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Before and After Decoupage Table Makeover

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Transform any aging table with a decoupage furniture makeover.

I have had some extra time on my hands and got this table makeover completed a bit differently than I had originally planned.

I decided to decoupage the table with wrapping paper that I found at Kate’s Paperie while I was up in NYC.

For those of you who don’t know, to decoupage furniture means to use any sort of paper medium and glue it onto the furniture. It’s important to use the right glue, I personally used Mod Podge to decoupage this table.

Not only is my little table bright and cheery now, but with the addition of a thrift store tray she is super functional, too. We used to have to worry that drink glasses would leave rings on the dark wood and she always looked dirty as every spec of dust showed, even after cleaning with a microfiber cloth.   Not anymore!

How to Decoupage a Table With Gift Wrapping Paper

where can you buy a dark wood rolling table

Table BEFORE Makeover

Here is my small round table I bought for $22. She is modern looking and on wheels.  Wheeee…  which I love.  I would like to have all my furniture on wheels if possible; it just makes for easier moving and flexibility.

where you can find a white and blue patterned serving tray

I found this tray at a local retirement community. It cost me 2 bucks.

AFTER: Table Makeover

how to make a finished decoupaged table with serving tray

I used sheets of gift wrap that is called Hatch No. 1648. I loved it when I saw it, but they didn’t have enough so I went online to Snow & Graham who actually make the paper to get more. 

The gift wrap is cut in strips and woven so you don’t have to worry about matching the pattern.

Each sheet was $3.25. I needed 5 sheets as I wanted to weave strips of it to provide some texture. If I just placed the paper flat onto the table I would have needed less.

how you can use a finished decoupaged table with serving tray

The tray is the perfect way for me to bring in drinks and food into the family room. When not in use, it looks like a part of the table.

I looked into the cost of having round glass cut to size for the top and bottom, but it was over $100 to have custom glass cut, so I opted to seal the paper with Mod Podge instead.

what does a finished decoupaged table look like can you create a decoupaged table with mod podge

How to Decoupage a Table – Step-By-Step Tutorial

step one on how do you decoupage a table

Step 1. I measured the side thickness of the wood table top and cut lots of strips from the gift wrap to that measurement.  I then wove the strips together. Remember when you went to summer camp and you made woven pot holders – same concept but using paper strips and pins on my work table instead of a little loom.  Place the printed side of the gift wrap down when weaving.

step two on how do you decoupage a table

Step 2. Once I had a big enough woven section I spray glued on a piece of craft paper the diameter of the table so it would be easy to move.  Flip it over and make sure everything is smooth and flat.  Find the correct placement for it on the table and mark if needed. Remove.

step three on how do you decoupage a table

Step 3. Spray glue evenly over table top and then center and carefully place woven gift-wrap on table. Having the craft paper base makes it pretty easy.

step four on how do you decoupage a table

Step 4. Glue the strips that go over the side to the side of the wood top.  Make sure they are smooth. Cut if necessary to get each piece to lay flat.  Once it is all smooth. Glue one long strip over the wrapped edge for a finished look.  I then covered the paper with 3 coats of matte Mod Podge to seal it.

spray painted tray for a decoupage table

Step 5. I used the scraps of the gift wrap and cut them into small squares and then used Mod Podge to attach them to the tray.  I originally painted the tray, but that is not necessary.  I also sealed the gift-wrap on the tray with 3 coats of Mod Podge.  I spray-glued a round piece of felt to the bottom of the tray to provide a barrier between the two Mod Podge surfaces.

best images of a finished rolling decoupaged table

The tray adds so much functionality to my table now – I love it!

Before and After Decoupage Table Makeover

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  1. Hi D…thanks for the butternut Squash tip…still haven’t tackled it yet maybe today lol
    WOW! what a fabulous table and dish ensemble hehe…stunning and thanks again given me another idea!
    Hugs Suz UK

    1. Hi Anita-

      I was pretty psyched when I found the tray at a local retirement community. I didn’t want it to have handles and it needed to have a large enough diameter to be in proportion with the table. I had found lots of regtangular ones up unitl finding this. I always look at the lines of a piece and the tray was classic – just needed a update in color and design. Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Diane- I love it. What a great looking table and tray. You outdid yourself with this project…and I love the basket weaving idea…especially on something round. Hope your first week back at work is a good one! Hugs- Diana

  3. OH my! I LOVE it. How smart of you to think to roll it into a room with food on it with a tray! Grand idea, genius actually, I will have to remember that. You did a fabulous job on the weaving of the paper, it really looks beautiful.