DIY Kitchen Makeover Completion + Cost Breakdown

If you have been following my DIY kitchen makeover progress since I started the project you have seen many of the before and after photos of the changes that I have made.

Today’s post is a wrap-up where I am linking to all the how-to tutorial posts about each aspect of the kitchen makeover that I have written about, listing all costs, resources, FAQ’s, new photos and more about the makeover.

DIY Kitchen Makeover Before

After many months, hours, effort and living in paint clothes, my DIY kitchen makeover is complete…

DIY Kitchen makeover before and after photos

…just in time for spring.  :-)  YAY!!!

I was waiting to post this wrap-up after the new ovens and microwave were installed. They are now in.

Transforming the kitchen was worth all the time and effort, but it did take focus and determination to keep the production line going. Many of you have asked me how I had the energy to get it done.  I just kept thinking about my vision for the finished kitchen and worked a section at a time so I would not become overwhelmed. Working section by section also allowed us to still use the kitchen while it was being made over.

Here is a breakdown of what I did.

DIY Kitchen Makeover – What I Updated:

  • Painted the ceiling fans and stained brown trim around the room
  • Removed 4 upper cabinet doors to create open shelving
  • Removed 1 upper cabinet door above oven to create a built-in look for microwave
  • Painted all the cabinets. Painted both sides of doors and inside of the cabinets where I removed the doors to create open shelving.
  • Added new cabinet hardware to drawers and doors
  • Tiled the backsplash with white subway tile
  • Replaced avocado green glass cutting board with butcher block
  • Painted the counters to look like Carrara marble
  • Added new: light fixture, sink, Delta Touch 2 O faucet, dishwasher, oven and microwave

The makeover went very smoothly and we kept to our budget until…. the 1970’s oven glass cracked while we were baking Christmas cookies. :-( We had to buy a new oven.

It took time to refigure the space for the size of the new ovens. The cabinet had to be cut and refitted. We like the new ovens and microwave, but new ovens are not inexpensive. The cost of the new oven cost about the same as the entire kitchen makeover did up until this point.

We also had to do some rearranging of the shelves above the ovens and then repaint after I had already painted the area.  The new ovens are much taller, so we lost the open shelves above them where I displayed a few white pitchers and my cookbooks.

We thought about closing the space, but there was just enough room for the cookbooks so I decided to keep it open. If I can find a long basket that fits the space I may replace the cookbooks with it.

I know the microwave is up high, but it was the only place it could go. I did not want it on the counter.  When the installer told me how it needed to be placed, I wasn’t sure I would be able to reach it, but after it was installed, I found we could reach it just fine.

I painted all the cabinets and ceiling fans, tiled the backsplash, and painted the counters to look like Carrara Marble and replaced the glass cutting board with butcher block.  Ed installed the new sink, faucet, light and removed the scalloped wood valance over the sink.  We had installers install the new dishwasher and ovens.

You can read about the new floor color further down in the post.

I was going to buy a new rug for in front of the sink, but this seagrass runner that I had in the foyer of my previous house fit perfectly.

I added a 19-1/2″ long chrome drawer pull on the end of the peninsula to use as a dishtowel bar. I bought the towel at JoAnn Fabrics and added the pom-pom trim myself.  It is just for decor. :-)

One reason I love to use white as the main color in my decor is so I can showcase and highlight everything (like this spring towel) in and around my home and be able to change it out seasonally without having to worry if everything coordinates or matches.

I love the clean fresh white and bright look and have carefully edited what I put on the counters. I will never be a minimalist, but I am striving for less clutter and this includes on the kitchen counters.

Before I even started the kitchen makeover, I removed the cabinet doors where I store my dishes to create open shelving. I seriously love this concept for two reasons. One – it makes it easy to unload the dishwasher. Two – it adds a casualness to the space. I like easy, breezy… where the screen door slams behind you kind of style. :-)

On the cooktop counter, I have the toaster and a recipe stand that has a favorite family recipe it in that my mother wrote. I posted how to make one here: Photo Frame Recipe Holder

I also have a crock that holds wooden spoons as well as a tiered metal basket to hold produce along with frequently used oil and vinegar.

On the sink side of the kitchen I have the coffee maker, sugar bowl, fake topiary and dish soap. I also keep a wooden desk organizer to hold papers (not shown in photo).

