The Decorating Blues

Decorating My Bedroom Using a Navy Blue and White Color Scheme.

I am feeling blue lately…  as in the decorating color scheme of navy blue paired with white.

I have always loved the crisp cool color, it is right up there color love wise in my mind with turquoise, purple, chartreuse, and pink. I am sure you have been seeing hints of this from some of my latest posts where more blue is showing up all around my house.

The color blue, navy blue to sky blue just makes me happy, but I never went with an all navy blue and white room before. I think that is about to change.

Navy and white bedding

On a recent trip to my local furniture store I came across this bed on the showroom floor. I love the overall feel of it.  Modern, classic, simple. Not too much fuss, but still warm and inviting.  I took the photo with my phone so the colors may look a little funky, but since I saw it I can’t get the bedding out of my mind.  You know how that is when you see something and you just keep thinking about it, right?  It doesn’t happen to me a lot, but when it does, I listen.

Now that I have most of the big home improvement/updating projects done around the house (at least for now) I have been trying to focus on the decorating aspect of the living room and my bedroom.

I haven’t posted about my bedroom very much since I haven’t done much with it.

Master bedroom makeover before and after

You may remember when we moved into the house that the bedroom walls were painted yellow.

master bedroom before

I am not a fan of yellow walls and my first update to the house…

blue and white bedroom decorating ideas

…was painting the walls a soft blue color.

Use what you have decorating. Make a cushioned headboard using an ordinary wood headboard as your base. | In My Own Style

Since then I have restyled an old headboard I had, painted the ceiling fan white and added white window treatments…

HGTV Dream House 2016 paint colors

…but that was about it. I took this photo two years ago right after painting the walls and it still looks just like this today. I had bigger projects to take on and was content with just getting the walls painted light blue. I didn’t really have a plan and didn’t want to decorate just to have it done. I wanted to see how we used the room, how the light comes in, etc.

Now I am ready and have a decorating plan where I really want to add a punch of color to the room in the way of navy blue and maybe a few hues of blues along with it.  I pretty much know what I want, but have still been searching for inspiration.

Navy Blue and White Bedroom Decorating Inspiration

Bed Pillows in blue and white found at HomeGoods

I already have some navy blue and white bedding, but could use new shams.

navy blue and white bedroom pillows


I love the blue channel quilted shams with the mini pom-poms that are right against the headboard in this photo.

navy blue and white bedroom inspiration ideas


This photo sums it all up very nicely.  I like the casual no fuss feel.

studio mcgee navy blue and white bedroom


In this navy blue and white bedroom the navy accent is more subtle, but I love it all the same.  My master bedroom bath vanity is grey like the one in this photo. It makes me happy to see so I know that once I start making changes my master bedroom and bath will coordinate with each other.

So this week I am in planning/research mode. I am waiting to see how much the duvet cover costs that is on the bed that I love from the furniture store. If it is too pricey I may be making my own if I can find a similar fabric.  I am still searching for just the right area rug. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Have you seen anything lately that has inspired you into decorating action?

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  1. Do you mind sharing a link for the bedding that was on the bed from the furniture store? I am looking online without success. Thank you!

    1. So sorry- just saw these answers below. I will keep looking. Thank you!

  2. Hi! Are the navy shams with the Pom poms from that furniture store as well or did you purchase those? If so, from where?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Amanda –

      I found that photo on House Beautiful when I was looking for inspirations and ideas on how to decorate my bedroom using blue and white so I don’t know where the pillow came from. It was a few years ago, so the link no longer goes to the photo on the NB site.

      Sorry that I can’t be of more help. It is a very pretty and unique pillow. If you keep searching online, it may show up.

  3. I love, love, love the white lumbar pillow on the bed with the navy fringy circular trim! Where can I get those pillows?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kathy – I wish I knew where the pillow was from. I found the photo on Pinterest and it didn’t link to a site. :-(

  4. You said you took a photo of the bed set setup in a store and that is what you used as you’re inspiration. I am trying to find that grayish blue what looks like a linen duvet cover (not the blue quilt laying on top). Was that at Pottery Barn by chance? Would you happen to have any info on that comfort/duvet cover?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Penny –

      The duvet and shams are not from Pottery Barn. The store were I took the photo can order the duvet and shams. If you take a screenshot of the photo and email it to them, they will most likely be able to order it for you. For a King is runs around $400. The underside of the duvet is not the same fabric.

