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Naptime In My Kitchen

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Last week when I was making the headboard cover for my guestroom, I came into my studioffice to find this-

Sleeping kitty

A sleeping kitty in the fabric and batting scraps from the headboard that I had put on the floor.

Seeing this got me to thinking that I needed to get a few new soft and snugly pet beds for the 4-legged kids in my house.

Pets dogs and cats

I know you know Trax as he shows up here a lot with all his shenanigans.  There is also Schnitzel, Kindii, and Mittens.   2 dogs and two cats. Two of them are my oldest daughter’s – she brought Trax home after she graduated from college and Kindi from Africa. Mittens and Schnitzel have been around the longest. They are 12 and 13.

Schnitzel is a little old man who can’t see or hear anymore and lately he can’t jump high enough to get on the sofa so he can take a nap.  They all like hanging out in the kitchen on an extra pillow from the sofa I placed on the floor for them.  They liked it, but it didn’t look as nice as it could, so I went to JoAnns Fabrics and bought a remnant of pretty fabric that will not only look good in my kitchen this Fall, but will be soft and snugly for snoozing.

How to make a Pet Bed for a Dog or cat

Over the weekend I sewed the fabric into a cover for the pillow. It has been occupied since I put it on the floor.

By Schnitzel

How to make a dog bed

and Trax.

How to make a cat bed

It is a little small for Kindi, but she does get herself into a tight ball and naps here sometimes, too.

How to make a dog or cat pet bed

Mittens – the black and white cat stays outdoors and won’t even come inside. We have a warm and snugly setup for her in the garage.

How to make a dog bed

How To Make a Pet Bed

supplies needed:

  • Pillow Form – I used an extra pillow from my sofa.
  • Fabric – measure pillow to determine yardage needed. My pillow was 24-inches square.  I used the whole fabric remnant to make the cover.  It was  27” x 52”
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Scissors

1.  I kept the selvages intact  – I didn’t even make finished edges.

Dog Bed ideas

2.  I folded the fabric in half to to make sure the piece was straight. I trimmed the uneven side.

DIY Dog bed tutorial

3.  I laid the fabric on my worktable right side up.  I then brought each side (selvages) of the fabric to the center.  Where the selvages meet will be the pillow cover opening to allow me to take the cover on and off to wash. I pinned each side and sewed a seam down each.


4.  I flipped it so the right side of the fabric was out and placed it over the pillow.  All done.

Pet Bed cover tutorial

Instructions on how to make a dog bed

Although, now that I have made the pet bed cover – I am sure Trax will still find any soft place to nap that he can.

Comfy Cat





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  1. This is so adroable. A lost cat has decided to make my house his home since August. He sleeps in the veranda… But the veranda also happens to be the entry… So I didn’t really like to have an old pillow there to welcome my guests! So we made a deal: he can sleep in the veranda if he agrees that I change the pillow cover depending on the season. I just bought a black one for Halloween!

  2. You have THE best ideas, and this even seems easy enough for me to try. I adore reading about bloggers’ pets (since allergies prevent me from having my own) and you have the sweetest little crew! Lisa in VT ;)

  3. Look at all those darling pets!!!
    I love this great pet bed… and the fabric you chose is stylish too! I hope you share this at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS! Link goes live Wednesday at 8:00 pm. Hope to see you and your furry family members there!