The Reason I Love Outdoor Decor

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Affordable Outdoor Decor for porches, patios, decks and yards.

This post is sponsored by the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection sold exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. All opinions are my own.

My favorite time of year is here. The time of year where I can be outdoors all day, every day if I want. I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors and on my deck that overlooks the lake to just simply relax, birdwatch, read and on the weekends, entertain and hang out with family and friends.

When I have things to do inside, I have every window and door open in the house so the breeze and fresh air come through the house. I love the outdoors, fresh air and the sunshine!

Outdoor decor that features metal pedestal server from the Trisha Yearwood Collection at Tractor Supply

The weather has been bouncing around a lot the past few weeks, one day it is 85°, the next 56° which has made it a little difficult to enjoy sitting outside and keeping the windows open on the 56° days, but I am looking ahead and beginning to get the deck ready for when every day becomes warm and sunny.

We have been updating the exterior of our house one project at a time.

Outdoor deck decorating ideas.

Last summer after getting two new leather chairs for my living room, I moved these two indoor/outdoor rattan rocking chairs with white cushions out on the deck.  Love them out here, but not the white cushions that get too dirty, too fast.

Just like when I decorate indoors, I like to have a color scheme in place for my outdoor decor. My outdoor color scheme is teal, lime, pink and blue.

Outdoor decorating fabric and color scheme for deck decor.

To add more color to the chair cushions and also find a pattern that would camouflage the dirt more than solid white, I went in search of printed fabric and found this indoor/outdoor fabric. I bought the yardage and made new removable cushion covers for the chairs. 

Trisha-Yearwood-Home-collection-display at-Tractor-Supply

About the same time that I was choosing the fabric, Tractor Supply reached out to me to see if I liked any of the new items in the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection that they sell exclusively. You can’t get it anywhere else, only at a Tractor Supply store or their online site.

Have you ever been to Tractor Supply? I never had until a reader mentioned she bought the calcium carbonate powder needed to make DIY chalk paint there.

Since moving to SC, I have one nearby and shop in the store for bird food and the calcium carbonate powder. I have even bought a shirt, yes… they sell clothes, but they also sell decorative items for the home,  and are the exclusive seller of the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection that makes it easy to implement affordable southern style into my home both inside and out.

Two pedestal serving trays from The Trisha Yearwood Home Collection sold exclusively at Tractor Supply.

You can imagine how excited I was when I saw these two metal pedestal servers on display in the store. One is a light lime and the larger one, teal. I think I actually squealed when I saw them as they could not be more perfect for my outdoor deck decor.

I love pedestal servers – some things just deserve to be put on one… or two… since they can be easily stacked.  Everything looks grander when it is on a pedestal.

Creative flower planter ideas for outdoor decks, patios, and yards.

Pedestal servers are so versatile and can be used for so many different things, from actually using to serve food to simply elevating a collection of small items to display in and around your home.

Flower display ideas for outdoor decks and patios

For my deck, I decided to use the larger teal pedestal server to hold small pots of pink petunias.

Outdoor decorating ideas using flowers.

They look so pretty and more interesting than simply planted in one large planter…

Pink Petunias displayed in a pedestal serving stand from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection.

… and can be easily moved around for when I need an outdoor table centerpiece when we eat dinner outside.

Vanilla cupcakes on pedestal server from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection at Tractor Supply stores.

The smaller pedestal can be used to serve dessert when we entertain.  It holds 7 – 8 cupcakes or one regular size layer cake.  I even found that if you place…

Versatile cake stand and pedestal servers to use outdoors when entertaining.
Metal cake stand from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection at Tractor Supply

…a pretty plate on top, you can add even more goodies and create an entirely different look to the pedestal server.

Like I mentioned above, some things just look better when they are put on a pedestal.  Vanilla cupcakes look even more mouth watering and delicious. Don’t cha just want to grab one and eat it?

Ceramic songbird from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection exclusively at Tractor Supply.

I also got this little guy. A teal Ceramic Songbird.  Since moving to the lake, I have become an avid bird watcher and feeder.

Outdoor deck decorating ideas

He fits right into my outdoor decor color scheme and looks perfect at the top of the deck stairs nestled by one of the flower planters.

Ceramic songbird from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection exclusively at Tractor Supply.

And maybe… just maybe he will become a sentry and keep the squirrels out of the planters and upsetting the flowers. :-)

Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Metal Pedestal stands that can be stacked to create a a tiered stand.

Once the summer is over and life moves back indoors, I plan to stack the pedestals servers and use them on my kitchen counter to hold produce.

Other Ideas on What to Place In and On Pedestal Serving Plates

Pretty things, edible things, just about anything looks grander when it is elevated.

  • In the Fall – Place a dozen Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, acorns, or pinecones on one. Having a dinner party? Place dinner rolls in one or a collection of candles for an easy to make centerpiece.
  • For the Holidays – Fill the large pedestal server with a collection of Christmas ornaments and place on a coffee table.  Christmas cookies, a stack of small gifts. One can even be used as a base for a small tabletop size Christmas tree.
  • In the Spring – Easter eggs and flowering plants will add a needed punch of color after the drab winter months.
  • In the Summer  – Since the pedestal servers have sides, they are a safer way to serve drinks on then a tray.

What would you do with these pedestal servers?


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  1. I love the Outer Banks wall clock. Don’t have a water view yet but I’m working on it!