The Reason I Love Outdoor Decor

Affordable Outdoor Decor for porches, patios, decks and yards.

This post is sponsored by the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection sold exclusively at Tractor Supply Co. All opinions are my own.

My favorite time of year is here. The time of year where I can be outdoors all day, every day if I want. I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors and on my deck that overlooks the lake to just simply relax, birdwatch, read and on the weekends, entertain and hang out with family and friends.

When I have things to do inside, I have every window and door open in the house so the breeze and fresh air come through the house. I love the outdoors, fresh air and the sunshine!

Outdoor decor that features metal pedestal server from the Trisha Yearwood Collection at Tractor Supply

The weather has been bouncing around a lot the past few weeks, one day it is 85°, the next 56° which has made it a little difficult to enjoy sitting outside and keeping the windows open on the 56° days, but I am looking ahead and beginning to get the deck ready for when every day becomes warm and sunny.

We have been updating the exterior of our house one project at a time.

Outdoor deck decorating ideas.

Last summer after getting two new leather chairs for my living room, I moved these two indoor/outdoor rattan rocking chairs with white cushions out on the deck.  Love them out here, but not the white cushions that get too dirty, too fast.

Just like when I decorate indoors, I like to have a color scheme in place for my outdoor decor. My outdoor color scheme is teal, lime, pink and blue.

Outdoor decorating fabric and color scheme for deck decor.

To add more color to the chair cushions and also find a pattern that would camouflage the dirt more than solid white, I went in search of printed fabric and found this indoor/outdoor fabric. I bought the yardage and made new removable cushion covers for the chairs. 

Trisha-Yearwood-Home-collection-display at-Tractor-Supply

About the same time that I was choosing the fabric, Tractor Supply reached out to me to see if I liked any of the new items in the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection that they sell exclusively. You can’t get it anywhere else, only at a Tractor Supply store or their online site.

Have you ever been to Tractor Supply? I never had until a reader mentioned she bought the calcium carbonate powder needed to make DIY chalk paint there.

Since moving to SC, I have one nearby and shop in the store for bird food and the calcium carbonate powder. I have even bought a shirt, yes… they sell clothes, but they also sell decorative items for the home,  and are the exclusive seller of the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection that makes it easy to implement affordable southern style into my home both inside and out.

Two pedestal serving trays from The Trisha Yearwood Home Collection sold exclusively at Tractor Supply.

You can imagine how excited I was when I saw these two metal pedestal servers on display in the store. One is a light lime and the larger one, teal. I think I actually squealed when I saw them as they could not be more perfect for my outdoor deck decor.

I love pedestal servers – some things just deserve to be put on one… or two… since they can be easily stacked.  Everything looks grander when it is on a pedestal.

Creative flower planter ideas for outdoor decks, patios, and yards.

Pedestal servers are so versatile and can be used for so many different things, from actually using to serve food to simply elevating a collection of small items to display in and around your home.

Flower display ideas for outdoor decks and patios

For my deck, I decided to use the larger teal pedestal server to hold small pots of pink petunias.

Outdoor decorating ideas using flowers.

They look so pretty and more interesting than simply planted in one large planter…

Pink Petunias displayed in a pedestal serving stand from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection.

… and can be easily moved around for when I need an outdoor table centerpiece when we eat dinner outside.

Vanilla cupcakes on pedestal server from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection at Tractor Supply stores.

The smaller pedestal can be used to serve dessert when we entertain.  It holds 7 – 8 cupcakes or one regular size layer cake.  I even found that if you place…

Versatile cake stand and pedestal servers to use outdoors when entertaining.
Metal cake stand from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection at Tractor Supply

…a pretty plate on top, you can add even more goodies and create an entirely different look to the pedestal server.

Like I mentioned above, some things just look better when they are put on a pedestal.  Vanilla cupcakes look even more mouth watering and delicious. Don’t cha just want to grab one and eat it?

Ceramic songbird from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection exclusively at Tractor Supply.

