How to Apply Textured Wallpaper to a Dining Area

Sharing how I used the textured wallpaper called Anaglypta to cover a damaged wall in my kitchen dining area.

With the cooking side of the kitchen makeover complete, it was time to finally come to a decision on how to cover the rough and damaged wall surface in the dining area that was covered in painted wallpaper that was so old and dry it was cracking.

Hydrangeas on kitchen table agains white textured wallpaper

It has looked like this since the day we moved into the house a year and a half ago when I ripped off 2 pieces of the painted over wallpaper to see what was under it and found nothing good.


Here is a photo that shows the other section of wallpaper I ripped off. I knew I could not just paint the wall, it was going to need stripping and then something that would hide the uneven surface. I wanted to think on it and just let it be until I figured out what I wanted to do with the wall.

How to hide a damaged wall surface

If I had a big budget and skills, we could have ripped out the sheetrock and replaced it, but that was not going to happen.  I thought of board and batten and other wood treatments like shiplap, but I felt they may be too much for the small space. I am going after an open, clean and easy breezy feel.

The old wallpaper came off easily, getting all the old-fashioned wheat paste off took effort though.

What Is Anaglypta Wallpaper?

Anaglypta wallpaper is a paintable embossed wallpaper that has a permanent raised design. It is made from paper or vinyl. It is always white so that you can paint or stain it any color you want. The designs run from florals to geometric and many other classic patterns.

The thickness of the paper and raised design is what make it a good choice when you need to hide wall imperfections. 

Anaglypta textured wallpaper hanging tips

After many months, I finally decided to go with an understated pattern of Anaglypta that I found online at Home Depot and Wayfair. I did a search for inexpensive grass cloth and it came up.


It is called Brooke Paintable Anaglypta and when it arrived it was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a little more than one roll, so I bought two rolls. I have leftover so you may be seeing me use it somewhere else in the house. :-)

A paint and glaze mix look especially nice where the color lays in the recessed areas bringing out the texture in the design.

White kitchen decorating ideas

When using white in a space, having different sheen’s and textures of the color adds interest. I like the mix… seeing the high shine of the painted Carrara marble countertop against the matte texture of the wallpaper and the semi-gloss sheen on the window trim.

White kitchen with white burlap textured wallpaper

The wallpaper can be painted once. I figured if I want to add color in the future, I can paint it then.

Paintable Textured Wallpaper for a Hampton's Chic decorated kitchen

So goodbye off-white cracking wallpaper and hello bright and white.

Wallpapering Tips When Hanging Textured Wallpaper or Anaglypta

How to hang textured Anaglypta wallpapering steps

The process to hang textured wallpaper is mostly the same as hanging regular vinyl wallpaper except for a few important differences.  Knowing these before starting will ensure you have Anaglypta textured wallpaper hanging success.

Anaglypta textured wallpaper hanging tips
  • The paper is not pre-pasted. You will need to lay out each sheet after you cut it to size and brush on wallpaper adhesive that is made for hanging thick papers. I placed a long piece of plywood on my kitchen table to do this.
Textured wallpaper anaglypta hanging tips
  • You also need to brush the wallpaper adhesive on the walls before hanging.
Textured wallpaper hanging tips for project success
  • You need to “book the paper” by folding the length onto itself so adhesive sides are together for at least 10 minutes. Be patient.
  • When smoothing the paper out with a wallpaper brush to get rid of air bubbles and creases, you have to be gentle or you will flatten the raised texture in the paper.
  • Remove excess paste on the surface of the wallpaper with a damp sponge right after you hang each piece.
Textured wallpaper hanging tips
  • Use a long straight edge and super sharp craft knife blade to trim excess paper. I waited to trim when the paper was dry. Change the knife blade frequently. A dull blade will shred the edge of the paper.
Paintable Textured Wallpaper in Kitchen

Have to ever hung textured wall coverings?  Any tips to add?

