What You Can Store in a Hidden Closet Under a Staircase

Last month I revealed how Ed and I enclosed the area under the open staircase in our foyer with a hidden door to create a closet. What I didn’t show you was what we store inside the new closet under the staircase.

organizing storage in a closet under staircase

I am revealing it today to help celebrate the 18th birthday of Swiffer.  You read that right, Swiffer, the newfangled mop that swept the nation by storm in 1999 is 18 years old.

closet under staircase storage ideas

My new closet is where I keep my cleaning tools. I used to store them in my laundry closet, but they were hard to get to. I moved them to the new hidden closet where they are very easy to grab when needed.

Do you remember the humorous Swiffer commercials back in 1999?  I do… and more about when Swiffer came into homes across the nation.

I probably have a more vivid memory of the launch than most of us because I remember my mom who loved to bring my siblings and I gifts and goodies when she visited bought me a Swiffer when they first came out on the market. I fondly remember her walking into my house pushing a Swiffer along the floor and doing a little dance. She thought it was the best cleaning invention ever.

Dancing with a Swiffer
(Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Swiffer/AP Images)

She loved to dance and would have enjoyed attending the 18th birthday bash in NYC earlier this month where Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiv danced with a blinged-out Swiffer.

closet under the staircase storage ideas

Blinged out Swiffers are one of a kind, but over the past 18 years Swiffer has added more products to their line. All of them make cleaning floors and more… easy and even fun.

To organize the cleaning tools in my closet I attached a painted board horizontally to the wall and added hooks along it to hang my cleaning tools.

Swiffer mops in a hidden closet

Swiffer handles were designed to be hung to make storing a breeze.

Storage ideas in a hidden closet

On the wall to the left of the closet door I placed an old shelving unit with a broken back to hold refills for the mops, vac and dusters.  We also created a charging station on the two lower shelves to charge all the batteries for all our cordless tools.

closet under the staircase storage ideas

One is for the Swiffer Vac.

closet Under the staircase storage ideas

On the right side of the closet is where I have my ironing board, vacuum and broom. I use the broom outside to sweep my front porch. The turquoise desk and saddle-holding horse are being stored here until my daughters have room in their own homes for them.

Looks like the top of the desk could use a little Swiffering. :-)

If you would like to see how we created this closet you can find all the details in this post: How To Add a Closet Under a Staircase With a Hidden Door

Swiffer mop

I may not put my dancing shoes on when I clean, but I do love that with Swiffer, you can live in a clean house without spending your life cleaning it. I also love how easily I can store all my Swiffer’s in my closet under the staircase.

Swiffer giveaway

Giveaway has ended.

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  1. Lori Gerber says:

    I would love all the Swiffer loves to check out Norwex mop system, enviro wand and other reusable microfiber products. Norwex solutions save you time and money (buy once and reuse vs purchasing refills and solutions) – plus they are healthier for you, your family and environment. Microfiber products, used with water, means no chemical left behind on your floors. No streaks (after you get the chemical build up removed). Dries within seconds as well, as it’s just water! The microfiber will remove 99% of all bacteria as well! Check it out!

  2. I LOVE Swifter. I use to use the off brands and they always failed me. With a dog and a cat that both shed endlessly, i tried swifter one day and never looked back. They are superb. I need to swifter my whole downstairs wood floors and all my wood blinds. It’s been quite a while for the blinds.

  3. 2 dogs – need I say more. I will say I got a bug last night at 9 p.m. to clean my ceiling fan blades in anticipation of spring. Holy Cow – could have used a swifter.

  4. My foyer and kitchen could use some good Swiffering (that’s what we use anyway!) I love the Swiffer dusters, too. Great products.

  5. Dana Egrer says:

    I wold use the Swiffers at my sons new house to teach him to clean!!

  6. My entire house needs some type of Swiffering, but my kitchen needs it the most! The floors are off white and show every little spot or scuff, so I need a quick and handy way to go over it almost every day! Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  7. My kitchen and laundry room could use a good Swiffering! With two dogs I really should attach some Swiffer cloths to my shoes to keep ahead of the dog hair.

  8. Lyndsie Hammond says:

    The kitchen! With 3 littles it always needs some help.

  9. I would definitely use the Swiffer products in our kitchen and living room floors!

  10. i would use them in every room on my dark floors. I also like Swiffer for everyday dusting especially on dark and black lamps. Why is it that you dust today and tomorrow you have to dust again?

  11. Sharon Sova says:

    My laminate floor in the kitchen, hall, dining room and bathroom. I can not get them to look clean. Please, I need this

    1. Deborah Birneyd says:

      I’m afraid all of our washable floors could use some swiffering!

  12. I’ve never had a Swiffer, but I sure could use one on my extra-, extra-long hallway where all the dust bunnies huddle in groups! Would love to not have to drag out the vacuum cleaner so often.