I also got this little guy. A teal Ceramic Songbird.  Since moving to the lake, I have become an avid bird watcher and feeder.

Outdoor deck decorating ideas

He fits right into my outdoor decor color scheme and looks perfect at the top of the deck stairs nestled by one of the flower planters.

Ceramic songbird from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection exclusively at Tractor Supply.

And maybe… just maybe he will become a sentry and keep the squirrels out of the planters and upsetting the flowers. :-)

Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Metal Pedestal stands that can be stacked to create a a tiered stand.

Once the summer is over and life moves back indoors, I plan to stack the pedestals servers and use them on my kitchen counter to hold produce.

Other Ideas on What to Place In and On Pedestal Serving Plates

Pretty things, edible things, just about anything looks grander when it is elevated.

  • In the Fall – Place a dozen Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, acorns, or pinecones on one. Having a dinner party? Place dinner rolls in one or a collection of candles for an easy to make centerpiece.
  • For the Holidays – Fill the large pedestal server with a collection of Christmas ornaments and place on a coffee table.  Christmas cookies, a stack of small gifts. One can even be used as a base for a small tabletop size Christmas tree.
  • In the Spring – Easter eggs and flowering plants will add a needed punch of color after the drab winter months.
  • In the Summer  – Since the pedestal servers have sides, they are a safer way to serve drinks on then a tray.

What would you do with these pedestal servers?


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  1. Anna Arthur says:

    I live in Conyers, Ga and right down the road a bit is Monticello where Trisha Yearyood grew up. Her mom and my sister were close friends (they taught together)and my sister taught Trisha in her high school English classes. When Trisha came out last year with her furniture line last year she named two pieces of furniture for people who impacted her life. The white desk and chair is named Charlotte after my sister whom Trisha said in introducing her furniture line, said she would never have gotten through college without her having Charlotte as her teacher. I have seen her in their church many times and she is one of the nicest ladies you would ever want to know. My sister was very surprised earlier this year when a delivery company delivered the desk and chair from Trisha. It sits proudly her home.

    Just thought you’d like to know what a real person Trisha Yearwood is, she continues to contribute to the town she grew up in.

    They just opened a Tractor and Supply just down the road from my house. I’m going after those same lime and teal cake stands….and gotta have that bird.

    I always enjoy your posts and appreciate your laid back, but beautiful, ideas.

    Have a wonderful week

  2. Love the song bird drink bucket. I think I might use it as a planter. I love blue birds. They recently returned to my back yard and I am thrilled!

  3. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    LOVE birds, too. The bluebird drink holder is so quirky and fun and I would choose that as my “prize!”
    Thanks for the give-away! Not sure where their closest store is…but I can find out!

  4. Michelle J. says:

    I love the spice cubby!

  5. The Bird farmhouse is adorable!!

  6. Lisa R Reinhardt says:

    I just LOVE the “Let Happiness Grow” planter as it stirs my inner gardener into action! Tomorrow I shall be planting!

  7. I like the Trisha Yearwood Songbird Drink Bucket.

  8. Julie Henderson says:

    The happy ceramic bluebird secretly told me it wants to come home with me. ;-) I REALLY like that bird, but also like several of the lovely glass chargers on stands. They remind me of Blenco art glass. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Bonnie Lau says:

    Wow, so may neat items in her collection. I love so many of the items, but really love the versatility of the pedestal tray. Been looking for the perfect items for my recently repainted patio. Colors are perfect!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this contest. Love all your wonderful ideas on your blog and love your new look.

  10. Love the honey bee galvanized crates!

  11. Wow I had no idea Trisha Yearwood had her own line, thanks for sharing this bit of info Diane! Now I’m obsessed trying to find it in my part of the world. Lol The pedestals are a must and my fav. The colors are perfect and these pieces are versatile. I pictured you squealing over them and laughed because I was squealing right along with you!! Diane you actually have me squealing lots now that I think about it! Haha. Thanks for the giveaway. Have a great week!

