaced a few light fixtures, put in new toilets and had laminate flooring laid in the entire house. Whew! I’m not as DIY talented as you, and I’m a lot older, so keep doing what you do so I have ideas to motivate me.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Pat – Thanks – DIYing does take time and effort. I have to admit, it is nice to take a break from projects from time to time as it can get overwhelming and life is too short not to enjoy other pursuits. :-) Keep on doing what you do…you are only as old as you feel.

  40. A winner!!!!! An absolute winner!!!!

  41. 1960s girl says:

    Wow, your room looks amazing! And you are right, nowadays, “faux” wallpapers are fabulous because I think they are based on photographs.
    I bought a roll of “faux” cement tiles Morroccan style and you have to touch it to see they’re not real tiles! :)
    P.S.: I like the chest of drawers on the right side of the photograph. Is it “light blue” or maybe “Louis Blue” chalk paint?

  42. Rosemary Gregory says:

    Oh my! The full “after” shot looks like a page from the Pottery Barn catalog! Just beautiful.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Rosemary – You just made my day!!! Thanks for that compliment. Taking room photos sometimes can get a little stressful, trying to get the right light and angle.

  43. Absolutely perfect and gorgeous!

  44. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Adding the wallpaper was definitely the “Cherry” on top! Love it!

  45. I have a hard time imagining getting that done in
    three hours. I have hung wallpaper in the past and it always takes me twice as long as expected:):):):):)
    Your choice looks wonderful with the rest of the bedroom elements. Looking forward to seeing what is wearing the Liberty Blue coat of paint.
    Your bedroom looks just like something at a boutique hotel.

  46. Elaine Williams says:

    Diane! This is one of my favorite make overs. I love this wall paper. What a huge difference it makes in your bedroom. It looks beautiful, beachy, peaceful and completely inviting. Gorgeous! I need to work on hubby about replacing our awful builder grade beige carpet with that flooring you got from Sam’s Club! Love! And love the price!