Jingling In the New Year with Festive Cocktail Stirrers

I am in disbelief… how can the new year be here already? Christmas over and now, New Years… it doesn’t seem possible.

I want time to slow down so I can enjoy every bit of the holiday season. New Years’s is always low key. Either at home or a casual dinner with friends.

New Years Eve Cocktail Stirrers to make

I prefer comfy cozy at home clinking champagne glasses at midnight, nothing fancy… jeans and a sweater kind of night.

Spicy Bacon Skewers are the perfect finger food for parties

Last year we had just moved and we enjoyed celebrating in our new house. I don’t make a big meal, but have finger food available all night long.

I made these Spiced Bacon Skewers and they were a hit. I will be making them again this year. You can find the recipe, here. Spiced Bacon Skewers.

To help celebrate the holidays this month I was sent not one, but two challenge boxes from Waverly Inspirations.  I am a Waverly Inspirations Ambassador along with a handful of other DIY decorating bloggers.

Every month they send us a box full of fabric, paints, and ribbon and challenge us to come up with something creative using the items.

I used the contents of the first box to decorate one of the guests rooms in my house in holiday colors. The second box arrived and was filled with items to create something festive for New Year’s Eve celebrating.

Even though I don’t “do it up” on New Year’s Eve, I still like to add my style to the simple festivities that are planned. I came up with a way I can use the items to add some of my own style to the festive, yet quiet evening at home.

Since the night is all about toasting in the new year, I thought I would cover the center of a large silver tray that I found at a thrift store a few years ago for $4 with the black and white fabric. The tray is worn in the center, so making the tray liner, covers the imperfection.

One year when my daughters were little they had a few friends over on New Year’s Eve. I let them use wooden spoons and my pots and pans to make noise outside when the clock stuck twelve. The kids had fun, but my pots and pans were not very happy.

From that year on, to save my pots, I make sure I have noisemakers on hand. Instead of buying them, I made noise maker/stirrers for the cocktails, drinks and even the champagne that will be served. Each stirrer has a double function…it can be also used to ring in the new year at midnight.

How To Make a Fabric Covered Tray Liner

All supplies can be found at Walmart.

supplies needed:

  • Waverly Inspirations fabric – Woven Lattice
  • Foam board
  • Mat knife
  • Ruler
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  1. Lay tray on foam board and trace around it with a pencil. If your tray has an inset, place the pencil tip under the edge of the tray and trace around the bottom. It does not have to be perfect since it is only needed as a size guide.
  2. Use a mat knife and ruler to cut the foam board following the traced lines.

3. Place the cut foam board into the tray. If needed, use the mat knife to cut excess in the corners.

4. Cut fabric so it is slightly larger all around then the tray. Place fabric face down and then place foam board on top.

5. Bring up sides of fabric to the back of foam board. Pull taut. Use duct tape to secure fabric to the back.

6. Flip the board over and place in tray.

How to Make Jingle Bell Cocktail Stirrers

The cocktail stirrers are reusable.  Just slip the straw off and store the stirrers until your next party or gathering. When it is time to party again, slip a new straw over the chopstick.

supplies needed:

1. Dip 1-inch of the top of a chopstick in paint, shake off excess.

2. Dip painted section into silver glitter.

3. Place in a block of Styrofoam to allow to dry. (I save the foam that comes in packaging.)

4. Once dry, slide a chopstick into a straw.

5. Wire 3 jingle bells together.

6. Twist wire so there is an open center. This will naturally happen when 3 jingle bells are wired together.

7. Thread the bottom of the straw covered chopstick into the round open center of the wire and push the jingle bells up to the bottom edge of the glitter.

8. Print out Cheers .pdf on white card stock or computer paper.

9. Optional: Laminate the banners with a self-sealing laminating sheet before cutting each one out. 

10. Use a paper hole punch to punch a hole into the mini-banner.

DIY Cocktail stirrers

11. Tie onto what is now a drink stirrer/noisemaker…

…shake and jingle to welcome 2017.

New Year's Eve Cocktail Stirrers

Do you have any plans for NY’s Eve? Do you stay home or like to go out for a night on the town?

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  1. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living says:

    Oh my!! How cute! Love these.

  2. I feel like the only people that really enjoy New Year’s Eve festivities are people on soap operas.
    They always get dressed up and go to parties.
    Me? anything that requires me to be awake and out of the house at midnight is a bad plan.
    Love these ideas. So cute!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kat- Hah…so funny! I agree with you :-) Seems all the glitz and glam on NYE is always on TV shows.

  3. I just discovered your blog and have been reading all your posts. I live in Harleysville right next to Lansdale so the hometown connection makes it more interesting for me. Love your ideas and tips. Have bookmarked your page for easy referral. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Love this! Your foam board trick is invaluable for many things. I have copied a couple times before now and I will definitely copy your cute noise makers.

    I stay home for NYE. I don’t care for all the rowdy dinner club stuff.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. I love everything about this Diane. Black and White is my go-to colour scheme, metallics for added bling, getting crafty AND champagne. There simply cannot be anything more adorable for a New Year’s DIY idea. I’ll be pinning these for future use! Thank you! Wishing you and Ed the most wonderful Christmas in your beautiful Lake House. Sue x ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker

  6. Diane: I love that silver tray and just the right size. Now I will be on the hunt at my local thrift store. Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year:)