Paint Chip DIY Doorway or Window Curtain

Paint Chip DIY Doorway Curtain Made Using Paint Chips or Scrapbook Paper

If you like to decorate and paint, then you probably have a stash of paint chips stuffed in a drawer or shoe box somewhere in your house.

Instead of keeping them hidden or throwing them away, use them in a decorative way.

With so many colors of paint chips to choose from, creating a doorway curtain or even a window treatment using paint chips to match a room’s color scheme will be easy.

If you don’t have any paint chips lying around your house, you can also make the doorway curtain using card stock and scrapbook paper. It comes in many colors and even patterns. It is sold in the scrapbooking aisle at the craft store.

For a room in my house that had no door, I came up with an idea to make a colorful paint chip DIY curtain for it along the lines of the kind that kids and teenagers like to have hanging in their rooms?  Now the doorway looks hip and happening in a very modern way and adds and energetic colorful vibe to the room.

How to Make a Paint Chip DIY Doorway Curtain

paint sample chip supplies needed to make a doorway curtain

supplies needed for a 32-inch wide doorway with 13 hanging strands of paint chips:

  • 450 paint chips or card stock in various colors (If using card stock, you will only need 225 pieces cut to size since they will not have to be glued back-to-back) Glidden paint chips measure: 3-1/2″ x 5″
  • 1 skein of Issac Mizrahi “Lexington” multicolored thick yarn – sold at Michaels
  • Tension rod to fit doorway width
  • Paper hole punch
  • Extra-hold glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Optional – paper cutter
Paint chip craft ideas

1. You can use the entire 3-1/2″ x 5″paint chip as is or cut them to various sizes using a paper cutter. To add some variety to my doorway curtain, I used the full size paint chip and also cut some paint chips to make them 3-1/2″squares.

clever ways to use paint chip swatches in a colorful way

2. Using a glue stick, glue two of the same paint color chips together back-toback. Repeat process with all the paint chips.

crafty ideas for paint chips

3. Once the chips are glued back-to-back, punch a hole at the center of the top and bottom of each chip.

Creative ideas for leftover paint chips?

4. Place the chips in stacks of how you want the colors to fall in the curtain. I created my curtain using a random pattern of colors, but you can create an ombre effect, use all one color, or run the one color down each strand.

what to do with paint chip samples

how to make a paint chip curtain tutorial

TIP: When gluing paint chips together production-line style, place the chips on a stack of scrap paper. As you glue, glue will get on the paper, not on the table surface. When the glue build-up makes the paper sticky, flip the paper over for a new clean surface to continue gluing. If you don’t do this, the glue build up will eventually get on the paint chips when you place a new one down to glue. 

5. Cut 13 strands of thick yarn each to the height of your doorway, plus 4 inches. Place a piece of tape around each strand’s end and twist it into a point. This will become your needle to thread the yarn through the paint chips. Threading the paint chips onto the yarn brought back fond childhood memories of playing with sewing cards. Did you ever play with them?

Paint chip decorating project tutorial to make a doorway curtain.

6. Run the yarn through the top hole in a paint chip and then out the bottom hole, repeat until you have enough chips on the strand. Each of my strands had 17 paint chips.

How To Attach the Paint Chip Strands to a Curtain Rod

Creative DIY paint chip crafts and decor for a room in your home.

You can hang the tension rod in the doorway to add the chips or…

Paint chip DIY craft project

… lay them out on the floor to arrange by color and then thread the cards onto the strands of yarn. Assembling the curtain is a good project to do when you are watching TV.

 paint chips art and creative reuse ideas for paint chip swatches

7. Each strand is simply knotted around the tension rod…

How to make a doorway curtain using leftover paint chips

…and then again at the bottom of the last paint chip on each strand.

How to make a colorful curtain for a doorway using paint chip swatches.

Don’t tie the knots of each strand of paint chips along the tension rod too tight. Looser knots will allow you to easily move the strands out of the way when needed.

Have you ever decorated with paint chips in your home or used them in a crafty DIY paint chip project?

I am always looking for creative ideas on how to use them. If you only have a few paint chips available, you can still add them to your decor. Check out this colorful organizer I made for my desk in my office.

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  1. Futura Interiors says:

    Thanks for sharing such an useful blog.
    The ultimate aim of Futura Interiors is to design commercial spaces that meet at the intersection of imagination and vision.We also provide modular office furniture in Chennai at the best prices which can adorn your office.

    1. I’ve used paint chips, cut in circles and strung as a garland. Before cutting, I sprayed the back of the chips, the side with all the printing, with gold or silver paint. It added some shimmer, and I didn’t use as many paint chips.
      I like your use of yarn to string as a curtain. So colorful and happy!

      1. Diane Henkler says:

        Hi EmSue – Your garland sounds so pretty. I bet it looks extra nice when the light hits it. Thanks for sharing the idea with me.

  2. I work at a florist. We are always looking for inspiration for our front window. I saw this and knew that I had found a winner. I collected all the paint chips and m manager and her 9 year old daughter and I went to town with doing some trimming, gluing, and punching holes. I decorated a 6 foot pipe that we suspended from the ceiling and hung as a backdrop to our window. I did space ours out just a little bit more. We used this for our Mother’s day window. it has been such a big hit with people walking by and stopping in that we decided to leave it up for the summer. I always refer them to your blog for instructions. We just had another lady stop by today that was in the shopping center and had never stopped in before.

  3. Diego Lopes says:

    My sister loves DIY like this one, I’m definitely sending it to her. I bet she’ll want to make it this week still x.x

  4. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    I need to make this for my small i powder room. Wanted to make it since you first posted it. I first wanted beads, but they are expensive. And this is really more private.

    Thanks once again!

  5. Another clever and creative idea! I had forgotten all about those sewing cards I played with as a child. This looks like something even a non-crafty person like myself can do. I always enjoy your projects.

  6. Ruthie Peterburg says:

    Hi Diane,
    I don’t remember this one but you definitely” hit it out of the ball park” for me today. Thanks bunches.
    Warm hugs Ruthie