  12. I love her Outer Banks Sailboat, so pretty! Reminds me of our vacation to North Carolina :)

  13. Jacinda Schrampfer says:

    I’ve had my eye on those pedestals! I just love your ideas, especially the tabletop Christmas tree idea!
    I thought I had seen the whole collection but I just spotted that Paulk Farms turquoise metal planter and I NEED it!!!

  14. Julie Henderson says:

    Many pretty things…but I’m smitten w/ the distressed chubby bluebird. I guess I keep thinking of that expression, “bluebird of happiness”. I very much appreciate the prize giveaway. :-)

  15. Oh wow. I have a TSC very close to my home but I have never been inside. I can see that will be changing soon. It was hard to pick just one item from Trisha’s collection. The Pinecone Candleholder caught my eye. I’d love to have 2 of those for my deck or inside the house. I’m eyeing those metal pedestals with the thought of planting some sucullents in them. Thanks for the giveaway. Vikki in VA

  16. Danyelle Hall says:

    I’m loving the Rectangle Metal Planter

  17. I would get some of the planters. I love growing herbs outside my kitchen door.

  18. Lynda Wolf says:

    I don’t know where I have been that I didn’t know Tractor Supply had this collection! The Trisha Yearwood Home Collection is wonderful. I can’t wait to get myself there to see the collection in person There were many things that I loved in the collection. I guess my favorite 2 things were the Outer Banks Sailboat and the set of 2 Outer Banks Spheres. They just seem to go together

  19. Ashley @ Whiskers and Weights says:

    The Wood chair with the flower pot would look amazing outside next to our new siding! Love all of the bright colors in these collections!

  20. Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Luxe 3-Tier Server!! Nice collection

  21. My favorite is the “Songbird Drink Bucket”.

  22. Hard to pick just one item! Love the songbird drink bucket – any many more!

  23. There is a fairly new Tractor Supply store in the next town from me but haven’t been there yet but plan to now. I like the bird with the metal wings and the chair with the flower pot. Thanks for a chance to win.

  24. Sandra Riley says:

    The little bird is adorable!

  25. Love the metal pedestal servers! They will go perfect on our patio ?

  26. My favorite is small Metal Farmhouse Tray.

  27. I just love the planters you picked out. They’re great!

  28. It was really hard to pick just one favorite but I really love the Trisha Yearwood Mosaic Charger on Stand. It would look so nice in my bedroom!

  29. I love Tractor Supply! My husband and I are frequent customers. I am excited about the Trisha Yearwood collection and saw many things I liked. I have to pick the finials as my first choice. I have been looking for 2 to go on my dinning table for a tablescape I have in mind.

  30. Ellen Hernandez says:

    I love my local Tractor Supply. I stop in about once a month just to get a whiff and vision of times past. This last visit was full of the cheeps of baby chicks. Love the ‘feed store’ atmosphere with so many interesting yard and home dec ideas. My favorite from the Yearwood collection is the milk bottles. Reminds me of our home delivery growing up in Florida.

  31. Rose Boccella says:

    I see the tin cage wall pocket hung by my back’s adorable!

  32. I like the “I was made for sunny days” pot. It makes me smile. :)

  33. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Oh my gosh! I love tractor supply and I love Trisha Yearwood! I can’t wait to go shopping for some of her things. My favorite are her planters with cut out words.

  34. Susie Aquipel says:

    Wow! I love the style of Trisha Yearwood’s Home Collection. So hard to choose a favorite piece, but the Honeybee Galvanized Crate Baskets are really great. Nice way to stash stuff in a pretty functional way.
    Thanks Diane for sharing your adventures in design. It’s always fun to read your latest post.

  35. Spring weather is the best! I can wait to go buy flowers and planters. I have never been in Tractor Supply but I think I’ll have to find one now. I am drawn to the songbird mantle clock and enamel bowls. Happy spring!

  36. Rebecca Musser says:

    There’s a TSC not far from me. I really like the acorn, even though it’s more “Autumn” than “Spring”!

  37. I love Tractor Supply. Hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I think the milk bottles in the holder are cute. Would look good in my old farmhouse.
    Love your blog, Diane.

