How to Make A Simple Place Card Holder

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You know I love to find new uses for common items.  Here is one to make place card holders for your holiday table using an “owl-style” paper clip.

Try this on your holiday table to add a bit of style very simply. It will take a few short minutes and will add a beautiful embellishment to your table. Your guests will also feel special having their own place card holders.

Simple Table Place card Holders using a Paper Clip

Prest-O  Change-O

You have created this…

Easiest Place card Holders to make EVER

The simplest place card holder – ever!  Just in time for your holiday table.

How To Make Simple Place Card Holders

supplies needed:

  • Owl Style Paper Clips
  • Card Stock
  • Chalk

I made the place card holders by spray painting card stock with black chalkboard paint.  When dry, I wrote the name with white chalk.

I love making place cards for my dinner parties as I can ensure that each person will be seated next to someone they are comfortable with or haven’t met yet. They are also very easy to move around if someone  shows up in a wheelchair and needs a more spacious corner spot at the table.


Place the chalkboard cards in the place card holders on a buffet table to identify each dish. This way your guests will know what they are eating while adding a stylish detail to your table.

If you can’t find the owl style paper clips in your area, they do sell them on

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  1. This tutorial will show you how to make a simple place card and holder using a few easy steps. First, print out the card template and place it on a piece of paper. Next, cut out the placeholder cards using aissors. Finally, use hot glue to attach the cards to the holders. building and pest inspection nelson bay>

  2. Wow, truly ingenious! Thank you for being thoughtful about sharing this insightful, efficient, and helpful idea! This one is a must-have and it is just so easy to make one!

  3. What a brilliant, simple idea! I ran right out to Staples and grabbed a box of 100 for $3. Doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks for sharing a terrific idea! Now to finish my Thanksgiving place setting for Thursday.

  4. This is such a neat idea for a page, there is nothing more frustration than finding something you like and the person pinned the “blog” and not the post!

  5. Love this idea! Do you know how sturdy the paper clips are? I’m trying to figure out how big to make the cards. I wouldn’t want them to keep falling over.

    1. You can make the cards pretty big. I do not think they would fall over unless it was huge. You can also adjust the way you bend it – more or less at a 90 degree angle or not.

  6. I couldn’t find the paper clips either, do you still have the link, i did a search and cannot find anything like them!

  7. Never thought of this before, what a brilliant idea! I plan to use this, however I couldn’t find the link for the square paper clips. . any chance you can post it again? thank you =)

  8. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I linked to your project today :) I always like people to let me know. I just adore these cards :)

  9. Thank you for sharing your neat idea for place cards. I’ve never seen square paper clips before, but I’m going to go find some. Cherry Kay

  10. How clever! It never would have occurred to me to spray chalkboard paint on cardstock. I’d have thought it would crinkle, but obviously not. I love all of the uses I’m finding for chalkborad paint and now I can add this to the list. Thanks for the tip!

  11. brilliant! i needed this idea in June! i was looking for a way to display photos on the tables at my inlaws 50th anniversary party. i’m sure i’ll find another use for it. thanks for the idea!

  12. YOU are just the cleverest girl ever! Simple, easy and cute as the dickens. Now..if you could only find something to do with a mound of dirty clothes…something easy that will disguise it so it looks like something else. I am ready to name it and put it on a bus and send it off to school. Any ideas? Hugs-Diana