How To Make a Rustic Twig Vase

This woodsy DIY rustic twig vase makes the colors of fresh flowers from your garden really pop.

Last week I shared that we removed holly bushes from the front of the house. These shrubs were big and went to the landfill or were burned. Over the weekend, Ed trimmed back more shrubs and flowering plants around the yard and when I saw cut branches with little white flowers on the ground, I immediately scooped them up knowing they would look great in a vase.

I placed them on the deck in a vase I had, but the vase looked out of place… too formal for the woodsy feel of the lake side of my house.

how to make an easy DIY rustic twig vase to showcase your favorite flowers

I then remembered that I once made a rustic twig vase and decided to do it again and went to gather more twigs from my yard to make a vase that would be more fitting for my deck and the tree trunk side table. My yard is framed by trees so finding twigs to use was easy.

A rustic DIY twig vase on a tree trunk side table

I am not sure what shrub these white flowering clippings is called, but we have a lot of it. Once it is finished blooming, I will keep the twig vase filled with other flowering clippings from shrubs around my yard and then pretty soon, my hydrangeas will be blooming and I can fill the vase with pink hydrangeas.  They are my absolute favorite flower and I can never have enough. I wish they would bloom all year. Wouldn’t that be nice?

How to Make a Rustic Twig Vase

This is a very easy project that can be done in no time. If you don’t have a woodland path or yard to collect twigs, you can buy pre-packaged twigs from the craft store.


supplies needed:

  • cylindrical glass vase or any cylindrical shaped vase, even a coffee can works well
  • thin straight twigs or tree branches
  • twine
  • pruning tool
  • optional – hot glue or Glue Dots
how to make a rustic twig vase tutorial
  1. With a pair of pruning shears, cut a twig so that it is the height of the glass vase or can.
how to cut twigs and tree branches to make a twig vase

2. Using that twig as a guide, trim the rest of the sticks so that they are of uniform length, removing any lateral branches or stubs.

3. Use Glue Dots or hot glie, to apply a line of glue from the bottom to the top of the vase. Place a twig on the glue so that it’s secure and positioned vertically on the vase, with the bottom end flush with the base of the vase and the other end even at the top.

4. Repeat with each twig, working your way around the vase until you have covered it completely. You can also use a rubber band around the middle of the vase to hold the twigs in place and insert twigs one by one so that they are neatly lined up and fully covering the vase.

DIY rustic twig vase tied with twine

5. Cut a piece of twine long enough to tie around the vase. Wrap it around the center of the vase (covering the rubber band if you have used one), and secure with a knot or a bow. I only wrapped the twine around once, but you can go around the twigs a few times to create a slightly different look to the vase.

All done. Now I can showcase clippings and flowers on my deck all summer long in rustic woodsy style.

DIY Twig vase. How to make a rustic vase out of twigs to showcase flowers from your garden all year long. Fast and easy to make.

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  1. Shella Ventrone says:

    Love your patterns. Am going to make cushion covers. You make it so easy. Thank you.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Shella – Once you get the hang of making one cushion cover, you will see that they are not hard. Think of it like you are wrapping a package instead of needing pro and detailed sewing skills. :-)

  2. Linda L Weeks says:

    I like the hairstyle too! And the little Linc**n logs ( that might be trademarked) and I like the idea of harvesting tall or grande vases that come from thrift stores whenever you see ‘um!

  3. Peter DIYPD says:

    I love the twig vase, especially the rustic style!

  4. John Donovan says:

    You can easily transform a simple glass vase using every day materials. This twig vase is a perfect example of what is possible. You can easily use it for both indoors and outdoors depending on your decorating style.

  5. What a great idea! I’ll have to keep my eye out for a suitable vessel….and twigs. We always have twigs! ;)

  6. Hi Diane, We had a lot of tree cut down a couple of years ago and I put some logs away to dry and used the thick bark to wrap around a vase. It looked just great and lasted a few years before I discarded it. I wish I had taken a picture. I just love rustic décor too. Love your wonderful ideas and I have used a few of them. Thanks for writing such a great blurb for us all. Peggy

  7. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,

    This is my kind of project..easy : ) I have few cans in different sizes that I can use. Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Those are called ligustrums, some refer to it as privet. I love it because you can’t kill it, smells wonderful, and bees adore it! Beautiful in your arrangement!

  9. You have such great ideas! I will definitely try this at home! Have you ever thought of having a blog? LOL

  10. Lolol!! I love that you saw the trimmings and thought to put them in a vase!!! My husband rolls his eyes when I want to “do” something with our yard work efforts!!

  11. That is ligustrum, called privet also. Lovely fragrance, reminds me of the hedges at my childhood home.

  12. Great idea for a gift thank you.

  13. Michelle Champagne says:

    Those are wax leaf ligustrums not lilacs. They smell heavenly and are great for bees!

  14. Deborah O'Keeffe says:

    Gosh! You never cease to amaze me. I look forward to your blog each time, your wonderful ideas and your energy!

  15. I’m giving a talk in November about autumn arrangements and I’m planning to borrow this wonderful idea. Thanks so much.

  16. Hi Diane!! Always TOO much time goes by between our chats! I am always reading and following and forever being inspired by your creativity! A couple of weeks ago, with the promise of $ and homemade cookies, I sent our 11-year-old grandson to the backyard where an extra large garbage can awaited him. I told him I needed him to completely fill the can with the sticks and twigs littering the yard. Amazing how money plus sugar motivates kids! The can is still there waiting to be taken to the compost station, but not before I get to it. I LOVE your twig vases, they will be gorgeous natural decor on our back patio! As it happens, I alreay have two large stump “end tables” waiting to be adorned . I love serendipity! Be well!

  17. Beth Mosley, RN (Retired) says:

    Type the word ligustrum into your search engine. If you have BING, click on the IMAGES button at the top of the page. We have the bushes all over Austin, Texas, too ! Have fun with them….Granny Beth

  18. Beautiful! Those lovely white flowers are Lilacs. One of my favorites!

  19. Love all things natural and free stuff from nature.
    I wanted to express my love for your new hair style,
    Love the way the gray frames your face, so nice!