      Here is a link to the store: They have contact info at the bottom of their web page.

      I searched to find the duvet on my own. It is made at a manufacturer in California, but they do not deal with retail sales. :-)

  5. I love your pale blue walls. What is the name of the paint color?

  6. Aquafresh says:

    looking awesome…..

  7. It’s me again. I looked on the site you gave for the bedspread and see it’s out of my price range, especially if I want to get shams for it. I found something I am loving and thought you might want to take a look. It’s Indian Kantha quilts. I found the biggest selection on Houzz. They are very affordable and beautiful. I haven’t been able to find shams for them, but if I go with this, I’ll just use solids. If I was good at sewing, I’d just buy a coordinating quilt and make my own bc they are super affordable.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Deb – It is crazy expensive – out of my budget too. It is just a linen/cotton duvet and the underside isn’t even the same fabric. For a King it is $400!!! I am searching to find something way less expensive. I will check out the Indian Kantha quilt. Thanks for telling me. :-) If I see anything similar I will email you.

  8. The duvet in the furniture store picture is beautiful. It looks like linen is it? I love the collection of blue and white throw pillows in the Pinterest photo. I’m looking forward to see what you do with the room. Vikki in VA

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Vikki – Good eye :-) Yes it does have linen it in. It is a linen and cotton mix. I love it but it may be a little too expensive for my budget. If I can get it on sale, I might buy it.

  9. Mary De Robertis says:

    Hi Diane,
    I seem to remember that at one time you did a post on the sisal rugs that you had in several rooms in your old home. Am I imagining this or is it true? If it is can you tell me how to find that post on your site?
    Thank you,

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Mary – You have a good memory. :-) I wrote about the sisal rug in my studioffice and a seagrass one in my living room as well as jute one in my dining room. When we moved I didn’t have anywhere to use the jute one, so we sold it. The sisal in my studioffice was from IKEA. The seagrass one in my living room is still in my living room, it fit perfectly in the lake house. I bought it on

      Here are the posts where you can see them. I don’t think I have one where I wrote about all three in one post. Let me know if any of these are what you were looking for.

      Seagrass in LR:
      Sisal in Studioffice:
      Jute in the DR:

  10. Hey Diane, I am inspired by your blue and white bedroom makeover. I LOVE the white quilt (or duvet cover) with the blue circle pattern that’s in the photo with the gray vanity. I have looked and looked for something like this. Do you have any idea where this can be purchased? I also love the rectangular white pillow with the blue criss cross pattern and large blue pompoms in the picture with decorative pillows! Any help is appreciated!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Deb –

      I found the photo with the quilt/duvet cover you mentioned on the bed with the grey bath vanity on Pinterest and it took me to Studio McGee. Here is the link:

      The other photo with the selection of blue and white pillows with blue criss cross pattern I also found on Pinterest where the link took me to a few sites and I followed the links to a Tumbler site, but their is no source:

      Pinterest is frustrating this way. :-( Sorry I can’t give you a source.

      1. Thank you so much for your help. Yes, Pinterest can be frustrating. Good luck on your room. We just got a small condo in Austin to stay at when we visit our daughter so I have a blank canvas! Haven’t had one of those in many years.

  11. Molly Windsor says:

    What color white do you use? I am not a fan of Gray.Your white seems very nice.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Molly – My go-to whites are Sherwin Williams – Pure White and Valspar – Bistro White.

  12. Navya Arora says:

    WOW this looks amazing♥. Thanks you. Happy Valentine Day & Happy Mahashivratri to you & your family.

  13. I LOVE BLUE! It is a happy comforting color!

  14. Navy blue is a beautiful choice. I use a down comforters with a duvet cover and a fleece blanket as a topper (I have 10 rescue cats and they like my bed). I love duvet covers, especially the ones from Ikea. They are so colorful and every time I go I MUST buy yet another. Thank god the closest Ikea is 5 hours away from in Charlotte, so I don’t go very often. But they are building one in Cary I think, I might be in trouble. Since I have a hard time staying with one color scheme, I mean who can, there are so many beautiful color combinations and patterns out there, I have several different color fleece blankets and every time I wash my sheets, I change color. Never gets boring and the cats approve, which is most important.
    If this was my bedroom though, the first thing I would do away with is the carpet. I have never liked carpet, grew up tile in Germany.

