Why I Like To Decorate Using the SLOW Method

When decorating a home there are many methods used by designers and homeowners alike to get a room decorated to completion. I have learned that the slow method of decorating allows me to get a room exactly how I want it while staying within my budget. 

Do you remember this photo of a bed with the bedding I liked and posted about last year?

Navy and white bedding

I took the photo at a local furniture store as the inspiration for my bedroom makeover.  The quilt, duvet and shams were way out of my price range, so I had to get them out of my mind and find something similar that would be within my budget.

I didn’t stress out about it though, knowing time would be on my side to find something that I loved and would be in my budget.  I was right as I did find bedding to get the look I was after.

From years of decorating experience and the advice from my mom long ago, I knew that taking the SLOW road when decorating a room would make me love every single item and the entire room for a long time.

Letting the decor evolve to make it the best it can be for my style, comfort and functioning needs is money well spent.

You may remember me telling you that it took me 9 months to find 6 baskets to fill these kitchen shelves in my previous house and over a year and a half to complete my studioffice.

The only time I did a room makeover quickly was for a sponsored post a group of blogger’s took part in called, Color Lovers. The room came out exactly like I wanted it, colorful, but I had been working on the room in my head, on Pinterest, and a clipping file of inspiration since the day we moved into the house.

Bedroom decorated using blue and white color palette

Pom Pom Trimmed Bed Skirt | Navy Blue Channel Stitched Velvet Quilt | Blue & White Comforter | Polka Dot Sheets | Square Blue Flange Pillows

When decorating, I am in no big rush… time is still on my side when it comes to decorating my bedroom or any room exactly how I want, while loving everything in it.

Blue and white pillow on bed

About a month ago when out and about and not looking for anything in particular, I came across these large square flange pillows that just happened to be made in a similar pattern to the duvet from my inspiration bed photo.

I smiled and was reminded that the universe has a way of bringing things to you if you take the time to look and let it happen… spiritual as well as in the material world. :-)

The pillows may not be the exact item that inspired the styling and colors for my bed, but they add the style to the overall look I am after.

California Design Den Sheets

Just a few weeks ago, I came across California Design Den while I was online looking at something totally not decor related, when up popped an image that grabbed my interest to make me want to go over to their site.

Bed Pillows on be in navy and white color scheme

It was the Everyday Comfort Navy Polka Dot sheets that they sell that made my decorating heart go pitter-patter.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile then you know I love almost anything with classic polka dots.

White painted furniture in blue and white decorated bedroom.

I figured the sheets would be out of my budget, but when I clicked over and saw the $60 price tag for a set of quality, 100% cotton, deep pocket, silky sateen weave King size sheets with 400 thread count I knew they were the sheets I had been waiting for to complete the makeover of my bed.

The subtle pattern of the polka dots is just enough pattern to add a little more interest and style to my bedding.

California Design Den information

After reading through the information that came with my sheet set about how the sheets are ethically made by skilled artisans and inspected to ensure perfection, I learned something new about how to make sure cotton sheets maintain their softness.

How to Keep Sheets Soft After Every Washing

I am sure you have heard that the more you wash quality cotton sheets, the softer they get. But did you know that over-drying sheets in a dryer will make them rough?  I didn’t.

  • When doing the laundry, I am the queen of…  “Lets get this dryer load done fast with high heat!” 
  • When washing my sheets now, I have changed my mantra to…  “Quick Dry – Don’t Fry”

I can attest to this as I have washed my new Everyday Comfort Navy Polka Dot sheets 3 times so far and have dried them on medium heat just until they are no longer damp. Sleeping on them, they feel soft and smooth, no stiffness, or pilling.

One thing I found I like to do since getting the new sheets that I never did before… don’t think I am crazy, but I also learned that if you iron the pillow cases you will get that brand-new sheet feel after every washing.

  • If you do over dry your sheets, wash them again on a long cycle, no detergent, followed by a quick dry.
3 Blue and white bed pillows on a bed

It took me 8 months to get my bedroom made over to where it is today. Staying focused and taking it SLOW kept my budget in check by allowing me to look for affordable options.

White painted furniture in blue and white decorated bedroom.

I made the headboard using paneled bifold doors. You can find the post here:

I also gave my nightstand a makeover without having to use paint. You can see how I changed it here:

My Slow Decorating Tips

  • Take time to live in the room or space before buying anything new. This way you can see how the light comes into the room, what it needs to be more comfortable as well as function better.
  • Don’t buy something just to get the room done. You may later regret it or find something better if you take your time.
  • Save the receipt from every purchase you make for the room. Even if you think you love something you may bring it home to find out it doesn’t fit or the color is off. Having the receipt you can take it back without a problem.
  • Keep inspiration handy – always have a Pinterest board or notebook for your ideas. Refer to it often and weed it out as your style for the room or space evolves.
  • When doing an online search on Google for something you are trying to find – try putting in different word variations for what you are looking for when searching. For instance – say you are looking for a “blue and white striped rug” and you use this phrase in the search engine.  Also search for “coastal rug in blue and white”, “casual rug in blue and white”“blue rug with white stripes”, “cotton rug in blue and white”, “budget priced blue and white area rug”. You get the idea. Think of different ways people refer to a blue and white rug to bring up many more options to consider.
  • Have a printout or note app on your phone that lists the sizes of all rooms, windows and furniture in your house. Having this handy helps when you find something when out and about and you want to make sure it will fit. This way you won’t miss out on the deal or waste money if it doesn’t fit in some way or another once you get it home.

I learned to decorate using the SLOW method from my mom. She enjoyed decorating and I am the child of her 4 offspring that inherited that gene.

When Ed and I bought our first house, I remember her walking into the house, excited to see it after we made settlement and she looked at me and said…

…”Don’t rush it, let it evolve over time, don’t go out and buy everything to decorate all at once. Be choosy and in the long run you will save money and will be much happier with your choices”.

Thanks Mom – a good lesson learned.

Learn to decorate a home using the SLOW method.
How to wash bed sheets so they always stay soft after washing.

