How to Make a Sink Skirt

How to transform the area under a utility sink in a laundry room, an ugly sink cabinet or a pedestal sink in a bathroom with a pretty sink skirt that also creates hidden storage at the same time.

Would you like to find a place in your home to create hidden storage that has easy access? 

Or would you like to add some “pretty” to a plain piece of furniture or area in your home without having to do a major remodel or installation? How about a an easy way to make a skirted table in a room?

Here are a few DIY sink skirt ideas to help you do any of these in an easy way. Even if you don’t own a sewing machine.

how to disguise an ugly laundry tub using fabric and to create hidden storage.  Making this skirt is also a way to hide cat litter box in your home.

I created hidden storage and added a bit of pretty when I made a fabric sink skirt for the functional, but plain utility sink in my mudroom.

Utility Sink: BEFORE Adding a Sink Skirt

Laundry room shown with laundry sink or as some may call it a utility sink or tub. Grey cat under sink. 

Cat litter box ideas hidden DIY

I kept the cat litter box hidden under the sink and needed a way to hide it while still giving the cat easy access to it.

How I made a skirt to go around the bottom of the sink as a way to hide the cat litter box, but keeping it accessible for the cat.

How to Make a Sink Skirt

To make the no-sew version of this skirt – follow the no sew directions at the end of this post.

Skirted fabric attached around a laundry room tub sink makes for a good place to hide a litter box that allows the cat to still easily use it.

I made the skirt in two pieces so there is an opening in the front for easy storage access.

Chalkboard painted furniture tutorial
Striped Fabric Sink Skirt

The decorative wood piece on the front of the tub:

I painted this decorative accent molding to match the tub and attached it with wood glue. I used caulk around it to make it look like it was molded to the tub.

supplies needed:

  • Fabric
  • Sticky-back or sew-on Velcro also called hook and loop fastener
  • Hot glue
  • Tacky glue or any fast acting glue
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Tape measure
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Optional: No Sew skirt – fabric glue and or Heat N’ Bond Fabric Adhesive

How To Determine Fabric Yardage for Sink Skirt

For height:  Measure from the sink bottom or tabletop edge to the floor,  add 2 inches to the measurement to create a finished top edge and bottom hem.

For width: Measure width of item or around item, add 2 inches for hems/finished edges.   If you plan to pleat or gather the fabric, double the measurement. If you want the skirt to look very full, triple the width measurement.

If you need to seam fabric together to make one long piece of continuous fabric, add 2 more inches to allow for joining fabric together.

Important TIPS:

  • If you plan on washing the skirt when it gets dirty – Wash fabric and dry before making the skirt to allow for shrinkage.
  • Before cutting fabric: If your fabric has a pattern, make sure to line the pattern up on each section of fabric that will be joined or seamed together.
How to make a sink skirt to create hidden storage using Velcro

1. Cut fabric to height and width needed. Seam together cut sections of fabric to create skirt width needed.

How to sew a skir tto ga around a sink

2. Pin edges of seam together, then sew the edges together. Repeat for each seam needed to create one long width that will go around the item you are skirting.

How to sew a skirt to go around a table using Velcro

3.  Press seams open.

How to sew a skirt to go around a table using Velcro

4. To create the top and bottom hems. Fold the top unfinished edge of fabric over 1/2-inch and press, Fold over another 1/2- inch and press again.

Easy sew tutorial on how to make a sink skirt to create hidden storage

5. Place pins along edge. Repeat the process for bottom edge and both side edges of the fabric.

Easy sew tutorial on how to make a sink skirt to create hidden storage

6. Sew along the pinned edges to create a finished edge/hem.

How to Create Pleats in the Skirt

How to make pleats in a table skirt
  1. To create pleats: Starting from one end of the top edge of the skirt – tuck back 1-1/2” of fabric to make first pleat. Place a pin in to hold. Repeat the process all along fabric edge.
  2. Do not sew yet – wait until you finish the next step.

How To Attach Skirt to Sink

I attached the skirt to the outside of the sink using sticky-back Velcro. It makes it very easy to attach the skirt to any surface.  I used my sewing machine to make the skirt, but you can also make it the no-sew way with fabric glue or fusible adhesive and an iron. (See these instructions at the end of this post.)

how to attach Velcro to a table skirt

1. To attach the skirt to the sink, pin and sew one side of Velcro to the back side of the pinned top pleated edge.  If using sticky back Velcro – I would add more glue or sew it just to make sure the Velcro stays attached. 

2. Sew the Velcro on and the pleats in place using sewing machine. Remove pins.

Half of a fabric skirt attached to laundry room sink to begin to hide a cat litter box in a laundry room.