Now that this project is done, the first floor of my house has been updated with lots of white paint and DIY’ed to fit my style.

In this space I painted the ceiling fan without removing it, painted the brown trim white and made white drapes for the sliding glass doors.

Add interest to a room's decor by using a textured wallpaper called Anaglypta. Interior decorating idea that an easy way to disguise wall surface imperfections. Wallcovering tips and tricks for paper hanging success.

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  12. Turning ordinary into extraordinary seems to be a recurring theme of your blog! You bring unique things and ideas on the table and the astonishing thing is I like each one of them. I never would have thought of using anaglypta like you have. Great work as always! You are an inspiration to interior decorators!

  13. Rose marie says:

    I adore it, all the distinctive surfaces look extraordinary together. Anticipating seeing all the shading flying up ! FYI you require cording for the pads i have a ton!!

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    You are so creative! I love how soft the wallpaper looks too! How did you come up with this idea?

  15. Hey Diane! Thanks for your such a wonderful tutorial. I just loved all the work you did so brilliantly. People like you are an inspiration to so many people like me. Keep up the great work. xx
    Kate | Julian Charles Discount Codes

  16. Bedroom wall decor says:

    Awesome…You put the great image ideas for textured wallpaper, I love it and keep up sharing your great ideas.

  17. I’m glad that wallpaper is making a comeback. It’s not that bad after all. Reading your posts makes me want to get out my step ladder and start cleaning some walls for a makeover

  18. Gorgeous! I love the result. :) And thanks for the tutorial on how to hang it! Hanging wallpaper still seems intimidating, though…
    I have to ask: why didn’t you just skim coat the walls with joint compound, then sand it smooth? I had to do that in my bedroom to hide the very damaged plaster walls that were covered in thick, THICK ’70s panelling glue. Now it looks nearly flawless, and the glue was probably 1/8″ thick. Of course, I personally like the texture your new wallpaper adds, just curious why you didn’t go down this route – you’re certainly talented enough. :)

  19. i read 25 bloggers today i think i started at home goods yesterday[I work full time but have 2 0r 3 days off in a row}because i was interested in summer living. Then i started looking at craft rooms, Some of the notes i wrote beside their names were,”too much stuff”, “uptight”, “childish”, “junky” and “Boring”. Outside of your name i wrote down & circled 5 things I wanted to go back and read. Bath makeover,gift wrap top dresser makeover, how to make a fake transom, How a transformed a coat closet in a pantry into a pantry,how to make a gallery wall, but that was 6 hours ago, and I have kept reading because i find you interesting, i just finished parts 1,2,&3 of why you started,even down to the detail of what camera you like and how you make money. I hope my 6 hours of reading have paid off. I certainly did not get anything done but walked Zoe, my 7yr old Yorkie-Poo every 4 hours! but my knee was aching from delivering so many babies in APRIL that I had decided to skip the gym anyway. My husband of 40 years is home now,so Good-Bye and it was nice “meeting” you. I am remodeling my home my family built for me for mother’s day 1999. In Ocean colors. I live on St Andrew’s Sound, on the land side of the golden isles.

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  23. mary heicher says:

    Hey Diane, I love Anaglypta. My best friend and I did a total redecoration on an art gallery we were opening, and used this on the ceilings. The pattern looked like an old copper tile, so we painted it copper, then tarnished it with shades of green and turquoise paint, it was a lot of work, but we laughed and had a wonderful time doing it. Thanks for a trip down memory lane :)

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  25. Beautiful! and you must be so pleased to no longer have to look at those unfinished walls!!!

  26. Been papering for years. Always use short nap paint roller to apply paste to paper. Smooth out paper with large plastic or soft foam smoother, no tears or nicks.
    Love the look.

  27. Diane | An Extraordinary Day says:

    Fabulous!! Your patience truly paid off, Diane!