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  1. Hi! I just found this blog post while searching for blue/white bedding ideas. Absolutely love what you have created in this room! I found your comforter fabric in a quilt version, too. Is there any hard and fast rule about whether to use a thicker comforter or a thinner quilt at the foot-of-the-bed? Thank you!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Laura – It really doesn’t matter what thickness the bedding at the foot of the bed thickness is. In the colder months, for comfort and cozy – a thicker comforter folded along the foot of the bed looks good and feels nice. In the warmer months – the opposite will look better and feel better.

  2. So slow makeovers are a thing. I thought I was the only one that subscribed to this method. I feel it allows you to truly di you and not get caught up in the latest trends and fads but blend classic elements with on trend accents.

  3. In the original picture when you got the inspiration from where did you find it at? I love it

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kylie – I wish I had a direct resource for you, but I could never find one. You could call Chapin Furniture in Chapin SC to see if they can still order it. 803-996-1284. It is where I took the photo. They no longer have it on their showroom floor, but if you email them the link to my post to show them what you are looking for, they may be able to get it still. I was going to buy the duvet and shams, but they were $500. It was more than I wanted to spend, so I found other bedding that I could afford.

      1. Rachel clausen says:

        So where did you get your similiar or did you go with navy blue?

        1. Diane Henkler says:

          Hi Rachel – I bought a navy blue and white comforter, a velvet quilt and two throw pillows that look like the duvet I showed in my post. You can see them in this post. https://bit.ly/3dVhCYf

          I bought the pillows at Kirklands, but they no longer sell them. :-(

          Bedroom minus throw pillows and links here: https://bit.ly/3cIsRTz

          I wish I could tell you I found something exactly like the duvet, but I ended up going to the overall feel and colors.

  4. Kamille Vee says:

    Love everything in your bedroom! Thank you for the tips about caring for sheets. Much appreciated :)

  5. This bedroom is fantastic. I live on a lake and am trying to think of ways to decorate my bedroom with colors that reflect the lake feel but aren’t too “lakey”. You have given me some wonderful ideas. Also, thanks for the tip on washing/drying my sheets to keep them soft!

  6. Now I finally have a name for the way I decorate! It drives my family crazy, but I like to move slowly too, and am in still working on a dining room I started 2 years ago! Thanks Diane!

  7. Polka dots are always the right thing for fun, playful and classic! Especially in navy and white! Swoon!

  8. Donna Clement says:

    Blue and white together is always beautiful!! Love the room!!

  9. Deborah Birney says:

    I would love the grey 500 Thread Count Dobby Damask Stripe 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Set King size.

  10. DOMINIKA WHITE says:

    Ohhhh that navy dot is perfect! Not too much, looks fresh and fun. Love it!

  11. Kimberly O'Donoghue says:

    Diane you are so right about taking your time the universe does have a way of providing if you wait long enough. This is a great resource I just made my first quilt and love it but need new sheets! I like the queen pin stripe! Wow what a find

  12. Erin Ellis says:

    I would choose the queen size Everyday Comfort – Antique Rose – 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  13. That Sassy Life coach says:

    It looks magical!

  14. I love your bedroom it is so relaxed and coastal without screaming beachy or trendy.

  15. Laura at Duke manor says:

    Hi Diane! How fun are those polka dots! Love all those blues in your bedroom

  16. I love ticking stripe anything and the sheets in that pattern are perfect!

  17. Jolene Barker says:

    So hard to decide! I love the navy dot, but Sunrise Lavender is also calling my name! :) So pretty!!

    1. Beth Gordon says:

      The ticking stripe is exactly what i’ve been looking for!

  18. The Ultra Luxe 1000 thread count queen size in Pure White.

    Boring I know. I loved the polka dots and if they came in Spa that’s what I would have picked. Navy doesn’t work with my color palette.

  19. I would love to have the performance activewear urban sheet set in charcoal chambray.

  20. Michelle J. says:

    I like the Ticking Stripe sheets!

  21. I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your family and new Granddaughter! Blue polkadot king for me! How wonderful of you to do this for your followers!

  22. I love the antique rose – a lovely pale blue background with a pattern of pale pink, green, and rose. I’m happy to have found the California Design Den; you’re right that they appear to have amazing quality at great prices.
    I’ve learned so many great things on your blog, and I also enjoy reading about your life. My house has just gone on the market and I’ve been using all your advice and suggestions to get it staged.
    Happy Easter to you and your family, especially the newest member!

  23. April Gray says:

    I have a California king, so not as many options, but I really like the Dobby Damask Stripe in grey! I’m totally digging the dark grey color, thinking about how any color would pop against it!

  24. Great advice, but so hard to follow in these days of instant gratification/instagram. I love the sheets and clicked through to buy them before I even noticed you were doing a give away. I am also taken with the Navy Dot.

    In my days as a B&B owner, I completely agree with the quick dry method. And I’m not ashamed to admit I ironed every pillow case in my guest rooms. It really makes the beds look crisp. I normally prefer the solid white option, because it’s so easy to bleach them but I just LOVE the polka dot.

    Your bedroom looks so inviting,. Would love to hear wear you got the solid blue bedding also. The combo of patters looks perfect.

  25. Nancy Bohle says:

    Love those polka dots! I would choose either the polka dot set or the pinstriped set in a full, please.
    Thank you!

  26. Rhonda Teater says:

    IThats smart the go slow method, because I will buy something just to get finished and not love it.

  27. Kathleen Weishaar says:

    Lovely room, as usual, Diane. Well worth the wait. I am quite familiar with the concept of “taking it slowly” in achieving a vision for an interior space. As I grew up, I often heard the word, “mientras”, which in the context of my childhood home of eleven people, meant “in the meantime”. We didn’t have much money, but my mother was resourceful & developed distinctive, unified, elegant solutions for each room in our little tract, mid-century home one “find” at a time, often replacing a functional piece that had served temporarily “en mientras”. I would have loved one of the patterns in the California Design Den collection, they were sold out in the designs I preferred in my color & size. But as I’m a proponent of the maxim that you can never have too many sheets, I’d be happy with the Performance Blend Luxe – 1000 Thread Count – Cotton/ Poly Sateen Sheet Set, Queen size, in Wonder Gray. That said, thanks for the info on this resource. Business approach, supply chain & sustainable cradle-to-grave production are right in line with my personal philosophy ~ & their pricing isn’t too bad either ?

