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How to Make DIY Outdoor Throw Pillows Using Plastic Grocery Bags

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How to Make a Weather Resistant Outdoor Throw Pillow on a Budget

This is a super inexpensive way to dress up your deck or patio for outdoor living this summer.  If you are like me then you like to see a few pops of color placed around your outside living space in the way of a decorative pillow or two.

You see colorful outdoor pillows gracing chairs and chaises in every decorating magazine and catalog this time of year – they make the furniture come to life.   Not only do they provide a little bit of color, but comfort as well.  I think one or two strategically arranged pillows makes any outdoor space look more inviting.

The downside – they are a bit pricy for something that is truly an extra.

To still have my outdoor pillow decorating desire fulfilled on my small budget, I have devised a way to make outdoor pillow inserts for free.  All you need are two dishtowels and a bunch of plastic grocery bags.

How to make an outdoor pillow with plastic grocery bags

You could use a few indoor pillows or regular pillow forms for your outside décor and I do have a few of these, but I hesitate to use them outside because:

1. They fade.

2. I forget to bring them inside when it rains and by the end of the summer they are ruined, mildewed etc.  No more pretty pillow.

Why I Like Making Outdoor Pillows Using the Plastic Bags:

1. They are free!

2. I feel good that I am recycling the ever-growing pile of them that seems to multiply every second.  One trip to the grocery store and you get an average of 10 bags.  If I am getting only a few things, I take a bag into the store so I won’t get another plastic bag.  For my once a week grocery shopping trip I don’t have enough bags to hold everything so I usually end up getting plastic to haul it all home.

3.  You can make the pillow form any size you want – big, small, or even a roll style pillow.

Add more bags to make a denser pillow.  I found the dishtowels to make my pillow at the dollar store.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas

1.   Gather all your plastic bags. Find a bag that is about the size of your pillow cover or a bit larger to use as outer bag.

Try to use the same type of bag to stuff your outer bag. Some plastic bags are thicker than others and won’t form to the shape as easily. Use the thicker bags as the bag you stuff all the other thinner bags into.  Grocery store bags work the best. The kind you get at Walmart.

To get a smooth and uniform pillow shape – spread each stuffing bag out and then loosely roll it, then place in the bag.  Try to keep them lined up so the outer bag will stay as smooth as possible. If  you just bunch them into the bag, the pillow will look lumpy.

2.   Keep rolling your bags and lay into the outer bag. Press the bags down after every 10 bags or so.  I used about 60 bags to get the size and density I wanted. Use more if you want an extra-firm pillow.

3. When you get the size pillow form you desire, fold over the top of the outer bag and staple it closed.

4.  Add one more line of staples to ensure the seam is secure.

5.  Shape the plastic bag pillow form to the size of an existing indoor pillow form if you have one.

6.  Place it in the pillow cover.  Don’t be afraid to press, mold, and shape it to fit your cover like a glove.

All done.

outdoor pillow insert with grocery bags

My patio chairs are not very comfortable and having a pillow to mold to your back makes the chairs much more comfy…and colorful, too.

How to make a plastic bag outdoor pillow insert form

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Pretty Outdoor pillow made using plastic grocery bags.

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  1. Before I read a word I said to myself, she always finds the prettiest fabric!!! Dollar store towels, seriously???? What a smart idea with the bags, my pillow last year got eaten by a critter!

  2. Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me! Love this idea, and especially looking forward to the no-sew cover post! Thanks, Diane!

    1. Hello

      If you cut the bags up like paper shredding it should take less bags to make a cushion filler and maybe smoother too !

      1. Hi Karen – What an excellent idea! Genius. I will try it, I bet the bags would shred just fine in a paper shredder. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea with me. :-)