Labels for Storage Bins, Bags and Baskets

After you clean and organize a basement, attic or storage closet, how do you keep it organized? The answer is labels

Adding labels to everything!  Clear sticker style labels for storage bins as well as white labels on baskets and bags.


Having every bin, box, basket, container, and tub labeled helps keep clutter at bay and items that made my  “keeper list” easy to find. I grouped items by category.

Everyone will have different categories, but breaking the items into categories that make sense for you will create an easy-to-see visual which encourages you put things away instead of putting them a pile to deal with later.

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions

I made labels, lots of them and even assigned a basket to hold extra labels and markers right on a shelf in the basement. This way if I need to change up a box, bin, or bag, I can label it right away.

How to Make Labels for Storage Bins, Bags, and Baskets


I had these printable clear sticker labels in my supply stash, but you can find clear and/or white sticker label paper at Walmart or at an office supply store.


I have included free printable label designs in 3 sizes for you to download to print at home.

Get download here:  Small Labels | Medium Labels | Large Labels


Once I printed the labels out, I separated them using a paper cutter.


I matched the label size to the appropriately sized bin. I used a calligraphy marker to write the category.


I like using the clear labels on the clear bins. If I need to change the label in the future, they come off easily


For labeling dollar store baskets filled with stuff, I made white opaque labels using printer paper covered with a laminating sheet. I hung them using paperclips. Next time I print the white opaque labels,  I will use white card stock. It is rigid and better for a hanging style label.


To hang the labels, I used a hole punch to punch a hole in the label. I opened up paper clips to use as simple hooks.  Once hooked over the baskets, I squeezed the ends of the paper clip to make it secure.


So much better.  No more dump and run trips to my basement.


I am covering every item category I can think of so that every item has a home. I even bought extra bins in each size so that as I acquire new things or rearrange items, I have a bin ready for service.  :-)

Why Labeling Bins and Boxes Is So Important

Without adding labels to the outside of storage containers, I know in the future, in my haste, I would just toss things into boxes and tell myself, I will remember what box I placed it in. Well, we all know that never happens. Labels work!

Labels are the most important detail when it comes to getting and then more importantly… staying organized! I hope this is true for me. :-)   Clutter is way too stressful and time consuming to eliminate.

For more DIY label ideas, I posted another way to make your own storage bin labels using regular printer paper and laminating sheets. You can find it in this post: Wipeable Labels For Organizing Your Stuff


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  1. I love your idea Diane. My colleagues embrace the idea and now everything is perfectly in place! Greets, Storage Harrow Weald Ltd.

  2. Hi Diane! Your posts are always so inspiring and motivating! Your home is lovely! Great job on the round tablecloth! I’m not much of a sewist, but it’s nice to know there are tutorials if I need to sew. I love the label project! I am in the process of doing this, so your free downloads are very much appreciated! Have a nice day! Blessings from Bama!

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I am so impressed…… 3/4ths done…….. I wish I could say even that much. I can’t wait to see and be green with envy with your nice, straight basement. Heck, I am still working on my tiny, hard to get into little closet pantry….. I really never seems to get better, except when there is NO food. lol. I know I need those labels. Thank you again for all the free stuff.

  4. Diane, it looks like you have arrived to the 5S conclusion:

    At my workplace our new boss brought along the concept, and i can tell you what an improvement this has been. It works, from a huge factory plant to a humble basement

  5. Great organizing ideas! I love lables! Everything is so easy with them! Thanks for the post! It is lovely! Greetings, Storage Norbiton Ltd.

  6. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says:

    Diane I so love the clear label look! I have a tremendous amount of storage containers with regular white labels. These clear labels would be so much better. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, what a great job! You offer hope for all of us who house our childen’s stuff and other random bins. Our attic is piled sky high with our stuff, our teen girls childhood stuff and the boys’ stuff until they have bigger places to take it way. It seems no matter how muh we pruge, it multiplies. It is part of the spring clean. Too, too cold up there now! Linda

  8. Thank you for including this, this year I am working on 1 room a month and this will help very much.
    I work M-F and can only organize etc on the weekends so I’ve decided 1 room a month.
    I especially like these because they are simple but prefect, not to busy and will work on everything.
    Thanks so much for these :)

  9. Paul @ eco stores says:

    What a difference a little organisation can make. Living in chaos causes a lack of clarity. Thank you for the ideas.

  10. Carpet cleaning Fulham says:

    This post came just on time. I don`t even want to think about the mess in my basement. I always delay it for later but your post inspires me to start declutter that space.

  11. Diane,

    I always lovyour organization skill And I love your labels.

  12. I love your label idea. I have to watch what I store in my basement because it is damp, but I certainly could use labels for the bins I do have down there. Thanks!

  13. WOW – very impressive already! I cleaned out three kitchen cabinets and thought that was a big deal! Nothing compared to your basement. I can’t wait to see the finished basement.

  14. Ruth Anne says:

    You are so right about having everything labeled! I’m in the process of organizing my studio and now have appropriate bins and labels for each category–makes finding what I need a breeze! Sorting and labeling makes all the difference in the world–I save so much time finding the things required for a project. I’m looking froward to seeing your organized basement!

  15. Donna Masuda says:

    Same as “Suzanne”. When downloading “Medium” labels, the size “Small” appears.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Donna – The glitch in the Medium printable is fixed. Thanks for telling me. XO

  16. Diane, I really enjoy your blog! Lots of great, easy ideas.
    I was trying to download your labels, but both the “Small” and “Medium” links lead to the “Small” printable. Hope that’s easily fixable.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Suzanne – I just fixed the free printable Medium label link. Thanks for telling me. XO

  17. I am midway through a basement purge too! Not so fun while it’s happening but very fun and motivating to think about reclaiming the space. For me, after everything is neatly stored, it will be part home office, part playroom for my daughter.