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Rolodex In Artful Order: Paint Chip Crafts

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I am a visual girl… I like to see things, pretty things, tactile things, organized things. I love color, paint chip crafts, office supplies, stationery, and art supplies.  I am not a tech-ie and don’t want to have everything including the kitchen sink in my computer files.

I like connection, hands-on to all my contacts, links, codes, passwords, URLs, user names, etc, etc, etc… I love the Rolodex system and this one I found on Brian and Kristen’s Photostream on Flickr makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Oooohhh la la … I want it…BAD!  It is handcrafted and so colorful.

Creative Rolodex DIY

I have always used a Rolodex, but since I started blogging, I needed a bigger one and found one that I think I can transform to look similar to the one I am drooling over above. Having something so pretty, neat, and organized and in my own style makes me want to work at my desk.

I could leave the Rolodex I found plain and boring, but by adding some stylish touches to it will elevate the time spent working at my desk into an extraordinary experience.

I found this Rolodex at a local discount store, but you can buy them on Amazon: Rolodex VIP Card File



Here is what my new Rolodex looked like right out of it’s clam-shell packaging.  Very business like and practical, not my style,  so I took it apart.  The little blue logo on the front comes off easily.

Paint chip Crafts transform a rolodex

This is the base that holds the cards.

Paint chip crafts DIY Rolodex

These are just your ordinary brown lunch bags that I ripped up to used to decoratively cover the base. You could use just about any paper to cover the base. Other options to consider – maps, pages from an old phone book, gift wrap, scrapbook paper,  fabric, paper place-mats from your favorite diner – let your imagination and personal style guide you.

Mod Podge on Rolodex

I used a 1″ paint brush and Mod Podge to apply the ripped up lunch bags to the base.  I kept the runner for the cards free of the paper and Mod Podge so that the cards would still go up and down the runners smoothly.

How to personalize a Rolodex

and I let it dry for about an hour on a foam plate.

Ripped Up Lunch Bag used as decorative paper on Rolodex

No, it is not a toaster!

Paint chip crafts rolodex

This is the best part – when you create paint chip crafts – part of your project is free.  I went to the paint store and picked out paint chips in all my favorite colors to make the tabs.  They are the perfect weight of paper for making tabbed dividers.

Decorating with Paint Chips

I made 1,2,3 templates – right , middle, left tabs out of one of the Rolodex cards and taped a tab I made onto each one to use as tracing templates.

Rolodex tabs

I found graph paper and colored index cards at Walmart for a few dollars to make some decorative cards like Brain and Kristen used.

WalMart Index Cards

I then sat in front of the TV and traced and cut until I had enough to fill my Rolodex.  :) I mixed the plain cards that came with the Rolodex with the colored and graph paper cards to place behind each lettered tab.

Rolodex Index cards: Paint chip crafts

I then went to my junk jewel stash and found a belt buckle.

collected junk turned stylish

I made my monogram on my computer and sized it to fit in the inside circle of the buckle.  To protect it, I covered it with clear acetate that I cut from the clam-shell packaging the Rolodex was in and glued it to the back of the buckle.

DIY monograms

And glued the monogram buckle to my new, colorful, and pretty Rolodex.

Paint Chip Crafts : Organizing Rolodex

I used a piece of textured wallpaper on the front tab.

Paint Chip crafts Decorating Ideas

Paint Chip Crafts : Creative Organizing

I am in love. Crafting with paint chip samples is fun.    Thank you Brian and Kristen for providing the inspiration.


Since I posted this 6 years ago, I wanted to show you how I improved upon my original paint chip crafts  design. I laminated the paint chips before cutting them into tab dividers.


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  1. Oh I am inspired! I love your cardsystem! I am not sure I can buy such a system here, but perhaps something similar. I will have a search for it next week! I want to give it an old bronze pewter look with something white red blue for my kitchen recepe cards! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Elsina-

      They still sell a few different types of Rolodex’s at office supply stores, but they are pretty pricey and becoming less popular because of computers. I found mine at a discount store called Ollies. They sell brand name stuff for literally- dollars. There is one right next to where I work. I peruse in there on my lunch break and have found many great deals on everything from outdoor furniture to books.

  2. I love that you used paint chips to make your tabs! I feel a bit sneaky taking them at the hardware store, but they are great for crafting ;)

    1. I love seeing all the colors together – so inspiring to me. Valspar and Olympic paints have the best chips, as they are pretty large. I don’t feel too guilty taking a few extra chips from time to time as I do buy all my paints and supplies there.

  3. This is so adorable! I can’t think of a way to do it cuter than you did, so I would do something similar. Very clever! Lisa~

  4. LOVE your rolodex idea. What/how do you use yours? Websites and blogs or by project? I would love to get organized like this!

    1. I have mine organized by letter. Then by tabs – a Passwords tab, just added a Link party tab for each day of the week, Pros – for business cards I get from contractors. A WordPress Plugin tab for all the info I need for each of them, Blog Help sites tab, and a Craft Submitting sites tab. I have all my favorite sites under Blogs – they are also on my computer, but I like to have them listed here too, just in case my computer crashes. I think the tab that is the biggest is the password tab for all the sites I go to like Amazon, Blog Frog, Thesis, Google analytics, etc. I think everyone files in a different way. What makes sense to me, may not to another. I change it from time to time as I add new categories. I call it my ” Brain” If I didn’t have this I would be lost as I forget everything if it is not written down.

  5. Hi DIane,

    I absolutely LOVE this – for so many reasons. I am a huge fan of the paper bag mod podging. My mom actually did a whole bathroom in our house with torn GROCERY bags. It’s awesome. That rolodex is so neat. Can you believe I never in my life have used one?! I’ve always wanted to though. I usually bookmark all my favorite sites, and when i have the time print out all tutorials/recipes/patterns and put each in a page protector in its proper binder. I have quite the collection. but this would be so neat to do and add my scrapbooking touches to it. Do you just keep names of sites and places? Or how exactly do you use yours?

    And by the way, thanks for your nice note on my site last week.
    – Sydney

    1. Hi Sydney-

      My mom always used brown bags to decorate with also. I have gleaned many crafty ideas from her. Using the bags is my go-to way to cover things inexpensively. I also like the neutral color so you can use them just about anywhere. In the reply above I listed how I use mine.