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What You Can Store in a Hidden Closet Under a Staircase

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Last month I revealed how Ed and I enclosed the area under the open staircase in our foyer with a hidden door to create a closet. What I didn’t show you was what we store inside the new closet under the staircase.

organizing storage in a closet under staircase

I am revealing it today to help celebrate the 18th birthday of Swiffer.  You read that right, Swiffer, the newfangled mop that swept the nation by storm in 1999 is 18 years old.

closet under staircase storage ideas

My new closet is where I keep my cleaning tools. I used to store them in my laundry closet, but they were hard to get to. I moved them to the new hidden closet where they are very easy to grab when needed.

Do you remember the humorous Swiffer commercials back in 1999?  I do… and more about when Swiffer came into homes across the nation.

I probably have a more vivid memory of the launch than most of us because I remember my mom who loved to bring my siblings and I gifts and goodies when she visited bought me a Swiffer when they first came out on the market. I fondly remember her walking into my house pushing a Swiffer along the floor and doing a little dance. She thought it was the best cleaning invention ever.

Dancing with a Swiffer
(Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Swiffer/AP Images)

She loved to dance and would have enjoyed attending the 18th birthday bash in NYC earlier this month where Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiv danced with a blinged-out Swiffer.

closet under the staircase storage ideas

Blinged out Swiffers are one of a kind, but over the past 18 years Swiffer has added more products to their line. All of them make cleaning floors and more… easy and even fun.

To organize the cleaning tools in my closet I attached a painted board horizontally to the wall and added hooks along it to hang my cleaning tools.

Swiffer mops in a hidden closet

Swiffer handles were designed to be hung to make storing a breeze.

Storage ideas in a hidden closet

On the wall to the left of the closet door I placed an old shelving unit with a broken back to hold refills for the mops, vac and dusters.  We also created a charging station on the two lower shelves to charge all the batteries for all our cordless tools.

closet under the staircase storage ideas

One is for the Swiffer Vac.

closet Under the staircase storage ideas

On the right side of the closet is where I have my ironing board, vacuum and broom. I use the broom outside to sweep my front porch. The turquoise desk and saddle-holding horse are being stored here until my daughters have room in their own homes for them.

Looks like the top of the desk could use a little Swiffering. :-)

If you would like to see how we created this closet you can find all the details in this post: How To Add a Closet Under a Staircase With a Hidden Door

Swiffer mop

I may not put my dancing shoes on when I clean, but I do love that with Swiffer, you can live in a clean house without spending your life cleaning it. I also love how easily I can store all my Swiffer’s in my closet under the staircase.

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  1. I have wood everywhere, so swiffering (can that be a word?!) is a dance I do often! Makes keeping things dust-free a breeze!

  2. We put in wood floors in 2015 and we have now become Swiffer-crazed at our house! We live in the country and the amount of dust and stuff is enormous and sweeping never ending. My husband is retired and spends much time keeping our floors clean. He could use the blinged-out Swiffer for a little added excitement! :)

  3. Hi Diane, love your blog!
    Certainly my kitchen and bathroom would be priorities, but I’d swiffer all over my fake-wood floored house! Floors are the hardest for me to get to, and I haven’t tried a swiffer.

  4. I would use a swiffer in my family room and kitchen. We have 2 beagles and 2 cats and they shed alot this time of the year. Love you’re foyer