Making Progress in the Guest Room

Guest room makeover update.

Guest-room-with new ceiling fan looking-out-to-the-lake

I have a sneak peek of the progress I have made in the guest room.

Making a guest room comfy with the use of a ceiling fan

For the Color Lovers series, I am making over the guest room on the left in the photo above. It is closet to the bathroom that I am also making over. The room on the right we also use when we have friends and family stay with us, hence the reason I call the second floor “the guest suite”.

The first thing I needed to do for the guest room was paint it. It was an off-white color…

guest room makeover progress

..almost a pale yellow. The previous owners used the same flat sheen of paint on the walls, trim and these doors. I like doors and trim to be semi-gloss and walls painted in satin or an eggshell finish.

I was going to take the doors outside to spray paint them like I did the other louvered doors in the house, but it has been too humid. I just painted them right where they are and used a brush. Since the bottoms are panels, painting them was not too time consuming.

The next thing I changed was the ceiling fan.


Reason to love a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans… you either love them or hate them.  I am on the side of loving them since they perform a great function. Function in decorating for me comes before style. I wrote all about it in this post which is kind of like my Decorating Manifesto. :-)

My house has a ceiling fan in every room, except the bathrooms and “hallway of darkness”.  There are 10 of them, I do live in the south so they are a blessing even when the AC is on they help keep the house cool.

They are all old, but work well, except two.  I have even painted a few of them. It is not hard to do, if you are ever considering doing this you can read this post that explains how to paint a ceiling fan without having to take it down.  Or how to make a plain one…FUN!

The fan in my studioffice made such a racket even after I played around with it thinking it was a balance issue. I then realized it was the motor. Same thing for the guest room fan. I needed a few new fans, especially for the guest room to help keep guests cool when they stay with us in the summer.

So I went in search for some.  I wanted them to be pretty since my studioffice is more feminine and I am doing the guest room using more feminine colors.

Many I found were too plain, modern, or expensive until I came across this one…


Hunter Hepburn Ceiling fan in white and gold

Isn’t she pretty? She is feminine in design and is even named after a very famous actress… Hepburn. :-) I got two. The other one will be going in my studioffice.

I found it on Hayneedle – Hunter Hepburn 52 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light and and Wall Control, but it can be also be found online at Hunter fans.  The fan also comes in matte black with black oak finished blades

Hunter Hepburn gold ceiling fan with white blades

Perfect for me since I love both Katherine and Audrey Hepburn and all their movies. I love the design and how the blades go into the motor unit, no brackets needed, plus there are no pull chains hanging down that can be an eyesore.

Pretty Hunter Ceiling Fan wall remote

Instead there is a wall remote that takes care of the fan’s 3-speeds and light dimming. Does anyone have one of these wall remotes?  I ask since it needs 2 – “AAA” batteries.  I wonder how long they will last before they need replacing?

Hunter Hepburn Ceiling Fan with white blades.

So now that the fan is installed and I finished painting the room.  Time to start adding the decor.

The makeover reveal has been posted. You can find it here:  Color Lovers Bath and Guest Room Makeover Reveals

See you next time when I will post how I added a fresh new color to my kitchen. :-)

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  1. I was on the hunt for a white ceiling fan that wasn’t tacky! I found the picture of your room up on google images and I’m so thankful I did! This is just the fan to compliment our high ceiling and mid-century modern aesthetics. Can’t wait to see the room finished! How much light does it provide? We have plenty of floor lamps but really miss some overhead lighting in our north facing room. Is the amount of light effective?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sara – When I found the pretty fan I, too got excited. It comes with an LED style lightbulb that I didn’t think I would like the light it gave off, but I like it. The white globe filters it out. On the controls you can dim or brighten the light. I think if you have floor lamps, the light it offers will be the right amount of light without being glaring. If you haven’t seen it, I posted the reveal of the room. You can find it here:

  2. Manchester Loft Conversion says:

    That is a beautiful ceiling fan! It really matches the rest of the room! You have a very creative mind!

  3. Unimax Creative says:

    informative post
    you have great skill
    thank you for sharing with us

  4. Hi Diane
    Love the fan!
    We have wall remotes for our fans but they’re hard wired.
    If we need to replace any I’d definitely consider the one you chose.

