Last Minute Gift Wrapping? Do it in Style – Simply!

2 days and it is Christmas!

Have you got everything wrapped? Do you dread having to wrap present after present, Do you need a last minute gift wrapping idea If it has become a stressful chore, it is now time to make wrapping a lot of gifts at one time – easy, fun, and stylish.

 I like to wrap, but don’t want it to take forever.  I also want my presents to have” present presence” which can mean time consuming and costly.  I have found that I can have quick, pretty, and thrifty when I intentionally wrap all of the gifts I am giving in the same way or in the same color scheme. It creates impact when you bring your family or co-workers an armful of gifts all wrapped in the same, but unique way. I call it making a style statement.  I like to use plain white gift bags as they are the perfect canvas to add your own style.

This year I made a monogram tag for all the women on my list using one of the fonts on my computer and card-stock.  I used white wrapping paper for the men in my life.  Jingle bells and lime ribbon for everybody.

Last Minute gift wrapping ideas

 I put some book pages through my shredder to use as decorative bag filler.

Monogram gift bag tutorial

 I buy white bags at Michaels.  They sell them separately, but it is cheaper to buy one color in bulk.  They also sell a few different size bags.

Monogram gift bags to make

How to make Monogram Gift Tags:

The font I used to make the monograms is called Cursif.  I got it at  I cut around the monogram and left a little extra card-stock so the monogram will hang lower when tied to the bag.  I then punched a hole on that end and tied it on ribbon along with 3 jingle bells, then tied  it all onto the handle of the bag.


Very simple, quick, and stylish.

Gift tag ideas and printables

Christmas Gift wrap idea

I also like to tie jingle bells on wrapped boxes. The festive sound of the jingle adds to the spirit of the season.

Did you start wrapping your holiday gifts yet?  If you haven’t  –  state your style by embellishing plain gift bags in your own style.  Then just pop each gift in – you’re done! Here are a few more ideas to keep you wrapping in style –> Out of the Box Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrap tip


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  1. Diane, I love the monogram initials for gift tags. I am giving wooden ones for several Christmas gifts and have a great source you might like to know if you don’t do your own already. It is Kelli Smith, ( Her number is 706-773-3069 (c) Her prices beat any I have found online. Tell her I sent you if you contact her. She is a wonderful Christian mother and wife. Now my question, I have the font to do the initials but how do you center the middle initial? Mine are all in a straight line with the middle one larger. I know it must be so simple. Thanks, Teresa

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Teresa –

      To center the middle initial you need to have each letter in a text box or it’s own layer. In Photoshop or Photoshop Elements – you create a new layer for each letter. In Microsoft Publisher – you create separate text boxes for each letter. This way you can move them around where ever you want them and can overlap them, too. Someone told me you could also do it in Powerpoint. It comes bundled with most Microsoft products and if you have a PC you may have it. I have never used the program so I can’t explain how to move the letters around in it, though. There may be other software programs that you can do it in also, but these are the only ones I know. You may want to check Google Picasa – it is free and does have quite a lot of features.

  2. Athena at Minerva's Garden says:

    As I was reading through your instructions and looking at the pictures, I also thought you might be able to put older gift wrap paper remnants through a shredder, to add a different pop of color to the top of the bag. It might be amazing with tissue paper, which I have seen in a wide variety of colors very inexpensively at the Dollar Tree store. Not sure if lighter-weight paper would gum up the shredder, however–might take some experimentation.

    1. Hi Athena-

      Tissue paper works perfectly in a shredder and looks fantastic in bags and super inexpensive like you stated. Never thought about using the wrap remnants – I have lots as I hate throwing them away. I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. Jane Ellen says:

    Love the gift tags! I’ve tried to do monograms before, but can’t seem to figure out how to get the first and last initial smaller and centered??? Any bits of advice?

  4. beachhouseliving says:

    Simple and crisp looking. I really like these. Now I wish I hadn’t emptied the shredder! It’s white and brown bags this year and baskets mainly.

  5. Finally…my procrastinating has paid off! I haven’t emptied the paper shredder in like FOREVER… and it’s overflowing. Of course, I still have to wrap. Perfect timing Diane! I can do this one forever.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  6. That is very pretty. The wrapped, (bagged) gifts add a lot to the tree also. I hate wrapping gifts, and I am not good at it. Great idea, and like I said, very pretty! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  7. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Those stickers are a great tip, Diane! Your plaint white bags look wonderful with the lime and look very crisp and classic. The monogram idea is wonderful also, because the recipient can keep that, too!

  8. You are So creative. You have come up with something that I have not yet seen in blogland for wrapping presents. Running paper through the shredder looks darling and saves on purchase special paper AND is GREEN! Well done. have a blessed Christmas!

  9. Amanda @ House Revivals says:

    These are fantastic ideas!