  13. My Tile and Laminate floors could use a good swiffing.

  14. I would use this swifter to clean up after my three boy (cat included) roommates!

  15. Hi! I would use the swiffer items in our family/kitchen area where hardwood and area carpeting are perfect homes for lots of dust and dog hairs.
    Enjoying all of your home improvement projects and organizing tips.
    Happy April/Spring.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Since I am in the middle of a large kitchen reno, my kitchen of course could use a good clean in the end, but since I had to tear down walls I was not expecting to (hidden junction boxes thanks to the old owner), etc., my entire home is one big drywall dust disaster. Help me Swiffer it all away. Please.

  17. Oh I’m green with envy over your swiffer storage area, simply perfect for all your cleaning needs. I agree 100% that swiffer is tough on all those dirty jobs and super convienant with its disposable parts!! I’d love to win a swiffer box and clean up the mess in the bedrooms where we are pulling up carpet….ugh!! Thanks Diane for the chance!!

  18. My entire house! We removed all of the old carpet and found gorgeous oak floors underneath. I love the wood, but not the dust that comes with it.

  19. Gail Slagle says:

    We are getting new wood floors on Monday!!! Would love to win so I could try this out!

  20. Joyce Ward says:

    HI Diane,
    Your creative ideas are genius especially with this organized hidden closet- love it! Keep up the good work.

    I have never tried Swiffer, but could use it in my bathrooms and kitchen with two little ones ages 2 and 5.
    Thank you for the give away and Happy April Fool’s Day…..
    All the best,

  21. Karen Simon Peterson says:

    My kitchen could use a good Swiffering!

  22. Nancy Bohle says:

    My bedroom could use some Swiffering. My dog sleeps with me; need I say more? Dog hair everywhere!

  23. Margaret Langenberg says:

    Master bedroom and walk-in closet could definitely use some swiffering. And the kitchen would be a second choice. Great use of the unused space under the stairs.

  24. My kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms at home I that could use Swiffer. We also use these products at our school – they are great for quick clean up in the classrooms after lunch.

  25. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Hi Diane, My kitchen and bath could use swiffering the most. Thanks for the give away!

  26. My entry way! We have a willow tree with tiny leaves you can’t rake… they get tracked in all the time!

  27. Heike Woolard says:

    All my rooms need swiffereing. I have ceramic tiles in my whole house. Front door to back door. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, even the living room. We have 2 large rescue dogs and 6 rescue cats, so tiles were the best floor covering when we remodeled. Super easy clean up too. I have a Roomba also, his name is Rover. He does a great job, but I always Swiffer after he is done.
    Awesome giveaway, Would love to win this.

  28. Peggy Christopherson says:

    My kitchen and dining room always need need swiffering even though I swiffer them daily. My great buddy Charlie, 20 lbs of rescue dog sheds like crazy and is short haired! Love your blog. Think I’m going to copy your white kitchen. I live in Alaska where it is dark many months of the year and i like how bright and clean your kitchen is! Actually love your whole house! And i’ve gotta get my sewing room more organized next.

  29. Amanda Pennington says:

    How about the entire downstairs and 4 bathrooms that three little boys and their baby sister use? Nuff said!

  30. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Well, since I have 3 messy kids, every room could use a good “swiffering” most of the time! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  31. Every single room of my house! Thanks for the giveaway….

  32. Sarah Hall says:

    I could use the Swiffer products in my kitchen as it seems to catch the most dirt.

  33. The living room, kitchen and dining room.

  34. Pamela Fife says:

    My hallway is where the dust collects, every five minutes. My kitchen is a drop down kitchen, meaning you come down two steps into my kitchen. From my kitchen I can see the hallway/foyer at all times of the day as the light filters through the front door all the way down the hallway. The dust collects there and its been a thorn in my side from day one! I would love to have something to deal with it on a daily basis besides my hands and knees!!

    1. Pamela Fife says:

      Hey one more thing, you would of thought I had pets with all the dust bunnies in my hallway! With Easter fast approaching I’m fearful they will multiply like they always do!!

  35. Linda Spiegel says:

    ALL of my hardwood floors could use a little (actually a LOT) of Swiffering!!!

  36. I really like your new closet. I’ve never used a Swiffer but it sounds like a really neat product. My kitchen, den, bathroom, and laundry room could certainly use a good mopping.

  37. Jo @ Let's Face the Music says:

    Every room in my house needs Swiffering. I would love a new set. I must get busy hanging hooks to hold my Swiffers. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  38. My bedrooms and upstairs landing, now that I’ve yanked up more carpet to expose the 50-year-old hardwood. The beagle is doing her best to create dog hair tumbleweeds everywhere :D

  39. Floors and shelving always need swiffering!

  40. Dana Crowell says:

    So exciting for us cleaning feens! TY for the great opportunity!

