Christeli Charleston Mattress Review

This post is sponsored by Christeli. All opinions are truly my own.

I am excited to show you what I have been doing in one of the guest rooms in my house. That sounds grand… that I have two guest rooms, but in reality, it isn’t since my husband, Ed and I are empty nesters and live in a 4 bedroom home.

One bedroom is the primary bedroom that is on the main level of the house. The other three bedrooms are on the second level that we call the “Guest Level Suites” with a full bathroom. When friends and family stay with us they are on their own floor of the house and have lots of privacy with their own upper deck outside the sliding doors in each room to sit and enjoy the lake. The 4th bedroom on the second level we turned into a game/fitness room.

White and green guest room - bed and night table with lamp and vase of tulips

We want everyone that stays with us to feel that they are at a very nice hotel… the Hotel Henkler, down to the smallest detail.

I initially decorated the two guest rooms using furnishings I already owned, painting and DIY’ing to give each room a welcoming feel. One of the two guest rooms has more of a masculine feel with a king size bed. It is the room that most guests stay in since the bed is large and comfy.

The second guest room has the best view of the lake. I decorated it to look more feminine, but it held a small double bed with an old boxspring and mattress and not the first choice for most to sleep on. When my daughters are visiting at the same time, they like to get first dibs on the room with the king bed.

We have been wanting to get a larger bed and better mattress for the second room, but it kept getting pushed down on our “to-do” list.

broken bed frame in empty bedroom

Well, necessity brought it right to the top of the list when the very old, hand-me-down bed frame that I painted 30 years ago, cracked and fell apart before the holidays. Not a good thing to happen if someone was sleeping in it.

But since we had wanted to get a larger size bed for the room, we took the broken frame as the opportunity to get a new larger bed that would be truly comfortable to sleep in.

Orange Christeli mattress label that says Est. 1931

I did some searching online to find a new mattress and bed frame and found Christeli & Co., a bed manufacturer located in Greenville, South Carolina.

Setting Up the New Mattress and Bed Frame

Christeli founded in 1931 is an online direct-to-consumer brand that, was one of the first of its kind. They started shipping mattresses across North America in 2012.

Christeli Charleston mattress in an Eastman upholstered frame in empty bedroom

I chose a queen size Christeli Charleston 14.5 mattress, but there are many mattress model options, all with great design features that many direct-to-the-consumer mattresses don’t have. Once it arrived via FedEx with the added bonus of free delivery and no tax, getting it set up in the room was very simple.

Looking at the corner of a Christeli Charleston mattress in Eastman platform bed frame.

The bed comes with a base so we opened the box the base was in first and laid it into the new Eastman Upholstered Platform Bed Frame we put together initially.

We let the base expand and then opened the mattress box and placed it on top of the base. Since each are made up of layers of various foam densities, once you unbox and unroll, both the base and mattress slowly expand to their full size.

close up of Eastman bed frame in the color oat.
Eastman Upholstered Platform Bed in the Color Oat

The upholstered bed frame includes a slat roll with a 2.9-inch slat gap to ensure compatibility with the Christeli Mattress warranty, protecting your mattress investment.

Christili & Co. Design Features

After researching mattresses, I found I liked these design features of the Christili mattresses the best.

Christeli Charleston 14.5 mattress and base in an Eastman upholstered platform bed frame.

One is the Better Edge™ support where the edge of the mattress has support unlike other foam mattresses. Having it increases 30% more sleeping surface and extends the life of a mattress.

Christeli Mattress base has option for a softer or firmer base by flipping the base.

The second thing I liked is the Versa-Core™ technology. It allows you to adjust the firmness of the bed at any time. Need support that’s a little more solid? Turn the Versa-Core™. Searching for a softer sleep surface? Turn it again. You get the best of both worlds, having two mattresses in one for a good night of sleep.

looking down on tufted top of a Christeli Charleston mattress

Ed likes this “cool” feature the best since he likes to stay cool when he is sleeping. The organic cotton tufted top and ventilated memory foam allows air to circulate around your body and through the mattress so warm air is channeled toward the bottom while fresh, cool air circulates towards the top.

Zipper that holds together a Christeli mattress and base.

And this zipper feature is so smart. The base and mattress are heavy and solid on their own and don’t move, but can be zipped together on each side keeping them as one unit.

side view of a Christeli Charleston 14.5 mattress and base in an Eastman upholstered platform bed in a bedroom.

Together, the base and the mattress are 13″ high. In the upholstered bed frame, the top of the mattress is 30″ from the floor.