3. Attach the other side of Velcro to the edge of the tub bottom or tabletop edge.  Use tacky glue to make sure the Velcro is attached well.  If using hot glue – use only a thin line of it. If you use too much the Velcro will not be flush with the surface.

Hidden storage ideas for the home and also a way to hide a cat litter box, but still have the cat have easy access to it.

Line up both sides of the Velcro and run your hand over it so that the skirt attaches.

How to hide a cat litter box in your home

The pattern runs vertically on the sink skirt. I pleated each of the skirts. I had more fabric for the sink, so there are more pleats.  If pleats are not your thing, the fabric can be gathered or simply wrapped around the edge of the sink or table and attached with Velcro.

How to make a sink skirt

This Sink Skirt Can Also Be Made For:

  • A bathroom pedestal sink.
  • To hide the contents on shelves in open cabinets.
  • Over a doorway that has no door.
  • A sink vanity or vanity table.
  • Under a kitchen sink.
  • A round table skirt
  • As an easy to make and hang window valance.
Decorating double duty. How to make a vanity skirt for hidden storage and to look pretty

I used the same fabric pattern in another color to make a new skirt for my daughter’s vanity.

This is made in two pieces that come together in the middle so you can open the skirt to access storage under the table.

How to make a skirt for an old-fashioned vanity table

Here is a photo of the previous skirt. I added ribbon trim over on top of the pleats or gathers of the skirt as a decorative accent.

How To Make Sink or Skirt – No Sew

Follow the steps above, but where it calls for sewing, place a line of fabric glue or fusible adhesive.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the label of the product you are using for drying time.  I also use an iron to help with adhesion.


When pleating – fabric glue is easier to use. Apply a dab between each fold of the pleat.  As shown above.

When pinning, keep the pin to the side of  the glue or use clothespins to hold each pleat in place. When glue is dry – the pins will not be glued into the pleats.

Use sticky back Velcro to attach the skirt to the item.

Laundry room sink - easy diy and pretty sink skirt

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  1. Beautifully done! I am sure someone is upset his hidden place been changed. Love this diy.

  2. The Antiqued Journey says:

    I LOVE this! What a pretty way to make an ugly space look spectacular! I love how it doesn’t cost much either and you can choose fabric that matches the space. Great tutorial!!!

  3. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to do this in my laundry room so I can hide my paper shredder.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Susan – That will be perfect…maybe some day someone will design a nice looking paper shredder. :-)

  4. Myrtle Quinlan says:

    This “skirt” is a quite clever idea. I need some extra storage space and this is a very cute and convenient option. I’m showing it to my mother, I’m sure she’ll love it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I am looking for skirting ideas for my bathroom sink. It is small and oval shaped and that’s how i came across your blog. The ideas are giving me the confidence to do things “myself” (diy). Can you say if the same process as above will apply to oval and round sinks/face basins. Thank you.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kim – The sink skirt will work perfectly on an oval or round sink basin. It will look great.

  6. Tina Matteson says:

    I love this tip and your kitty is adorable. I have two just like him… they love enclosed spaces too.

    I have put skirts on desks and tables in order to create some storage space in my 100-year old house that is sadly lacking in closet space! It also adds some prettiness to a room!

  7. Megan @ Our Pinteresting Family says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful project. I’m going to attempt to do this for my laundry room in the next few weeks.

  8. Beautiful! Good choice of fabric!

  9. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Yes, I love that fabric and thanks for posting the tutorial.

    And there is that cutest little Trax. I have been missing his cute self. My Shaymus says to tell him meow. The others are snoozing so they can drive me nuts when I go to bed. I need to go wake them all up….. lol.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sheryll – Oh that Trax… He is in big trouble. Last night when we were not looking he got up on the counter and ate all the meatballs out of a pot of sauce. We could not figure out where they had gone, until we saw a bit of pasta sauce on him.

      1. Mandy Cat says:

        Those felonious felines — they think they’re so clever but then they go and leave behind a crucial piece of evidence. (Like sauce on the whiskers.)

  10. Jennifer Davenport says:

    This is a fabulous idea! I am going to share it on my Facebook page today! Gorgeous choice of fabric too! :)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Jennifer. I have bought the fabric in every color it comes in so far. I used pink in my studioffice and about a year ago posted about pillows I made using it in turquoise for my older daughters apt. I buy it when it is on sale which makes it a great deal all around :)

  11. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air says:

    So very cute! nice idea we all need extra storage space.

  12. Oh my gosh Diane that skirt is cute! And so is the kitty :) This is exactly the project I’ve been looking for as I have an identical utility sink on my back porch. Thank you so much for posting this.