  41. My restored wormy chestnut floors need Swiffering!!

  42. Karen Tucker says:

    I’ve been using Swiffer for years. I love them for my hard wood floors and would use them throughout my house. Love your new closet. What a great idea to store your cleaning supplies and also keep them hidden!

  43. Our kitchen and entry hall needs some swiffering. Swifter would make it super easy to get all the dog and cat hair that gathers in the corners. 3 large dogs and a long haired cat all losing their Winter coats means major fur balls around here right now!

  44. My kitchen could benefit the most from a swiffer. A great invention.

  45. I have wood floors throughout, a dog and three cats…my entire home needs Swiffering!!!! Most beneficial in the living room if I had to pick just one!

  46. My kitchen would benefit from the Swiffer-it would be used about 3 times a day!

  47. We have a dog and hardwood floors which means any room in our house needs Swiffering daily.

  48. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Gosh, I love your secret closet. My bedroom needs Swiffering big time! Over the doors, under the bed and the ceiling fan. Let’s not forget the baseboards!!!

  49. We’ve rescued 2 adorable “pitrador” (pit bull/labrador) puppies and they are 6 months old now and in to everything! They roll in the leaves and grass, carrying it back into the house with them! They spend most of their time in the living room and kitchen so I would have to say that both of those rooms need some swiffering!

  50. I have a beautiful Golden Retriever rescue and as beautiful as she is, her hair is a challenge in the house. I try to brush her every day, thinking less on her means less in the house. I would love to try the swifter in our tiled kitchen and family room since this is where the dog spends most of her time. Its probably a combined 600 square feet and i am curious how many pads i would have to go through to pick up the dog’s “tumbleweeds’! Thanks for this giveaway!

  51. My kitchen and my bathrooms could use some Swiffer attention.

  52. Carol Ezovski says:

    We just got new hardwood floors in every room but one, so they could all use some swiffering. I will say the master bedroom since it seems to need swiffering more than the others because of our pets, etc.

  53. Stacy Riddle says:

    I could use a Swiffer in every room of my house. We have a Golden Retriever mix who sheds constantly. There is dog hair everywhere!!!

  54. Hi, Diane,

    I’m envious of your great storage space.

    After seeing the number of people who have entered, I don’t have much hop. Everybody wants Swiffer prizes. You can see just from that, how popular they are!

    I could use it in EVERY room, but especially in the kitchen and bathroom to give the floors an easy wet mopping, and in the bedroom where my trusty shop vac just can’t go.

    I’m also trying to teach crochet in my home (one of my 4 jobs) and need something easy to give the living and dining room a quick once-over every morning.

    We have a big blowing dust problem in this area of Queens, NY. That and 2 cats equal problems that Swiffers are well-positioned to solve.

  55. I’m almost finished with my spring cleaning…and my home could use more swiffering due to my long haired kitty! Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  56. DonnaMarie says:

    The foam pad on my 15 year old Swiffer just crumbled! I have been using it on our kitchen, bathroom and hallway floors.

  57. I think my whole house could use some Swiffering! A new job has gotten me off my house cleaning game and a Swiffer package might help me get motivated! Thanks for opportunity Swiffer and Diane!

  58. It’s 18 years of making cleaning easier and fun!

  59. Connie Johnson says:

    I have ceramic tile in my kitchen, laundry and two bathrooms. I’d like to try the swiffers there to see how they work.

  60. We will be remodeling our kitchen next month so I would love to win some Swiffer products!

    Love your site and inspiration to get me moving and motivated to improve my house without spending a lot of money.

  61. Sherri S. says:

    My laundry room could use some differing love ? Thank you for this opportunity to win this great give away!


  62. I believe my whole house (hardwood) would benefit from a swiffer! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  63. I have never used Swiffer products but have thought about it often. Sometimes it’s just hard to try something new. I have a lot of hardwood and vinyl floors in addition to carpeting and pets (cats). I’d love to try the Swiffer products. Thanks for the give-away. By the way, I have the perfect and handy closet to keep them. Fingers crossed!

  64. Hi Diane,

    I would use the swifter on my ceramic tile floors every week. Love the idea of using a piece of wood and hooks to hang up all of your swiffers. I’m going to get moving and do this too.

  65. I bought my first Swiffer when I broke a knee cap in a car accident several years ago. As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate the Swiffers even more. My kitchen floor is the place that needs cleaning the most, especially with a toddler and soon-to-be-crawling twin grandkids!

  66. E Aelterman says:

    I love watching you remake your lake house!! #aspirations

    Sadly, every room in my home can use help from Swiffer, but my master bath could use it the most. This is the room where my daughter and I do our hair. We both have long hair and shed like cats. It’s scary bad!!!! Help us out Diane!