  38. Paula Taylor says:

    I too cannot wait to get outside and plant flowers! Obviously I need to get back to Tractor Supply, because there are loads of cute and useful things to check out! If I have to narrow it down to 2 things from Trisha’s line, I really like the Planter “I was made for Sunny Days”, and the Rectangle Metal Planter in Teal! So Cute! I love your blog and have been a reader for quite some time. Keep on keepin’ on Diane! :)

  39. Julie Henderson says:

    Your giveaway is SO nice! The friendly chubby bluebird is my favorite item…..though ALL the Trisha merch. is delightful. It is obviously a big hit with many. Happy Spring, everyone. :-)

  40. Stephanie says:

    I love the Persimmon serving bowls

  41. Jeane Gallo says:

    My favorite is the Outer Banks spheres.

  42. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Familiar with Tractor Supply? why Yes! In fact, there is a TS in my back yard! We relocated to our current home three years ago knowing full well that TS was building behind our lot. Thankfully, we have a nice ‘green belt’ to keep down the noise and a nice high privacy fence. YES I run in there quite often for little things like plant food, cat food, lawn care supplies, etc… I would love to see that little turquoise birdy sitting in my window or one of those nice galvanized tubs by my pool full of cold drinks.

    I, too, like your new hair ‘do’ – very natural and easy to maintain.

  43. I love the pine cone candleholder!

  44. NANCY BOHLE says:

    I love the planter that says, I Was Made for Sunny Days. Days. That’s my philosophy: optimism and sunshine!

  45. patty reed-pederson says:

    Oh my gosh. I keep coming back to look at this post. We still have snow here and the river froze and thawed out 3 times already. :(

  46. E Aelterman says:

    They’re all beautiful, but I think the milk bottles in carrier are my absolute favorite!

  47. Beth Fagundes says:

    We had a honey bee adventure last spring when a new queen broke off from a colony and left with a band of brothers to start a new hive. While searching for a new spot, she got tired and the group parked her in our huge old oak tree that shaded our back deck. We had 36 hours of lessons on how bees are when they are rehoming a new queen and it left me fascinated and even more in love with bees. I would have a hard time selecting from all of the bee motif Trisha has in that collection, but I think I would go first for the Trisha Yearwood Honey Bee Galvanized Canisters, Set of 3. The bees left after a day and a half and we lost that huge old oak to the winter storms here in Central California. The memories will live with us forever.

  48. The finial, your cute little bird and the farmhouse tray from her collection are so cute!! And I love your hair!! Classy and sassy!!

  49. Jodie Rocha says:

    I love the pedestal servers, i can’t wait to go to our local TSC to purchase both of them to add to my collection. I would have never imagined to think such lovely items would be found there. Thanks so much for sharing this post!!

  50. Joanne Scott says:

    I have a local TSC that I run into for horse supplies, but since I know where my items are located, I never take the time to explore. I had NO IDEA they had such an awesome decor collection! I love a ton of things in her collection, like the lamps, but I would pick the mosaic charger on a stand. It would go perfectly in our kitchen where I just installed a DIY “shiplap” plank wall.

  51. Sara Newell says:

    I love TSC and am so excited that they have a new line of good things!! I would love that galvanized tub next to the fireplace to fill with logs and kindling. Her things are so pretty!

  52. I love both pedestals too!

  53. Chris Baum says:

    Building a new house where the large screened in porch will be my She Shed! Look forward to spending time there recharging my batteries, planning family meals, catching up with my favorite bloggers, reading and naps! Love the large market tin and know it will find a perfect home on my new porch.

  54. I really like the honeybee vases. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Love your colors, and I would love to have the large galvanized decorative tub!

  56. I love all of TY’s lamps, but I love the spice cubbies more!

  57. Denise Sisemore says:

    I was surprised to learn that Trisha had a line of decor at Tractor Supply. Love, love, love the Milk Bottles in Carrier. I can see the bottles with fresh flowers!

  58. Teresa Grant says:

    What don’t I love??? But I would have to go with the Cowboy Serving Dish.

