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My Crafty Craft-Table Cachepot: Trash to Treasure Tin Can

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Tin Can Recycling Projects

What can you do with a soup can, curtain hooks, those pesky advertising inserts from magazines, and a few beads? You will soon find out. I call it my Trash to Treasure Tin Can.

Trash to Treasure Tin Can Craft room organzing ideas

One of my favorite blogs is Blah-to-TADA.blogspot.com. Claire writes for a newspaper and was asked to write a column about how you could take stuff you would normally throw out and make something desirable from it.  Her blog was inspired by her newspaper column.  Her tag line – a crafty recycling blog. Her posts are presented in such a simple effective format – only a few photos and text.   Before is “Blah” and after “TADA”.  Check out what she did with a Whole Foods bag.  You will be inspired. Her Bag of Tricks post, here

This is my attempt at creating a “Blah-to-TADA” post. Look back at the photo above to see my trash to treasure tin can.

Craft room organizing ideas made using recycled items

Cut advertising insert to the height of the can.  Roll tightly around a pencil and hot glue edge down.  Remove pencil.

Craft room organzing ideas made using recycled items

Make a bunch so you have a pile like this.

Organizers for holding craft supplies

Put a line of hot glue on the seam edge of each rolled tube and attach to the can, making sure to keep each roll straight.

Recycled material project ideas

Put a bead on each curtain hook.

Trash to Treasure Tin Can DIY craft supply organizers

 Push each hook between two tubes along the top edge of the can.

Craft room organizing ideas


I also hot glued big beads to the bottom as decorative feet.  For the bigger can I used an old calendar to make the tubes.


Trash to Treasure Tin Can DIY Organizing Ideas

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