  28. Deana McInnis says:

    These sheets sound great. I think I’d have to go with the Medallion Dot.

  29. Shopping for my grandson and I think he would love these. . . A very SLOW process since our budget is tight. Luxe Printed Pattern – Ticking Stripe – 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

  30. Melissa Davis says:

    I would love the Sunrise Lavender set . I need new sheets and they would be so refreshing .
    Thanks for all your tips .

  31. Cathy L CLARK says:

    LOVE the blue polka dot sheets! Have always loved polka dots as well & did all the Easter finery just like you did!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Easter to you & your’s & enjoy Zoe!

  32. love the gray Poly Sateen sheets. They found amazingly soft and resilient.

  33. Connie Johnson says:

    Eew! Eew! Eew! I need a new set so bad! I love the Navy dot but I also like the pinstripes right before those. Nice to see a company with such a nice selection of sizes ?

  34. Mary Kaiser says:

    I would love to win a new set of sheets. If I win I would choose the ticking stripe or the medallion taupe print pattern in queen size. I LOVE your bedroom, it is so beautiful! I have my fingers crossed for the win here, thanks for having the contest!

  35. I would choose the ticking stripe—I love that soft weathered look it has!

  36. I love your bed style.. I am currently still lazing about in my bed on top of light blue sheets with white polka dots soft and comfortable.. I like the ANTIQUE ROSE queen size as it is different from what Im used to and just might cheer my room up for the current season and days ahead.

  37. Brandy Ormond says:

    I’m digging the Antique Rose! ?
    Completely different from my usual style (stripes or solids) but that blue background is just so lovely.

  38. Stephanie B says:

    Love it! You and I have similar tastes and I’ve been working on my crisp white, navy and gray bedroom since October. I even have the velvet coverlet. For winter I’ve used a dark navy sheet set for coziness but now that it’s spring I’d love those polka dot sheets you chose. Thanks for the inspiration and opportunity.

  39. I love these prints: Medallion Taupe and Antique Rose. It is such a treat to crawl into new bedding. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Love your bedroom! I also like the navy dot sheets! I love polka dots in blouses too! I think all this comes from my youth, loved dotted swiss. My Mom made me several dresses with dotted swiss as a child, including an navy Easter dress with matching coat that of course included white gloves and hat! :)

  41. Laura Adams says:

    Oh, how pretty! I’ve always wanted a blue & white bedroom… so crisp & clean. I “hopped” (it is Easter) on over & saw the ticking stripe – that’s my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. I love your bedroom!! Thanks for the giveaway, too. I would choose the Everyday Comfort Pinstripe 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set. They look so pretty and crisp.

  43. Shelle Walker says:

    Love your colors for your bedroom. Wonderful inspiration for me! I like California Design Dens luxe-600-thread-count-100-cotton in pure white.

  44. Wow this is stunning! I love the use of different patterns and shades. I’m so taken by the polka dots that I think they might be my favorite! I also like Everyday Comfort – 400 Thread Count Solid – 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Mod Spa.

  45. Patricia Stevenson says:

    Diane, This is very reassuring and encouraging to go slow and get it right. Also the photo from the local furniture store as inspiration.
    I would love to have the Urban Sheet Set in navy chambray.
    Thank You for all your wonderful & practical ideas.

  46. Janet Schen says:

    I love the color of the blush 400 Thread Count Solid – 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set. It’s so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous sheets!

  47. I like the Everyday Comfort sheets.

  48. I love the gray snowflakes! Seasonal sheets are definitely a luxury for me… :)

  49. Donna Stuart says:

    I love the pinstripe 400 king sheet set.
    Thank you!
    Happy Easter!

  50. Nikki Allen says:

    Thank you for the generous offer. I would love the White Damask Stripe King set.
    Lovely! I’ll certainly try your sheets drying tip! Diane, have the most special Easter.

  51. Diane,
    I really love your room. My favorite sheet set is the urban hex.

    1. Donna Stuart says:

      I love the pinstripe 400 king sheet set.
      Thank you!
      Happy Easter!

  52. Kim Tucker says:

    Your bedroom is gorgeous Diane. They have beautiful sheets! I had a hard time choosing but finally narrowed it down to three. True blue, Ticking Stripe and those Navy Polka Dots are too adorable.

  53. I love the Everyday Comfort Navy Polka Dot sheet set, also! My colors EXACTLY! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  54. Melody Wright says:

    I love the everyday blue polka dots that you have! I, like you love polka dots in everything and they would match my comforter perfectly! i love your comforter too. You whole room makes my heart happy! Thanks for such an excellant blog. I love reading your advice and all of your tips in making your home easily livable with out spending a ton of money.

  55. I typically like all white sheets but I love the Everyday comfort blue polka dots that you have! Perfect for my son’s room in queen size. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  56. I love plain white cotton sheets! Especially in the summer when cool sheets are a treat.

  57. Cindy D McAdams says:

    I would love a set of California size sheets in solid white, ecru or ivory. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

  58. Tracie Cooper says:

    I would love the 700 count in the Modern Sage! They would look amazing in my bedroom!

  59. Linda Stegall says:

    The Urban Hex in full size would be my pick! Love your style of decorating!

  60. Cynthia Bledsoe says:

    Slow decorating is a great concept and one I’ve done for years, although I find myself less patient as the years go by. It’s true that the best finds are serendipitous.
    I’d love a set of King polka sheets. What fun that would be!

  61. WoW! What a great offer! I love a great set of sheets – sets the tone for a sweet night’s sleep….
    Hotel Quality – GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton – Cool Crisp Percale Sheet Set King Sized.
    thanks for the offer and wishing you a happy holiday….

  62. Mary Alice Landau says:

    IT was fun perusing the website! My choice – Medallion Taupe – Printed Pattern – 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

  63. Ohhh. What a fantastic giveaway! I would choose the snowflakes grey.
    Fingers crossed.

  64. I almost purchased the king size sheets before finishing your post! I will now wait in case I simply win them. Great price at $60!

  65. I love those polka dot sheets you chose, Diane. Your bed looks fabulous. And you’ve taught me something about how to care for them. I am like you were… dry them hot and fast! Glad to know there’s a better way.