  59. Sheila Fitzgerald says:

    The metal pedestal servers are a must have! I am excited to visit our Tractor Supply store.

  60. Amanda Pennington says:

    The serving trays are great and the galvanized tubs look so handy!

  61. Diane – I had no idea that Tracker Supply had such great decor. I love the items that you got, especially the 2 pedestals. Love your hair!

  62. I am obsessed with lanterns! Would love to have the large metal lantern, but those pedestals are a close second!

  63. A trip to Tractor Supply is warranted to check out those Honey Bee Crates!

  64. Rebecca B says:

    Truly, the metal pedestal servers are my faves. And the Honeybee spice cubby.

  65. Kelly Malone says:

    Hi there. I have been a Tractor Supply customer for a couple of years and love to spend time there shopping. My favourite item from the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection is the small Metal Farmhouse Tray. Great Giveaway. Thanks!

  66. Becky Bright says:

    Those pedestals! So many places to use them to elevate all kinds of goodies! I can’t wait to shop again at Tractor Supply.

  67. Tami Bowers says:

    I think I’m in love with that little teal bird with the wire wings! It looks terrific on your deck and would look great on mine, too!

  68. My favorites are the pedestals with the acorn a close second. I’ve never met Trisha but my late husband used to go hunting with trisha’s Dad.

  69. I think the pedestals would be perfect on my deck for plants and snacks! Love the collection!!

  70. I’m not familiar with the collection but I love the pedestals and the wall clock!!

  71. patty reed-pederson says:

    I would love to add the acorn to my collection. So sweet

  72. The colour chosen for outdoors are amazing. All the colours are my favourite :) Diane looking forward to more outdoor decor posts!

  73. My favorites are the pedestals!

  74. Mary Kaiser says:

    Wow, what an amazing collection. I LOVE so many things.
    The Finials are amazing, I also love the chair with the flower pot. The outer banks spheres are outta this world beautiful.

    I would also pick the pedestals, I love how you displayed them. I dare say that $100.00 would only be a start for this collection, I will have to put more money with it to get all the beautiful pieces this line has!!!

  75. Mona D Powell says:

    I started going to Tractor Supply when we got our baby chicks. Now it’s a weekly stop for all sorts of items, not just poultry and dog supplies. I love to check out Trisha Yearwood’s product line. I love the blue Songbird enamel bowls.

  76. I love that pedestal used as a planter, you are so creative! my favorite would be the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Calix Table Lamp, I love the shape and finish on it!! Also so jealous of your sunny outside and blooming flowers, here in Pennsylvania we are still waiting on spring to show up :)

  77. My favorite is the tray with the blue rooster and the blue plaid background. As you mentioned in another post, trays are a great way to organize items that might otherwise look like clutter. I really like the collection, especially the rooster items.

  78. Vontreva Gammel says:

    I love the acorn

  79. Deb Brennan says:

    Hi Diane….I don’t think I qualify for this contest, because I’m a Canadian girl…so I’m just going to say this….You are ROCKIN the grey hair!!! I think you look fabulous…I too decided to stop wasting money on colouring my hair and just get great haircuts…also I figure the money I save can go to beautifying my surroundings ! It is so worth it!

  80. Linda O'Neill says:

    It’s between the pedestal and the ceramic bird. I LOVE both of them. Thanks for telling us about the store. Never heard of it.

  81. i love the pineapple finial.

  82. I love the large metal lantern.

  83. Cathy Cavagnaro says:

    I love the wall clock. So many amazing things. I hope to find a tractor supply store near me.

  84. Evelyn Ames says:

    I am so happy to report that I have recently painted my kitchen cupboards white! Love, love, love it! Kitchen seems bigger and brighter! Now, I need a white clock because the black one just looks out of place!

    To be truthful, I had never heard of Tractor Supply. When I went to their website, it said that there was one only 45 minutes from my house! Thank you for introducing me to Tractor Supply!

  85. I really like the songbird canisters and the ceramic bird with metal wings and the pedestal servers.

  86. I love all the songbird items! I too am a bird lover. There is a Tractor Supply in my home town :) though I don’t get back there but twice a year.
    Love your ideas!