I made a pair of the topiaries for the kitchen in my previous house. I updated one of them to look even more realistic by using real dirt in the pot instead of moss.

You can read how I made it in this post:  How to Make a Fake Topiary 

Many readers ask me how some of the items I make and post about on my blog hold up. As you can see, this topiary has held up wonderfully after 6 years. All I did was remove it from its previous pot and stuck it in a different pot.

The upper cabinets come down low on the wall and only leave 15″ of clearance under them.  Many items I would like to use on the counter simply don’t fit. the Vitamix I won. I am still waiting for the smaller mixing pitcher to become available to purchase. When I get it, I plan to move the Vitamix under the cabinets.

As the seasons change, I will add flowers and different items on the counter so the kitchen always looks fresh and vibrant.

Flooring Update:

Kitchen showing newly refinished floor in the stain color Grey done by a Bona Certified Craftsman.

Since posting about the kitchen, the wood floor was refinished.  It is now stained grey.

You can read more here:  Bona Floor Refinishing

If you have any questions about anything that I have done in the kitchen, please leave them for me in the comment section. Here are the answers to a few FAQ’s that I have received so far:

DIY Kitchen Makeover – FAQ’s Answered:

Why didn’t you use chalk paint? 

I thought long and hard about what type of paint I was going to use to paint the cabinets. It came down to the fact that I didn’t want a distressed finish. If I did, I would have used Chalk paint. Another reason is that chalk paint needs to be waxed or sealed with Polycrylic. Waxing and buffing is a lot of work that needs ongoing maintenance that I knew I didn’t want to have to do to over the years to keep the cabinets sealed.

How is the Giani countertop paint holding up?

It has only been a few months, but so far the countertop paint is holding up great. I love it and would do it again without any hesitation.  The painted finish really looks like white marble and is super durable. I do use a cutting board to cut food and have a trivet to place hot items on.  I also cut a cutting board to the shape of the bottom of the coffee maker. This protects the countertop paint since steam and heat do get produced when the coffeemaker is on. Other than these items, we use the counters like we did before.

How many hours did it take to paint the cabinets?

The makeover process took about 4 months.  I didn’t work every day and took a few weeks off over the holidays. If I had to estimate the hours it took to paint the cabinets I would say it took me 3 weeks working 9-5 – five days a week.  I removed the cabinet doors and painted them production-line style out in my garage and foyer. If I didn’t remove them and painted them in place, it would have taken a week to simply paint them.

Why Did You Choose a Stainless Oven When Your Other Appliances are White?

It used to be in the world of decor that kitchen appliances had to match and so did the metal finishes. I am happy to see this change and allow more freedom to create unique kitchens. I like to mix and match so I can create my own look. If you know me, you know I don’t like to follow a set of style rules.

I did look at white ovens but chose the stainless oven because I had a white oven in my previous house and was unhappy with it. The white glass around the oven doors turned yellow and then brown over time. It could not be cleaned off and made the oven look dirty all the time. This can happen on any oven, but you don’t see it as much on a black or stainless appliance. When I mentioned this to the salesperson at the appliance store, she agreed and told me that white ovens are replaced far more than black or stainless ones for this reason.  Since this oven has to last and look good for a long time, stainless was the best choice.

I chose the white dishwasher so it would blend into the cabinetry so there was no break in the white color.

What would you change if you had to do it again? 

I have painted kitchen cabinets before so I knew in advance what not to do. For this kitchen I had trouble finding the exact replacement for the cabinet door hinges. I wanted white and found many similar, but not a exact match.  When replacing hinges they need to be the exact same or the doors will not close correctly. I found hinges that would work, but they did not have the little plastic protection section in front of the moving part of the hinge that many hinges have.

This plastic protects the metal from getting worn where the hinge moves; without it the finish can wear.  Since the hinges are white, I am seeing wear. I had no other option, but if you are going to use white hinges, look for ones that have that tiny plastic section in front of the moving part of the hinge.

