How to Make a Craft Room Work Table

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How to use two identical sideboards or low dressers and a hollow core door to make a large work table for a craft room.

4 images showing how to repurpose a sideboard into a craft work table
Work table ideas

These two cabinets used to be in my dining room. When I got new dining room furniture and didn’t need them anymore, I didn’t know what to do with them.

Then I got the idea to use them as the base for my craft room work table.

How to Make a Craft Room Work Table

Craft Room Design Ideas for a Work Table

I covered a hollow core door that I purchased at The Home Depot with black shiny vinyl.  I stapled the excess to the underside.  I found the vinyl at a local fabric store for $1.00 a yard.  At that price I bought the whole roll – about 12 yards.  I needed 3 yards for the table.

Craft room organzing ideas

I cut a piece of a rug liner to place on top of the two cabinets. 

Craft Room Design Ideas

This will ensure that the door will not slide after being placed on top of the cabinets.

Craft room organizing ideas

Next, center the door on top of the cabinets.

how to build a work table using a dresser

I attached decorative ribbon around the edge of the covered door with brass tacks.

How to add electric power to a work table - craft room design ideas

To have the table powered for my electrical tools, I attached an electrical strip to the back underside of the table with screws and plugged it into the floor outlet.

How to make a studiooffice work table

On half of the table I placed a piece of Homasote and a rotary cutting mat. I also placed a measuring tape along one side of the table and secured it with packaging tape.

This is the side I glue, cut, and paste on.  If I need the whole length of the table – the components can be easily removed.

More Craft Room Inspiration

Craft room organization on a wall in a home craft room office

I have a brand new Studioffice in my new home in SC. Click to see how I have updated it so far.


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  1. hi I was wondering about a new printer you recently purchased. I hope to buy a new one this next month.

  2. Your office is beautiful and your craft table is so clever. I love it!

    Our dog had a similar surgery after eating a thumbtack (my daughter dropped it and saw her scoop it up). They should have installed a zipper instead of stitches. Expensive!

    I’m new to your blog. It’s nice to “meet” you!

  3. This is a great project, and it looked like fun…fun and function, you would not think they go hand and hand, but they do!! Nice job!!~

  4. ok, I am so jealous of your beautiful, clean office space. (yes, I have a very messy, craft room) I love the armoire. I am very jealous! great idea with the rug liner and attaching the power bar. Genius! I must do the power bar. Thanks for the great ideas! Please, stop by sometime!

  5. Awesome idea. And I love it when I can mount a power strip somewhere hidden… I dislike seeing the cords, but need the extra outlets. Glad the kitty is ok… so cute :)

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  6. LOVE your long work table! great idea. Our cat was ran over and I guess broke something that connects the back end to the front end and had an artificial one put in. It cost over 800 dollars… I told Jacob good news your cat is gonna live, but you can’t go to college now! Pets… Lezlee

  7. Hi Cha Cha- you are too cute!! I will let you come and you won’t even have to do the dishes. When we first moved into the house I realized that we would not ever use the room that was tagged “formal living room” so I claimed it as my space. In previous houses I have lived in I had my space in the attic and in the basement. This is by far the best.


  8. I’m sorry I don’t like you any more, we can’t be friends. Because I am green with envy and I don’t think that makes for a good friend, I am sorry. I really do like your studio, how awesome to have a place that great to create. If I move in can we work together I promise to do my own dishes. I hope you have a great week.

    Cha Cha

  9. What a great idea for a work table. It looks great and extra storage underneath, too. Poor kitty. I can’t believe he swallowed a button. I had my cat’s stomach x-rayed once to see if he had eaten by husband’s missing hearing aid. No, he hadn’t. He did get it and play with it though. We found it under the front of the refrigerator. That hearing aid only cost $2500.00. The x-ray was $100. We had to know though…Kim