  67. I am so ENVIOUS of that closet and all the storage space! And it looks so good, too….as for my Swiffer needs here, it would be my laundry/entry way. Because of the parking situation around here, we and everybody else, pretty much enter through the laundry room, which has a half bath on one side and enters the kitchen on the other side. This laundry area also houses our two miniature Dachshunds….one long haired and one short haired….see where this is going? It needs all the “Swiffering” it can get! Thanks for the opportunity to win a big green box, Diane.

  68. My kitchen could use the Swiffer touch.

  69. Sun and dark furniture are the bain of my existence! Swiffer the dust away in every room of my home!

  70. I love your house and enjoy seeing how you are transforming it but most of all the view of the lake is out of this world!! Congratulation on finding such a gem :) I discovered Swiffer products a few years ago and love how they make my life simpler !! I have kids and a German Shepherd (need I mention the amount of hair this dog sheds?) and Swiffer makes it possible for me to keep my dinning/living room and kitchen clean. I would love to try some of their new products..

  71. My living room could use Swiffering.

  72. Lots of tile in my home, so a swiffer would be very helpful on those floors. Thank you for the giveaway!

  73. I would LOVE a swifter box! We just remodeled our laundry room and there is dust everywhere and on EVERYthing! I love swift products and could get everything here back to normal! Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Oh, Diane, Green is my favorite color, and I always envy those families on TV that get the green boxes at their front door. Love the way you have stored your Swiffer cleaning products.. I , like a lot of others, would use them ALL over the house. Thanks for making this available.

  75. I have never used a Swiffer and I would love to try it on my downstairs floors which include tile and hardwood. My powder room, foyer, kitchen, hallway and laundry room would definitely benefit from using Swiffers from what you are saying.
    Thanks for the chance to win and – I love what you’ve done to your beautiful home!

  76. Susan Freeman says:

    Woo Hoo! Your mom reminds me of my wonderful mother. She was fun, thoughtful and well, in my opinion amazing! Miss her daily.

    Like swiffer stuff too. Converted my kiddos to the swiffer too!

  77. Louise Errante says:

    Hi! I’ve never owned a Swifter but the commercial with the kids & dogs is definitely my house! Every time I see the commercial, I tell my husband “we should get this”. It would certainly control the extra “dog” we seem to get every 3-4 days (enough dog hair to make another dog!). Thank you for this!!

    1. Louise Errante says:

      **Swiffer…auto correct…lol

  78. I have almost all of the Swiffer products and use them in every room in our home. But until I saw your photos, there’s one place I never thought to use a Swiffer: on the windows! We have six ceiling-to-floor French doors and they very much need help from a Swiffer. Yea! to no more water running down my arms while washing the outside of the windows.

  79. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    I would love another Swiffer…and, man, I guess I would start in my studio…hard wood and dust “rhinos” galore (those are the larger versions of the infamous bunnies)!

  80. Chris Wickham says:

    Just about everywhere! The majority of my floors are wood or tile so they would be awesome. Maybe I could get my teenage girls to help clean the floors more often with a swiffer!

  81. Anne marie says:

    My craft room needs this swiffer – there is always pieces of thread, fabric etc on the floor – remains of whatever project I am working on!

  82. What a great closet. I would use a swiffer to keep up with the dogs shedding and muddy paw prints. My mom also loves to come bearing gifts and I love to do the same for my kids!

  83. Sharon Warren says:

    Oh my what a great post! I’m looking thru my house to see where I could create a cleaning closet! I love the stiffer products and my biggest need is in the kitchen/ family room area. We have a very big, very hairy Labrador retriever that loves to share the hair.

  84. Like most of thecommenters, I could and would use Swiffer everywhere but it would be especially handy in the high traffic areas like the living room that has hardwood flooring and the back entry that has ceramic tile.

    I have to say that I’m captivated by your blog and I love your ingenuity. It’s also refreshing to me that you look for good prices and ways to re-use items. You’ve inspired me to paint my kitchen cabinets but that inspiration may turn to cursing before I’ve finished!LOL

    Thank you for the chance and happy diy!

  85. Connie McGhee says:

    New area in basement redone for living space for elderly disabled family member. Frequent floor cleaning needed. I had to smile reading about your mother, made me think of my own. She also always came bearing gifts.

  86. Love your Under The Stairs Cleaning Closet!! Wish I had some stairs so I could do the same thing. What room needs swiffering? Ha…. EVERY room in my house!

  87. Lois Tipton says:

    I have used Swifter products for years and love them, but now that we have our house on the market I need more of them to keep handy in several areas of the house so I can do a quick dusting of furniture, floors, etc. when we have a last minute call to show the house to prospective buyers. It would be so much quicker to have them in several areas instead of having to run to the laundry room where I now have them stored. We live on a lake with lots of trees and pollen so dusting is almost a daily chore…if I know someone is coming in.