DIY Kitchen Makeover Resources and Cost Breakdown

*affiliate links used

DIY Kitchen Makeover cost:  $1680.05

Total DIY Kitchen Makeover Cost with new appliances:  $5175.58

Cabinet Primer – 2 gallons -Valspar Bonding/StainBlocking Primer – Lowes – $43.96

Cabinet Paint – 2 gallons – Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel in Semi-Gloss – $144.98

Sandpaper/Tack cloths – $15.00

Paint Brushes – 1′ and 2″ Purdy paint brushes – $19.57

Spray Paint for Wine Rack – $8.50

Tape N Drape Dropcloths – $18.00

Stainless Sink – $199.00

Chrome Delta Touch 2 O Faucet – $267.72

Edison Schoolhouse Light – $262.00

Glass Cabinet Knobs  from D. Lawless – $4.65 each x 22 = $102.30

White Cabinet Hinges  from D. Lawless – $1.95 set -22 sets = $42.90

Chrome Drawer Pulls  from D. Lawless – $4.96 each x 11 = $54.56

Chrome Towel Bar – $13.19

3-1/2″ x 7-1/2″  white ceramic subway tiles in the color Imperial Blanco/grout and supplies – The Tile Shop –   $267.37

Butcher Block – HomeGoods – $54.00

Giani Countertop Paint – I needed 2 sets – $160.00

Appliances – $3,495.53

So that is it… my DIY kitchen makeover is all wrapped up. It feels and looks like a new kitchen and I am loving it.  My next projects related to the kitchen will be to come up with an idea for the wall in the dining table area and redo the pantry closet, but the kitchen is now a project I can talk about in a past tense.  It’s DONE!  :-)

DIY kitchen makeover on a budget tutorials and tips to help you transform your kitchen.

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  1. Absolutely love what you did!! Was that a built in cutting board (glass) next to the stove? We are about to start a renovation to our 1958 home, and this is such great Inspo- because I really am in love with the cabinets we have. Keeping the charm of the home is important to me. I just think what you did has given me more excitement!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic job, Diane! I recently redid my kitchen but was unable physically to do the work you did, so I hired the work out. My kitchen was very dark, like yours, and it is amazing what white paint can do! I now have a brighter kitchen that makes me so happy!

  3. What a difference. It is so bright and clean looking. I love white kitchens.
    Enjoy many happy hours in your renovated kitchen.

  4. You did a fantastic job, it looks so good love it all!!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I love your kitchen & it’s amazing how up to date the cabinets look after painting .
    (That plain square-edge door profile gives them the same “feel” as newer frameless or inset cabinets.) I think you did a stunning job with everything !

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Nance – I never thought about my kitchen cabinets profile before, but you are right -the plain edge gives them a newer look. They have held up great – the Pro Classic paint has provided the best finish.

  6. Have you had any problems with your countertop yellowing? I used Giani ultra epoxy finish on my faux marble and it has yellowed quite badly.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Doris –

      So sorry to hear that your counters have yellowed because of the epoxy finish. I used a much earlier kit they made that had poly not epoxy. I have not had any yellowing.

      I am not sure why Giani chose to change the finish to epoxy – even though they say it is non-yellowing, you can show them that is not the case. I would contact Giani and tell them how the finish has made your counters yellow. They may have a fix. Take photos to show them.

  7. Excellent job! I like the white refrigerator and dishwasher, it helps blend in instead of being a “feature”. As a kid my mom was doing white kitchens when no one else was and I love them! I found your site with the painted ceiling fans and will be painting at least one in our new 80s house. We are in Orlando where it’s hot too. Thanks!

  8. The framed recipe is such a lovely and special finishing touch. You have done a brilliant job getting the little details right, I’m a big fan of the pom pom dishcloth too. As you mentioned above, this is a great way to change seasonal decor without it clashing with your kitchen. I’m a real festive person so I would go nuts on seasonal decor especially around Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Jo x

  9. Taya Fleming says:

    Kitchen looks great! I am getting ready for a kitchen make over and would like to move the handles. How did you fill in the holes so they didn’t show through?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Tanya –

      To fill the holes. Sand (100 grit sandpaper) over them to smooth area. Using a putty knife, apply wood filler/putty into each hole, smooth over top with putty knife to level. It is OK if the level of putty is higher. Let dry. The putty may depress into hole as it dries or even crack a little. Sand over filled hole to smooth agin, add more putty if needed. Level with putty knife. Let it dry and sand again to smooth. Keep repeating until you don’t see the holes anymore. Once the putty is dry, smooth and hole hidden you can prime and paint the cabinets.