  66. Lisa Smith says:

    These look lovely and your bed looks beautiful with the polka dots, patterned pillows and blue spread. I love the wallpaper!!
    If I’m the lucky one, I would choose: Queen size 500 count Dobby Damask stripe set in white.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  67. Elizabeth says:

    I love your polka dot sheets! The adorable Lanai print definitely caught my eye, but I have stuck with all organic bedding for years so if I were ordering, I would pick the organic light gray set. Your room is looking lovely.

  68. Stacye Hixson says:

    I love the gray pinstripe sateen sheet set in king size. My bedroom has grays and navy and fuschia and this set would compliment my existing bedding I love to mix patterns. Hope I win

  69. I love your polka dot sheets – polka dots always bring out the young person in this old lady. I recall having summer sundresses in polka dots that were made by my mother.

    I would choose the Luxe 600 thread count sheets in queen size, Spa color. They would be perfect with my bedroom and bathroom decor.

  70. E Aelterman says:

    I love the Urban Hex! Fingers crossed! :)

  71. I really like the damask stripe in white….very classy.

  72. I like what you picked, my other half likes the most breathable sheets. I heard percale sheets weave are the choice for a cooler sleep. So I’d say the 100% cotton percale sheets in teal or American Blue would be best.

  73. The Ticking Stripe sheet set is my pick.
    Thanks for sharing the tip of drying sheets on med heat – never knew!

  74. Oh, I love your blue polka dot sheets! That’s exactly what I’d choose. I painted our bedroom white last summer and have just decided to go with blue and white which I know I love.

  75. I really liked your tips about taking your time decorating so you are happier and same money. I like the Luxe – 600 Thread Count- 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Blue from California Design Den. I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!

  76. DANA L EGER says:

    I redid my bedroom last summer after 17 years!! I would love to add these sheets to my cozy room.-36%
    Luxe Printed Pattern – Ticking Stripe – 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

  77. I’m with you…polka dot all the way!

  78. Susan Kendrick says:

    Diane, I love this post! I try to decorate using thrifted items so it’s definitely a SLOW process for me. But always worth the wait. I love your polka dot sheets from California Den Designs, but after looking at their options, I’d have to go with the grey ticking stripe for our bed. I love these sheets! Thanks for the great post and the giveaway!

  79. Barb VanDerKamp says:

    Diane – What FUN!!! Your bedroom looks amazing- sure wish you’d come to Hawaii and get some of our rooms up to your gorgeous speed. The EveryDay Lanai Printed Pattern 100% cotton sheet set from California Dream Design would sure start that SLOW remodel process for our guest room :) Aloha!

  80. What a great reminder about not rushing into design- I have found great success in buying one piece at a time as well. Long ago I bought pre-grouped sets of furniture and decor, only to feel like I had to have it styled a certain way. Using the slow method allows for greater personalization! If I am chosen for these beautiful sheets, I would love the Relaxed Wash, Full Size, in Spa. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  81. I love them all! My top three choices would be the antique rose, the lanai, and the snowflakes. They are different and just make me happy! Hope I win!

  82. “Little by little” one step at a time is a similar motto. Thanks Diane for your clever posts and insight. With a beach and nautical theme throughout our house, the Navy Dot is also my favorite for our bedroom. Happy Easter!

  83. Oh my! What cute polka dots! I checked out their site and I fell head over heals for the antique rose print- so vintage adorable! Crossing my fingers for the win.

  84. Diane,
    Your bedroom. Is so coastal and serene. And the accent wall is my favorite. . My choice would be the Luxe Printed Pattern – Urban Hex

  85. I think I’m liking the polka dot too – or the the pinstripe. ? I bought a very similar comforter a month ago and that’s as far as I’ve gotten on the bedroom makeover! It took me awhile to find it and know that it was what I wanted. And I’ve been looking for almost a year for new end tables! Guess I’m a SLOW method decorator too! Good to know I’m not crazy ?. Have a great Easter with that new Grandbaby!

  86. Diane, I admire your decorating style and creativity. Thanks for your blog with design ideas and gentle can-do spirit. I would enjoy a new set of sheets! Everyday Comfort – 400 Thread Count Solid – 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set – Queen / Pure White

  87. Oops! I forgot! Thanks for the great giveaway. I want YOUR navy dot sheets! :)

  88. Diane, this room is gorgeous! It looks like you. I can see your thoughtful curating and collecting in every detail of your room. I love your mix of texture, patterns and color, it’s lovely and feels so inviting. I’m so happy to hear you say that decorating a room doesn’t have to happen over the course of two months or two weeks or 12 months! I made that expensive mistake in a dining room in one of our homes; furniture, window treatments, light fixtures, the works! Thank you so much for your helpful tips, we have a master bedroom refresh in the offing and you’ve helped me tremendously. Live beautifully in your haven of bliss!

  89. Your bed looks amazing! Taking your time was clearly worth it. I love the ticking strip pattern; it’s the perfect classic design

  90. I would go for the cotton sateen in white, although I’m slightly obsessed with the ticking stripe. :)
    Thank you!

  91. Wow, Dianne, great job on that room! Looks picture perfect (those pom poms!) and even better than the in store inspo pic!

    I love the polka dots, or the geometric pattern they had!

    Thanks for the contest and insight on a new bedding source! ?

  92. OMGosh…. I must have all the dots!!! I ‘ve always been drawn to polka dots and pom poms. Thanks for a great post, Diane!

  93. I too am a polka dot super fan. Your comment about Easter dresses brought back many happy memories and my favorite dress was a red/white polka dot dress with a white pinafore. I would buy the same sheet set that you did as my bedroom is in the same color relm as yours. Thanks for all your great ideas and “moms” advice on slow decorating. Enjoy your newest member of the family!!

  94. If I would be fortunate enough to win I would want to win Mod Lodge.. I have always loved solid color sheets but, I bought my son a set of sheets that have a design that you do not have to decide which is the top of sides, Just look at the direction of pattern and no problem. This makes it quick and easy. Mod Lodge fits the design and white background is my favorite.

  95. Shawna Agajanian says:

    Great advice on taking it slow! My husband and I are hopefully going to be purchasing our first house this year and while I’m so excited to decorate I really need to focus on pieces that are good quality and we will love for years to come. I do love the everyday comfort sheets in light gray. You can’t go wrong sticking with neutrals!

