Occasion for Celebrations: Gift For a Couple

Ever find yourself realizing its a good friend’s anniversary or are headed out to a dinner party and realize you are empty handed? If so, here is a simple and thoughtful gift for a couple that you can put together in minutes.

Grab a little bottle of champagne.

Quick Hostess or Celebration Idea: Gift for a Couple

Champagne always makes a fun gift to give any couple for their engagement, wedding, or anniversary, too! It also would work for someone celebrating a new job or big accomplishment.

I tied an acorn on the twine for fall, but you could simply use any color ribbon to tie the straws on for your gift giving occasion.

I enjoy giving simple gifts like this that show your friends you are thinking about them. They don’t need to cost much and can take minutes to make but will make the recipient feel special that you took the time to think of them.

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  1. Sounds like the best way to celebrate! Anytime champagne is involved, it is all good!

  2. Megan Berry says:

    The acorn is a perfect touch! Pop the cork…I’m ready for some bubbly!

  3. Stefanie@IvyRoad says:

    Happy Autumn to you too!

  4. Uhhh…I don’t think I have ever had champagne through a straw before~ LOL…You are just tooooo cute! Hugs- Diana

  5. Happy Autumn to you too! Sounds like you have the celebration under control. La

  6. Sounds good Diane! Although I may start before the man gets home, lol!