  10. Stacy See says:

    I like the herringbone pattern in your kitchen. Are the floors real hardwood? Are they original to the house? I don’t see anywhere that you replaced the kitchen floor. I have dark cabinets and a white floor and I want to put wood (or similar) on the floor and paint the cabinets!

  11. Cheryl Elster says:

    It is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I agree. So beautiful. But I have to admit the only thing that snagged me was the hinges. I thought, oh lord, don’t tell me you did all this work and got such a beautiful result but painted the hinges. I would definitely remove the paint from the hinges. You can put some vinegar in a crock pot and soak them. Then use an old toothbrush to remove the paint. Painted hinges are no bueno.

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi Renee – The hinges were not painted. They were replaced with new white hinges of the same style. Thanks for the tip though on how to remove paint on hinges, will have to try it someday when I come across an old piece of painted furniture where the hinges were painted.

      2. Well I stand corrected. I had no idea that hinges came in white. I was confused because you’re work is so meticulous and the results are gorgeous. I can’t believe how wonderfully the countertops came out.

  12. Beautiful job! And thank you for sharing your budget, so helpful!

  13. Mary Beth says:

    Wow, what a beautiful kitchen makeover. Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful tips. I am considering redoing my kitchen and the info you shared will be extremely helpful.

  14. Claire @ A Little Claireification says:

    GORGEOUS – this is a stunning makeover, Diane!!

  15. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Diane, your kitchen renovation is simply AMAZING!!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jane – Thanks so much. It really has changed the feeling and look of the entire house. I am enjoying it and having time in my day now to focus on new projects.

  16. Absolutely LOVE your kitchen! I’ve always loved a white kitchen even before it became fashionable. I think that it’s a classic look. I adore your style!

  17. It looks amazing Diane!! Fabulous job! And aside from appliances, it’s shocking what a transformation you can do on a low budget, isn’t it?!?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Krista – I enjoy the challenge of working on a budget… it does make one more creative for sure.

  18. Julie Blanner says:

    It’s beautiful, Diane! It’s an amazing transformation you’ll enjoy for years to come.

  19. WOWZERS, this is incredible, you did such a beautiful job…You would never in a million years know it was the same kitchen!!!

  20. Wow, Diane! It’s so bright and happy! I love it! Beautiful work!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Roeshel – I am loving the kitchen and so happy the project is behind me now and I can move on to other projects.

  21. Robin Gallagher says:

    In the early 90’s I painted my oak cabinets white. It was rather ground breaking at the time – finding paint was even difficult but oh what a difference! In my next house when we renovated the kitchen went with all white and I still love it 13 years later. Just a thought about the open shelving cabinet in your kitchen. You said the cabinet was too low for a few things you’d like to have on your counter – what if you took the cabinet down and put up actual shelves like many folks I’ve seen do? All your hard work is amazing and the end product is just beautiful.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Robin – I remember back in the 90’s I painted my oak cabinets white. I waited 7 years to get up the nerve to do it and after they were done, I never looked back! I think I will always be a white kitchen person for life, too.

      We considered removing the entire cabinet section above the dishwasher and add 3 shelves. The reason why we didn’t do this is the wood front on the cabinet is one long piece that goes up to the crown molding and across. We would have had to replace the crown molding and soffit area. When it came down to it, doing all that was just too much work we didn’t want to do. I agree it with you that it would look nice with open shelves. Another idea that I considered was to add glass doors to the cabinet. Maybe someday. :-)

  22. Your kitchen is beautiful I’m so impressed that you did it all by yourself! You inspired me to paint my counters with the same kit and I just took the tape off – it looks great except around the sink where the primer shows through and crept up on the stainless steel edge. Did you have to clean up this area or retouch yours? I wasn’t able to take my sink out before I started and there wasn’t caulk that I had to take out so I’m afraid caulking could look a little messy. Any tips would be appreciated!

  23. OKC Compressor says:

    It looks like a totally different kitchen! I love it!

  24. Your new kitchen is really beautiful. I’m sorry that your oven went out and had to be replaced but I’m sure you will enjoy using it in the years to come.

