Living Room Furniture Rearranging

Now that the kitchen makeover is complete. I am enjoying not spending 24/7 in paint clothes. (I will post the final before and after with a list of everything I did, used, and cost on Monday). It is also nice to get back to a normal work day and routine that was thrown off a bit over the past months as I concentrated on the kitchen and foyer makeovers.

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It feels good to have the time to get some smaller projects done around the house now. Like my studioffice.

How to care for white slipcovers

Another project I have been wanting to do was figure out a way to make my living room feel more cohesive. I have never been happy with the furniture arrangement around the sofa and in the corner. Everything in the room except for the 2 swivel rockers and round metal side tables came from my previous house. When we first moved in, I made the best with what I had to fit into the room in a functional way, but the room never felt quite right.

living room furniture arranging ideas

About 2 weeks ago when I was sitting on the sofa watching Netflix and working on a post I realized what the room needed. It needed more light for reading, but also something to add some interest to the room.

I got up to get a tape measure and then pulled the IKEA chest of drawers and folding screen in the corner out of the way.  With the corner empty I was able to easily slide the sofa away from the wall to see how far it could be placed from the wall without breaking up the pathway through the room.  I measured the distance from the wall to the back of the sofa and then went online in search of a long console style table to place behind the sofa that wasn’t wider than 16″ wide.

Everett Foyer Table from World Market

I found the perfect one and ordered it on the spot. It is from World Market. It is called The Everett Foyer Table.

furniture rearranging ideas

I love the light stained finish and the fact that it took only 15 minutes to put together. No paint brush or sandpaper needed. :-)

furniture rearranging ideas

It is 70.9″ long x 15.7 deep x 31.9″ high. I rarely buy brand new furnishings. 75% of the furniture I have are hand-me downs and thrift store finds that I have made over to fit my decorating style.

sofa table decorating ideas

The table even has two drawers.  Since I am using it against the wall, I won’t be using the drawers…

living room decorating ideas

…just the top where I plan to place larger lamps to provide more lighting and some colorful decorative accessories.

Living room furniture arranging ideas

I am going to play around with the arrangement over the weekend and will be adding new colorful sofa cushion covers and wall art for spring and summer.

furniture rearranging tip
Having the time to sit, feel and see what a room really needs in the way of form and function is one of the best things you can do when trying to figure out how to decorate a room.

furniture rearranging with a console table

I plan to shop my house this weekend to come up with something pretty and spring like to add to the table.

furniture rearranging in a living room

I know it is only a table…but I am pretty excited that I found something that didn’t require a makeover.

I love to transform furniture, but it is nice not to have to DIY every once in a while.

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  1. I agree Diane; it is fun to just find something you love and find the perfect place for it without all the work of refinishing it. I don’t do it often, however once in a while is a treat.

  2. Christina Brewton says:

    I love the whole lot approximately your style! Changing a lot of things myself and what a easy appearance you have. Your home is terrifi and on the manner to developing mine. Thanks to your excellent recommendations.

  3. Debra Dunham says:

    diane as always your insight is spot on. i have enjoyed your blog and determination to make your home YOUR way. thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. and I totally understand about the need for more light. Age can be a drag sometimes.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Debra – Thanks – Aging sure is a drag.. I just had my 2 year eye appt and of course my prescription changed and I need new glasses. Ouch! at the expense!!!! Double drag!!! :-)

  4. Gorgeous, as always, Diane. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect console for the hallway but I’ve often wondered whether I could get away with something behind the sofa, too. You’ve inspired me to have another look st it ;-) Thank you and enjoy styling your new addition! Sue x

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sue – I am thrilled with the new table. You can’t really see the difference in my photos, but at night when the lights are on, the whole room looks different and much better now thanks to the table. I would love for it to not be hidden, but the room won’t accommodate the sofa pushed out into the oom any more. Never hurts to just move a piece of furniture around to see how it will look in different rooms to see where it not only will look its best, but provide function too. I hope you enjoy the process.

      1. Barbara Kessler says:

        Hi Diane,
        I’m new to your site and fascinated with your unique and down-to-earth style.
        What’s best are your instructions! I keep saying, ‘I can do that, too!’
        Thanks for giving me the motivation to to finish decorating my little home. As a start, I want to find a narrow console table-about 12-14″ (if possible.) Just love the way your’s looks.

        1. Diane Henkler says:

          Thanks Barbara – It is nice to hear that my posts have inspired and given you a “can-do” attitude. :-) Thanks so much for telling me. It makes blogging so worthwhile. I hope you find the size table you need. There are tons online in all sizes and styles. I would start by typing the size table you need into a Google search and see what comes up….from there I am sure what you are looking for it out there. It just might take some searching.