  96. Laurie Perry says:

    I love the polka dots too! I am getting ready to redo my master bedroom. Everyone thinks I’m crazy because I want navy walls. I have white furniture and I like a dark room for sleeping. Love your posts!

  97. Rita Marnell says:

    I too am trying, over time, to decorate a bedroom in tones of white and blue. I think the Everyday Comfort Navy Blue Polka Dot sheets (in Queen size) would look lovely with the quilt comforter I am dreaming of purchasing from Wayfair. I love the accent wall you created. The mistake I made is painting my room blue. And even though it is a very light blue, it is still too much blue. I am so inspired by your makeover and hope someday to replicate it. Also, thank you for your tip about using a straight edge when cutting wallpaper. FYI … If your seams ever get loose, I found an awesome repair technique on You Tube. It’s too involved to explain here, but it involves Elmer’s glue and a blow dryer. I used it in my dining room a few years ago and it worked amazingly well. I loved the wallpaper, but the seams looked so bad that I was seriously considering stripping it all off. Thank you so much. Love your blog!

  98. I am loving the pinstripe! Although the dots are nice too…

  99. Anne Marie says:

    The Antique Rose sheets are so appealing to me!

  100. I love the Every Day Comfort-400 Thread Count-100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Mod Spa. They would add a wonderfully cool and relaxing feeling to our bedroom. Thank you for the opportunity.

  101. I would like the 1000-thread-count-cotton-rich-sateen-sheet-set. Sounds soooo luxurious!

  102. Amanda Pennington says:

    I’m so with you on slow decorating! Every time I hurry I waste money and make decisions I regret later. Waiting always helps me find the better choice that fits just right.

    The antique rose sheets made MY heart skip a beat – the vintage feel is lovely!

  103. California Design Den’s sheets are a great deal on cotton or cotton rich sheets. For my bed the 100% cotton Dobby Damask Stripe in white would go with everything. My bedroom is in white and cream with linen and leopard prints. The white sheets would be lovely to slide under in summer, cool and crisp. Beautiful and easy to mix with any color. Cotton is king in the summer in Palm Springs!

  104. I like the everyday pinstripe

  105. Hi Diane,
    I’d get the polka dot ones, too! Everyday Comfort – Navy Dot – 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in a California King. Still using white sheets cause my hubby likes them but I’d rather add some pizzaz! If I won, he couldn’t argue with that!

  106. Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn says:

    Love the Antique Rose sheets…I have a simple duvet for summer that would look great with those or your polka dots! Thanks!

  107. Margot Chapman says:

    Diane, I love your bedroom makeover and the blue and white color scheme is my favorite. I would love a queen set of the same sheets, the blue dot ones you have. Thanks for the tips on washing too,

  108. Diane, thank you for introducing us to this company. I would select the Luxe 600 TC 100% Cotton Sateen Queen set in Spa. Fingers crossed!
    Wishing you a blessed Easter with your family!

  109. Lourdes I Crohare says:

    I loved the fact that your Master bedroom is in blue. For years and I mean years, my Master bedroom was in a soft beige/dusty rose color. More beige than rose. I always wanted a Navy and white bedroom. And like you said I spent forever downloading pics from the internet. Should I go with Blue white and grey, or blue white and lime, or blue white and coral. In the end I did just Blue and White and the walls if sift grey. The sheets you have picked would aslo be perfect for my bedroom. I choose the same ones Everyday Comfort – Navy Dot – 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Queen size. They would lokk awesome and you said the feel is marvelous satin soft. I hope like you said all i have to iron are the pillows. LOVE it!! Thanks.

  110. Nancy Walden says:

    If you don’t have a large budget, shopping slowing is definitely the way to go. Your bed looks great and it was definitely worth waiting for just the right product at just the right price. I checked out the California Design Den’s website. The polka dot print would work but the Antique Rose print would be a better fit with my Country French style room.

  111. I love those blue polka dot sheets. So whimsical

  112. Claire Finn says:

    I would love to win the navy dot sheets !

  113. The polka dots are adorable. The room really came together beautifully. Luxe – 600 Thread Count- 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in plain old White! Thanks for the giveaway, Diane.

  114. Thank you for the contest. I would choose navy dot although antique rose is pretty.

  115. Stacy Grosso says:

    I would get the navy dot or white sheets in King size. I’m ready to redecorate my 16 year old house in lighter and brighter colors, focusing on blues, grays and whites. Maroon and green of the late 90’s and early 2000’s be outta here!

  116. My vote would be for the 100% organic percale sheets in ivory. My quilt is cornflower blue with tan and I think the ivory would be a good third color. Thanks for this opportunity and introduction to California Design Den, Diane.

    Happy Easter!

  117. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love the navy dot sheets. Thanks for this awesome giveaway : )

  118. Luxe – 600 Thread Count- 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set (taupe, ivory or even whitez0
    We sleep in an antique full size bed and sometimes hard to find full sheets. I truly LOVE the dotted ones you got but can’t use navy. Wish it was a taupe dot on white. I adore your blue and white room, everything about it! So light and refreshing.

  119. If only they had those dot sheets in green! My second choice would be the “Mod Lodge” sheets for my Northern Wisconsin lakehouse. Send the loons back our way, please! ;o)

  120. Performance Blend Luxe – 1000 Thread Count – Cotton/ Poly Sateen Sheet Set in Bright White would be my choice. I love crisp white sheets!

  121. I agree with you that polka dots give just enough pattern to add interest. They also are easy to blend with other pattern.

  122. Mariele Storm says:

    Love your motto here… I thoroughly agree! :)

  123. Ellie Wright says:

    I like the Everyday Comfort – Antique Rose – 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set.

  124. Bright White, Full size, Performance Blend Woven Stripes – 500 Thread Count – Egyptian Cotton / Poly Sateen Sheet Set

  125. The Everyday Comfort – Navy Dot – 400 Thread Hands down. So classic. I really need a new set of sheets and love your taste. Your room is beautiful.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  126. Barbara Jaeger says:

    Lovely bedroom, Diane, and great advice as usual. “Dotted Swiss” is the fabric that comes to mind when I think of the Easter dresses of my youth. And yes, I wore the white gloves! Many things have changed, but not the promise of this glorious day. Blessings to you and yours.