  25. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…BRAVO! The kitchen re-do is the bomb! Love your blog Diane. Vikki in VA

  26. Carol @ Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Your DIY on this space is absolutely incredible!! An amazing transformation! I cannot imagine the satisfaction you must feel!
    Bravo and standing ovation!!

  27. Terrific work, very inspiring! Enjoy the ‘realness’ of your blog, the ups/downs, reasons for choosing to do things in ‘your style’, budget constraints etc. – just feels like the ‘real’ world most of us live in. A big thank you for sharing your expertise and such a beautifully produced blog.

  28. Catherine says:

    Diane, your hard work certainly paid off because the kitchen looks MARVELOUS! Kudos to you!
    I must say I had some misgivings about the height of the microwave, but you said you can easily reach it, so that’s a relief.
    Great job, Diane. Thanks for your wonderful blog site! I love reading it each time because of your great spirit.

  29. Janet Green says:

    I’ve been divorced for a couple of years and currently living in a rental, but I do have a dream of owning my own home again in the not too distant future. I will be using THIS POST for inspiration on how to update my kitchen – Diane, you are a powerhouse! Congrats on the beautiful new look – it’s amazing!

  30. Pam Cates says:

    Fabulous job with the kitchen. Congratulations and enjoy it!

  31. Hi Diane: Love the entire make over. I like that the dishwasher is virtually invisible within the cabinets.
    You were so fortunate that your ovens were on an end so that they could be custom built in. My ovens are in the middle of my cabinets, and when I needed a new one about 7 years ago, had to settle for a smaller oven because there was no way to build it in. I put a shelf for cutting boards on top of my oven.

    I love your white kitchen, but have a question Is it hard to keep clean from grease and spills? I have used Sherwin Williams Pro classic before but in a dark charcoal for a bathroom vanity. I know it cleans us well, but have no idea about white.

    What color would you do if you did not choose white to brighten up a kitchen. I was thinking of light gray, but then true grays are hard to find. I certainly do not want purple showing through.

    Thank you for your breakdowns on everything, from what to do and not do and for the cost breakdown too. Your hard work hit the ball out of the park as usual. Your talents are truly amazing.

  32. Mary Coakley says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful,I like the open shelves holds a lot.Your floor is very unusual its great.Wish you many happy hours in your new kitchen.

  33. It’s truly stunning! I’m still enjoying my kitchen redo that you encouraged me to tackle (I had pine and asked about painting….you eleviated my fears…they’re gorgeous Sage green now and people have actually sent people over to see them!) I’d attach a photo, but don’t see how I can.

    One question: trash can placement. I struggle with this one as my sink is very deep, so placing it under the sink isn’t an option. Where is your rubbish bin?

  34. Charlotte Lindsay says:

    All of your hard work certainly did pay off, this space looks amazing! I think it was a good choice to keep the space above your microwave open, it adds some interest to the space! I absolutely adore having open shelving in kitchens; it not only forces you to keep your dishes organized and clean but it provides another space to decorate and show off your home decor style!

  35. Absolutely stunning. Many happy memories in your beautiful surroundings!
    Did you refinish your table top? It goes so well with your mat in front of the sink…..

  36. Linda Irene says:

    Again . . . you did an amazing job. I’m sitting here in confusion as to how you could have possibly done everything. Really a fine fine job. Quick question . . . I love the painted cabinets but I’ wondering how they last. Are they really durable? Oops another question . . . . can you come to my house and do my kitchen!!!!!

  37. Great job Diane! I am so jealous. We started our kitchen reno about the same time you started yours, but mine is still not totally finished. Getting close, though! Part of the delay is the spill out into other areas of the house as part of the total look. I am so “over” painting trim work and the finish detail it takes. So worth it, though, and I too am trying to focus on only one part at a time to avoid project/brain overload. Thank you for the inspiration to carry on and congratulations on the beautiful finished project. Just in time for lakey-time! Enjoy!

  38. mary heicher says:

    Hi Diane, your kitchen looks amazing. Hubby, the baker in the family would love the double ovens. I love the white it looks so bright and happy. Wonderful job, congratulations.