  87. The pedestals and the songbird. Thanks for telling me about Tractor Supply. I’ve never heard of it but will be looking for one now!

  88. I haven’t been to a Tractor Supply in quite some time. Clearly I need to make a road trip! I really like the Lola lamp and the blue ceramic bird.

  89. Patty Barger says:

    It is hard to choose and I really like the clock but I’m gonna have to say the galvanized canister set!

  90. Angela Williams says:

    Another reason for me to love TSC! This is where I go to purchase our dog’s food. Now instead of running in and out, I will have to go browse the new Trisha Yearwood collection. Teal and lime are 2 of my favorite colors too. Funny she has a wooden chair and flower pot… I was just thinking how something like that would be cute next to our front door. I blame Pinterest for putting that idea in my head. LOL

  91. Sue Verbaan says:

    Love the Songbird canister set. It is perfect for my house! Aqua is my fave color and the birds can roost in my house along with many many more bird related decor items. I call myself a “bird brain” because I can’t
    Help myself. There just is something about birds that I adore. The pedestal servers are awesome too.

  92. Love the pedestal server! May just go to our local Tractor Supply tomorrow to see if they have one! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity,

  93. Love all of Trisha’s stuff at TSC! Thank you for the giveaway!

  94. Sandy Stevens says:

    I love the color teal in the springtime! I would absolutely choose the large pedestal server, I like the idea of putting plants in it, it would look great on my porch!

    1. Dee Studholme says:

      Hi Diane and thanks for doing a giveaway! darned sweet of you to do.

      Tractor Supply was my ‘happy place’ when we lived in TN. Now that we’re back out west the closest one is 45 min away in Carson City so I don’t get a chance to go that often. I hadn’t realized Trisha Yearwood had home decor products until I read your post. I really love those pedestal servers – and the ideas you have for using them outdoors. If I had them I would use them for flowers and stack em. It’s a really great look for the patio.

  95. I love Tractor Supply. It’s my favorite store to shop. I buy all my dog, cat and chicken feed there. I’ve bought clothes and shoes. Hardware, tools, etc. And of course they love my Great Pyrenees puppy Maisy. I took her in several weeks ago and she picked out baby chickens. They held them for me until I could pick them up later that afternoon, because Maisy had to make her rounds around town.
    I really like the Honey Bee Spice Cubby, but a lot of her things are way out of my price range. Thank you for giving us a chance at this awesome giveaway.

  96. So hard to choose! Love the little songbird! I am desperately waiting for spring. I’m in the Midwest and we’ve had snow and sleet the last two days. Can’t wait for warmer weather.

  97. Gail Vernali says:

    1st I wanted to mention that I love your new photo. I just recently learned that TSractor Supply carries clothing as a neighbor purchase a shirt for me- who knew. What a great country collection By Trisha Yearwood I like the recipe holder and the planter those are calling me.

  98. What a generous giveaway! As I browsed Trisha’s items, I found “Discover Home Products Raised Garden” and almost jumped out of my chair! This is just what I need to build a garden! The only spot in my yard that gets lots of sun is my deck, so with this product, I could finally grow tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs! duchick at gmail dot com

  99. Kim Light says:

    Who knew??? That TSC carried these cute decor items…I’m only a couple of miles away from a store. I agree with your choice…love, love the pedestals. Thanks!

  100. DONNA WRIGHT says:

    Do I have to choose? I am partial to pedestals and trays. Great colors!

  101. DONNA WRIGHT says:

    Do I have to make a choice? That isn’t easy, but I am partial to trays and pedestals. Great colors!!

  102. Sue Scanlon says:

    I love anything galvanized! But I also love the pedestal servers. I can see a collection of succulents in them.

