How to Make a Kitchen Message Board for a Cabinet Door

How to make a pretty kitchen message board to place on the outside of a kitchen cabinet.

In between some of my more time-consuming DIY decorating projects, I like to do some simple projects that will still have a lot of decorating impact.

Today’s post is one of these – a quick and simple decorative way to organize papers and memos in your kitchen. If you know how to wrap a gift with wrapping paper – you can make this kitchen message board project. It will take 20 minutes.

Board Kitchen Decorating Ideas Fabric covered Cabinet-Memo-

With less than one yard of fabric I made this memo board for my kitchen cabinet.

On the cabinet or table – the fabric covered board can be as temporary or permanent as you want.  Just pop it in and out, leaving no damage.

How to Make a Kitchen Message Board for a Cabinet Door

Easy Kitchen-Decorating-Ideas using fabric

Here is my kitchen cabinet door before adding the memo board.


To make the kitchen cabinet message board I needed a piece of foam board from the dollar store and fabric.  You could also use corrugated cardboard cut from a large box.

supplies needed:

  • Fabric – I bought this black and white Chevron fabric at Michaels
  • Cardboard or dollar store foam board large enough to fit inset space on cabinet door
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • T-square to straight edge to cut board to size
  • Craft knife
  • Command Brand Damage Free Hanging Strips

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Make a Fabric Covered Kitchen Message Board for a Cabinet Door

  1. Clean Cabinet Door

    The cabinet doors in my kitchen have a recessed center which acts as a frame for the memo board. If your kitchen cabinets are flat, you can still attach the memo board, but it will not looked framed.

    Clean the door well with hot sudsy water, rinse and let dry.

    Kitchen cabinet before getting a memo board attached to it.

  2. Measure the Recessed Area on Door

    Measure the height and width of the inset/recessed area on cabinet door. If your cabinets are flat, measure the whole cabinet door.

    close up of recessed area on kitchen cabinet

  3. Cut Fabric and Foam Board

    1. Cut the foam board to those measurements using a straight edge and craft knife.

    2. Cut fabric about 2-inches larger than the board on all sides.

    3. Lay the fabric right side down and center the cut foam board on top. Bring the excess fabric to the back of the foam board and secure with duct tape. Be sure to pull fabric taut before taping.

    how to attach fabric to a foam board to make a memo board for a kitchen cabinet

  4. Hang Kitchen Message Board on Cabinet Door

    To hang the covered board on a cabinet door, use Command Brand No Damage  Hanging Strips. 

    I used 4 sets – one set on each back corner.  If you are not familiar with how these work – See this post:  Mudroom Organizing Wall

    Fabric wrapped foam showing where to put Command Brand strips to hang it on cabinet door.

  5. Add Your Memos, Reminders and Photos

    Use push pins or decorative tacks to attach your notes to the memo board.

    Completed Memo board attached to the front of a kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Memo Board DIY
Inset-Kitchen-Cabinet-Memo-Board using Fabric

Bonus: Idea on How to Use Any Remaining Fabric

Quick and Easy Furniture-makeover ideas

Since I only used a small section from the yard of fabric, I decided to also make a tray insert in the same way I made the memo board, but instead of hanging it, I placed it flat into this tray table in my guest room.

Thrifty-Decor-Ideas for furniture

To place in a tray – just set it in.

For more ideas on how to use one yard or less of fabric when decorating, see these posts.

Pretty fabric covered kitchen message board that is attached to a the outside of a kitchen cabinet door.  Text overlay says Kitchen Cabinet Memo Board.

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  1. carved wooden bowls says:

    Love this idea! I’ve been struggling with adding some interest to my kitchen cabinets. I may give this a shot.

  2. What a terrific idea! I am going to do it on the inside of one of my cupboards because I don’t have the same style, but this is a great and inexpensive idea! I came over because of your project being featured on Organize and Decorate Everything. Definitely putting on my blog reader!

  3. I just found your website and am loving it! I am going to make this memo board asap. Thank you so much for the idea! Have you tried hot glue instead of the duck tape? Just wondering if that would work too.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sara – Thanks. Hot glue would work perfectly on cabinets that are not painted. Mine are painted and if I remove the board, hot glue could pull the paint off with it.

  4. OMG thank you sooooo much I just moved into a house with all white in the kitchen and its driving me crazy. Thanks sooooooooo much

  5. diy cabinets says:

    this is a genius idea! by adding fabric to the cabinets it makes pinning a lot easier

  6. I gave up trying to be crafty, trying to organize, or decorate our house… Seemed easy projects were not so, for me, or husband thought it all a waste of money. These projects are doable, and I loved knowing where to get materials I may not have. Thanks for these ideas! I see some uses for small fabric remnants I never used but didn’t want to “waste”!

  7. I am so excited to see this! My daughter has a bunk bed and we have been thinking how to make the bottom of the top bunk cute AND FUNCTIONAL! I am going to do this project…but on a much larger scale. Her room is white, lime green and black…so I am on the fabric hunt today. I will use a home foam insulation board, measure, trim, cover and hang. SO EXCITED!!!!

  8. Michelle L says:

    So smart and practical – what a cute look. Thanks for the great tute, Diane!

  9. I love that pattern, I think if I used it my husband wouldn’t be to happy but it would sure bring some life to my kitchen.

  10. Love this! Your projects are just perfect…. the colors and fabrics you use are so colorful and cheerful. I love that purple bowl on the tray…do you remember where you found it?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Denise – I bought it at a little boutique in Stonington, CT about 4 years ago. The label on the bottom says Detroit Glass Company. They have a website and it looks like they still make them.

  11. Christine Bright says:

    I generally read and don’t comment, but I feel so selfish doing that. This is why I love your blog. You always have some neat little project that is totally doable and usually coincides with an issue that I am currently having in my house. How do you do that?! I am overrun with kids’ schedules and paperwork and the corkboard I have is not cutting it. I have limited space to use and a bigger corkboard would be way too heavy for where I need to put it. The one I currently have falls down from time to time. lmao So this is PERFECT for that space and I can make it as tall as my broom cabinet!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Christine – Funny how that works – things, ideas, images that coincide with our own life. I chalk it up to being Kindred spirits or living on the same wavelength :) I always try to make things do-able. I know from experience that we all want nice things but are limited on either time and money – and usually both. Having worked for many years in retail display taught me how to make things the quick and easy way and still have them look good and last a long time.

  12. Denise Reed says:

    Great quick project that has so much design impact, I can really use this in my sewing room.

  13. Love this idea! I’ve been struggling with adding some interest to my kitchen cabinets. I may give this a shot.

  14. Jessica @ Decor Adventures says:

    These look great. Every house needs an organization section!

    I stopped by Michaels the other day and saw the fabric, they have a nice selection. I’ll have to get some soon.

  15. Looks great, Diane! Good looking AND useful- nice!

  16. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Oh I love it and the pattern is perfect. You are so very clever.

    I so love your guest bedroom and that 3-D wall you did….. and that dresser with the gorgeous top and of course your pillows and well….. just everything. The 3 D wall has been on my wish list since I first saw it. I will be trying to get more mirrors to do it this year (I hope).

  17. Great idea Diane! I can picture several fabric patterns I would like to try using this technique. Vikki in VA.

  18. Your projects always inspire me!

  19. andrea cammarata says:

    WOW! This looks fabulous…but that is no surprise. I have seen it with chalkboard but never like this…so easy and the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing this one…now this is on the to do list for sure. hugs…

  20. Deb Hrabik says:

    Great idea! Love your fabric choice.