Fitness Room: Before & After

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Want to create a workout space in your house to create a home gym or fitness room?  In this post, I am sharing how I transformed an unused bedroom into a bright and spacious fitness room or home gym.

How to turn an extra-bedroom-to-Fitness-Room

If you are reading about the room for the first time, I transformed one of my grown daughters’ unused bedrooms into a fitness room/home gym.  After working out in my basement for years, I yearned for a bright and airy place where I could work out daily.

The unused bedroom was the perfect place.  With lots of paint and DIY effort, the room turned out just as I planned and within a very small budget of $300.

I started by creating a vision of a bright and uncluttered space…


Post:  Dream Vision of a Fitness Room

…and stayed pretty true to sticking with the plan.

Grown-kids-unused bedroom

Here is how the room looked:  BEFORE

This photo is from a house tour post I wrote when I first started blogging.  I didn’t include my daughters’ rooms in the tour since they were just museums of their childhood. I tried to make fun of the fact that they were “slightly cluttered”.


Once we removed the contents of the room, I did a check to see what condition the subfloor was in.  It was solid, so I knew I could simply paint it instead of laying new flooring over it. This kept the makeover very budget friendly. The paint for the floor cost $60 versus hundreds if I used hardwood or vinyl.

How to paint a bedroom

 Priming and Painting the Walls and Trim

I had to use color blocking primer to hide the neon green walls, but once that was on, the power of paint made for an amazing transformation.

Wall and Trim Color:  Valspar Bistro White.  Eggshell on the walls and semi-gloss on the trim and doors.


Next up was removing the carpet and thousands of staples.

Making over a bedroom into a fitness room.

Post:  Removing Carpet

Pulling the rug up was not hard. I used a sharp knife to cut it into smaller sizes that I could roll up to take to the trash. I pulled the staples out with pliers.

Painting a subfloor in a bedroom with floor paint.

Post:  How to Paint Subfloor

Once the staples were history and I vacuumed up the dust, I primed the floor with a multi- purpose primer.


and then painted it with Gloss Enamel Porch & Patio Floor.  Paint color:  Pools of Blue.  I needed two coats which amounted to one gallon of paint. 

Paint subflooring tutorial

The room was starting to look like my “Dream Vision” board.


 Post: How to Mount Wheels on a Basket

With the painting done, I added the decorative items. The first was this basket to hold towels and my yoga mat.

Basket for fitness room towel storage with wheels added.

I found the basket at the thrift store.  The pink yoga mat is from Target.


Post: Fitness Room Artwork

For wall art, I created 5 canvases, each with a word from a quote to keep me motivated.

There are free printables of each word in the post I wrote about them. Tiny Prints sponsored the post and sent me the canvases so that helped me save on my budget.  To save money since these can be a little costly, the word images can be simply printed at home framed to save money.

I chose the colors for each word from the stripes on the ceiling fan. My original plan was to paint the blades white, but after the floor color was on, I liked how the colorful stripes looked.  You can read about: how to stripe a ceiling fan

Affordable-Window-Blinds on two windows in a bedroom turned into a fitness room

I wanted something for the windows that was affordable and that would not block the light.

Affordable window treatments even for the smallest decorating budget

I found these outdoor PVC roll up shades at True Value for under $15. You can find them in my post:  Very Affordable Window Treatments


Post: Fitness Room Mirrors

Adding mirrors along the wall opposite the windows really made the room come together. Suddenly, it felt like a real gym for which I would pay a monthly membership.  The mirrors were under $5 each at Walmart. I hung them with large Command Brand picture hanging strips.


Post: How to hide cords on a wall mounted TV

So I could work out with fitness tapes from time to time, we added a wall mounted TV.  I posted on how we hid the cords.

The table under the TV used to be in my family room. I made it over with DIY chalk paint and added wheels to it.  It holds the DVD player, fitness DVD’s, arm weights, and an essential oil diffuser.

A few weeks ago I found the  large diamond block black mat to place under my Pilates Reformer at Walmart.  I bought the Pilates Reformer 15 years ago on QVC. One of the best purchases I ever made.

I am so happy that I decided to create the room instead of keeping the room as an unused bedroom. The best way to decorate a house is to make it customized to the way you live. I can check this project off my list now and reap the rewards of my efforts.

Bedroom turned into a spacious fitness room with full length mirrors on the wall.

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  1. Great Job!!! Don’t you find having a nice place to workout makes getting in there a lot easier? Beautiful room!

  2. Wow! Even I would be inspired to work out in such a bright and cheerful room! Wonderful!!

  3. I love that you’re not afraid to do the work. A lot of the things you do simply require work…elbow grease, and you dig in! Way to go!

  4. The best way to live in your home IS to customize it to your lifestyle. It makes you so much more happy when you can find everything you need easily and you are surrounded by the things you love and love to do. I’ve been thinking and writing about that myself lately adding it into design planning. I love the way your fitness room turned out. The blue on the floor is beautiful! It looks like such a happy room even if you have to be exercising in it. lol