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Kitchen Makeover Update: Getting to the Finish Line

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Are you feeling frazzled this week trying to get everything on your holiday To-Do list done?  I am trying to stay calm, but am working pretty hard on getting most of the kitchen makeover completed before Christmas which is this weekend.

I had a weeks’ delay in my progress when Ed and I decided to visit our daughters for a week over Thanksgiving. I enjoyed our trip, but it did put me behind, along with the colder temps. I was painting the cabinet doors out in my garage, but had to shift my operation indoors to get the last section of cabinets painted.

Chrome Kitchen cabinet hardware

Here is where I left off in my last kitchen makeover update post. One last section of cabinets to paint, tile to grout and a countertop to paint. The scalloped trim above the sink is going to be removed, but that is going to have to wait until January. I painted it to look good for the time being.

I will be writing a full tutorial on everything I did to the kitchen in more detail. This post is just to show you my progress.

Kitchen Makeover before-1

I finished painting the top cabinets and had to tackle the bottom cabinets. The cabinets are so dark that I needed a flashlight to remove the cabinet hinges in the corner.

how to paint a built in kitchen wine rack

I also had to remove this wine bottle rack. It was easy to remove, just two screws and I pulled it out from under the counter. This needed lots of TLC and had to be painted outside. Luckily it did warm up here over the weekend and the sun came out so I could hose it down and scrub it clean before I spray painted it. I thought it would be harder than it was to paint. Once it was dry from cleaning, I used 2 cans of Rustoleum 2X white spray primer and then 2 cans of Rustoleum 2X white semi-gloss spray paint.

Tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets

I sanded down all the surfaces with 100 grit sandpaper and taped off a few areas to keep the paint off where I know my brush would end up that I didn’t want it to touch.

Painting around kitchen appliances

We got a new dishwasher, sink and faucet. The white sink I wanted did not fit. :-( I had to search for one one that did. (More on this in another post.) I protected the dishwasher with a roll of EZ Mask painters tape that comes attached to plastic sheeting.

If you look closely, you can see the black primer paint on the countertop in front of the sink. I stopped there because the Giani Countertop paint I am using needs to cure for about 2 weeks. Since the kitchen will become centerstage this weekend as my family comes home for the holidays I will paint the right side of the counter when the house is quiet again in January.

How to paint kitchen cabinets the right way

I placed my garage cabinet door painting set-up in my foyer which is undergoing a makeover of its own…under the staircase. I normally would paint drawers the way I painted the drawers in my previous homes kitchen. The drawers above have wheels attached to the back and I didn’t want to remove them so I lined them up so that the center back wheel is between the 2 x 4’s on the saw horses.

Prep work before painting kitchen cabinets

I had to use wood filler to fill in the holes in the center of each cabinet door from the previous pulls. Once everything was sanded and cleaned, I primed and painted both sides of the doors and the fronts of the drawers. I have a plan for the inside of the drawers and will post about that come January.

Kitchen Makeover cabinet painting tips

I used a paint roller for the center of each door and an angled brush for the molding and sides.  The piece of bead board leaning against the staircase is for another project I am getting ready to work on in January….it is for the hallway of darkness. :-)

Giani countertop paint after Step 3

I did paint the left side of the counter with Giani Countertop Paint. It is pretty amazing. It requires about six 20 minute steps, but is not hard to do at all. The granite or marble look is created by applying a primer and then the paint in many thin layers. In the photo above I have the black primer coat on and then 2 layers of the paint. I still have caulking to do and lots of finishing details around the subway tiles.

Giani countertop paint tips

When I paint the opposite side of the kitchen counter in January, I am going to make a video of the countertop painting process I use to make the paint look like Carrera Marble. So stay tuned.

Giani countertop paint steps

Here is the paint after 5 layers of white limestone paint and veining I created with a brush. Today I will add the first of two coats of sealer that will make the surface shiny.

kitchen wine rack makeover with paint

This is how I left the kitchen last night when I went to bed. Today I will be back at it, finishing painting the front side of the cabinets. I will let them dry overnight and re-hang them with their new hinges and knobs tomorrow.

Amidst all this I did manage to get all my gift wrapping done and even bake a batch of Christmas cookies. The opposite side of the kitchen is done so I can cook and bake. I am pretty confident I will have the kitchen totally up and functioning again by Thursday when my family starts to arrive for Christmas.

I planned another post for this week to show you how I am getting the second bedroom upstairs holiday ready, but I am waiting on a part for a new bed frame I bought. FedEx tracking has it arriving today. Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

Are you prepping, baking, and/or wrapping this week?  If so, I hope you can feel less frazzle and more dazzle as you go about checking off your To-Do list.

Stay calm and carry on. :-)

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  1. Your kitchen looks amazing, you are very talented….and hard working! I put off my kitchen project till January because I knew in September I couldn’t get it done my Christmas! :) I look forward to every blog post, love how you are making this beautiful lake house your own.

  2. You INSPIRE and AMAZE me!! I’m considering painting my kitchen cabinets but I have a LOT of cabinets (42 doors and 32 drawers). I’m going to reread all your posts to get advice on sanding, cleaning, types of paint and primer etc. My cabinets are “pickled” which is a white wash on ash cabinets. And then they have a heavy coat of some type of poly or lacquer. Am wondering how much i need to sand???
    I’m so in awe of what you have done and you have given me courage to try! A famous line by Anthony Hopkins from the movie, the Edge: “What one man (woman) can do, another can do.”
    So with that wisdom and your inspiration, I WILL paint!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Hi Sandy – It is a lot of work, but your efforts will be so worth it in the end. I will be posting a full tutorial on how to paint kitchen cabinets in early January. Painting the cabinets is not hard, it just takes a lot of prep work and a place to work on them. You can read the post I wrote on how I painted the cabinets in my previous house. They held up for a very long time. I used the same process, but did use a different primer this time. Here is a link to the post: https://inmyownstyle.com/2010/01/diy-kitchen-makeover.html

      Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  3. I LOVE it. I see beadboard in your foyer picture where you are painting. Where are you putting that? So happy for you. And as always, thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Paige- Thanks. The bead board is going to go in the dark hallway that leads to the garage. I call the space the hallway of darkness. I plan to start the project in January.

      1. In feb, I am taking down my HUGE water oak tree out front. It is four feet from my kitchen window and front porch area. I am planning to reprint house and do a bright green door like your hallway. it’s funny how dark green the door appears in one of your photos above.

        The tree is gorgeous but messy. Merry Christmas. I showed my sister your blog post on how to hang tv on wall. She loved your website.

  4. That is A LOT of hard work and it shows! Great job as always. The countertop faux marble looks absolutely incredible. I’m so enjoying following your progress.

    1. Hi Vicki – Thanks. I was hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving, but life got in the way. I will be happy to have the project behind me, but it is worth all the time I have put into it.

  5. Oh my gosh, you are a brave and amazing woman. What a job to be tackling so close to Christmas. I can feel the time ticking away for you. You’re doing an awesome job! I can’t wait to see the finished project. I do hope (and i’m sure you will) have a relaxed holiday spent with your family come this weekend. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year, Diane.

    1. Hi Erika – I was hoping to have the kitchen done by Thanksgiving, but since that didn’t happen I knew if I gave myself one big push I could get it done. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy