My New Grey Color Scheme

The new grey color scheme mentioned in the title of this post is not in my house, but on me!!!

Many of you have commented that you have seen my updated photo in my blog’s sidebar and on social media.  I am smiling big time because I am almost finished the transitioning process of going from coloring my hair to my natural grey – salt and pepper hair color.

Diane-Henkler-blogger My-Own-Style-Blog with natural grey hair

I can not tell you how liberating it feels and how happy I am about being, 99% done with the transition (still have a few areas of color left), but also being done with coloring my hair!!!

Some may not understand and think that having grey hair makes you look old, I am fine with that perspective as every one of us has different life experiences that form our opinions, but I feel better and younger now than I did 8 years ago when I started coloring my hair.  One of my favorite song lyrics rings true here: “Ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.” – Ricky Nelson

If you are a long time reader then you may remember I did not color my hair in the early days of my blog. You can see it in this post: The Best Two DIY Projects I Ever Made

We all tend to go for certain colors and are more geared to warmer or cooler colors both in our interiors and the colors we wear.  I have always felt better around cool color tones and only like using warmer tones in the fall.

Cool colors just make me feel better, so imagine how I have felt the past 8 years when I looked in the mirror since I colored my hair a dark brown that always took on orange tones. I never felt quite right.

I have had grey – salt and pepper color hair since I was 40.  My twin sister and I have the same exact hair and dyed it back then for about 3 months trying to match our natural born color that was almost black.  Dying hair black looks way too severe, so my twin sis and I stopped dying our hair. We rocked our natural salt and pepper for about 10 years and then on a whim in our early 50’s we decided to color it again, just to see.

Transitioning From Coloring your hair to natural grey

I liked it for a few years until it became a chore and in the past few years, it became a burden. Life was beginning to revolve around dying my hair.  Having to color every two weeks and worse have to carry color crayons, root color spray and/or powder with me where ever I went so I could be sure to cover up the resistant grey’s on my temples, crown and white strip down the center of my head. At times I felt like I had on a toup′ee with gray hair popping out all over. Life is too short to have to worry about stuff like this.

I have been wanting to make the transition back to au natural for about 3 years now, but the transitioning process takes time and there are some awkward times you have to get through that made me keep putting it off.  I have many friends and my younger sister who rock their natural grey and I was really ready to go back to mine this past fall and decided I would just have to grin and bear it through the transition.

For any one interested in how long the transition took, I started last October.

Hair color transitioning story from dyed hair to natural grey.

Last fall when I made the decision to stop coloring my hair, my hairstylist added blond highlights to my hair so as the hair dye and the line between it and my natural hair color as it grew out would not be so severe.  It costs $170.00… cha-ching cha-ching and I was not happy at all with how it looked.

My hair was longer and I was trying to go with an inverted bob. It looked very nice for a few hours after I styled it for 20 minutes and used tons of hair spray to get it to hold. After a few hours though, all my efforts would go down the drain as my stick straight and heavy hair returned. It was way too time consuming to keep up.

How to transition from coloring your hair to natural grey.

So I had more blond highlights put in around Thanksgiving time…. cha-ching..cha-ching again.  In the morning right after I styled it,  it would look nice but soon would go flat, plus every time I saw a reflection of myself I would flinch as I have always liked to wear cooler colors and this new hair color was throwing not only my wardrobe color choices off, but my makeup colors, too.

How to make the transition from hair dye to grey easier.

After the holidays, Ed had a business trip in New York City and I went along. My sisters live in suburban Philadelphia and drove up to meet me for a day so we could hang out in NYC on a freezing cold day.

Tips on how to transition from hair dye to grey hair.

At this point in January, I had enough of the longer style and the highlights that were turning more orange by the day.  I was not going to pay $100+ again to have more added.

Seeing my identical twin sister that day, who had colored her hair the same time I started doing mine and was ahead of me on the transitioning process back to natural, helped me make the decision to just get my hair cut shorter to help ease the color transitioning awkwardness. I could just look at hers and know how mine would look. It is one of the advantages of being an identical twin. :-)

So after this trip I got my hair cut in a “Pixie” cut which removed 80% of the hair color and highlights. I have had short hair a few times before and was fine with my decision, but when I saw just how short my hairstylist cut it, I was in shock. I had no idea she was going to basically buzz it off.  YIKES!

Want to know just how short my hair was?  Read on…

Right after this hair cutting appointment, I went to my local Rite Aid to get a few things and I dropped one of my new pink gloves in the store and couldn’t find it. As I paid for my stuff, I asked the salesgirl if anyone finds a pink glove can you please keep it here and I will check the next time I come in.

The salesgirl patted my hand and said;

“Oh honey, lets go look for it. I know how forgetful you can be when you are undergoing chemo. You probably laid it down somewhere”

At first I didn’t realize why she was saying this to me until I realized it was my super short hair. OMG!!! I starting laughing and then quickly realized she was telling me this because she was a breast cancer survivor. I had to stop laughing and tell her that my hair was not this short from chemo, but that I just got it all cut off not even 15 minutes ago to remove the hair dye from it to make the color transition back to my natural color easier.  I added to say that I was sorry that she had to go through something so awful and was happy to see that she survived it all. She laughed at herself and ended up finding my pink glove. :-)

Having my hair that short made life really easy for a few weeks. Blow drying it and styling it took all of 1 minute. My hair grows fast so I was not too upset at the buzz cut. It is now longer and looks like the “pixie” cut that I thought I was going to get in the first place.

So the whole transition from colored hair to natural has taken about 6 months. If I got it all cut off back in October it would have cut the time in half.

Looking back on the whole process, I am happy that I tried out the highlights first as you just never know how you will look, but I know now that I like my natural color much better. I can now wear my favorite clear bright colors again and when I look in the mirror, I feel like my confident self again.

If you are going through this transition, have a friend who is or are thinking about doing it someday, I found this book very helpful with great tips and guidance for transitioning to grey hair.

Silver HairA Handbook to Say Goodbye to the Dye and Let Your Natural Hair Shine


Now that my hair color is back to my natural color, I feel like myself again, I didn’t when I was coloring my hair. Since I feel so much better about myself, I have been able to exercise more and make the time to eat better.  I have lost 15 pounds during the transition. My decision to go back to my natural hair color has been a win/win all around for me.

With my new short “Do” and no hair color to worry about getting faded in the sun or from too many washings.  I also know I will enjoy getting my hair wet in the lake this summer.  Even if I have somewhere to go afterwards, washing and styling it takes only a few minutes.  More time for fun and living life to the fullest.

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  1. I love it!
    I did the same thing to go to my salt and pepper. First I was getting heavy highlights, but like you, I felt something was “off”. I now know it’s because my “real” highlights are a white/silver color and the warmer blonde tone was not a good match for my complexion.
    Once I bit the bullet and got it cut real short it was super easy to get the color grown off. It took a couple haircuts and then I was free.
    It’s a whole lot easier! A little product and go for me. I don’t even blow dry.

  2. Your hair and attitude are both fabulous! Keep it up. Scrolled back to this one from the blog about the twig vases – I made some several years ago, I think it’s time for more. They are especially great for my front stoop table.. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Luv the new gray! It is really becoming to you! One thing I might mention tho’, just in case someone else with black hair is trying to dye their hair, is that no one should ever use black dye. In fact, I don’t even know why they sell it as it is a no no, and yes, I have taught people how to color their hair and have many years of experience in the beauty supply business. Anyhow, black dye only makes the hair look inky and chalky and gives a much older and hard appearance to the face, no matter what your age. Instead, if you have black hair, you should use a dark brown dye and it will come out a softer more natural black on the hair. But, like you said, it still needs a lot of upkeep and the more gray, the more frequently it has to be done. Anyhow, I love the new look on you…. it really does enhance your features! You actually have very good hair. ‘Wish I could say the same, but then I’m a lot older than you are, so…. I’m nearing time for a wig as my hair is getting very sparse. I still color it tho’ as it helps to give my hair more body, but I don’t use the dye with ammonia as that only helps the hair to fall out more. You’re looking really great, Diane!

  4. Catherine D says:

    Proverbs 16:31

    Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is obtained by following a righteous path.

    Your gray hair is beautiful.
    I stopped dying my hair and embraced the silver and white a number of years ago.

  5. Valarie Evans says:

    Diane, l love ?your look. Tres fashionable!

  6. I think you look wonderful and the natural look is so much better actually. I need to take the leap myself although I am much older than you. Life will seem better now that you are “real”.

  7. Kari @ Me and My Captain says:

    I LOVE your natural hair and look. Good job and yes, I had noticed the change from your sidebar and just waited for you to tell us all about it. Hugs

  8. You are adorable and look so much younger! Makes me want to give it a try.

  9. You’re rockin’ it Diane! Good for you! I don’t have much grey but seeing your terrific transition makes me feel like that’s the way to
    go! I know you’ll inspire a lot of us out there that get so tired of roots, etc showing and the cost. Enjoy your newfound freedom!!

  10. Diane, it looks great! And especially the shorter style … very becoming and takes years off too ?!
    I took the same leap about 3 yrs ago. I was tired of the cost and time. I was also nervous I would look 70 and afraid my youngest 21 yr old daughter would especially NOT be a fan. I had her when I was 40, so I was already by far the oldest mom of all her girlfriends. But, my best friend (who had already made the leap) encouraged me, and my sweet daughter said go for it!
    It has been the best !! I also FINALLY decided to live with my natural curls. Besides worrying about roots, I had been trying to keep the curls at bay, avoid rainy weather, etc….. Well, no more! I love my curls and silver, and the most surprising part of all … I have received more compliments on my hair than I have the rest of my entire life!!!!
    You really do look lovely Diane, and now thanks to you, I am heading upstairs to exercise !

  11. I am only 43, but I have so much grey in my hair and can’t wait to go natural. But I think I’m too young at the moment. I hate having to colour my hair every 3 weeks, and even then the colour doesn’t mask the grey. My hair is naturally very dark brown, so the grey starts to show in just days.

  12. LOVE. IT. You look fantastic!!!

  13. You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing your story as it’s helpful to those making the decision to embrace their natural color. Hearing about Barbara Bush and how she grayed early soon after the death of her daughter was interesting . Her strength was inspiring. WOW 15 pounds weight loss! Any strategies you can share? I can’t budge one!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Tina –

      Barbara Bush was a very inspiring woman. I liked her spunk. As far as tips to help you lose weight. I am using the WW Freestyle plan online. The program allows you to eat unlimited eggs, chicken and turkey breast, beans, fruit, and a few other foods which makes the plan easy to follow as I still have points leftover at the end of the day for a treat. I think what really makes it work for me and allowing me to easy stick with it is I made a list of my favorite foods and eat these every day. I eat 2 pieces of bread, have a small glass of wine with dinner and have other goodies I love throughout each week. I do not feel deprived at all. I do get hungry, really hungry around 3:00 each day, but instead of reaching for junk food, I am making smart choices on what I can eat. For instance, I will have salsa ( 0 points) and 2 points worth of Tortilla chips. When they are gone, I scoop up the salsa with precut radishes that are the size of small chips until I am full. I buy them at Publix supermarket. I also eat 3 cups of air-popped popcorn or berries when I get hungry between meals.

      I use the WW app to find recipes and have been using them to make dinner. Since starting, even Ed who is not following the plan, but eating healthier dinners that I make, has lost 10 pounds. I bought an iPad that I keep in the kitchen so making the online recipes is easy. I do not have to print them, but do save them in the app under Favorites so I can find them easily.

      I really think the key is making the list of foods you know you can’t live without, find the points value for each and fit them into your daily and weekly plan. No food is off limits, just limited amounts each day.

      I also make sure I get 10,000 steps a day in and I work out for an hour, 3x a week, doing aerobics and weight training. It is all paying off. I did reach a plateau for about 3 weeks, but I didn’t let it get me down, I kept doing what I have been doing and this week I lost 2 more pounds. It is a slow and steady weight loss, but that is what I want so I can keep it up for the long run. :-) There is no magic bullet, but finding what will work for you alone is the best advise I can give you.

      1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time you took to respond. I am trying to settle on a plan I can follow. I tried WW (traditional) and was able to drop some. Knowing I had to face the scale did it for me! Both exercising and dieting have also worked. I’ll check out WW Freestyle, with recommendations from Oprah and you its gotta be a winner! Thanks again!

  14. Looks great! Keep rockin’ it!

  15. It takes a brave woman to take the leap. You look fantastic. You can see in the pics that the stress is disappearing. One day I might take the plunge too. My hubby likes the fake hair! ENJOY the summer and the swimming.

  16. You look wonderful Diane! Bravo!!!!

  17. I too am growing out my hair. In my case, I’m changing from a pixie to a short bob and like you, the grow out period started in August. I’m 90% there also. My hair color has been natural for nearly 9 years. I used to hi and low light to blend in the gray. I used a beauty college for color … till one day a student left me with a giant blob of blonde hair on top. The instructor rescued me but after five hours in the chair I said never again.
    In my case, that grow out was painless thanks to the hi and low lights. I love the new color, light brown with what appear to be highlights … to the very nearsighted. But it works for me! Enjoy your freedom and extra cash.

  18. Your hair color looks great on you as does the pixie haircut. In younger years, I’d do highlights occasionally for fun. I always thought I’d go natural when my hair turned gray. Well, at age 67, my hair is turning a very ugly brownish-gray. I’ve found an darker ash blonde that is flattering with my skin tones, eyebrows, etc.It brightens my face. I use a shampoo that keeps it from looking brassy. I considered going very short but it doesn’t look good with my round face. I’m happy that so many of you have made the transition well. We have to find what is good for us as individuals. I am frugal and go to a cosmetology school for cuts and color. I pay, with gratuities, about $50 for both, once a month. Before the student I use graduates, I get her to refer me to another student who does well. This has worked very well for me.

  19. Ellen Hernandez says:

    I was born with strawberry-blonde hair that in my teens turned into ‘dishwater blonde.’ Now my graying blonde seems quite natural and I can’t decide exactly what color it is. My hairdresser said to forget blonde highlights…and I’m glad I did. A la naturale is the best.

  20. Sandra Schneider says:

    You look radiant! And so chic. I’ve been a reader and follower of yours for years. I rarely comment. My blogging friends say that makes me a lurker! Today I was moved by your journey to authenticity. It’s so encouraging to see a friend (and I do think of you in that way) make confident choices and then soar! You continue to inspire us to be our best selves, personally and creatively.
    Thank you, Diane
    Sandra Schneider

  21. Becky in 'Bama says:

    This is a very flattering transition for you! One of my ‘besties’ decided last summer to go through the ‘transition’ – and being a school teacher – she had 2.5 months of no hair color and several cuts. By the time school was back in session, she was rocking a new look! However, over the summer, we girls kidded her about her ‘gray yarmulke’ she was wearing on the top of her head! We were so bad! LOL

  22. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,
    I love your new wear it well : )

  23. LOL on the dropping-the-glove incident! I grew out my hair 6 years ago (early 40s) and am SO GLAD I did! I had started coloring it in my 20s for fun. And then in my 30s (the baby years) I was on auto-pilot and kept coloring it b/c I was too tired to figure out what to do with it as grays started to come in. By the time I was 40 I felt like I was a slave to my roots and I needed to color my hair every 3 weeks. It took me 21 months to fully grow it out. (I was too afraid to cut it short, I thought that the drastic change in length, plus the drastic change in color would be too much for me.) My hair is smoother and healthier now that I no longer color it and I feel like I look better–my skin tone now matches the tone of my hair. SO MUCH BETTER to be gray! Congrats!

  24. I love it Diane! I’m trying to become brave enough to do that too! You inspire me. Thanks.

  25. You look absolutely beautiful and glowing with your natural gray. It is liberating and so much better to just let it be natural.

  26. I love how you look. I really like you in the color blue as well.


    Like the new look! Your face looks even more beautiful now:)

  28. Lisa Ronan says:

    Looks fantastic! I’m sitting here debating about what to do about mine that I’ve been growing out for the last three years and just pulling up halfway or in a pony! My appointment is this afternoon. Gotta get ready for wedding season?

  29. I think your face looks so bright with your new natural color! It shows you are really happy!

  30. Mary Frasher says:

    You look wonderful! Your face is glowing, and you look much younger. You now have the look of a very vibrant person……the natural you!

  31. Rosemary Gregory says:

    Wonderful haircut! I totally agree that the natural color and new haircut allow your eyes to stand out. But the first thing I noticed in your new picture is your radiant complexion! What a fabulous look you have now!

  32. You look so great! As soon as I retire from working, I too am done with dying my hair! Can’t wait! Thanks for posting this inspirational piece!

  33. Linda O'Neill says:

    I’ve been coloring my hair for over 40 years and it’s a pain in the patoody but I just can’t stop. Seeing your picture on every post might just help me get over my have-to-dye phobia. Years ago I wanted a perm but they wouldn’t do two processes (coloring & perming) so I just did the perm and all my color came out and I saw my hair for the first time in its natural gray color. I kept it for a week but just couldn’t get use to it. If you still have some color left in your hair can’t they just use a color remover? Anyway, you look great with your new hair color. It suits you. And, I’m envious of the cost and time savings.

  34. I did about the same thing as you 3 years ago. Colored my hair a lighter shade knowing that this time was the last. I was having to color every month and was so sick of it! The dye job faded as I knew it would and my transition began. I wear my hair short so getting those colored ends cut off was a gradual process but I stuck to it. I have been blessed with almost white hair all around my face and salt and pepper gray elsewhere. Everyone loves it! Now my clothes match my hair and makeup. I think I might look younger!

  35. Phyllis E says:

    You look fantastic with gray hair and that cute “pixie” hair cut! The title of your post made me do a double-take, as I of course thought you were talking about interior decorating, and I just read a post today by Maria Killam that proclaimed “Beige is Back” , LOL!

  36. Betty Baker says:

    I think that you look absolutely fantastic. Beautiful colour,don’t change it back ever. I am 82 a natural redhead that’s as it is (as I say)getting whiter everyone says it looks strawberry blonde, lots of red still in it. Most people think I colour it. Crazy isn,t it.

  37. You are glowing! So happy that you joined the club! I quit coloring my hair 10 years ago and have no regrets. J get compliments on my hair color all the time! Love your pixie haircut too – so becoming! You look younger – keep smiling!

  38. You look FABuLous Diane!

    I’m only getting a little grey here and there but have decided I’m only going to color it with semi-permanent coloring in the summer when it tends to get a lot of unattractive orangey-ick from the sunshine! Haha….

    The rest of the year, I’m telling myself it’s “highlights”. ;-)

    I wish I could do a transitional gray thing too…but if my hair is anything like my aunt’s, I won’t get that full transition until I’m past 100 years old, if I live that long ;-) My aunt was 107 years old when she died and still had black hair at the base of her neck. Go figure ;-) Well, it’s in the genes…she also looked abobut 75 years old: very very few wrinkles.

  39. I noticed the difference. I saw the picture and said, wait… I love your new look. I have been contemplating the same. Don’t have lots of grey but not willing to go the Pixie route!
    I congratulate you ! Rock the grey! Fabulous!

  40. LOVE your hair! Looks so good on you!

  41. Barb Davis says:

    You look great with your “new” color! Grey hair is very becoming on you. I too have let mine go natural and love the grey that is quickly taking over the brown. People think I have paid big bucks to have it highlighted which makes me laugh. They say don’t do anything to change it and I say okay……!? I keep it short also….very much like yours. Love your blogs and your creative ideas. Have been a fan for several years. I’m turning 73 this year and life just keeps getting better. I am blessed!

  42. April Gray says:

    I think it looks great! Personally, I’m jealous- my mom had the most gorgeous salt & pepper hair, but I was born a redhead, so I won’t get it, plus my hair got darker as I got older, so it’s hard to tell I’m a redhead now- I’ll be salt & nutmeg maybe :P I’ve got more gray hairs showing up every day, and I love it- I earned them!

  43. I love it. I did the same thing a couple of years ago. The growing out is hard. I did get mine shorter than normal, but not as short as yours, but it just takes time. People frequently compliment my hair. I love not having to color or worry about covering grays. Mine is really more white than anything cause I started graying in high school. Enjoy! Natural is beautiful!

  44. I stopped coloring my hair when I retired at 62. I love not having chemicals on my head every six weeks. You look great.

  45. Last week I was getting my hair colored (oh, how I hate those appointments; so much lost time and so much money!). Just as my stylist finished with me, the stylist next to her finished with a young woman – who had her hair dyed gray!!! We were both paying to get each other’s hair color!!! What a world! Enjoy your lovely new hair (and all that money!!!).

  46. Oh Diane!! You are amazing! You look beautiful!! I wish I had the courage you had to transition. I have a lot of white, grey and dark brown. So wouldn’t even know where to begin. Anyway CONGRATULATIONS!!! Xxoo

  47. Welcome to the club! You look so good. I stopped dying my hair three years ago and have been so happy! I had it short for awhile. I had the inverted bob for awhile too, but I recently cut it super short again and I am loving it! Yay for silver hair!

  48. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Congrats!! You look wonderful!! And the sheer happiness emanating from you makes you look even more wonderful!!

  49. Diane you look beautiful! Your sister and you have always have had beautiful hair! I too have joined the natural hair color! I use to love to color it, all different colors and highlights but I agree it just took so much time and $$!

  50. Dear Diane,

    You look beautiful! Congratulations on joining the Sisterhood of Self-acceptance. I too used to color my long hair with henna b/c I was allergic to chemical dyes…until I hennaed my hair three days before getting married and it turned green! I was able to correct it before the big day, but that was the last straw for me. Getting a pixie was the only way to get rid of the color, so I can relate to others thinking you had cancer. It is liberating to be free of dying, and far healthier for your body not to put chemicals on the most porous skin on one’s body.

    Thank you for your inspiring work and sharing your story with us. All Best, Peg

  51. At 75, I’ve recently stopped highlighting my dishwater blonde/gray hair. It just got to be way too expensive since the blonde color never seemed to stay on the gray hair around my face anyway. Blondes never seem to get gray nearly as beautifully as dark-haired women so I am left with a lot of blondish-brown hair on the back of my head, even though I do have pretty gray hair in the front and on top. It’s certainly not attractive right now but I may just have to be content with two-toned hair until more of it grays. I didn’t have even one gray hair until I was in my early 60s.

    Your new color is beautiful due to the very dark hair you had naturally and the short haircut is perfect for your face.

  52. Hello,
    I like your hair colour and haircut very much! How can I not like the haircut since I have had a pixie cut for the longest time! Except that I haven’t decided yet to go back to my natural grey colour with a few remaining brunette strands!
    A few years ago I finally found a hair colour specialist that was able to give me the Scandinavian blonde hair colour I had been dreaming of… So I can relate to the blonde highlights, they do help to blend with the natural white and grey hair.
    And I can relate also to the years of trying to get the right “brunette” colour. I remember having to go to the hair colourist every 3 weeks. I think finding the Holy Graal would have been easier!
    How tedious!
    Thank you for writing this article, it was very interesting. And you know what? I had guessed from the title that you were going to talk about your hair!

  53. I did this years ago and have not regretted it. People pay a lot of money for highlights that I have naturally. You look great, and think of all the time you will have. I’m 68 and proud of my salt and pepper hair.

  54. You’re just glowing!! I’m in the middle of a very long transition but recently had a hair cut so I’m getting a little closer. I love looking at my new silver growing in. And if someone says I look like a grandma now? Well guess what! I am a grandma!! My daughter had a baby girl Feb 28th and I’m turning 53 in a couple weeks! People who go around shaming others for showing their age or getting older are ridiculous! We get older with each day, we can’t stay “frozen” with the same look for 30 years and pretend we’re not. Lol

  55. MarianneB says:

    You look confident and happy! The cut is adorable!

  56. Laura at Duke manor farm says:

    I think you would look beautiful bald!

  57. At age 57, I have never colored my hair and never will because I’m “thrifty” and lazy. Haha. Yours looks so cute and I love the pixie cut AND the gray!

  58. Connie McGhee says:

    Surprised that grey hair can make you look younger! You’re rockin it GIRL!

  59. Looks great, Diane!! Love it!!

  60. Beautiful, takes years off your very pretty face

  61. You look MARVELOUS! I am 63 and started letting mine grow out last summer. I am finally there, on my next haircut. I love it! After coloring my hair since my late 20’s, this is so liberating! My hair even feels healthier.
    My oddest comment.. a friends sister saw me and said it made me look like a grandmother. I told her, “Thank you! I have 2 grandkids that call me Nana!”

  62. Good for you for sticking to your guns. i think you could’ve used a different hairdresser, one who would’ve tried harder to help you get where you wanted to go, with less stress! But Diane, you are a force to be reckoned with, no matter what color your hair is. Lol you go girl!

    1. I think you look great too Diane!! (And I also totally agree with Sharon H. about a different hairdresser) ??

  63. M Christiansen says:

    Sure makes life easier being shorter and gray…..looks younger on you. Less stress on one more thing to worry about!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  64. Marg Gain says:

    Love it and welcome to the group. I stopped colouring my hair years ago and have never regretted it. It’s very freeing to say nothing of all the money we save. Love your new look

  65. That looks so great! I’ve been tempted to go natural but I’m scared!

  66. Diane,

    I love your new “style” and color. I am a cancer survivor of 9 years. And after I got through all the surgeries, etc. I told my husband that this will be the new me…..grey. I was just so thankful to have some hair that I stopped all that nonsense and have never looked back. My natural hair matches me……as we age our skin tones change, our eyebrows change, everything changes. My hair color now matches all of that and like you, I love to wear vibrant colors in the cooler shades. Honey…..I rock it and so will you! I do my eyes up, really nice lip gloss, very classic makeup and the compliments keep coming. I am comfortable in my skin. I recently made another change regarding my hair and it has also been liberating. I have always had alot of body that at times would be wavy. I am now taking care of my hair the “curly girl method” and it has been amazing. The curls keep bouncing out! I am loving it and plan on simply enjoying myself because I am alive! God bless you Diane…..real good!!! :-)

    1. Let’s all just be realistic – we’re not fooling anyone. Here is the wisdom of our sisterhood: 1. be thankful for life and for having hair 2. your coloring changes as you get older and your natural color will make it all harmonious 3. all those chemicals are getting absorbed into your skin like a sponge. Would you drink it? We slather lotions on our skin, hoping they will get absorbed and then don’t consider the chemicals we’re pouring on our heads. Illogical.

      When I was working I took a lunch hour to sit outside at the Stanford Mall (Palo Alto, California) and watch all the rich ladies shop. Here’s what I observed: the gals who exuded physical fitness, flexibility and classic clothing and make up looked fabulous. They also kept their accessories to a couple statement pieces. Skin care, exercise and a positive attitude – those are my priorities now.

  67. Judy Delabar says:

    I normally dont add comments to blogs, but i have been a reader for a while now. You are rocking the new cut and color. You have a beautiful smile and are radiant.

  68. I LOVE the grey hair we could be sisters, too!

  69. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    I absolutely love this look. To me your lovely eyes seem to stand out more. It is indeed a win win.

    1. heloïsa röll says:

      you look wonderful !!
      du siehst ganz wunderbar aus !! ich habe auch graue haare und ich finde dass sie passen immer besser zu unserer natürliche hautfarbe !!
      ich hoffe du kannst deutsch verstehen. wenn nicht,sag mir bescheid und ich werde probieren auf englisch zu schreiben, ok ?