  127. I like the Luxe Printed Pattern – Ticking Stripe – 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set.

  128. Rhona Lutton says:

    I am very slow with my decorating as well. I think of it as percolating.

  129. Rhona Lutton says:

    I’m so excited for your post since I’m always interested in nice affordable bedding. I really love the Ticking Stripe.

  130. Elaine Hunt says:

    I like your SLOW method. Thanks for my validation. I would like the MOD LODGE King sized set, if I am chosen.

  131. 1960s girl says:

    It’s so funny that you mentioned your mother taking you to buy new clothes and white gloves for Easter!
    We did the exact same thing here, in Canada. I would always have new shiny shoes and/or a new coat (for church and visiting my grand-mother) and, of course, white gloves for Easter! I felt like a princess or a lady!
    I liked that time when people rich or poor would get well-dressed for certain occasions.
    I also remember my aunts wearing beautiful hats that they made.
    Thanks for bringing back sweet memories!
    By the way, I love the polka dot sheets that I’m told can be ordered through amazon in Canada! I’ve been looking for something similar for a long time.
    My bedroom is in the white/navy colour scheme.
    Happy Easter!

  132. Ruth Daines says:

    Wow I love your new bedroom! I do remember you shared your ideas last year and I loved the blue and white and saved your ideas myself. I love the sheets you found and the great price.
    I looked at the website and loved the ticking stripe sheets and the price can’t be beat. Thanks for sharing this post and your cute room. The polka dots are so cute!

  133. LindaSonia says:

    I am in LOVE with the dot sheet set. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway and introducing us to California Design Den!

  134. Catherine Kapsner says:

    Pick me, pick me! I love your new polka dot sheets and a matching set would look great on my cal king bed.
    Love the new granddaughter. She’s a keeper.

  135. We are establishing a weekend home at the lake this summer and while we’ve been planning and hoarding furniture for a few years, there’s still a LOT to buy. I’d love to have the Queen Navy Dot sheets! Contrary to our traditional home, our lake place will be modern with bright white, moss green and navy!
    Your bedroom looks fabulous and cozy.

  136. Love the bedroom and the polka dot sheets.. I like the .Performance Blend Luxe – 1000 Thread Count – in wonderful, plain old white. Enjoy the weekend with your sweet Grand. My favorite dresses from Easters were made of dotted swiss…and yes, with gloves that had a bit of chocolate bunny on the tips.

  137. Donna Mills says:

    I like the polka dot sheets too. Thank you so much!

  138. Mike Bowen says:

    love the California navy polka dot sheets, I love polka dots of all types. any Navy & white & pink & white. They are very modern & tasteful. My bedroom is also many shades of blue., need a little more crisp white.

    I follow you religiously , looking forward to many more great rooms. I love my home & love to clean, organize & decorate it.

  139. Sherry Darlington says:

    You had me at polka dot but then make them navy & I’m all about that! Your bedroom is my inspiration for a guest room makeover. Thank you!

  140. Loren Means says:

    I love the same sheet set you purchased – Navy Dot Everyday Comfort sheet set. Thanks for sharing – I have been looking for new sheets for our bedroom & these are a great price!

  141. Kathy Wetzel-Barnett says:

    I love the navy polka dot pattern. It would look great with my king size

  142. Catherine M Foy says:

    I am also doing my bedroom in blue and white. My walls are painted a soft blue. These sheets would be perfect. Cathy

  143. I love your new sheets and they would look great in my blue & white bedroom also!

  144. Valarie Sanford says:

    Diane, this room is simply gorgeous! and I really liked the pinstripe sheets, adorable…just like you the new grandma ha!

  145. I’m so thrilled to read this today. We’ve just gotten a king size bed. For the moment, I’m borrowing things from my mom, but they so are not my style. But I knew I needed to take my time to find what I love. I love the polka dot sheets you chose. Although, I also really love the pinstripe. TBH, I love the antique rose, but hubby would certainly find that too feminine. :) I have a long way to go to figure out all that I want, but I had already been strongly leaning toward blue or navy. I’m ready for a change. I’ve used white sheets forever, but the dots or stripes would add a lot. So much to consider. Thank you again!

  146. Carol Rushby says:

    I have wanted to buy a new set of sheets, but hesitant without input from someone. I would love to win and try this new brand.

  147. erika juhl says:

    I LUV the polk a dot set that you have……awesome choice…….i would love that set in queen or king. The way your room has come together is fabulous. And great advice about taking your time to decorate. Let the room evolve over time, i think is more “you’ in the end.

  148. Connie McGhee says:

    OMGosh! The Mod Lodge gets my vote for our king camper. So much fun !

  149. Your room looks so relaxed and stylish! Looks effortless even though I know it was anything but. I’m a classic white sheet girl

  150. sharon adrion says:

    I like the 500 Thread Count Dobby Damask Stripe 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Set in white. Love your blog!

  151. Jackie Pilo says:

    Your room turned out beautifully. Thanks for the tips about caring for sheets.
    Will do!

  152. My favorite is the Urban Hex cotton sheet set in queen size.

  153. Renee Howard says:

    Love your posts. Antique Rose would be my choice.

  154. Helena Dias says:

    You bedroom is looking great. I follow your philosophy – slow and steady to get the items that I want. The 100% organic cotton sheet in natural look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  155. Jennie Lockie says:

    Love your blog and often tell others about it. I especially like the Antique Rose queen size sheets.

  156. Sandra Collins says:

    This could not be more timely! I moved into my first house 6 months ago, and I started immediately buying new things to decorate. I’d say about a third of my early purchases have turned into regrets. Nothing major, and I have been able to find a way to make most things work – moving a lamp from the entry into the master, etc. – but I have FINALLY started slowing down and stop trying to just finish it NOW. You are so right; better to live with in a space for awhile, see how you use it, see what speaks to you. Before the move I loved things more vintage and shabby chic, but since the move I have definitely gravitated more towards casual but polished. My sister suggested your blog and I love your style so much! I just painted my $15 entry table with the blue chalk paint you recommended and it turned out great! I had never painted anything before and it was so easy!!!! THANK YOU!