  5. Mary Boger says:

    Great idea. You’ll enjoy that table and additional lighting.

  6. Nice job Diane. I recently re-arranged our family room and put an oval table (made by my great uncle) behind the sofa, both on a 45 degree angle into the room. Having a table behind the sofa is very functional and adds some “interest” like you often say, and gives a built in place for seasonal decorating, and even for a natural oil air diffuser. I still need to replace the lamp, as I too need much more light. (it also eliminates a coffee table, giving room for a foot rest or hassock.)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linnea :-) – Isn’t it fun to move furnishings around…? It can be so refreshing not only for a room, but for the psyche too. It sounds like you are enjoying the process. I remember you had a few special family pieces. I agree with you that a table behind the sofa is the perfect place for seasonal decor. I will be adding some to mine this week. I have sadly noticed that with each passing year, I need more light to see. :-( No fun getting older. Having the light behind the sofa instead of on the side makes it much easier for my soon to be 58 year old eyes… read.

  7. Congrats on finding and purchasing the perfect item!
    Well deserved.

  8. You are well on your way turning that dark dreary place you bought into a beautiful, bright, happy, cheerful, welcoming lake house.

    You ROCK Diane! I don’t know where you have found the energy to undertake this huge project but your efforts are so worth it.

    You and Ed should start a business helping people design and rehab houses. You two would be perfect for it!

  9. great ideas! just in case anyone else is struggling with decorating like i did, check out they made it easy to design everything online and set everything up for me!

  10. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,

    I sure did miss reading your blog last week when we went on a spring break vacation : ) I love the table and also your hair : ) I was decorating my fireplace mantel last night and I must have change the spring decorations several times!!
    Have a great weekend

  11. Charlotte Lindsay says:

    Great find! World Market and Pier one always seem to have just what I am looking for. I really love the idea of console tables in smaller spaces because it can eliminate the need for a coffee table. Plus you can decorate them with all your favorite home decor- win win!

  12. Susie | The Chelsea Project says:

    Beautiful, Diane! And I’m with you on the “not always having to DIY” a piece of furniture. Your living room is looking fab! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  13. Linda Weeks says:

    That is a great idea! And the color is perfect for your room… I always love having a small table just behind a sofa, it looks great. It should be a handy table in any event, even if you change things around!

  14. This is Really Nice, It’s Always Pleasure to Design your home like you want.

  15. Love this. You have such a gift Diane…love following your blog.

    LOVE your hair too:)

  16. Diane I love EVERYTHING you do! Love your style? Im interested in where you got your clock?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Shannon – I bought the clock at Kirklands. It comes in 2 different sizes. I have the larger one that is 45″ in diameter. Wayfair sells the smaller version that is 28″ in diameter. You can find it here:

  17. Sharon Nash says:

    Lovely, but in my eyes, the lamp is invisible. Have you thought of a different lamp maybe same shape but one of a pretty color. I’m sure it’s just me but I felt the lamp was amiss right away. You are amazing and I admire all you do. Thank you for giving us so much encouragement and inspiration.

  18. World Market has really great small tables and their prices are exceptional. They have cool rugs, too! Looks great, Diane. I’m anxious to see how you stage it because I have a similar narrow console (from WM) behind my sectional but there is a window behind it, not a solid wall.

  19. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Beautiful, it is perfect! I want one also, but no money! I will have to build mine. I love the hot pink, orange and Leopard pillows, but then, I guess they are for summer. I can hardly wait to see what you choose.

  20. You had a similar set up in the old house, so this is a good fit for you, I think. It looks nice, and has that open, airy feeling that goes along with the lake house. I wonder if you’ll be able to have it situated so that more of the table can be seen…..and drawer function usable! lol good job, Diane!

  21. You certainly have earned the “right to buy” a new piece of furniture Diane! Your advice to sit in the room is an excellent one. Even if it’s a lawn chair…grab one and imagine all the things you will be doing in that room. Enjoy your day! ;)

  22. interior decorators in hyderabad says:

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  23. I like having a place to set decorative pieces and the table fit the bill perfectly. I, too, usually only do the “reuse/re-purpose/thrift store furniture” and feel a little guilty when I buy a new piece. (Although I shouldn’t!) That was a great addition to the room – and I’m glad for you it was just a quick assembly and placement – sometimes we need “easy”!

    One question: Would you share where is the clock from? I’m on the search for one :)

  24. It must have made your day to find a finished table that works in your room!
    Enjoy your new arrangement!!

  25. Kathleen Hornbecker says:

    Love the table behind the sofa! Great idea….