3 green and white pillows on a bed with white tulips on a bedside table

I bought a deep pocket Luxury Hotel fitted sheet set that covers both the base and mattress nicely.

Ed and I have been sleeping on the new mattress to give it a few test drives. We both have slept in it separately and together and couldn’t be more pleased.

It is so much better than a previous foam mattress we had that you sunk into. This Christili Charleston is soooo much better. It is firm and dense and comfy all night long. I prefer sleeping on it over the king size mattress in the other guest room.

Christeli mattress in an Eastman platform bed with white bedding and a green and white throw blanket

As happy as I am to have a larger and more comfortable mattress in the room now, what excites me just as much since I like pretty furnishings is the new upholstered bed frame.

It gives the room a whole new look – I love it. :-) I am still waiting on a head board to arrive, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the bed with you.

end of bed - mattress and frame with bedding

The white pom-pom trim quilt and pillow shams are new. The rest of the bedding so far on the bed, I bought years ago or made myself with fabric yardage.

3 green and white bed pillows on a bed

To get the room decorated now that we have a bed again – one that is larger, and comfortable, I went through my stash of bedding and decided to go with a white and green color scheme. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you may remember when and where I used these pillows before.

green and white guest room with purple accents

I am going to keep the decor in the room feminine as it is fun to be able to give my guests choices. As I like to ask… “Do you want to sleep in the manly room or the pretty one?

Update: See the Upholstered Headboard that I made to match the upholstered frame .

I know a lot of time goes into finding the perfect bed that will ensure a good night sleep. If you have questions, use the chat tab on their website – to make sure you get all your questions answered.

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  1. Patricia Kerlin says:

    Where can I purchase a good bed outfit for bargain/less.

  2. Paula L Ruiz says:

    Diane: I’m lucky enough to have a second guestroom that is vacant right now. I am torn between two iron twin beds in front of an asymmetrical window or just going with a full bed in front of the window with no headboard.

    Was there any discussion with yourself to have twin beds or a queen bed in the guest room.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Paula – We thought about putting twin beds in the second guest room, but our daughter’s didn’t like the idea. They liked the idea of a queen bed for the times that they are visiting at the same time, like the holidays. Having two rooms each with a larger bed gives them each a bed to sleep in with their spouse or significant other. They don’t have to toss a coin to who got a bed for two or had to sleep in twin beds. :-) Twin beds are nice to have though in a guest room especially when you have unrelated people staying with you.

  3. Barbara Pilcher says:

    Those green pillow covers are delicious! I think the greens keep the room from looking too girly. The mattress set up has lots of clever features. Lucky you! Lucky guests!

  4. Love the green and white in that room!! So pretty 💜. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. christine wilson says:

    The room looks great, the green and white is so pretty and crisp for your feminine room:)
    My husband and I were just talking ( complaining) about our mattress quality.
    I’m glad to hear about this company and will look into it when ready to purchase.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Christine – Thanks – I will be posting more about the green and white decor details in an upcoming post. Buying a mattress is hard, since it is a big expense and something that needs to be comfy since you sleep on it every day.

  6. Love love love the bed and color scheme! Linda from Macungie

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Linda – I was going to buy a new comforter and still may, but when I took a deep search through my decor stash and found a few items that would go together, I went for the green and white. :-)

  7. But tell me about the sheets and quilt set! Where do I get those? They look so cozy and inviting!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Marisa – So far the only new bedding besides the bed is the white pom-pom trimmed quilt and pillow shams. You can find it here:
      The rest of the bedding on the bed – base quilt, green and white throw and pillows I bought years ago or made myself with fabric yardage I bought at a local fabric store. As soon as the headboard comes I will write a post that goes into more detail about every decor item in the room..

  8. Valarie Sanford says:

    Wow what a great post Diane, ty for sharing!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Valerie – Thanks :-)

    2. I love that frame. Of course I love all your decorating ideas! The green and white is so pretty. Arnie and I were just talking last night about changes I want in our downsized home including a queen size more feminine room. I cannot wait to see everything when the headboard arrives. Off to check out the sites you posted! Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

  9. It is really really hard to know what mattress to buy these days whether online or in store. Glad you are happy with your purchase. The oatmeal frame is very nice. I especially love the green pillows, throw, etc that you have chosen to use.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Elle – For the green and white pillows and throw I made them using previous decor I had made using fabric yardage. I gave them a new life with the help of my sewing machine. :-)