  39. Diane, your kitchen is amazing,I really love the after. My hat is off to you for all the effort and time this project took. Got a little heart tug seeing your mom’s recipe and her beautiful penmanship. Thanks for the long awaited reveal.

  40. Linda Weeks says:

    You saved so much over having contractors in to do all the work! I know it was difficult, but you have certainly gotten a great value for this beautiful kitchen!

  41. YOU ARE AMAZING. Not only is is ton of work, but you have a vision for your projects that you execute so well. Do you ever “hire out” for friends? One additional question I didn’t see a source for your runner? I am looking for some for my kitchen.

  42. Your makeover is outstanding! A lot of determination went into it, but so worth it. What I’m crushing on is the recipe holder ❤️ Will show the plans to my husband! Thank you!

  43. Dear Diane,
    Wow! Congratulations on your did kitchen makeover! It is so cheerful and happy looking. Thank you for explaining your tips, techniques and “don’t do this”, as well as including the links to review your step-by-step process. I also appreciate and thank you for your cost breakdown of the project…it will make it much easier for my husband and I to get started on our old kitchen now that we know what diy’ing and paint can do to transform dark cabinets in our dark galley kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you do next…you’re so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with all of us. : )

  44. Carolyn Green says:

    Diane, I am going to save this as a link because it has so many great ideas for an older kitchen. So many times when I show a house, buyers have a hard time visualizing what they can do with the existing cabinets. Your blog will let me inspire buyers to consider the home’s potential. Thank you for all you share with us!

  45. LOVE your kitchen makeover and LOVE your blog! Can’t wait to see what you DIY next!

  46. Positively amazing! When I see kitchens in our area that look very much like your ‘before’, all I can think of is ‘We’ll start with painting!” ;-)

    Maybe some people like the dark (and to me dreary) look of the “before”, but my vote says Yes Yes Yes to the “after” look. I love it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Connie – I agree with you. I have always loved a white kitchen and always will. Nothing at all wrong with a dark kitchen – they are beautiful, but just not for me. White and light makes me happy.

  47. Diane, you did a fabulous job on your rehab. I love the new wall oven and microwave. I do have a question about height of the microwave, do you have any trouble reaching into it?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Hannah – The microwave is higher than normal, but it was the only option we had. I did not want it on the counter. I have had no problem at all reaching into and pushing the buttons. It just took some getting used to. If planning a new kitchen, I don’t think I would design it to be placed high, but it works fine. Ed likes it high since he is much taller than I am. :-)

  48. Hannah Whalley says:

    Your new kitchen is stunning, white is so refreshing! So bright and beautiful!

    Hannah x

      1. Hannah Whalley says:

        You’re welcome :-)

  49. Looks beautiful. I love the new ovens. Not being critical, just curious what led you to choose purchasing mismatched appliances…..Stainless oven and microwave but white dishwasher?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – I just added the answer to your question to the post since it has been asked a few times. I like to mix and match so I can create my own look. If you know me, you know I don’t like to follow a set of style rules. Rules are meant to be broken. I named my blog, In My Own Style for that reason, but there is also another reason…

      I did look at white ovens but chose the stainless oven because I had a white oven in my previous house and was unhappy with it. The white glass around the oven doors turned yellow and then brown over time. It could not be cleaned off and made the oven look dirty all the time. This can happen on any oven, but you don’t see it as much on a black or stainless appliance. When I mentioned this to the the salesperson at the appliance store, she agreed and told me that white ovens are replaced far more than black or stainless ones for this reason. Since this oven has to last and look good for a long time, stainless was the best choice.

      I chose the white dishwasher so it would blend into the cabinetry so there was no break in the white color.

  50. Lisa Dudley says:

    I love your kitchen makeover!
    Could you tell me, please, if it was just personal preference to choose a white dishwasher instead of stainless steel?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa –

      Choosing different color appliances was just a personal choice. I did update the post with my reasons why. Basically it came down to a few things, but I wanted the base cabinets to not have a color break. Having all white makes the space look more expansive. The stainless oven I chose because of my experience with a white oven in my previous house. The white glass and doors turned brown over time. :-( The white ovens I looked at had the same design and I knew it would happen again over time, so I went with stainless. I like to mix and match so the difference in color doesn’t bother me. I know it would for many though.

