It’s the Little Things That Enliven the Everyday

I am sure you are familiar with the saying… “Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary” or “Enliven Everyday”. In a nutshell these words are about adding the right details to daily tasks so that we enjoy them instead of dreading them.

If you have read, Alexandra Stoddard’s book, Living a Beautiful Life then you know what I am talking about. If you have not read this classic book, then I highly recommend you do.

Asking myself, “How can I enliven everyday tasks?” is what prompted me to do a little makeover on something I use on a daily basis that was not so pretty anymore.

Much of enjoying life is in the details. Handling daily tasks well, thoroughly affects how we feel, our happiness and can even improve the overall quality of our lives.

Wood Pepper grinder in need of a makeover

This pepper mill is part of my daily life, but every time I have reached for it lately, I say to myself, “Time for a new pepper grinder”, but then think…it works perfectly, I can’t get rid of it.  So the time is right to give it some of my DIY love.

Making over a small item like this is the perfect project for anyone who is new or afraid to paint something for the first time, like  a piece of furniture with chalk paint or any paint for that matter.

old and chipped pepper mill ready for a DIY makeover with paint

I like an aged finish, but this was getting way too chippy for my style. I did go in search of a new pepper grinder, but none that I could find had a dial where you can change the coarseness of the grind. I have gotten used to using this feature and did not want to give it up.

I don’t enjoy cooking, so I know having nice cooking gadgets around entice me to cook and make the process visually pleasing, which my brain needs.

So I decided to give my chipped pepper grinder a quick and easy makeover. I used leftover paint that I made into DIY chalk paint using this Calcium Carbonate Powder chalk paint recipe.

How to Paint a Small Object Using Chalk Paint

How to paint a wood pepper grinder to match your kitchen decor

I had it made over in an afternoon.

I sanded it to rough up the surface and then cleaned it with hot sudsy water and let it dry. (I used 60 grit sandpaper which was too rough, but it was all I had on hand at the time. I like using 100 grit sandpaper better, as it still roughs up the surface, but doesn’t leave deep scratch marks in the surface.)

Paint ideas for using up leftover paint

I used some of the leftover navy blue paint from the hallway of darkness makeover and make DIY chalk paint with it. I applied two light coats to the pepper grinder, letting the first coat dry before applying the second.

Once it was dry, I used 100 grit sandpaper to distress the edges a little. I don’t mind a little bit of aging on the surface, it give it character.

how to apply dark wax over chalk paint

I then added a light coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax, buffed it lightly and then added a coat of Dark Wax over the surface that I also had from a previous project.

Using clear wax first helps you to move the dark wax where you want it. If you apply dark wax directly on the paint you may not be able to move it around the surface to get it where you want.

how to use leftover latex or craft paint to change the color of a pepper grinder or pepper mill.

I then picked up the pepper grinder and placed a soft paper towel in each hand and buffed the wax until the paper towels slid easily over the surface and the surface of the pepper milled took on a subtle sheen.

How to paint a pepper grinder or any small wooden object with chalk paint or any paint for that matter. Navy blue pepper grinder.

Of all my senses, I know I need to nourish my visual sense the most – seeing a pretty blue pepper grinder on my kitchen counter and table now increases feeding that sense.

I call it color therapy… which in turn makes me happy and best of all… even makes me enjoy cooking a meal… sometimes.  :-)

Have you ever painted or changed something small in your home to make it fit your personal style?

How to enliven everyday living with paint. Navy blue pepper grinder. How to paint a pepper grinder or any small wooden object with chalk paint or any paint for that matter so it coordinates with the colors in your home decor. #enliveneveryday #chalkpaint #kitchengadets #DIYkitchen

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  1. You never fail to amaze me with the way you stay on top of your home decor. You must be amazingly organized. Thanks for sharing your blog.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thank you Nancy :-) I am organized most of the time, but there are many times – busy times that I am not. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  2. Looks great and new again! I’ve done similar updates with chalk paint. It’s great to use over old finishes because it doesn’t require much prep. It’s like having something new again that doesn’t end up in a landfill- win, win. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Cut Side Down says:

    This is so lovely! I love the color you chose and you restored it but still made it rustic!

  4. It does look lovely. I loved the blue in your hallway and also love it here! I have to admit though, I had to go back and forth between the old and the new- they kind of look the same to me (chipping-wise). If seeing the ‘new’ grinder makes you happy- then new it is!

  5. Again, Diane, you speak to my sense of DIYing in such a smart way. :-)

    Recently I painted the backsplash in my kitchen….that’s what budget would allow at this point. I had paint leftover from another project so there was no cost except my labor.

    My well-used, but still-functional toaster looked so drab against the freshly painted backsplash. I had some spray paint on hand and after carefully taping off the toast slots and the cord, a little while later I had a toaster that looks like new! And now it matches my coffee maker too. Bonus! :-)

    Diane, I love, love, love how you make the old things new with common sense methods we all can try. Your pepper grinder looks so much happier now and it fits your new style/colors in your lovely home.

  6. Linda L Weeks says:

    It looks great! I too have a pepper mill that I had about given up on, but maybe I can do something like this! Thanks!

  7. Never in a million would I have thought to paint my pepper mill, but I did upcycle the paper towel holder! It went from pine to glossy black with the help of spray paint and it fits right into my kitchen decor. You’re right, Diane… it’s the little things! Sx

  8. Joanne B. says:

    Simply brilliant! Yes, your old pepper mill had seen better days! And I agree it is so frustrating to see what’s out there to buy now. They have what THEY want to sell and WE have to take it. We did it to ourselves because we have become a disposable society. Here I go again (sounding like my mother) but they “just don’t make things like they used to”. This was a simple and refreshing solution!

  9. Thanks for the reminder that we can find joy in even the smallest things. And yes, I see you also enjoy my favorite ice cream (blue paint container)! Enjoy the “new” grinder.

  10. As usual, I love your DIY project, Diane. Blue isn’t one of my favorite colors, but I really like the way this turned out. I adore Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax anyway, and for me it works better than making my own. I have so many items I’m wanting to put into a huge yard sale this summer and this makes me think I had better take a look at some things and see how I could do this to maybe spiffy up some of them! Thanks for another inspiring post.

  11. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    I really love your new blue grinder. The table is completely gorgeous! I don’t care to distress anything I paint, because it gets distressed all by itself. With 8 pups and two kitty kats. You know what I say?

  12. I , too, am a visual person and am known for my love of color. So, over the course of my life I am constantly making changes to things I love, so they are more pleasing to my eye. They may be small objects or big, but they must be pleasing for them to remain with me and give me joy to see or use them. So I know exactly where you’re coming from, Diane.

  13. I love the way it turned out. I really like the blue. Thanks Diane for your advice on the Beyond paint. They’re going to send me samples of the 2 white colors.

  14. Love this!! I haven’t gotten up the courage to try chalk paint yet, though I love the look of it. This is the perfect push for me to try it. Thanks. P.S. I love your “new” hair color.

  15. Kathleen Hornbecker says:

    My favorite kind of DIY!!! I try to always make something I really like and use better when it’s got that worn look. My philosophy, if something gives you joy, keep it, don’t try to replace with a new one. Thanks for your sharing.