Gifts For Moms & Grads This May

We all know December is the busiest gift giving season, but May and June are not far behind what with Mother’s Day, Graduations, Teacher Appreciation, Father’s Day, and Bridal gifts to give. If you have one or more gifts to give this season and are looking for affordable ideas, I am sharing a few with you today.

Gift giving ideas for Moms, Dads, Grads, Brides, Teachers and more

These gift ideas all started when my brain went into creative mode when I found this piece of wall decor with a trio of glasses attached on clearance at the craft store. It was kind of a Mother’s Day gift from “me-to-me”.

(I looked for one online to link to for you, but didn’t find any.)

Versa-Chalk-Chalkboard-Markers make great gifts

You know I enjoy expressing myself on chalkboards around my house. To step my game up a notch I recently bought colorful VersaChalk ChalkBoard Markers. They come in classic and neon colors.

Mother's Day gift idea to make

I chose my favorite colors…

Creative Mother's Day gift ideas

…and plunked them into the jars.

VersaChalk Chalkboard Marker tips

They come with reversible tips:  Broad, Chiseled, Bullet and Fine and are ideal for chalkboards, glass, plastic, metal and more. I decided to put them to the test.


To use them all you need to do is: Shake, Pump, and then Draw.  Here is my first creation.

Mother's-Day-Chalkboard-Art and design idea

A Happy Mother’s Day chalkboard design in my kitchen.

VersaChalk Chalkboard Markers to give as gifts

The markers write like chalk, but are brighter and dust-free, plus the don’t smear when dry. They are non-toxic, odorless, and erase with water.

It is best to test each surface on an inconspicuous area before using the markers, especially on metal to see if the marker can easily be wiped off and not stain the surface. The markers are not intended to be used on porous surfaces including chalkboards made using chalkboard paint. The surface is too porous.  Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove marks from incompatible surfaces.

Here are a few other gift-giving occasions where these chalkboard markers are perfect to give. I bought everything I needed at the craft and party store.

Gift Giving Idea for Graduates

Is your child, neighbor or relative graduating from high school or college this year?

Graduation gift to give to high school seniors

If so this is one graduation gift they will LOVE.  This is important…  you have to give it to them about a week before they graduate. It is really a pre-graduation gift. Giving them a few packs of the chalkboard markers may be necessary because all their graduating buddies are going to want to borrow and use them…

Graduation party decorating idea

…so they can do this to their cars.

Graduation gift idea

The markers wipe right off of glass with a paper towel!  Easy, fun and an affordable way to celebrate graduating from high school. A big milestone in a teen’s life.  They can also use them for sporting events… Go Falcons.. Beat Cardinals.

Affordable graduation gift idea

To make the container to hold the makers, buy a clear gift tube with a lid and handle. Use a broad-tipped marker to write Congrats on the outside and place the makers in.  Add a ribbon and a tag and you have one great gift for a high-school graduate.

Creative and fun graduation idea

I took a few extra steps to make the gift have a little more present presence. I cut a GRAD headband that I bought to fit the length of the container’s handle.

Graduation gift wrapping idea

I used silver wire to attach it to the handle.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

If you ask any teacher what they most want when they receive gifts from their students, they will tell you items that they can use in the classroom.

Teacher Appreciation gift giving idea

Fill a beach bucket with chalkboard markers for one such teacher appreciation gift.

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Dads always need to label and mark things in the garage or their workshop.

Gift ideas for Father's Day

Now they can do it in color.


A Father’s Day gift that has no limits on where he can label and organize his tools.

Gift Giving Ideas for Wedding & Bridal Showers

There are many ways to use the chalkboard markers at a weddings or shower. Just head over to Pinterest to find a few.

Wedding and Bridal shower gift giving idea

Here is an idea I liked: Place a few chalkboard makers in a small white metal bucket at the Sign In” table at the church or reception so everyone attending can write their name on a decorative chalkboard.  Once the wedding is over, this chalkboard will make a special memento for the bride and groom.

These are just a few ideas that popped into my head on how to gift creative, yet affordable gifts this season. I hope it has inspired you to come up with a few ideas of your own.

To Buy:  VersaChalk Board Markers

Need some ideas on how to draw on a chalkboard?  You may enjoy this post: How To Draw Like and Artist On a Chalkboard

P.S:   These free wipeable labels would be perfect for using the chalkboard markers on to help you organize your stuff in color.

Gift giving ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, Teacher Appreciation, Weddings and more. Affordable and fun gifts for everyone.

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  1. Hi Diane! I’ve never seen these VersaChalk Board markers before! I really love the saturation of color and the non-smudge properties of these. All of your ideas are so clever, cute and perfect for every occasion. i must say your craft store find with the jars accompanied with the chalkboard has given me a case of the “have to haves”! My daughter is a creative and crafty little creature. She is an interior designer and also an elementary school art teacher. We don’t live near each other, consequently I rarely get the benfits of her ideas or advice. When I have asked in the past, her response is always, “Mom, we’re too close, I can’t give you advice on what to do! We don’t even have the same taste!” Nevertheless, I’m sending this post to her with a reminder that Mother’s Day is upon us and I DON’T mind waiting for my Mother’d Day gift! As always, thanks for your unending inspiration!

  2. Diane, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. This is such a great idea!!

    BTW… your tutorial for drawing on a chalkboard helped me create some chalkboard art for my laundry room not long after you posted it originally. Those were the best tips I read anywhere.

    Cheers! And here’s to more creativity!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Diane – Thanks. It makes me super happy to know that my post helped you create art for your chalkboard. I really enjoy creating them. I hope you have a nice weekend ahead. XO

  3. Question – Diane, have you tried erasing on your chalkboard after using the markers? Some I have used in the past I had to repaint my chalkboard as the design was still visible even after erasing. Just curious as I would love to order the markers but our chalkboard is made from one that hung on the wall of a school and I don’t want to risk damage to it. Thanks, Teresa

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Teresa – Good question. If the surface is porous at all, don’t use the markers. It states on the package not to use on chalkboards that have chalkboard paint on them. Too porous. You would see ghosting even if you removed the color. I don’t think I would use it on your chalkboard from the school either. :-) Where the markers are exceptional are glass and plastic. It easily wipes right off. :-)