    I would also like to know how to get the big green gift box of Swifter products. I would like to leave one for the new owners…whenever that day comes.

  88. My house has hardwoods throughout. A green box would be very welcome. Thanks to you for a great giveaway!

  89. I had a swifter once, my son took it to college and it never returned! I could use another, everywhere. Our new house has more light, dirt shows up sooner!

  90. Helena Dias says:

    These products are very versatile. I would use them in every room of the house.

  91. Michele D says:

    I am so lucky that my youngest daughter loves Swiffer. Our living room with shelves and a mantel and an entertainment center. Plus the hardwood floors. Your closet looks great.

  92. EVERY room could use swiffering! In the middle of kitchen reno which is also in the middle of the house. Dust everywhere all the time! Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. Ruth Anne says:

    Swiffer products would find a good home here! I’d use them in the kitchen, front hall, powder room, and laundry room, all of which are on the first floor. They’d make cleaning these areas a breeze!

  94. Dina Casino says:

    My running joke at my house is that the dust gives everything that aged antique feel. I love swifter products! My old farmhouse seems in constant dust bowl state. I’ve even consider changing the polish to a matte fiinish to match the areas where dust has dulled down the shine. Swifter is my goto source for a quick fresh pick me up. I save so much time leaving the broom and mop behind. Swifter gives me instant statisfaction with a clean shine and fresh scent to my 5 miunte hurry and get it done chore. I’m dreaming of a clutter free closet where all my supplies are in once place. Fantastic job!

  95. Hardwood floors throughout first floor……….

  96. I LOVE SWIFFER. I use them daily to dust and on floors. They do such a great job and quickly.
    Oops…just noticed my ceiling fan is turning gray! Time to swiffer it.

    Diane, your closet is great and your kitchen is beautiful. So happy for you. I know you are glad it’s finished. Hope you and Ed have many years of enjoyment in your lovely home.

  97. I think Swiffer products would be perfect for a major dusting project I need to undertake – a long hallway wall of framed photographs covered in dust from a bathroom renovation. Must. Stop. Procrastinating…

  98. Melissa Davis says:

    I would use a Swiffer in my office . I am bad about eating snacks while on the computer . I am always finding
    popcorn under my desk !

  99. Denise McDonald says:

    That “blinged out” Swiffer is fabulous! I love Swiffer’s products – actually tossed out my old mop and mop bucket this winter during a clear out. What room couldn’t use some “Swiffering” at my house : )
    Your lake house looks amazing and I enjoy reading all the blog updates!

  100. Hi Diane:
    We mainly use our back door that comes in from the detached garage. I take my shoes off, but my husband, son and dog do not so it tracks everything in from the garage, and patio right into the family room and kitchen. I love my swifter, and could really use some refills.
    Thanks for the idea of putting up a board and then hooks to hold the swifters, I store mine in the laundry room and could easily do that.

  101. Amanda Smith says:

    My bathroom could use swiffering. I have long hair and every time I brush it, long strands inevitably end up on the floor!

  102. We just installed new hardwood floors throughout our first floor. We’d use the swiffer in the whole area….kitchen, living room, foyer, dining area and study.

  103. Any room in my home could use a good Swiffering! My kitchen probably needs it the most since it gets most of the traffic.

  104. I would love to get a Swiffer to use on my floors. I have the extendable dust pole and absolutely love it!!! Makes cleaning so much easier and faster.

  105. Connie Nikiforoff says:

    Why I’d LOVE to win the Swiffer Giveaway:

    1. Three dogs + a black laminate dining/kitchen floor + sunlight that streams across the floor every afternoon = A Daily Need for Swiffering the floor. (I also Swiffer the hardwood in the bedrooms.)

    2. One black grand piano in the LR + daily sunlight = A Daily Need for the hand-held Swiffer duster.

    Yup…me and my Swiffers are pretty good friends :-)

  106. I need to stiffer under my bed. I think there are dust bunnies hiding in the middle of the floor. I love using the wet swifter in my bathroom. So quick to get the dust and fuzz up and gone. Smiles

  107. Carla from Kansas says:

    Hi Diane,

    I can’t believe Swiffer is 18 years old!!! I now live in a house with all hardwoods and I have 2 cats so Swiffer is definitely needed all over my home! Thanks for the giveaway.


  108. Debra Bartels says:

    I live in dusty Vegas so just about all my rooms needs a little swiffering. Thanks for sharing all your DIY knowledge with us.

  109. Jane Conheady says:

    So I must be living under a rock! I have always wanted to swiffer but I thought you couldn’t swiffer on hard woods!!! After reading these comments it sounds like I got it all wrong!! Yikes!!! I need to swiffer under my entertainment center cause it’s looking Really, really bad where it doesn’t touch the floor. I usually try to rig up something to slide under to dust it. I should post a before & after!