  51. One sees so many NEW kitchens on blogs etc. I often wonder where do all of those old cabinets go.
    Your post proves that a “miracle” can happen without gutting a kitchen.
    As I am currently looking for my next home which I am sure will need love I wanted to ask you about your decision to mix finishes on the appliances. I like that you went with a white dishwasher to flow with the cabinet color.
    Is there a reason you chose SS for the ovens?
    Beautiful job ……..and I am sure I will be referring to this post many times in the near future.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Deb – Thanks for the nice comment. When Ed and I were thinking about plans for the kitchen and what we could spend, DIYing was and happily was the best option. It makes me happy that we saved ourselves a ton of money by DIYing it. We love what we did far more than if we had ripped everything out and created a new kitchen.

      Good question about why we chose a stainless oven. I will add it to the post. I chose it because I had a white oven in my previous house and was unhappy with it. The white around the oven doors turned yellow and then brown over time. It could not be cleaned off and made the oven look dirty all the time. This can happen on any oven, but you don’t see it as much on a black or stainless appliance. When I mentioned this to the the salesperson at the appliance store, she agreed with me. Since this oven has to last and look good for a long time, stainless was the best choice.

  52. Looks great Diane! Love your DIY spirit and it’s so inspiring (but I painted my kitchen cabinets waaay back when I was in college and I’ll NEVER do it again).

  53. Your kitchen is amazing, Diane! I love how light and bright it is. I also really appreciate that you didn’t rip the whole thing out and start over. Every part of the room has had your hands on it and that makes it all the more special. Love it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Stacy – Thanks – I agree with you that when you DIY you get to really put yourself and personality into every part of process. Seeing my own style come to life in my home is what makes me very happy. Thanks for reading.

  54. You’re my hero! Love the kitchen!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Vicky – Thank you. Without you and other readers there would be no reason for me to blog… so in turn you are my hero also. :-)

  55. Melissa Leach says:

    I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished in your kitchen! It is truly inspirational. All your hard work and perseverance has paid off as you know have a beautiful-bright and inviting kitchen. Thanks for sharing all your info.
    I had no idea of the cost of many of the product and supplies you purchased, very informative.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Melissa – Thanks. Even though it did take lots of effort, I would do it again if I had to so I could have a bright and cheery kitchen. I especially love it now when I first wake up in the morning and walk into a bright and sunny kitchen.

  56. Congratulations on the beautiful transformation of your kitchen! It looks like a new kitchen & your floors look so nice with the white cabinets. This has been a fun transformation to follow on your Blog.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Linda :-)

  57. Well done. I will be reading and re-reading these DIY projects.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks RS –

      I hope by creating this wrap-up post with all the info and links to all the kitchen project posts will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Thanks for reading.

  58. What an amazing transformation, Diane! I just love your new kitchen. All of your hard work and time certainly paid off. Enjoy it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Toni – :-) It feels wonderful to have it done. It did take all my focus and energy while I was doing it, but it came out just as I had envisioned.

  59. Everything looks so great. and I am tickled by your pompom kitchen towel.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Liz – Thanks. I love pink and green together. When I saw the pink/white check towel at JoAnn Fabrics I knew right away that I would be adding the green pom poms. I had the trim leftover from a past project. It was only a little bit, but just enough to trim the bottom of the towel.

  60. Thanks so much for this and all your posts! I am about to buy my first home and reading your blog has pushed me towards buying an ‘unflipped’ house that needs updating, and doing it myself! Your posts are clear and easy to understand, and I especially appreciate that you include a lot of ‘what not to do’ based on your experience. The kitchen looks amazing!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Martha – How exciting to be buying your first home. Congratulations! If you haven’t done any DIYing before, start with a few smaller projects first and then tackle a big one. Something that most DIYer forget to tell others. You will begin to know the salespeople at the home improvement store on a first name basis since you will be spending a lot of time there picking up supplies. :-) Enjoy your new home and making it your own. Thanks for reading.

  61. I love your blog! The Before and After pics are very inspiring! Every time I read your posts, I think..”I can do that!”… thank you for your experience and words of wisdom!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Marne – It is nice to hear that my posts have inspired and given you a “Can-Do” attitude. :-) Thanks so much for telling me. It makes blogging so worthwhile.