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Craft Room Design Ideas: My Studioffice – Part 1

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Home Craft room design ideas

I had promised back before Christmas that I would post about the other half of my studioffice.  This is the area across from the partner’s desk that I posted about hereNow you can see how this room’s other half lives and see some other craft room design ideas.

***UPDATE:  This is Part 1 of the creation of my work table.  The link to Part 2 and updated posts that show how I have changed  the room and share my craft room design ideas can be found at the end of this post.

 The room is a rectangle with two windows in the front and a double door on the opposite wall.   There is also a single doorway where I am standing to take this photo.  Since no craft table is complete without electricity, my husband, Ed put an electrical outlet in the floor for me.  The armoire is a hand-me down from my in-laws.  It is very old and comes apart like a puzzle.  It used to be painted orange when we first got it and I used it as a pantry closet.  In another house it became my actual clothes closet, because there were no closets in the bedrooms.   Presently it holds all my craft supplies.  The two bookcases on either side are from Ikea.  Under the round skirted table is my sewing machine table.  I can easily get to it by lifting off the round top and placing it on the floor when I need to sew.  I only sew on occasion so this works fine for me. 

Work table ideas

These two cabinets used to be in my dining room. When I got new dining room furniture I didn’t know what to do with them, until I got the idea to use them as the base for my work table. I plan to transform them with paint and molding- that will be Part 2 of this post.

Craft Room Design Ideas for a Work Table

I covered a hollow core door that I purchased at The Home Depot with black shiny vinyl.  I stapled the excess to the underside.  I found the vinyl at a local fabric store for $1.00 a yard.  At that price I bought the whole roll – about 12 yards.  I only needed 3 yards for the table.  I am not sure how I will use the rest yet, but it was such a great find I couldn’t pass it up.

Craft Room Design Ideas

Craft room organzing ideas

I cut a piece of a rug liner to place on top of the two cabinets so the door would not slide after being placed on top of the cabinets.

Craft room organizing ideas

I simply placed the door on top of the cabinets.

how to build a work table using a dresser

I attached decorative ribbon around the edge of the covered door with brass tacks.

How to add electric power to a work table - craft room design ideas
I attached an electrical strip to the back underside of the table with screws and plugged it into the floor outlet.

How to make a studiooffice work table

On half of the table I placed a piece of Homasote and a rotary cutting mat. I also placed a measuring tape along one side of the table and secured it with packaging tape.  This is the side I glue, cut, and paste on.  If I need the whole length of the table – the components can be easily removed.

Trax the Cat

 This is Trax, my daughter, Kelly’s cat that she brought home with her after she graduated from college.  He was raised in a frat house and thinks he can hang out anywhere he pleases.  Notice the collar.  He just had surgery because he ate a button and it got stuck in his stomach.  It cost Kelly- $1000.00 for the surgery.
The vet asked her if she wanted to keep the $1000.00 button and frame it.   His stitches come out tomorrow.

This time curiosity did not kill that cat, luckily.

Part 2 – My Studioffice

See how I have updated the room in these posts:

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**I have a brand new Studioffice in my new home in SC. Click to see how I have updated it so far.

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  1. What a great idea for a work table. It looks great and extra storage underneath, too. Poor kitty. I can’t believe he swallowed a button. I had my cat’s stomach x-rayed once to see if he had eaten by husband’s missing hearing aid. No, he hadn’t. He did get it and play with it though. We found it under the front of the refrigerator. That hearing aid only cost $2500.00. The x-ray was $100. We had to know though…Kim