  110. My husband always forgets to take his shoes off when he comes into the house (sometimes wearing his gardening clogs through the rooms), so the whole house would benefit!!!!

  111. I would use it today to dust a shelving unit that holds lots of collectibles that are hard to dust the “traditional” way.

  112. I so need Swiffering in my kitchen and attached dining area. That’s where my dog comes in after doing her business outside AND there is an outdoor neighborhood cat that comes in daily just to look around and make his presence known. Always muddy paw prints and hair …..

  113. I use Swiffer in laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms – love it! Could certainly use more!! Thanks Diane!

  114. Can you believe I have NEVER used a Swiffer?! I have wood floors in our living room with 2 cats and adults who shed almost as much as the cats! lol…. I would love to try out any of the products!!!!!

    P.S. I wish you were my neighbor….I would love to get your insights on things to do with my house. You are AMAZING!!!!

  115. Can’t select just one room-my entire first floor & up the stairs & the upstairs hallway all have hardwood floors. Swiffers are the BEST when it comes to the day to day cleaning of these floors. I’m a ‘come the party late’ convert to Swiffers. My assortment is growing. We are getting ready to build a new house and there will be no carpet. Swiffer will take over my new abode!

  116. Kathleen Wadsworth says:

    OF COURSE, my house is always sparkling… not.
    I NEED to Swiffer often and MORE often. I live in the Salinas Valley of California, (The Salad Bowl of the World), and it is always dusty because of the constant field work that goes on here. Did I mention that the wind blows a lot because of the coast. So this creates a dusty mess! I would appreciate more Swiffer products so that I can try and stay on top of it!
    Love your blog by the way!!

  117. patty reed-pederson says:

    I Swiffer at home and the office. I work in a hospital pharmacy and we have to do most of our own office cleaning. I order in Swiffer products that I have used at home and love.

  118. Linda Lane says:

    Wow, Diane that closet looks like a Swifter Paradise!
    I could use something that can get all the pesky spider
    webs that collect way up high on my vaulted ceiling Windows.
    And, my hardwood flooring could use some Swifter magic!

  119. Definitely the hardwood floor in the living and dining rooms. Love Swiffer!

  120. I think every room in my house could use some swiffering. If it doesn’t have a hard surface floor, it still has lots of wild dust-bunnies that need taming!

  121. My kitchen and dining room could you a swiffering. I have never owned a swifter. I have always wanted too but just wasn’t in my budget.

  122. Definitely my kitchen! But someday my whole house, as I plan on replacing my carpet with some type of hardwood in the future! Then I’m going to have to buy stock in Swiffer! All their products are amazing!

  123. I love Swiffer products! My hall and dining room hardwood floors could definitely use some help with a Swiffer.

  124. Marty Walsh says:

    Our golden retriever and long haired cat leave little puffs of fluff throughout the house. I’d use the swiffer most on our laminate in the kitchen, family room and home office.

  125. two dogs who refuse to wipe their paws, two grandsons who remove shoes but forget they are covered in mud, one husband who is oblivious to the dirt on the floor (needs cataract surgery!), and my floors are begging to be swiffered,everywhere!

  126. Christy C says:

    Like you, we have a lake house we are remodeling a room at a time. It’s lots of hard work but worth the effort. I could use a swifter in every room of our house.

  127. Linda Schombert says:

    My cherry family room floor is crying out for more Swiffer products! Please help me>>>

  128. Jessica To says:

    I could really use a Swiffer in my dining room and kitchen!

  129. pat DonBrosky says:

    I LOVE my swiffer , especially for using on the walls and ceilings. Just this morning I noticed (looking up from my bed!) that the ceiling needed a visit!

  130. Judy Wright says:

    I LOVE Swiffer products! I could really use the wet mop. And also another dry one to keep one on each end of our long house. We have lots of hardwoods, and also ceiling fans. These products would make life much easier! AND I love your innovative closet-under-the-stairs! What a fabulous idea!

  131. Jan Flood says:

    Gone are the days of shiny hardwood floors and crown molding. We are halfway through renovating an old barn – and have hit a dead end. Unexpected medical problem caused some backlog, we are still living with concrete floors, 15′ ceilings, lots of originality retained that attracts dog and cat hair like a magnet, the breeze blows through with dust from the pastures. It’s a never ending chore to keep it “healthy”. Some swiffer magic would be a big help.

  132. Linda Manuel says:

    Oh my. My kitchen floor could sure use some help! And those hard to reach shelves in my living room! How nice it would be to get some more Swiffer products!

  133. Who doesn’t love Swiffer?? I sure do! I don’t need a blinged-out one, but it would make cleaning a bit more fun!
    My family room needs a good Swiffering with its hard-wood floors and all of the wooden tables, plus a dusty fireplace mantel. Bring it on green box!