  15. I am getting ready to redecorate my master bedroom too. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I want navy walls with white trim, doors and crown. The bedding and drapes are mostly white. I love a dark room for sleeping (occasional migraines).

  16. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful room and the decor is very pretty

  17. My imaginary beach house is decorated in blue and white! it’s a beautiful color palette. Very nice inspiration pieces you’ve shared.

  18. Ruth Daines says:

    Love all your Navy and White designs! I’ve been loving those colors this season as well. Seems I always love whatever colors Pottery Barn is showing when I go in! Can you tell me where you got the picture with the navy pompom shams? I love all that bedding in the picture. I know Ballard has pompom bedding. Just wondering if you know who sells it. Thanks for all your great ideas always!

    1. Ruth Daines says:

      Sorry I’m using my phone and just saw you had a link to the photo I was asking about. It was under an ad so I didn’t see it right away. I’ll have to look for the cute bedding. You definitely inspired me! I love changing my bedding and couch pillows regularly :)

  19. Love the navy and white!!! I have always loved the contrast of navy and white.
    Your inspiration pictures are inspiring! I do love that navy pillow w the pompous!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Clemson, SC

  20. Love the navy blue & white! I haven’t decorated with navy, though I do have a blue & white room in our home. The walls are like a robins egg blue and it’s one of my favourite rooms. I’m sitting in it right now! It’s our reading room and it’s so peaceful in here. In the winter I can turn on the electric fireplace and be cozy with a good book.

  21. I love the blue and white, Diane. It looks so crisp and refreshing! I plan on doing some things in my bedroom soon. For now, I have just made some changes to a small dresser I had, painted white and stained the top a walnut color. It came out really nice.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your bedroom!

  22. I love that bedding! And I love Navy Blue and White! I have that in my bedroom!
    I purchased my comforter set from Home Goods and still love it!
    I’m always looking to tweak things!!
    Have fun redecorating your bedroom!
    I can’t wait to see what you do!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – Don’t ya just love HomeGoods? They have the best prices and the quality is the best. I am looking forward to getting the room redecorated. To save money I might even use the doors I used to make a headboard in our previous house. I will have to tweak it a bit, but with Ed’s help I think I can do it. I will post as soon as I make progress.

  23. Oh… my…. dear…. I am in LOVE with the bedding in the first picture too, from the furniture store!! Would you happen to know if that bedding sold exclusively in that store, or would it be available on line? It is truly smashing and I think I NEED it! :-)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Francy – The day I saw the bedding the buyer was away and they took my name and phone number so she could contact me. I don’t know if it is exclusive or not yet, but will find out. I know how you feel… I want it, I need it, I have to have it. :-)

  24. Hello,

    Yes, the other day, I saw something that inspired me to redecorate my living room. All the pieces I had are nice, but everything is white, beige, grey and wood. I added throw pillows and blankets but they did nothing for the living room. The other day I was reading an article about a house for sale and there they were: 3 orange-red pillows with oriental motifs.
    The day after I ordered fabric online from Fabricville (true red with birds on branches in blue, green) and made 3 pillow covers with 1 meter of fabric It inspired me to “declutter” the room as it was full of my own DIY projects (book origamis and all kinds of things).
    I used an empty box and filled it with everything that was on the furniture and put back some of them after some thinking.
    And I also get a lot of ideas from your blog too! Overall, I’m always on the decorating mood but I have to be careful not to order things too fast as I change my mind often! I must admit that it drives my husband crazy… Ha! Ha!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Chantal –

      Isn’t it funny how seeing something can spring you into action. It sounds like you really got inspired… to declutter, too. WIN all around. Your pillows sound pretty. I have never ordered from Fabricville. Will have to check the site out.

      1. I forgot to mention that I did not mind paying for the delivery when I figured that going to the store by metro or bus would have cost the same thing and I would rather stay home and choose fabric from my desk than risking to fall on the icy sidewalks! Of course, if I could, I would go and spend 3 hours at the store because I love fabrics and projects! Maybe one day… LOL