  5. Love that fan! You have great taste.

    1. I like this fabric too. I would like to know where you found it and if it comes in other colors

  6. Jolene Barker says:

    The room looks like it’s taking a deep breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to see what you do/did with it!

  7. Hi, When I opened your blog from my email, it uses Internet Explorer, the url has “In” before the https:. When I googled you using Mozilla, it does have the green lock. Hope that helps.

  8. Love the new ceiling fan Diane! I’m using Chrome and my browser shows https!
    I’m looking forward to the room reveal. Vikki in VA

    1. Hey Diane, I was just checking out ceiling fans and remember you shared this one you recently purchased for your guest bedroom. I must tell you I so appreciate that you find the nicest things at the best prices. Some of the items bloggers post are way out of my budget. They are beautiful pieces but when I check the retailer, the prices are so astronomical I could never afford to purchase the item. I am not inferring that you are cheap…not at all. I totally expected your new guest room fan to be more expensive than $169.00! The brushed gold with white makes it look so high end. Thanks for sharing your shopping prowess. Vikki in VA

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Vikki – When I was a teenager I loved the 2-page spreads in magazines where one side had “splurge” items that cost a trillion dollars and the other side had the same looking items at budget prices. I think reading these for years had an impact on my life and style. :-) I love to find good quality and stylish items at the best prices. Sometimes I may spend a little more on certain things, but being thrifty allows me to have some money to do other things…like travel. :-)

  9. Mary Ann Howat says:

    Love the new ceiling fan. We only use hunter and ours are 23 years old. Your inspiration and pictures help me to do changes. I just changed out a pedestal sink for a vanity in our powder room. Need professional help with drywall fixing and faucet installation.

  10. Thank you, Diane, for all your decorating sense and creativity. I love, love, love the idea of painting the ceiling fan.
    I am on a mission to paint one room at a time (White). We have a very dark ceiling fan. Now I don’t have to change it out.

  11. Hi Diane,
    just a note. When I came to your site the i with a circle is there not the secure sign.
    Looking forward to the reveal.

    Diane S.
    we live in upstate SC, welcome to our wonderful state

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Diane – Thanks for taking the time to tell me. :-) I will relay it to my developer. Could you tell me what browser you are on? Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer? So many fine details to tune.

  12. I love ceiling fans – especially since they have come a long way in style. Using one reminds me of the old movies taking place in locations like the Florida Keys with the fans bringing in cool breezes, sheer curtains blowing, and me in a hammock with a cold, frosty drink nearby. :) In my dreams…. but I do actually think they provide a comfort function that is hard to give up strictly for decor by installing a ceiling light or a chandelier. I have 2 in my little 1200 sq ft house and wish that I had one more in my guest room, but there is no ceiling electrical box currently there so that room has done without. Each to their own opinion with regard to ceiling fans, which makes the world a more interesting place. Am looking forward to your guest room reveal.

  13. We have that same bed. Actually 2 of them. They are a dark color and belonged to my husbands grandmother. I always loved them and was glad to give them a home here in our lake house. Can’t wait to see the finished guest room and love the fan! No problems here on your blog. Everything came up beautifully.

  14. Elaine Williams in Baltimore, Maryland says:

    I love ceiling fans but hate ceiling lights of any kind. They are harsh and unflattering. A side light, sconce or table lamp is my go to. But I digress. I agree with you — even with AC the ceiling fans keep the cool air circulating which is a must with East Coast humidity. Can’t wait to see the make over. You always have such cool ideas.

  15. Gloria Gawa says:

    When using ceiling fans I always get totally white including the motor cover so it blends in with ceiling and is less noticeable. I don’t like them either but they do serve a purpose.

  16. Joseph Roberts says:

    Pretty color. They looks cool in this summer

  17. Pam Clark says:

    Thanks for the book give away! I replied to your email this morning. Great ceiling fan.

  18. We JUST installed the same ceiling fan in the bedroom of our new downsized home. Love it! And it’s incredibly quiet. Great minds……

  19. I like those fans too….very nice and quite unique. Glad you got the technical problems squared away… Now on with the sharing! Looking forward to seeing the finished room.