  134. Oh my kitty hair, my wooden blinds and crown mouldings could use a good swing Swiffering….. their kitty hairs seem to migrate everywhere :)

  135. Debbie Goss says:

    I use stiffer products a lot, but my kitchen could definitely use it now.

  136. My whole house does! We have hardwoods and dogs – so needing daily swiffering :)

  137. I absolutely love that closet!! My dining room could use a good swiffering – both the floor and all the frames in my gallery wall!

  138. My stairwell seems to gather dust……..so I think that would be a great place to Swiffer!

  139. My kitchen and baths are in sore need of a Swiffering!

  140. I would love the “green box” for my downstair’s floors! :-)

  141. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,

    Your closet looks so organized! I would use the Swiffer in our family room : )

    Have a great day!

  142. April Fletcher says:

    This product sounds perfect for my living area! I seem to have a lot of dust.

  143. My living room/kitchen is one giant room and is in constant need of a good Swiffer session!

  144. Carol Lattaro says:

    My kitchen! “Stuff” seems to ooze from every pore of the wood floor, and a pair of resident very “sheddy” kitties just adds to the fun.

  145. I would definitely use this in my living room!

  146. Christy H says:

    My kitchen/family room area could use a Swiffer every.single.day.

  147. Debby Heermann says:

    I would love to Swiffer my living room floors. A vacuum cleaner isn’t just right. A Swiffer would be!

  148. Kim Henrichs says:

    My kitchen would LOVE the green box of joy!!

  149. Barb Downing says:

    I love Swiffers! My kitchen could use a good Swiffering right now!

  150. Swiffering is a daily event in my house, but especially in the kitchen. Love these products!

  151. I use Swiffer products all around the house! On hardwood floors & staircases to pickup pesky dog hair, in the kitchen and bathrooms to clean the floor and I use them to dust all over the house. I keep separate handles of the dusters on each floor quick dusting. I’d be lost without them!

  152. I would use the swifter on my hardwood floors and tile floors throughout the house. A constantly shedding Corgi keeps me busy!

  153. My whole house is hard wood floors and with 3 cats and 2 small dogs, I cannot keep up with the tufts of fur every day! sometimes I think they are like tumbleweeds. My back is not good anymore and getting the vacs out are not easy.
    Would love to try these tools.

  154. Hi Diane, would love to use swifter EVERY WHERE!!!! Our beautiful golden helps keep me busy doing floors! Have a great day!

  155. Christi Moon says:

    Kitchen and living room

  156. Beverly W says:

    My kitchen would be the area of my home that I would use the Swiffer. Sometimes I don’t need to bring our my mop and bucket and a Swiffer would do the job for the smaller clean ups!

  157. My kitchen…. always the kitchen floor. Between the cats, kids, and hubby, my kitchen floor is always messy.

  158. Linda Weeks says:

    Hi, Diane! I love that you have a handy closet near the front door for all these things! That is a great use of the space!
    I have this cork floor in my kitchen (I fell in love with the idea of a sustainably harvested material for our kitchen) but cleaning it isn’t always convenient… I usually get on hands and knees to wipe up the spots and cat fuzz! Easy to vacuum, but the mopping, not so much.
    I just love your new home!

  159. I’m a stroke survivor leaving half my body paralyzed, but did not stop me from doing chores, but no vaccuming for me, too heavy to drag around the house. we decided to remove carpeting and installed tile/wood floors instead. With 2 dogs that constantly shed, swiffer was my ultimate cleaning tool, easy to manuever and light for a handicapped like me.

  160. Joanne Wright says:

    Love your blog and ideas!

    I would use Swiffer products to clean my ceiling fan blades and hardwood floors!

  161. The living room/kitchen area. The crumbs and pet fur are out of control!

  162. mary k heicher says:

    My living room is cat fur and dust heaven.
    I use a Swiffer duster for all my ceiling fans.
    I live in Florida, where sand travels all on it’s own.
    Even with the doors and windows closed it still finds cracks to sneak in through.
    The wet mop Swiffer works wonderfully at collecting it.

  163. Ooh, your secret closet is super useful – well done. I would swiffer our open plan kitchen and sitting room. We have wood floors and two dogs, so the floor is often covered with dog hair! I love using Swiffer products, they are so easy! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  164. Deb Wostmann says:

    I would have to use my Swiffer in my kitchen and dining room to gather up the dog hair. I have a Golden girl named Reese and foster puppy named Buddy right now and boy oh boy do I have fur flying.

  165. Hi, I love reading your blog. Lots of great ideas. I use swiffer products all the time. My favorite place to use them is the mud room. Always a mess cause we live in the mountains and haven’t done landscape since we moved in yet. Thank you and keep up the great blog.