  103. I really like the finial and the pedestal. They could both be used indoor and outdoor. Great giveaway!

  104. Well Diane, this is going to be long because some of the things you mentioned hit home. I love the outdoors too and I can’t wait to be able to get out there and start my gardening! Windows open in my house too when it gets warmer and what’s funny is we would love to get some 50-degree weather in Western NY. As I write this we have snow on the ground. Not much, but it is sticking!
    I know Tractor Supply very well. I haven’t been there recently, but it was one place my late husband and I would go often and I’ve bought gardening boots there. They are lime green with little gardening tools on them. Love them! And that leads me to what I would buy if I won the $100. When I first opened your post I saw the pedestal stand and I thought I hope she mentions where she got it and then I saw the bird and I thought where did she get this too! So I guess you can tell which items I would love to buy.
    Love the post even without the prize.

  105. I love so many of the items but I love the Songbird Enamel Bowls. Not in her collection but sold at TSC are 6 ft roosters and I want one! lol I don’t think my husband would let me get it but I have to check them out every time I go in,

  106. Margaret L Treadwell says:

    I love the Songbird Ceramic Statue. My kids make fun of my fat bird obsession but that looks like a nice addition!

  107. Maureen Ingram says:

    You picked the Best, Diane. Love the pedestals.

  108. Wow! Trisha has a lot of items in her collection! At first glance, I like the galvanized tubs, but also many other items!

  109. Gloria McCarthy says:

    LOVE the Outer Banks Woven Hurricanes!! We have a Tractor Supply right near us but I didn’t know they had such home design stuff! I’ll have to stop in!

  110. Okay, not so much of a “bug fan” of Tractor Supply–more of a “big fan”. :)

  111. I love it all, but especially love the Honey Bee Spice Cubby–so adorable!! I am a bug fan of Tractor Supply–we have one in our town, and I really enjoy going in and prowling around. I bought a couple of Trisha things back at Christmastime, but haven’t been in to see the spring collection. Thanks to you, I’ll be checking that out this week!
    Your outdoor space is beautiful, and I love the teal and lime touches you’ve added!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  112. Hi Diane, I’m torn between the pedestal servers, the light pendants, the galvanized tub…well, I love all of it but if I had to choose JUST 1 thing, I’d go with the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Milk Bottles in Carrier. I really enjoy your blog and I’m amazed at your talent and ingenuity! Thanks for the chance!

  113. I love your pedestal servers, they are so versatile. I have a Tractor Supply Store not too far from me, but I have never gone there. Who knew they had such cute things. I saw a galvanized woven tray that I really liked.

  114. Connie Carter says:

    I love the large pedestal server

  115. I had no idea Trisha Yearwood had a line at Tractor Supply.
    Love the Persimmon Serving Bowls.

  116. I love so many of the collection but especially the pineapple finial.

  117. Paulette Mosley says:

    Recently retired and relocated from cold MA to sunny FL. I literally LIVE to sit and relax on our enclosed lanai each and every day to enjoy the small lake that is our backyard! I, like you, absolutely love the outdoors, the fresh air and all the wildlife that we have on our lake. Our lanai decor is the same teal, lime, blue as yours, with beige seat cushions. I’m going to be on a new mission to see if I can find the same material that you got so that I can cover my EIGHT cushions. Can’t wait to see your cushion cover tutorial.
    As for what I want from that great Tractor Supply store…..can’t wait to order the two pedestal servers to match my lanai! I also love the Indigo pendant light too. Really different!
    Love your blog?

  118. Karen Tucker says:

    I love the chair with the flowerpot. Tractor supply is a great store. I love to go in and browse. I’ve found several nice things there.

  119. Catherine says:

    Hi Diane:
    I think your hair color looks great! Lucky you that gets to go “au natural”!
    The colors you chose for the patio/deck are fun and uplifting! That little bird is just adorable.
    There were so many things that are in the TY collection it was difficult to make a choice! I absolutely love the tin rooster, the large galvanized tub and the wood chair with the pot/tub.
    Thanks for the contest, Diane!

  120. You can never have too many cake stands/pedestals in my opinion. And that chubby songbird speaks to me! But that big clock w/burlap is something else!

  121. Brandi Niemeier says:

    Love the options! My favorite is the persimmon apple container. The acorn is a close 2nd!