  157. I love your blue and white polka dot sheets. I also love the ticking stripe ones. Your bedroom looks great. Thanks for the reminder that good things come to those who wait.

  158. JoAnn Patton says:

    Love the Medallion Taupe sheet set!

  159. Hi. My bed looks similar to yours but not quite as gorgeous. I would love the navy dot sheet set as well. Thanks!

  160. Hey Diane. You are one smart cookie. Taking a deep breath and checking out options always helps me when I’m shopping. I usually know what I want and have, at times, settled for something too expensive or second best because I was in a hurry. You polka dot sheets are lovely and they would be my choice also!
    Enjoy Easter with that beautiful granddaughter.

  161. Christy H says:

    I love the medallion print cotton sateen sheets.

  162. Linda Holder says:

    I like Everyday Comfort in Antique Rose sheet set! Such soft colors!

  163. Thanks for sharing this site! I love the medallion printed taupe pattern for my king size bed.

  164. Diane,

    I loved my little white gloves…nothing sweeter.

    I too love polka dots. Just found a fun golden beige tablecloth with polka dots at Kohls. We use our good dining room table daily for all meals. Just wanted to change things up a bit from the place mats I had been using. It brings a smile to my face every day.

    The SLOW approach makes so much sense and finally I’m realizing this. I have made some pretty expensive mistakes in the past. No more. We opened up a wall from our kitchen to our dining room three years ago. I love my french country case goods, but have relaxed the new upholstery pieces. Such a pretty but comfortable room. I LOVE IT!

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family and your precious little one.

  165. Your bedroom came out beautifully!
    I am partial to blue navy dots myself!
    Everyday Comfort- Navy Dots!!!

  166. Lisa Taylor says:

    Certainly appealing to the eye! Your completed bedroom looks inviting and relaxing. Like you, I enjoy pulling a room together with new purchases as well as second-hand shopping. I agree not rushing a room to completion seems to bring the most satisfaction to me and be budget friendly as well. As always, I look forward to each of your new posts and the valuable information we can resource from each. My personal choice for our master bedroom would be the navy polka dot king size.

  167. Bobette Steanson says:

    I would be a copycat and get the navy polka dot .
    Love your blue bedroom and love your blog!

  168. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I love the tips and tricks on how to care for sheets! I never knew that high heat makes them scratchy! So thank you for the tips! I love the Luxe – 600 Thread Count- 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Pure White or Spa Color! And the best thing is that they’re on sale! Love that! Thanks Diane for such a wonderful blog!

  169. I need those polka dot sheets in king size for my blue bedroom.! Am redecorating and switching to blue – love polka dots and need new sheets! Perfect combination.! And definitely a bonus to read about California Design Den’s approach to creating their product

  170. Linda Swanson says:

    Diane, you had me at polka dot. I too am a huge fan! Your room looks great!

  171. I was having a hard time deciding just which one I liked more –it came down to the Navy Dot and the Urban Hex and the Navy dot won out. To me they are just so classic but the Dot pattern in the room I have set for it would be better.

  172. Those look like great sheets! I really like the ticking stripe. I love all the beautiful blues and whites in your bedroom, it looks fantastic.

  173. Sally Christiansen says:

    You had me at polka dots! They are my favorite. Your bed looks amazing!

  174. I love the blue and white polka dot sheets…and at such a great price!! I got excited the minute I saw them because they are exactly what I’ve been looking for to complete the bed in our guest room. In fact I had begun the process to order them when I noticed your give away. I’m going to put my holder on hold until after the drawing…hoping to win!

  175. Elizabeth Garner says:

    I also love the navy dot. I’ve always loved polka dots to wear and in decorating, plus I have lots of blues and greens in my master bedroom. Thanks!

  176. Kari @ Me and My Captain says:

    Great tips Diane and I did not know one could over dry sheets. Good to know! I love your master bedroom make over. By the way, are you going to Haven this year? I’m thinking of skipping it as I have been to the last 4. Still debating with myself.
    Have a happy and blessed Easter with your family.

  177. Wow…so hard to pick just one. I like the Annika, but then saw the ticking stripe. That’s just such a classic! Your room looks so fresh and classy!

  178. I would choose the cool crisp percale sheet set in white king set. Great prices! Glad to find this company. Your room is looking beautiful!

  179. Absolutely adore the new pillows & polka dot bedding. I wouldn’t have considered polka dots, but its so charming, fresh & bright. Have a lovely Easter weekend with your new grand daughter! I loved decorating for Easter this year for our 13 month old grand daughter.

  180. Thank you for this giveaway and great lesson on how to properly dry sheets. Now I know why mine come out rather rough and with wrinkles, over drying! I would love to win the Navy Dot King Sheets.

  181. Deb Wostmann says:

    I love the polka dot sheets in the blue like those shown on your bed as I have blues and greens in my master bedroom. I had to smile at your Easter memories of new finery. I too had little white gloves and of course usually white patent leather shows too! Sweet memories.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

    1. Deb Wostmann says:

      Oops, that was meant to say shoes…..

  182. Theresa Stewart says:

    I love the 500 Thread Count Dobby Damask Stripe 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Set in khaki. My bedroom is done in antique wood furniture with green walls and pictures of cottages and woodlands with water.. These would go so well with the serene look! Thank you Diane! Also congrats on your new grandbaby and I LOVE your hair!

  183. Thank you for the slow decorating tips. Slow is my style! ? I love the Sunrise Lavender – Printed Pattern in twin size! So fun!

  184. Thank you for the extremely helpful post. Patience really is a virtue.

    I’m usually a white sheet person, but if I had the opportunity to choose a sheet set, it would be the Sunrise Lavender print set in full. Beautiful!

  185. Karen Kownurko says:

    The Medallion Taupe Sheets speak to me. I really love that California Design Den cares so much for their product that they teach the consumer how to get the best experience from their luscious bedding. I can imaging how comforting it must feel to slip into bed each night on those gorgeous cotton sheets.

  186. Barbara H. says:

    I’m typically slow to make decorating decisions, so I really love your advice! Your bedroom turned out so beautifully Diane, and these sheets are perfect, I would actually choose the exact same ones, as polka dots always say “happy” to me! Hope you have a blessed Easter!

