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Why I Like To Decorate Using the SLOW Method

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When decorating a home there are many methods used by designers and homeowners alike to get a room decorated to completion. I have learned that the slow method of decorating allows me to get a room exactly how I want it while staying within my budget. 

Do you remember this photo of a bed with the bedding I liked and posted about last year?

Navy and white bedding

I took the photo at a local furniture store as the inspiration for my bedroom makeover.  The quilt, duvet and shams were way out of my price range, so I had to get them out of my mind and find something similar that would be within my budget.

I didn’t stress out about it though, knowing time would be on my side to find something that I loved and would be in my budget.  I was right as I did find bedding to get the look I was after.

From years of decorating experience and the advice from my mom long ago, I knew that taking the SLOW road when decorating a room would make me love every single item and the entire room for a long time.

Letting the decor evolve to make it the best it can be for my style, comfort and functioning needs is money well spent.

You may remember me telling you that it took me 9 months to find 6 baskets to fill these kitchen shelves in my previous house and over a year and a half to complete my studioffice.

The only time I did a room makeover quickly was for a sponsored post a group of blogger’s took part in called, Color Lovers. The room came out exactly like I wanted it, colorful, but I had been working on the room in my head, on Pinterest, and a clipping file of inspiration since the day we moved into the house.

Bedroom decorated using blue and white color palette

Pom Pom Trimmed Bed Skirt | Navy Blue Channel Stitched Velvet Quilt | Blue & White Comforter | Polka Dot Sheets | Square Blue Flange Pillows

When decorating, I am in no big rush… time is still on my side when it comes to decorating my bedroom or any room exactly how I want, while loving everything in it.

Blue and white pillow on bed

About a month ago when out and about and not looking for anything in particular, I came across these large square flange pillows that just happened to be made in a similar pattern to the duvet from my inspiration bed photo.

I smiled and was reminded that the universe has a way of bringing things to you if you take the time to look and let it happen… spiritual as well as in the material world. :-)

The pillows may not be the exact item that inspired the styling and colors for my bed, but they add the style to the overall look I am after.

California Design Den Sheets

Just a few weeks ago, I came across California Design Den while I was online looking at something totally not decor related, when up popped an image that grabbed my interest to make me want to go over to their site.

Bed Pillows on be in navy and white color scheme

It was the Everyday Comfort Navy Polka Dot sheets that they sell that made my decorating heart go pitter-patter.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile then you know I love almost anything with classic polka dots.

White painted furniture in blue and white decorated bedroom.

I figured the sheets would be out of my budget, but when I clicked over and saw the $60 price tag for a set of quality, 100% cotton, deep pocket, silky sateen weave King size sheets with 400 thread count I knew they were the sheets I had been waiting for to complete the makeover of my bed.

The subtle pattern of the polka dots is just enough pattern to add a little more interest and style to my bedding.

California Design Den information

After reading through the information that came with my sheet set about how the sheets are ethically made by skilled artisans and inspected to ensure perfection, I learned something new about how to make sure cotton sheets maintain their softness.

How to Keep Sheets Soft After Every Washing

I am sure you have heard that the more you wash quality cotton sheets, the softer they get. But did you know that over-drying sheets in a dryer will make them rough?  I didn’t.

  • When doing the laundry, I am the queen of…  “Lets get this dryer load done fast with high heat!” 
  • When washing my sheets now, I have changed my mantra to…  “Quick Dry – Don’t Fry”

I can attest to this as I have washed my new Everyday Comfort Navy Polka Dot sheets 3 times so far and have dried them on medium heat just until they are no longer damp. Sleeping on them, they feel soft and smooth, no stiffness, or pilling.

One thing I found I like to do since getting the new sheets that I never did before… don’t think I am crazy, but I also learned that if you iron the pillow cases you will get that brand-new sheet feel after every washing.

  • If you do over dry your sheets, wash them again on a long cycle, no detergent, followed by a quick dry.
3 Blue and white bed pillows on a bed

It took me 8 months to get my bedroom made over to where it is today. Staying focused and taking it SLOW kept my budget in check by allowing me to look for affordable options.

White painted furniture in blue and white decorated bedroom.

I made the headboard using paneled bifold doors. You can find the post here:

I also gave my nightstand a makeover without having to use paint. You can see how I changed it here:

My Slow Decorating Tips

  • Take time to live in the room or space before buying anything new. This way you can see how the light comes into the room, what it needs to be more comfortable as well as function better.
  • Don’t buy something just to get the room done. You may later regret it or find something better if you take your time.
  • Save the receipt from every purchase you make for the room. Even if you think you love something you may bring it home to find out it doesn’t fit or the color is off. Having the receipt you can take it back without a problem.
  • Keep inspiration handy – always have a Pinterest board or notebook for your ideas. Refer to it often and weed it out as your style for the room or space evolves.
  • When doing an online search on Google for something you are trying to find – try putting in different word variations for what you are looking for when searching. For instance – say you are looking for a “blue and white striped rug” and you use this phrase in the search engine.  Also search for “coastal rug in blue and white”, “casual rug in blue and white”“blue rug with white stripes”, “cotton rug in blue and white”, “budget priced blue and white area rug”. You get the idea. Think of different ways people refer to a blue and white rug to bring up many more options to consider.
  • Have a printout or note app on your phone that lists the sizes of all rooms, windows and furniture in your house. Having this handy helps when you find something when out and about and you want to make sure it will fit. This way you won’t miss out on the deal or waste money if it doesn’t fit in some way or another once you get it home.

I learned to decorate using the SLOW method from my mom. She enjoyed decorating and I am the child of her 4 offspring that inherited that gene.

When Ed and I bought our first house, I remember her walking into the house, excited to see it after we made settlement and she looked at me and said…

…”Don’t rush it, let it evolve over time, don’t go out and buy everything to decorate all at once. Be choosy and in the long run you will save money and will be much happier with your choices”.

Thanks Mom – a good lesson learned.

Learn to decorate a home using the SLOW method.
How to wash bed sheets so they always stay soft after washing.

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  1. Love the dots! For my bedroom I would pick the ticking stripe in grey. Thanks for introducing me to this company.

  2. If only hubby and I could agree on the slow method. HGTV has made it hard for people to trust this method as homeowners have their “dream” home/room in 30mins to an hour.

    Thanks for sharing this information about where to find quality sheets and proper care. I liked the Performance Blend Woven Stripes – 500 Thread Count – Egyptian Cotton / Poly Sateen Sheet Set in Bright White.

  3. I totally agree with your ideas of decorating slow-method style! I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my haste to get a room “done”. Those mistakes are expensive too!

    I found ‘Performance Blend Woven Stripes – 500 Thread Count – Egyptian Cotton / Poly Sateen Sheet Set’ in white to be very suitable for our master bedroom. Thanks for the recommendation to California Design Den!

  4. You read my mind! Affordable sheets in that pinstripe? Yes, please! Thank you for the intro to Calif. Design Den and my new sheets. Fingers crossed!