  166. Patty Jensen says:

    I love, love, love your hidden closet! Begging my brother to do one for me at my new house. Speaking of new house leads to moving and moving leads to unbelievable messes. So many tiny things to do to get my “old” house ready for selling. So much dust from everyday living and drywall dust and mud from the outdoors…………..not only do all the floors and furniture need “swiffering”, but the walls will need a “swiffering”, too. I would need several Swiffers and a truck load of refills!!

  167. JudyCinNC says:

    Our living room, dining room, and office are one long room, that’where I would begin. We have hardwoods and area rugs in this space. Sign me to win this one.. I really need it. JudyC

  168. I have a white German Shepard and my wood floors need perpetual “swiffering”. Also in the process of putting a bathroom cleaning kit together for my grandkids to take over the cleaning of their bathroom and it will include Swiffer products…hmmm…maybe I need to wait till after the drawing…thanks Diane for all your great posts…I have learned so much from you!!!

  169. I can never seem to stay on top of cleaning and need for all my rooms but would love to use in my open concept house so my kitchen great room and dining area can go from being one big dusty area top one big clean area!

  170. Love what you’ve done by enclosing the stairway. It looks like it was always meant to be that way! You and your husband are a terrific team!

    I anticipate that we will soon be removing the carpeting in our living/dining rooms and restoring the nearly one hundred year old wood floors. I think swiffer tools would just be the cat’s meow for this area!

  171. Kathy A. Whalen says:

    I would love to be able to give this to my daughter who just purchased her first home. She has a puppy and lots of hard wood floors.

  172. I have a pooch so I could use a Swiffer under my cupboard in our hallway where the hairy tumbleweeds gather! Love Swiffer!!

  173. Er… um… ahem… every room in my house needs to be swiffered. We have a black lab who sheds like its her job! Love your posts and especially this wonderful room under the stairs. It looks like it’s always been there, which is the sign of a pro!

  174. Chrystal Younger says:

    My new house has mostly carpet right now. But the Kitchen, foyer and hall could use a good swiffer!

  175. Brandi Niemeier says:

    Love this post! Thank you!
    I have two boys – ages 4 and 5…and, WOW!, are they messy. I would use the Swiffer products in my entry area near the front door, where they shed their dirty shoes and clothes. Shoes and clothes are easy enough (usually!) to throw in the washer. I need a DIRT MAGNET for the floor and the places they touch with their grimy hands!

  176. The bathrooms – every day!

  177. I always use my Swiffer to clean my kitchen floor! Would love winning some Swiffer products. Swiffer sure has made life easier . Would love to have a utility closet like yours. Everything so accessible and neat. Great use of that space!

  178. Lots of dust here in the country. I would Swiffer my den floors.

  179. kathy scott says:

    Your closet is awesome and so organized. As for Swifter, OMG I love the Swifter products. Dog hair is never an issue now that I’ve been using them. Our family room always needs a little Swiftering!!

  180. Linda Carfagnini says:

    Love ❤️ love ❤️ love swiffering!
    My ceramic kitchen floor sure could use a jazzed up swiffering!
    Love your hidden closet!

  181. In our newly remodeled guest room.

  182. Maree Sperle says:

    Definitely the kitchen! My cleaning day is Monday where I use a vacuum cleaner for all the floors but every other day I use a swiffer to clean up every day messes.

  183. D JOY GWILLIAM says:

    What a smart idea to use that space!. I could use the swiffer everywhere as I have to cats that constantly shed!

  184. Jeane Gallo says:

    My living room could use some swiffering today. We are painting and just sanded all the spots that had been filled in with spackle.

    A good day for a swiffer if there ever was one!

  185. Christine says:

    Oh Diane! What an awesome way to use the new storage space!
    I can’t believe Swiffer is 18!! I use them in every room but find them especially useful in my combo family room/office/dining room/kitchen. It’s one huge room all with laminate flooring…..and always seems to need a quick cleaning.
    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  186. Carolyn W. says:

    I have wood everywhere, so swiffering (can that be a word?!) is a dance I do often! Makes keeping things dust-free a breeze!

  187. We put in wood floors in 2015 and we have now become Swiffer-crazed at our house! We live in the country and the amount of dust and stuff is enormous and sweeping never ending. My husband is retired and spends much time keeping our floors clean. He could use the blinged-out Swiffer for a little added excitement! :)

  188. What room couldn’t use it?! ;) The one that could use it the most is the living room.

  189. Anne Williams says:

    Hi Diane, love your blog!
    Certainly my kitchen and bathroom would be priorities, but I’d swiffer all over my fake-wood floored house! Floors are the hardest for me to get to, and I haven’t tried a swiffer.

  190. Lou Clifton says:

    I would use a swiffer in my family room and kitchen. We have 2 beagles and 2 cats and they shed alot this time of the year. Love you’re foyer