  187. Beautiful room, I love the blue! I have been looking for blue dot sheets. Will definitely looks into these. Good to know on drying sheets

  188. Mary L Stevens says:

    Your bed looks great!! I like the ticking set of sheets.

  189. Sue Nordstrom says:

    Love the navy dot and the sunrise lavender both

  190. Nicole Terry says:

    Thanks, Diane!
    I’m usually a white-sheet gal, but it would be fun to switch it up to Antique Rose for Spring and Summer!

  191. Love the Pinstripe Sheets! Thanks for sharing your discovery of this company. Pretty sheets at reasonable prices!

  192. Your heart goes pitter-patter for the polka dots—they ARE adorable…
    but the Antique Rose pattern makes ME swoon!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. Have a Blessed Easter!

  193. Maria Trunzo says:

    Love your room. The sheet are perfect with the rest of your room. Blue is the color of our master bedroom. The color of our wall paint is, “Blue Eyes,” with a Tommy Hilfinger small calco blue, yellow flowers, & green leaves. Found on the mark down table @ a large department store. The room has been this color since 2001. Blue was a very hard to find before the internet became popular. Enjoy your room as much as I do.

  194. Lenora Steinly says:

    Love the polka dots, ALWAYS a classic, always in STYLE, and ALWAYS complements any look.

  195. I really like the Lanai printed pattern – pretty colors!

  196. Stacey Kemp says:

    Blue and white is always classic and perfect! Your room in beautiful. Thanks for all of the great design tips. I really enjoy your blog.

  197. I actually would love the exact sheets you have – the Everyday Comfort Navy Polka Dot 400-thread count Sateen. We just moved and upgraded to a king-size bed and I only have one nice set of linens for it so far. My bedroom has navy blue carpet, which I don’t love…but it’s very plush and good quality and still has lots of life in it, so I’m living with it and it’s growing on me. The navy polka dots would work perfectly with the room and the new blue and white lightweight quilt I just bought for the summer months. Thank you and hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family and especially the new little chick. :-)

  198. Love your bedroom. I need to take the SLOW method to heart. Many impulse decisions have created living in a room I don’t like. On your giveaway I would enjoy the Dolby damask in a queen set, light gray or the 100% organic cotton in a set king set, ivory. Thank you.

  199. I’m all about polka dots too! Love what you picked out. I would go for the exact same thing. In fact, may just order them for my guest room! Thanks for sharing!

  200. Catherine Smith says:

    Love, love the polka dot sheets. Our bedroom Is exactly those colors and from what I can see, the floral coverlet/duvet is very similar. I use a navy throw at the foot of the bed and navy pillows. Currently using white sheets and never considered polka dots but they look great. They’re very subtle but certainly add interest. The polka dot sheets in king size would be my choice if I’m chosen. Thank you for the opportunity.

  201. Jessica Renard says:

    Hello Diane! Love how your bedroom turned out and I’m really going to take your advice to decorate slowly in my new bedroom. I’m looking at shades of gray, black, white, and sage green. So the Performance Blend Superior – 700 Thread Count King sheets in Sliver would look great on my bed!
    There is a gorgeous blanket on Amazon that I found that is a black barked tree, with sage green leaves on a silver background that is my inspiration. Thank you so much for your blog!

  202. I love the sheets you have and those are the same ones I would choose. I’m a blue & white girl through and through!

  203. I have been in my new house (our old one burned down) for six months now and everyone asks me if I’m done decorating it yet…umm, no! We lost everything and I’m not just going to just buy things to fill a space! I am all about the slow method. I don’t see the need to rush and regret, making a home takes time! Love your bedroom redo. Thanks for the intro to a new company, I’m eyeing the ticking stripe sheet set.

  204. Your blue and white bedroom is beautiful and you’ve inspired me to add some spring color to mine. And I had no idea about the drying sheets thing- good to know! Happy Easter and enjoy your sweet grand baby and family!

  205. New white patent leather shoes, white gloves, new dress & hat; all a part of Easter when I was growing up!
    I love the Everyday Comfort – 400 Thread Count Solid – 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in blush. They would complete my new bedroom refresh!

  206. Romeogirl says:

    Urban Hex would be my choice. I confess I iron my pillowcases also. When I was young I wanted to iron so badly my mom would let me iron her kitchen towels!.

  207. I feel exactly the same way about decorating. Take your time…learn about the houses light and moods throughout the year.
    The sheets sound wonderful and the polka dots are sweet :)
    Enjoy every moment with your family for Easter.
    My Mom would always make my dress and I would get new patent leather shoes So many great memories ?

  208. Got to say I love the everyday comfort dot.

  209. Evelyn Fear says:

    I well remember those days of the total bonnet to shoes Easter outfit including gloves and purse. No one seems to dress up like that any more, though. And, me, I rather like to dress up; guess that makes me a “throwback” to those simpler times when we were growing up.

  210. I love the Medallion Taupe Printed Pattern sheets!

  211. A set of the cotton sateen sheets would be wonderful! Thank you…

  212. Maree Sperle says:

    Love the dots! For my bedroom I would pick the ticking stripe in grey. Thanks for introducing me to this company.

  213. If only hubby and I could agree on the slow method. HGTV has made it hard for people to trust this method as homeowners have their “dream” home/room in 30mins to an hour.

    Thanks for sharing this information about where to find quality sheets and proper care. I liked the Performance Blend Woven Stripes – 500 Thread Count – Egyptian Cotton / Poly Sateen Sheet Set in Bright White.

  214. I totally agree with your ideas of decorating slow-method style! I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my haste to get a room “done”. Those mistakes are expensive too!

    I found ‘Performance Blend Woven Stripes – 500 Thread Count – Egyptian Cotton / Poly Sateen Sheet Set’ in white to be very suitable for our master bedroom. Thanks for the recommendation to California Design Den!

    1. I have two favorites! I love the snowflakes, and also antique rose pattern.

  215. I love the Dobby Damask Stripe sheets. They will add a fun new look to our bedroom.

  216. You read my mind! Affordable sheets in that pinstripe? Yes, please! Thank you for the intro to Calif. Design Den and my new sheets. Fingers crossed!