  122. I would love to have the Trisha Yearwood Songbird Enamel Bowls, or the Pedestal Server.

  123. Cynthia Bledsoe says:

    Hard to choose, but the large pedestal is my fav. So versatile and fun!

  124. Jenna Deason says:

    My outdoor decor colors are very similar to yours! I love the little teal bird – although I don’t see that one online, but the Jasper pig pillow is adorable too. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  125. Hey Diane, my favorite is the honey bee pendant light, hard to make a decision.

  126. erika wilson says:

    Oh my gosh, those pedestal servers and absolutely perfect for your deck and i adore the lil’ bird with wire wings. Trisha also has a set of Honey Bee galvanized canisters that are amazing. I had no idea that Tractor Supply had so many wonderful things in their store. I have driven past one of their stores many times as i have one fairly near to me, but have never gone inside, as i thought that all they would have is farm equipment, implements, etc……but NOW i will be going there for sure. Thank you for the info. on this new place to shop. I am looking forward to my first visit there.

  127. My favorite is the pinecone candlestick. Perfect for the cottage!

  128. Julie Henderson says:

    It’s all very homey & cheerful, but that little chubby bird just calls my name!!! I just wanna pick it up & carry it around, SO endearingly pretty! Thanks much for the giveaway…blessings to all. :-)

  129. The Pedestal Servers are really cute!

  130. Lynette F. Woodward says:

    The 3 spheres in 3 coordinating colors.

  131. I love the bird with wire wings and the pedestals tins, oh my I love it all.

  132. Deb Wostmann says:

    Boy, I love so much. The Finial would definitely be something I’d purchase. Diane, love the new picture – you look fantastic.

  133. I love the pedestal servers as the colors are the ones I use on my porch!

  134. As a bird lover, I absolutely adore Trisha’s bird, as well as the rest of her adorable collection! Tractor Supply has so much more than I ever imagined!

  135. Hi Diane
    Love your new hair do. Looks great. I am embracing the gray too.
    The TYCollection is fun. I like the pedestals and the very large galvanized tub. It’s all very Trisha and cute.

  136. Love the versatility of the pedestal servers!

  137. Judy Schweichler says:

    I love the large galvanized tub!

  138. Linda Lane says:

    I can’t believe this! We just moved to Georgia from California, and we were at the tractor supply looking for a riding
    mower and I spotted Trisha’s wonderful outdoor treasures! I fell in love with the metal rooster and kicked myself
    for not getting it, as it would be perfect on my front porch! I also have to get some rockers that are on every
    Southern porch!!

  139. Marilyn Holeman says:

    I think the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection Wood Chair with Flower Pot is really cute! Thanks for the give away, Diane!

  140. I love those pedestal servers that you showcased on the blog. So versatile ! Thank you for the giveaway.

  141. Anything from the Honeybee collection (to give to my beekeeper friend)! I love that galvanized spice cubby!

  142. I have always been a fan of Tractor Supply but haven’t been in awhile as i had no idea Trisha Yearwood had a collection there. I love the pedestal servers. Thanks.

  143. Loved the Honey Bee Spice Cubby

  144. Ginny Howard says:

    The large acorn reminds me of the ancient oaks that were in the yard of my family home where I grew up. The trees provided shade to play under and during acorn season we used them to decorate with and to throw at each other when we were kids.

  145. ann pesce says:

    I love the large galvanized tub! Can just see it with blooms spilling over the sides.

  146. I must have the Cyra light for my kitchen! Who knew Tractor Supply had such cute stuff?

  147. I love the pedestals but my favorite item was the Trisha Yearwood Honey Bee Spice Cubby!

  148. Love the galvanized crates!

  149. Karen Combs says:

    I love the Outer Banks wall clock. Don’t have a water view yet but I’m working on it!

  150. I kike the ceramic bird with the wire wings. Thank you

  151. Arbie Goodfellow says:

    The Pedestal Servers are my favorites!!

  152. Anne Marie says:

    I really love that wall clock.