    When I was a teen my mother decided she hated the paneled wall in one room. Maybe you remember that people used to add paneling to a room to update it (maybe like our current ship lap?) She didn’t want to paint it, so she applied sheets that had been torn into strips to the paneling and then applied a wallpaper that looked very similar to what you chose. It held up really well and looked great for a long time. It really gave her walls in that room a nice look. But, it was a lot of work.

    I love how everything is coming together!!

  28. Lorraine Thomas says:

    Your website ‘gives me life’, as my granddaughter would say. Exquisite!!!

  29. This is perfect for a bathroom I have that is in need of help. Your breakfast room looks super…anxious to see your pops of color! Thanks for the info Diane! ;)

  30. MarianneB says:

    Looks incredible!! Such a cohesive flair you have Diane!! And I don’t know if you did this project but the herringbone-ish wood floor is to die for!! I too love the look of grass cloth wallpaper—do you have an opinion on how it would hold up in a very high traffic area?( hallway). Thanks!

  31. Gail Vernali says:

    I love it, all the different textures look great together. Looking forward to seeing all the color popping up ! FYI you need cording for the cushions i have a ton!!

  32. Pamela Reid says:

    Hi Diane
    I used something very similar to this, but a little more grassclothy ( ? spelling) looking. I painted it a deeper colour than what I wanted (using a deeper colour on the paint sample card) and then dragged paper towel over it to remove the bulk of it. It turned out marvellously, giving 2 complimentary shades on the wallpaper. I then hung it on the walls. Nothing but compliments when I hung it! Just thought I would pass this info on if you wanted to try it on some dry wallpaper before attempting it on your pre-papered walls

  33. Looks great and I love this type of texture wallpaper. Your home is looking amazing.

  34. Linda Weeks says:

    I actually have a roll of very ornate anaglypta but haven’t had the nerve to try it on the actual wall; I did try it on a chest of drawers, but decided against it after I got it on and painted! I couldn’t figure out how to clean up the edges once it was on the furniture, so it was easier to just remove! Now, I might actually try some on a wall! Love your house and all the smart ways you have of fixing it up just so!

  35. Wow. You just tackle each project brilliantly. I am living my dream of lake life through your blog. Maybe one day…

  36. I really like the wallpaper, but I love your hardwood floors. Whoever put those down was a real craftsman. How do you protect those beautiful floors from scraps caused by moving furniture, chairs, etc?

  37. Elaine Williams says:

    I love this wallpaper! Ingenious way to hide imperfections. I can’t wait to see what ‘pop’ you are going to add. Beautiful house. I am so envious of your beautiful flowers! ;-)

  38. We used something very similar to this in our former home. The walls were 9’4″ tall and underneath was paneling. Of course because there was a seam ( added at the top to to go the tall height), we had to hide it and the paneling ‘grooves’ somehow in the large room. The wallpaper was the trick. ;-)

    Diane, I just love your approach to redecorating and restyling! It’s a lot like what I do too….on a rather limited budget. I call my ‘style’ “Decorating with paint, a prayer and fabric”. LOL

    So enjoy your blog and seeing all your changes to your wonderful home.

  39. Thanks for the information, Diane….I will absolutely keep this in mind for future projects! I was wondering though, since this is paper, does it have a tendency to shrink at all when it dries? Do you butt the seams or slightly overlap them? Love how the lake house is coming along, and your hydrangea blooms are beautiful!

  40. Diane, I am definitely going to try this wallpaper. Everything you do is beautiful. If you haven’t already got your fabric, check out All About Fabrics. See the comment under your Painted Glass Vase. I got Waverly Outdoor bright tropical print for about $4/ yard. They are open in May, only this Thursday-Friday-Saturday.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patricia – Since you told me about All About Fabrics I put it on my calendar. I plan to go this weekend!!! I hope I find lots of colorful bargains.

  41. patty reed-pederson says:

    awesome once again. I see you adding a color not too far off in the future. : )
    P.S. Loved the book, thanks again!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Patty – I am excited to add some color pops all around. So happy you enjoyed the book. :-)