A Stylish Addition to Guest Room #1

As I mentioned in my recent post – this week I would be sharing a couple of the home projects I am planning to do over the summer.

I told you about the fireplace wall. Today’s post is about the second project I am in the process of doing. It is giving what I call the “pretty guest room” a stylish addition.

If you are new to my blog, I live in a 4 bedroom home. Since it is only my husband and I and we are empty nesters, we only need the primary bedroom. Two of the other three bedrooms we use as guests rooms and the fourth is a fitness/game room.

When initially decorating the two guest rooms, I styled one to be more feminine and the other masculine.

I decorated the more feminine room with a mix of cheery colors when we first moved into the house. Last year I changed it to be more neutral with a pop of chartreuse for the warmer months of the years. Once fall hits, I change the bedding to red plaid for the colder months.

Bedroom popcorn ceiling after getting WoodHaven Plank installed over it.

The blue, more masculine room is used more when family and friends come to stay with us since it has a king size bed.

Holiday ready guest room with lake view

The more feminine room has a queen size bed, but I prefer it as it has the best view of the lake in the house.

What Am I Adding?

After making a few color changes last year in the pretty guest room, I had left the most prominent wall in the room plain, with nothing on it except white paint.

Plain painted wall before Sampling-Love-&-Design-wallpapers

I was planning on painting an accent wall with a bold color, but decided against it. I felt it needed pattern to create more interest with the beige upholstered headboard.

Que in Love vs. Design, an online wallpaper company that specializes in creating customized color wallpaper to fit any decor.

After choosing a few patterns and colors of paper I liked, I had fun playing around with the “See It in Your Space” feature where you can get a better idea on how the pattern, color and size of the repeat of the pattern will look in the room.

Opening box of customized wallpaper from Love & Design

I chose a few wallpaper patterns I liked and had nice size samples of papers sent to me.

close up of customized wallpapers from Love & Design

What is great about the wallpaper patterns is that you get to choose any mix of colors on any of the hundreds of styles and patterns they carry. It’s fun and so easy to customize so the paper will coordinate perfectly in your room.

The wallpaper I ordered is peel and stick, but you can also choose to have the pattern printed on a more traditional permanent style of wallpaper called Glissade.

green version of wallpaper sample

As I mentioned above, I first started playing with a chartreuse color. I liked it, but…


… realized that when I change the bedding to the dark red/brown plaid to cozy the room up for the winter, the color wouldn’t go.

So I chose all neutral patterns.

white wall guest room in bright sunlight

I could wallpaper the entire room, but will probably just do the bed wall as an accent to create more interest and an infusion of style.


I chose 7 patterns in 3 different shades of beige – Wheat, Luster, and Shell.

The fun part was seeing how each would look on the wall using the Love vs. Design “See It in Your Space” interface.

#3 Focastle Farms wallpaper sample on wall

I like #3 Focastle Farms.

#4 Organic stripes wallpaper sample on wall

But Organic Stripes would work also.

#5 Patterned Fronds wallpaper sample on wall

So would Patterned Fronds (color Wheat). Choosing this would be fun since there is a large palm tree in the yard right in the outside view.

#6 Watercolor Gingham wallpaper sample on wall

Back to another check pattern called Watercolor Gingham.

#7-Windowpane-plaid wallpaper sample on wall

And lastly, Windowpane Plaid. If I am going to wallpaper all the walls, I will most likely choose one of the more subtle patterns.

So now I have to decide… decorating is all about…. decisions… decisions, but Love Vs. Design makes choosing a wallpaper a little easier.

Two photos of a room with wallpaper patterns done with an online app. Text says, Decorating your home - Choosing Wallpaper has never been easier - try it in your space it's fun!

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  1. Becky in 'Bama says:

    How awesome is peel-n-stick paper! I wish I could use in my bedroom, but my walls are so lumpy it would be a nightmare to me. The only comment I will make on your decision, is I would lose the giant green screen in the corner. No matter what you project for wall covering choices, all I see is an overpowering green color. It is swallowing up anything else you might do in the room and shaming the headboard. Just my opinion. You are the master of makeovers and redesign.

  2. Valarie Sanford says:

    What a great post Diane, ty!

  3. Such a cool idea to personalize wallpaper. If you decorate with plaid for fall & Xmas, I would tend to avoid any plaid wallpaper. Having plaid blankets & pillows with it might look too busy & compete with each other.

  4. One thing that kept sticking out loudly in all the pictures with all the different wallpapers was the headboard. It doesn’t match all that well with the wallpapers and it’s a bit boring. What about getting a bolder headboard and a colorful picture above it. And, maybe do an accent wall. Just a thought. I know whatever you choose will look amazing. You do have a knack.

  5. Laura Berry says:

    Hi Diane – Thanks for sharing! What fun. I think I’d go for just the one wall instead of the whole room – still provides contrast and an accent, with less time & money. I like all the patterns you show here.

  6. Karinskottage.com says:

    How fun to use some wallpaper in your guest room. I can’t wait to see what you pick! I want to try some peel and stick wallpaper soon. Great resource you’ve shared.